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For the week of July 26 – August 1, 2021

Get ready for an exhilarating week as we officially enter the Lion’s Gate, accessing brilliant downloads of consciousness and unprecedented capacity for quantum leaps in our new cellular expression.  This Lion’s Gate is flanked by 2 Aquarian Full Moons (July 23 and August 22) ushering evolutionary opportunities that awaken higher vision.


This week in particular lays the groundwork for awakening cellular potential.  The body is a record keeper, and our cells store the memory of unresolved patterns, emotions, and experiences as well as our divine blueprint and current thoughts/beliefs.  When the weight of unconscious messages in our cellular bandwidth overrides our conscious Light, it matters that we flip the switch and begin to reclaim and harness the untapped potential deep within our own cells.  We must be willing to see into the shadows below the surface in order to fully embrace and awaken that energy, meet it with Love, and transmute it to a higher expression of Light.


Our bodies reveal the stories of our experiences, including any unexamined emotional residue, attachments, and attitudes/beliefs connected to those experiences, conscious or unconscious.  When any of those unresolved threads get triggered, the muscle memory activates, and our cellular programming shifts to reflect that story, which may or may not be relevant, current, or even accurate.  Since the physical body adapts to our current lens of consciousness, we can learn to greet every triggered thread with the awakened consciousness of Love, thereby flipping the switch and harnessing that cellular expression as new creative potential.


Wisdom is a game changer that eliminates distortions and fragmentations, recalibrating our authentic alignment, divine essence, and creative potential.  Wisdom has the power to rewrite the stories of our past…not by denying or avoiding those circumstances, but by fully digesting, integrating, and elevating through what we’ve learned in the process.  Wisdom becomes medicine.  Once we integrate the wisdom from old wounds or historic patterns, we elevate to higher ground, and new doors open leading to new dimensions of possibilities.  Wisdom offers completion, and the final elimination of any attachments or distortions we’ve been carrying.  Once we’re complete, we can let go.  There’s freedom.


If we can’t (or won’t) acquire wisdom through the experience of our self and our situations, we can remain stuck in habitual patterns and tendencies, operating unconsciously from old muscle memory of historic fears, insecurities, and wounds.  We remain in these repetitive loops for as long as it takes, until we find completion and resolution.  Moment to moment, we have a choice…continue operating from the repetitive loops of historic programming without examining ourselves and opening to new possibilities….or awaken through the current experiences, especially the ones that trigger old wounds and scars.  Awakening requires a supple heart, strong spine (alignment and integrity), open mind, and the willingness to embrace “what is” in order to elevate through a higher lens of vision.


That higher lens of vision reveals wholeness, if we can suspend judgment or attachments in order to see all perspectives, all dimensions.   Our vision is limited if we can only see in black or white, either/or, left or right.  When we feel ourselves getting into a tug of war or tunnel vision on the scenarios in our life, it’s important to soften our grip, relax the nervous system, and gently open through the heart to expand our scope of vision.  From the eyes of the heart, we access diamond consciousness  – a diamond lens that reveals so much more than just the linear polarity of black or white, this or that.  As we practice expanding through a diamond lens of vision, our cellular structure mirrors that contextual lens, activating a whole new possibility for cellular awakening.


If we find ourselves in an experience of polarization, we can soften the struggle by merging the mind with the heart (bringing our undivided attention through the opening of the heart).  When the mind and heart come together, finding partnership on equal ground, our vision changes.  It’s expansive, multifaceted, multidimensional.  That shift is the beginning of a multifaceted awakening in our cellular structure.  From that awakened lens of wholeness, we can access any dormant or unconscious/subconscious material/bandwidth in our cells that wasn’t previously accessible.  As we begin to see more deeply, those hidden dimensions awaken, revealing potential.  When we can see clearly what lies below the surface, we can discern truth from distortion.  Discernment becomes the filtration mechanism that eliminates any distortions in the encoded patterns, purifying by observing through a higher frequency of Love.


The consciousness we’re living in matters.  The conversation we’re embodying matters.  The lens we’re looking through matters.  It doesn’t matter what we find, as long as we’re willing to meet it and embrace it with the consciousness of Love.  Through the eyes of Love, alchemical transformation occurs.  What once was hidden, suppressed, buried, or ignored has permission to be seen, in order to be set free.  That kind of liberation altars the physical cellular expression of our body – the record keeper.  We’re not bound to our past, and we’re not defined by our experiences.  Our willingness to awaken through every experience is what matters, along with our willingness to let go and surrender.


The week begins on Monday 7/26 with a Mercury Haumea stepping stone, Black Moon Ceres resource, Black Moon Orcus stepping stone, Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator, and Mercury Pallas manifestation.  Our channels of communication and connection are elevating to a higher octave of wholeness, revealing wisdom of the highest order.  We’re preparing for a huge awakening and transformation through our cellular structure, and the contextual recalibration occurs today.


On Tuesday 7/27, there’s a Sun Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn manifestation, Mercury Ceres resource, Sun Varuna new cycle, Black Moon North Node communion, Black Moon Juno bridge, Mercury Ixion great eliminator, then Mercury enters Leo, followed by a Mercury Jupiter great eliminator and Venus Salacia great eliminator.   The Sun Varuna new cycle in Leo reminds us to remain unconditionally open, from the heart, in order to activate the highest lens of vision.  True visionaries see through the higher octave of universal potential, which is the essence of the heart.  When we can only see what has already manifested in physical form, we’re not living on the cutting edge of our visionary channels.  Vision is the capacity to recognize both the manifested and un-manifested realms, seeing through the eyes of the universe, revealing creative potential in motion.  As Mercury enters Leo today, our default setting is calibrated to unconditional Love and the exchange of gratitude.  When we practice gratitude, we open unconditionally to anything that arises, and meet it with Love, trusting that there is a blessing to behold and a bright light to be found.  As we calibrate the filters of our mind to practice gratitude, we open doors and windows for new possibilities to arise, especially in unexpected places.  If we’re shut down or resistant to our current situations, not only are we limited in what we can see/hear, but we also restrict the vitality from the atmosphere and within ourselves.  An open mind is just as important as an open heart when accessing higher channels of visionary potential, and an attitude of generosity keeps the abundance flowing.


Wednesday 7/28 includes a Mars Ceres stepping stone, Mars Sedna stepping stone, Black Moon Venus stepping stone, then Jupiter retrogrades back to Aquarius, followed by a Ceres Sedna new cycle, Black Moon MakeMake manifestation, Black Moon Sun resource, Pallas Galactic Center stepping stone, Mercury Chariklo bridge, Sun MakeMake resource and Venus Juno stepping stone.   Today’s aspects are stunning…especially regarding the possibility for transformation at the cellular level.  The Ceres Sedna new cycle activates the purest crystalline records of our awakened DNA, birthed through the heart into our cellular memory.  As Mars forms a stepping stone with both Ceres and Sedna, the body (record keeper) receives this download, activating a new cellular structure, calibrating the diamond code of our awakened DNA.  This is an incredible activation of consciousness through our physicality, just as Jupiter re-enters Aquarius, the great awakener of Higher Love.  Our greatest expansion requires a shift in the structural integrity of our cells.  As we shed the skin (and the outdated vibrational coding) of old wounds, traumas, and limitations, we also clear the bandwidth of our cells, restoring the empty space of receptivity.  If the old stories are weighing down our cells, the available space is limited for these downloads to activate.  By releasing and letting go, we activate the innate receptivity of our cellular structure, awakening and embodying the highest octave of DNA.


On Thursday 7/29 there’s a Black Moon Varuna resource, Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Vesta Quaoar stepping stone, Mars Ixion manifestation, Mars Jupiter bridge, Black Moon Mercury resource, then Mars enters Virgo, followed by a Mercury Quaoar great eliminator and Sun Salacia manifestation.  After the physical calibration of divine code yesterday, Mars now forms a bridge with Jupiter, activating the potential for expansion through the embodiment of higher consciousness.  In order to expand, we must release our attachments to the old framework that is holding together the current structure.  Shedding the default settings of our old configurations, the space is clear for new potential to awaken.  Open mind, open heart, open cellular structure…all communing with the invisible realm of infinite potential.  As our cellular structure calibrates to a diamond structure, our cells gain multidimensional facets of receptivity and reflection.  What once was dense now reveals hidden dimensions of Light and sparks of creative potential.  Mars in Virgo brings our physicality into alignment with the heart for purification, integrity, and holistic integration.  Each tiny cell reflects and expresses as fractals of wholeness.


Friday 7/30 delivers a Mercury Vesta resource, Mercury Varuna new cycle, Vesta Varuna resource, Ceres Ixion great eliminator, Jupiter Ceres stepping stone, Venus Saturn great eliminator, Jupiter Ixion resource, Mercury MakeMake resource and Black Moon Chariklo manifestation.  Our inner messenger sparks the fire of devotion within, while also sparking a new cycle with the highest lens of vision.  When we awaken the fire of devotion, our hearts light up with visionary potential, and we can see through the higher dimensions like never before.  Our soul’s contract is revealed, as we eliminate anything that has ever been blocking or distracting us from seeing clearly.  Our greatest expansion comes from our willingness to honor the truth of the heart and the fire of devotion within.  As we do, the universe literally returns home through the portal of our heart for rebirth, and a new story is born…the story of an awakened star.


On Saturday 7/31, Ceres enters Gemini, followed by a Sun Juno manifestation, Pallas Haumea great eliminator, Mercury Salacia manifestation, Venus Orcus new cycle, Mercury Juno manifestation, and Mars Chariklo great eliminator.  As Ceres enters Gemini, it’s important to note the distinction between 3D and 5D Gemini consciousness.  In the 3D lens of Gemini, there can be duality, polarity, and the tug of war that splits and fragments mind vs heart.  We can get lost in the struggle, or lost in the conversation, losing sight of the truth that lives within our heart.  In the 5D lens of Gemini, we transcend duality by unifying mind and heart.  That mind/heart union becomes an active ascension point that calibrates diamond consciousness.  When we surrender the lower mind, lay it to rest, we activate the higher mind, the universal mind, the Oneness that transcends duality.  Through the centered Oneness, we have access to all paths, all doors, all possibilities, all perspectives.  We become the diamond lens of multifaceted, multidimensional brilliance, without needing to split apart or fight against.  From that center, we have access to all timelines and all dimensions, giving us access to our higher awakened self (Cosmic Self) that exists beyond the veils, always.  The heart is in constant communion with that aspect of our awakened Cosmic Self, and today sparks a new cycle in that ongoing communion.  Our Cosmic Self remembers why it matters that we’re here in this moment, participating in the current earthly story, bringing the divine spark of consciousness that we are, like a collective grid of diamond Light.


And on Sunday 8/1 the Black Moon retrogrades into Taurus, Sun Mercury Conjunction, Venus Chiron great eliminator, Mercury Saturn bridge, and Black Moon Ixion great eliminator.  The Sun Mercury conjunction is significant inside the Lion’s gate.  Leo consciousness is disposed by the Sun, and the Sun offers activated solar frequencies that circulate and expand heart to heart.  That divine light is supercharged by cosmic frequencies of the highest order, and our hearts have an amazing capacity to receive, harness, and generate that Light in a collective conversation (and conversion of Love).  When we meet anything with Love, from an open heart, the potential for alchemy is high.  When we allow the heart to uncover and unveil the old stories of wounds and hurts, that circuitry of Love and solar power can transform and transmute old wounds into awakened mastery.  The opportunity to rewrite the script has never been greater, and not just by changing the story…by awakening the highest version of the story and unveiling the divine codes of creation.  We’re not changing the past, we’re awakening the divine truth of who we are…LOVE.


The practice this week is to keep the heart open unconditionally to Love…as Love.  Love as a higher lens of vision, a state of mind, and cellular default setting.  Practice unconditionally opening in every moment, through every situation, every breath….and allow Love to guide and inspire your actions and responses.  Love isn’t passive, sometimes Love inspires dynamic committed action, activating the inner fire of devotion and courage from the heart.  Notice the times when you close, resist, or shrink back…and instead, access the courage to walk the planet with an open loving heart.  Let the heart shine, let the heart lead, and let the heart reveal the highest lens of awakened vision.


“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child—our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh


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  1. Hi Christine, thank you for the insight, especially ‘a supple heart’. I knew supple knees where an indicator of youth/health, but that’s the physical, while the heart is often perceived as more figurative. What a combination to move through life with, and what an interesting pairing, as love can humble, with its highs and lows.

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