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For the week of August 2 – 8, 2021

We’re whole-heartedly inside the Lion’s Gate, and this week takes us to the 8/8 activation of full potency, and the New Moon in Leo.  It’s a week of increased amplification, and what matters most is that we access the courage to walk with an open heart, living from the highest lens of vision and authenticity.  With so much amplified energy, anything we focus on will gain volume.  An open heart will direct that amplified energy towards the highest good for All.


Leo consciousness is exemplified by the Sun.  The Sun generates vital life force energy, by offering authentic Light in generous service to All.  How we use it, how we harness it and receive it is up to us.  It’s an unconditional offering.  That kind of authentic generosity nourishes the sustainable flow of vitality and abundance, received through the heart, and shines forth from the heart.  The universal circulatory system sustains itself beyond time/space through the active current of Love.


Each of us has an authentic light within, a God-Spark of brilliance, that is our greatest offering.  Regardless of what our defined job or role is in this lifetime, there is an essence, an aura of Light, that we bring with us wherever we go.  We shine exponentially when our hearts are open, and we can also dim or dull down our essence if our heart is shut down or detached.   We make ourselves invisible when we dim our own light.  It takes courage to walk the planet with an unconditionally open heart, to be fully seen in our vulnerability as well as our refined mastery…especially when the landscape is uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or unpredictable.



When old hurts or wounds resurface, activating old muscle memory or familiar sensations of the past, it can be easy to slip into those old shoes and start walking from historic pain sensations instead of remaining open to what’s new in the current moment.  To stay current, we must stay open.  Openness in the face of discomfort requires conscious presence, and an attitude of grace.  It’s easy to be open when there’s a lot to be grateful for, when things are going our way, when we’re surrounded by Light.  However, it’s just as important, if not more so, to practice opening when things aren’t going our way, when the unexpected curveball or crisis moment comes knocking on our door, or if we don’t feel seen or surrounded by Light.


An open heart generates Light.  Not just when it feels supported, but as a default setting, as an authentic expression.  Not just when conditions are ripe, or when the ego feels comfortable and safe.  It matters that we practice strengthening our capacity to find suppleness when the urge is to contract or shut down.  True safety comes from within.


If being visible and shining bright triggers feelings of vulnerability, self doubt, or insecurity, now is the time to heal those patterns and reorient to our divine authentic expression.  Permission to be seen, in high definition, full sound, and multidimensional expression, comes from within.  We must grant ourselves that worthiness, and not be afraid to take up space and reveal our inner awakened Light.  It truly benefits All when we shine, and nobody wins when we shrink back or play small.  This moment in time is calling us forth like never before, on center stage, playing the note we came to play.  The collective activation of heartfelt expression unlocks a higher octave of universal potential that’s ready to birth on the planet.


The number 8 is a powerful illustration of the ever-flowing sustainable balance of yin and yang, the template for partnership and the source of creation.  It’s not a stagnant fixed achievement, it requires consistency and consciousness to sustain that movement and ongoing flow of universal energy.  Sensing the indicators of stagnation, congestion, deficiency and excess are important.  As with any partnership or relationship, if one is always giving but not receiving, and the other is receiving but not giving, that template might appear to work temporarily, each fills the deficiency of the other.  However it isn’t sustainable.  Within each individual, there must be a sustainable relationship of yin and yang to participate in the mirrored experience of wholeness, in order to activate and generate the highest vision and highest octave of authentic divine expression.


When our foundation of wholeness is magnetized and awakened, we become divine conduits of universal creation, lightning rods of sustainable vitality that can harness/receive universal potential and then generate abundantly like a light house or a spot light…like the Sun.  The partnership is with the invisible realm, and the ever flowing current of divine Love that exists in all things, visible only through an open heart.  When this current of energy is activated, it becomes sustainable fuel, pure vitality, the animating force of energy that moves the universe into manifestation.  Love creates magic, unleashes infinite possibilities, inspires greatness, and transforms old wounds into awakened mastery.


Love is the sustainable fuel source we’ve been searching for…but we must remember to elevate to a higher octave in order to awaken the highest potential.  Personal Love can be harnessed and elevated to universal unconditional Love, then generated as a Love Offering on behalf of All, through anything we do.  That kind of Love amplifies any intention and multiplies the manifestation.  Anytime we manifest on behalf of All, we amplify the outcome and increase potency.  Love can heal the planet, when we remember the Love is a lens of consciousness and a frequency of sustainable energy.  When we learn to Love the world (and ourselves) unconditionally, exactly as it is in this current moment, we become generators of divine Love, sparking alchemical transformation in ourselves and others, taking All of us to higher ground.   The goal is not to fix ourselves and everyone around us…the goal is to learn to walk the planet with an open heart, as wide open channels of divine Love…fully visible in our radiantly unapologetic authenticity.


The week begins on Monday 8/2 with a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Saturn bridge, Vesta MakeMake new cycle, Black Moon Sedna communion, Venus Great Attractor stepping stone, then Juno stations direct, and Mercury manifests with Chiron.  The Black Moon unveils what needs to be seen and uncovered in order to expand through our highest activation of Light.  Today’s Sun Saturn bridge shines Light on the current forms/structures, contracts, and patterns we’re operating from, revealing what needs to be revolutionized or reinvented to support our authenticity.  Every challenge reveals the potential for awakening, if we can navigate with an open heart and see what we need to see, stepping with gratitude along the way.


On Tuesday 8/3, Venus manifests with Uranus, Mercury manifests with the Great Attractor, and Mercury forms a stepping stone with Uranus.  The awakened heart manifests new ground, from an innovative spark of new creation.  If we’re focused on the past, or focused on what we don’t like about the current situation, we miss the point.  The practice is to remain present and open to the current flow of higher consciousness.  As we stay in that flow, we move forward to higher ground.  Fine tuning our lens of focus is important today.


Wednesday 8/4 is a Jupiter Sedna stepping stone, Vesta Salacia bridge, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas resource,  Ceres Chariklo manifestation, and Sun Chiron manifestation.  The Jupiter Sedna exact stepping stone completes the T-square activation last week from the Mars Jupiter bridge, intersected by Ceres/Sedna.  The choice of Love, moment to moment, is the key to our greatest expansion and the upgrade of consciousness that alters the code at the cellular level.  We are writing the script moment to moment based on the choices we make, how we respond or react to the situations around us.  We can consciously choose to elevate the conversation (code) within our own cells, sparking physical alchemy and transformation in the moment.  Not by resisting or reacting from old muscle memory, but by awakening and choosing in the current moment.  We’ve always had the power to do so, however the available consciousness right now is off the charts with elevated possibilities for new creation and manifestation.  We are supported in our greatest awakening and unveiling.


On Thursday 8/5 the Black Moon manifests with Pluto, Mars manifests with Quaoar, and the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Eris.  The courage to see below the surface is important today, because whatever we find can be harnessed as fuel for creative potential.  If we’re skimming through at surface level, we might miss some incredible opportunities to dive deep and truly cultivate universal magic.  That deep dive journey might not always be comfortable at first, but the possibilities for awakening are high.  When faced with an opportunity that feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar, take courageous action from the heart and see what appears.


Friday 8/6 delivers a Sun Great Attractor manifestation, Sun Uranus stepping stone, and Black Moon Neptune resource.  So much Light coming online today…and sometimes that Light can be blinding.  Learn to go within and trust the consciousness that’s awakening inside.  Sometimes extreme Light can cause temporary blindness…an unexpected interruption to the old orientation points of the matrix we’ve been living in half asleep.  The only way to wake up and see our own invisible blind spots is to interrupt the familiar pattern that’s holding the matrix together so well.  Turning the lights off unexpectedly can be a powerful interruption, and turning all the lights on high-beam can do the same.   There are important wake up calls to be recognized today.


On Saturday 8/7, Vesta manifests with the North Node (dharmic) and finds resource with the South Node (karmic), followed by a Black Moon Mercury stepping stone, Juno Vesta resource, and Mercury Neptune great eliminator.  The inner fire of devotion inspires dharmic potential through our communications today.  When we have the courage to speak from the heart, our channels of communication deliver messages of Light, beyond the literal spoken word.  Light generates clarity and transparency, illuminating Truth.  When we make it our practice to operate from an open authentic heart, we can eliminate unnecessary patterns of distortion and congestion that may result in confusion or misunderstandings.


And on Sunday 8/8, the Black Moon turns direct at 22 Taurus (the degree of the New Moon on 5/11 that opened the wormhole eclipse passage), followed by a Juno South Node (karmic) communion, then the New Moon in Leo at 9:50am ET, and Mercury Eris manifestation.  The New Moon occurs at 17 Leo, which adds up to another “8” vibration.  That’s a lot of potential to unlock sustainable power….and to harness a greater source of power through the channel of our open heart.  When our hearts are open to channel higher Love, we can unleash an earthshattering offering on behalf of All.  This New Moon is in a stepping stone with Uranus, the Great Awakener, and the dispositor of Aquarius, which awakens Divine Love.  Uranus is currently in Taurus, which is where we ground through the heart, calibrating sacred space within the Earth.  A New Moon is always a new beginning, and in Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the sign of Emotional Love, the vitality that comes from an open heart and shines as bright as the Sun.  Imagine the power of a grounded antenna, channeling and harnessing Divine Love on behalf of All, and generating a Love offering of sustainable vitality, and Light codes of new consciousness.


The Leo Sun is dignified and majestic.  Leo energy activates a need to be seen as a visible spark of Light…instrumental, and in service to All.  That call to be seen is the GodSpark of divine Love, dancing within every one of us.  Whether it’s comfortable or not so comfortable to be visible, whether we’ve spent a lifetime in the spotlight or painfully avoiding the spotlight at all costs…it’s time now to courageously show up, to fully emerge and shine as beautiful awakened beings of Light.  Any fears, doubts, or insecurities dissolve as we surrender to the highest octave of Universal Love.

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The practice this week is an open heart meditation.  Take the time to sit for at least 10 minutes a day, and consciously connect with the Earth for grounding.  With the base of your spine plugged into the heart of the Earth, let your crown stretch up towards the sky, communing with the brightest Source of Light above.  Find the wholeness of your spine, from crown to root, and feel the activation of your vertical channel.  Breathe in and out through your heart, finding the infinity loop of sustainable energy.  Inhale from your crown into your heart, then exhale from your heart to the Earth.  Inhale from the Earth into your heart, exhaling from your heart to the cosmos.  Calibrate the sustainable alignment and balance  (above and below).  Then imagine breathing the outer world in through the center of your heart, and exhaling and expressing back out, generating horizontal infinity loops in multiple direction, multiple dimensions.  Welcoming and embracing all that is, breathing through the opening of your awakened diamond heart, and generating a beautiful Love offering to All as you shine bright with every exhale.


“Do we dare to desert the comfort of the night?
Do we dare to disrobe ourselves and shed the cloak of darkness
as Dawn gives birth to each new day?
Do we dare to dance with our Divine Destiny?
Do we dare to deserve our place in the Light,
and feel the delightful drums that beat within our hearts?
Do we?  Do You?
It is a choice to delve in the dark
or rise with (Majestic) Light!
Will you dance with me at Dawn, disrobed
while we discover the delights that are held
in every delicious possibility?
Will you make that choice?
Will you hear the Call?
Will you feel the warmth rise above the horizon?
The horizon that allows all of God’s children to dance…
to Love and embrace what is, what was, and what is meant to be.”
~ Ellen Mirojnick


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