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For the week of August 9 – 15, 2021

This week ushers the completion of the Lion’s Gate, and the beginning of a new holistic integration and embodiment journey, grounding all of the Light that we’ve just received.  While we may not realize it yet, there is new consciousness already communicating through our cellular activity, and new expressions of Light are now being revealed.


When lightning strikes, we can be caught off guard at first, disoriented for a moment or two.  Even if we know the general conditions are ripe for a lightning storm, we don’t know when or where it will activate.  The nature of lightning is spontaneous and unpredictable, striking fast and deep, with profound potency and precision.  That’s the authentic expression of Uranus, the great awakener.  When we’re wide awake, on the edge of our seat with eyes, heart, and mind wide open, we can see things at a higher dimension than if we were walking half asleep in our familiar patterns and grooves.  When we’re awake, we make conscious choices from the heart of what matters most.  If we’re half asleep, we may not even realize what’s at stake or what needs to be intentionally navigated or renegotiated.


Last Sunday’s New Moon in Leo (and the 8/8 Lion’s Gate portal activation) was supercharged and highly electric.  We’re still swimming in the vibrational ripple effects of those incredible activations of crystalline Light.  The New Moon formed a stepping stone intersection (T square) with Uranus (the wake up call) and Saturn (our important lessons).   Lightning definitely got activated, whether we realize the full extent of  it yet or not.  Now it’s time to consciously integrate all that’s awakening from within and being called forth from the heart.



At the center of everything is Light, and at the center of everything is Love.  Underneath frustration is an indicator of deep value.  Underneath hurt is care and concern  And underneath anger is Love.  When we learn to listen to what’s below the surface moment to moment, we can engage in a higher thread of communication, a higher octave of truth and authenticity.


When events trigger unexpected sensations and emotional reactions, it’s important to go deep within our seat of presence to listen from the highest lens of truth.  We don’t react to situations if we don’t care.  We don’t get irritated or infuriated unless something matters.  What matters is waking up.  What matters at the deepest level of the heart is lighting up and shaking us awake.  Listening for what matters most in our deepest conversations is important, while distilling the superficial layers of irritation, inflammation, and chaos.


When we tune into the deeper conversation of the heart, we can listen through a crystalline lens of Love.  Love as a frequency of consciousness and a lens of vision is unconditional, equanimous, non-judgmental and non-threatening.  That lens of filtration allows us to see and hear Truth.  Not just tuning into what supports our agenda, not just tuning into what feels good or easy.  When we can fine tune our filters to equanimity, we can remain in the seat of Love no matter what is occurring around us, and in that seat of presence, we can see the wholeness unfolding with every ebb and flow.  If we only tune into what matches our current storyline or thought pattern, we limit our accessibility to all that’s occurring behind the scenes.


Leo consciousness reminds us that it takes courage to walk the planet with an open heart.  It takes uncommon strength and resilience to keep the heart supple when uncomfortable situations trigger fears, doubts, and insecurities.   An open heart allows our channels of divine communication to expand, to remain connected in the purest frequency of Love, which distills any congestion and highlights wisdom.  When situations trigger judgment, opposition or polarity, we can collapse into our fixed position and lose our seat of presence.   The heart lives in a fluid state of non-attachment, compassion, and acceptance.  The heart also offers discernment as we navigate the waters of uncertainty moment to moment.  When the heart shuts down, we lose connection to the greater voice of I AM, and our highest lens of vision through the mirror of Oneness.


Both Mars and Venus are traveling through the sign of Virgo, and this week Mercury joins too.  Virgo is the sign of holistic integration, purification, alignment and integrity from the heart.  Virgo is the sign of the Virgin Mother who births Christ Consciousness – the purest expression of Unconditional Love that contains infinite possibilities through Unity Consciousness.  For a few days this week, our minds, hearts, and bodies are unified through an integral field of wholeness that has the potential to restore alignment and integrity with the heart.  If the heart is closed, detached, or resistant, the opportunity for alignment is compromised.  The heart is the ultimate tuning fork that calibrates the lower 4 body system to health and wellness, not just within our personal system, but also within a larger collective cohesiveness.  In the midst of any healing crisis, it matters that we keep the heart open, supple, and in harmonic resonance with the highest frequency of Love.  We must consciously discipline ourselves to stay in tune with the heart, as we walk together, in harmony with All.


The week begins on Monday 8/9 with a Black Moon Neptune resource, Mercury Pluto great eliminator, Mercury Pallas great eliminator, Saturn Vesta great eliminator, and Venus Neptune bridge.   The heart opens a channel of enlightened truth, clarity, and wisdom.  Mercury is initiating a finger of god with Pluto and Pallas in tomorrow’s upcoming bridge with Jupiter.  In every completion, there is available wisdom…and wisdom is the key to our greatest expansion.  When we don’t acquire and integrate the wisdom of where we’ve been, we can’t fully elevate or expand to new dimensions.  Transformation requires a reconciliation of our shadows and our light, and the integral wisdom of our patterns, choices, and results.  Embodied wisdom allows us to walk our path with experiential mastery from the wholeness we’ve lived….which is more adaptable and resilient than cognitive wisdom alone.


On Tuesday 8/10, Mars forms a great eliminator with Salacia, followed by a Mercury Haumea resource, Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Black Moon Pallas resource, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Mercury Galactic Center manifestation, and Mercury Jupiter bridge.   Today’s Mercury Jupiter bridge is the fully activation of yesterday’s finger of god with Pluto and Pallas, highlighting the available wisdom gained from all of our experiences, especially the shadows.  When we bring light into the shadows, we become conscious, activating hidden or dormant dimensions of creative potential that can be harnessed for new manifestation and authentic expression.  If we shy away from the unconscious dormant patterns that live below the surface, we miss the opportunity to awaken, activate, and harness that energetic potential.  Wisdom reminds us that there’s nothing to fear.  Every experience offers valuable insight that can be used to elevate to higher ground.  It’s when we go unconscious, or pretend not to recognize the hidden shadows, that we get tripped up in repetitive loops and patterns.


Wednesday 8/11 is HUGE….starting with a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, then Mars intersects the Nodes forming the intersection of a T-square, followed by a Mercury Sedna stepping stone, Black Moon Sedna communion, Black Moon Mercury stepping stone, Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, Mercury Ixion manifestation, then Black Moon enters Gemini, Venus forms a great eliminator with Eris, Mercury enters Virgo, Venus manifests with Pluto, the Black Moon manifests with Chariklo, and Venus forms a bridge with Pallas.  Today’s Black Moon Sedna communion activates the choice point intersection to yesterday’s Mercury/Jupiter bridge.  Back on July 29, the Mars Jupiter bridge was intersected by a Sedna/Ceres conjunction, delivering a conscious choice to either plant within the activated muscle memory from historic wounds and limitations, or to plant into the activated crystalline records of our highest blueprint and cosmic DNA.   Whatever lens of consciousness we choose to plant ourselves through, we grow and expand.  We can expand our wounds, or we can expand our Light.  Recognizing truth vs distortion, we can discern which lens to choose.  We are not our past experiences, and we are not labeled or defined by historic wounds.  Our awakened Truth is the Light within.  The historic wounds and karmic roots provide experiential learning opportunities to gather and integrate wisdom, to evolve and transcend where we came from, in order to expand into our most divine authentic expression, our dharmic potential.   Mercury enters Virgo today, joining Mars and Venus for holistic integration and unification of mind/heart/body, aligning our thoughts, words, and actions with the purest voice of the awakened heart.


On Thursday 8/12, there’s a Mercury Chariklo great eliminator, followed by Mars Juno stepping stone, Black Moon Ceres communion, Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Varuna resource, and Black Moon MakeMake manifestation.  Today is the completion of the Lion’s Gate portal.  As Black Moon communes with Ceres, there’s a recognition of the available choice to transcend duality through the diamond consciousness of higher wisdom.  When we engage in the tug of war of 3D polarization and duality, we choose a fixed position/identity that’s either right or wrong, fragmenting and fracturing ourselves into pieces and parts of compartmentalized separation.  When we elevate through unity, we access the unified field of limitlessness, able to see the wholeness clearly, without pulling on the rope of opposition.  When we can hold our seat of authentic presence from an open heart that can see all paths, all perspectives, and all value systems, we realize unity consciousness.  New possibilities are birthed from that lens.  Until we access that lens of vision, we can’t move forward sustainably, holistically.


Friday 8/13 starts with a Mars Saturn great eliminator, followed by a Black Moon Saturn manifestation, Black Moon Mars stepping stone, Venus Galactic Center stepping stone, Mercury Ceres stepping stone, and Mercury Quaoar manifestation.  Saturn defines the labels, boundaries, and guidelines of our social consciousness, and also ushers the important lessons that challenge our current default settings and social norms, and our relationship with power/authority.  When we bump up against a boundary or guideline that doesn’t match our belief system, the knee jerk reaction is to rebel and push back, causing a tug of war situation or power struggle.  The greater exertion of force or dominance wins, until the next struggle.  This unfortunate power struggle continues to recycle again and again like the magnetized groove of a broken record, until we interrupt the pattern and elevate to higher ground with new consciousness.  Fighting against anything creates inflammatory pressure, intensity, and opposition that eventually blows up.  When we learn to see below the surface, intimately connecting with what’s really present, we can unlock and harness emotions into forward movement, elevating to uncover new solutions, new ideas, and new possibilities from a higher plane.  Digging our heels into fixed opposition won’t generate sustainable movement or sustainable solutions.  Neither side of a polarized war can ever truly win without the other.  Oppositions unify as bridges in 5D.  Find the center (open heart) to activate the infinity loop of oneness, and then honor right movement, from the heart.


On Saturday 8/14, the Black Moon manifests with Vesta, followed by a Venus Jupiter great eliminator, Black Moon Orcus stepping stone, Pluto Pallas resource, Black Moon Chiron resource, and Sun Neptune great eliminator.  The great unveiling today is our divine mastery and awakened wisdom that has been refined and polished by every experience, regardless of the outcomes.   When we learn from experience, there is sustainable inner strength that serves like a pillar of Light, a guiding Light, an orientation point for future navigation.  If we can distill any judgment we may have from any previous experiences – especially the ones that didn’t turn out according to plan –  we can liberate ourselves to find value in the vulnerability, transmuting old wounds into divine wisdom and light.


And Sunday 8/15 is a Ceres Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect, Venus Sedna manifestation, Venus Ixion stepping stone, Mercury Salacia great eliminator, then Mercury intersects the Nodes forming a T-square, Chiron forms a bridge with Vesta, and Venus enters Libra.   Mercury repeats the Mars T square intersection from Wednesday, bringing the awakened observer into that crossroads choice point.  When we consciously witness and reconcile the results of our actions (and non-actions), we can begin to make new awakened choices that take us to higher ground, yielding new results.  If we never look at our results, or reconcile our own actions, we run a high risk of automatic pilot through blind spots and karmic patterns.  The key is to bring an equanimous lens of Love to the table.  As Venus enters Libra, we have an incredible opportunity to let our hearts observe and hold council for our actions and outcomes.  The scales are recalibrated to Love from a neutral lens of discernment, integrity, and innocence.   The heart doesn’t judge, the heart sees Truth.  And the Truth liberates and sets us Free.


The practice this week is presence with an open heart.  Notice what triggers an agitated response, and the current status of your heart.  If the heart starts to close or contract, tune inward to connect with the deepest Truth being awakened within.   We don’t get agitated unless something matters.  Instead of battling it out with the source of agitation, tune inward to nurture and honor the truth emerging within.  Authentic expression requires personal responsibility.  As we honor the authentic voice within, we must take full ownership of that deepest truth coming alive from the heart.  Coming from a heartfelt truth at the core of our being is very different than reacting and fighting against what we don’t like on the surface of inflammatory resistance.   As we deepen our presence from the heart this week, we can integrate all that’s awakening through our thoughts, words, and actions…with Love.


 “Not loving is a letting go.
The terrain around here
Far too

– Hafiz



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  1. Dear Christine
    Every one of your highly charged words of Love are a Godsend to me in this time. I am so grateful to receive them. I am so grateful for your generosity of Spirit and time on task. I love and choose to grow into creating with the same integrity and alignment as you. Thank you

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