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For the week of 12/3 – 12/9

The week ahead is a pivotal turning point that takes us forward into new territory.  We’re manifesting the highest vision that can only be built upon clarity, transparency, and truth.  Everything is changing as more truth comes to light, while rapidly unraveling and untangling the congestion and blockages of illusion, confusion, and distortion.  Letting go of attachments has never been more important.

In the invisible realm, all possibilities exist.  If we can imagine something, it’s possible.  We can literally get lost and scattered with so many options if our minds are free to roam, undisciplined or unintentional.  It’s important to be mindful and conscious of where we allow our thoughts to go, and how much energetic “weight” we give those thoughts, where we attach ourselves to the repetition of certain thoughts, and why.   When our minds are preoccupied with attachments and distractions, especially lower vibrational thoughts, we can’t manifest in the highest clarity and integrity with our soul’s blueprint and purpose.


Declaring our goals, wishes, and wants, without doing the inner soul searching to see if those “items” are a vibrational match with our core values and authentic blueprint, can bring us further and further away from our true nature.  We’ve learned how to use the law of attraction to manifest what we want…and yet more often than not, we search for things from a context that doesn’t vibrationally align with our purpose and vision, and fail to honor the symptoms of disfunction or malnutrition when those pursuits don’t manifest the way we intended.  It’s not about the content, what matters in manifestation is the alignment with our core values, and the status of our operating system that’s filtering and interpreting our thoughts in relationship with current reality.



With so many choices, and so much freedom and empowerment to take charge and manifest whatever we want, it can be challenging to discern right alignment.  It’s important to remember the heart holds the truth, and the heart leads the way moving forward.  In order to access that truth, we must bring our observer’s mind into the stillness within the heart, and look through the lens of equanimity and Love.  That merging point of yin and yang, the union of mind and heart, unlocks and illuminates the blueprint, the roadmap, and the truth.


If we are attached to any particular outcome, we’re not neutral, and we don’t have access to the highest scope of universal vision.  Our attachments skew our interpretations and distort our relationship with current reality and with the realm of infinite potential.  If we’re attached to a thread of consciousness that isn’t in alignment, we become distracted and unavailable to harness the current possibilities that currently do exist, that are ready to manifest and take shape.  We delay ourselves, our purpose, and our highest expression of divinity.


This week ahead delivers Mercury’s station, along with a New Moon in Sagittarius, officially opening the winter’s wormhole/eclipse passage that closes on February 4, 2019.  We’re planting the seeds of our highest victory, revealing the Truth in order to manifest a whole new world in alignment with our true nature.  In order to awaken new possibilities, we must surrender and demanifest the attachments to the old story, and the ways in which we’ve been distracting ourselves by our own made up dramas.  As we do, we liberate ourselves and elevate to a new beginning.



The week begins on Monday 12/3 with a Black Moon Venus stepping stone, Sun Orcus stepping stone, Black Moon Vesta conjunction, Mars Orcus bridge, Black Moon Varuna bridge, and Jupiter MakeMake resource.  Our hearts continue to reveal the truth as we illuminate the bridge that ushers our fullest potential for embodiment in this lifetime.  Looking through the neutral lens of universal vision, we gain perspective on why it matters that we’re here in physical form, and we remember the limitless realm of spiritual wisdom that’s embodied in our cellular expression.  There’s a reason we’re here, and there’s a specific intention to our physical embodiment.  As the veils are thinning, we have access to multiple dimensions of experiences and wisdom recorded in the body.  Its important to remain devoted and riveted to the purpose we came to manifest, in harmony with the higher laws of nature, oneness, and divine timing.



On Tuesday 12/4, there’s a Black Moon MakeMake manifestation, Black Moon Jupiter resource, Mercury Chiron manifestation, Sun Pallas resource, Vesta Salacia resource, Venus Quaoar resource, Venus Salacia great eliminator, Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, and Black Moon Orcus great eliminator.  The higher laws are being revealed, or perhaps we’re more willing to pay attention through our collective awareness.  The observer’s mind is manifesting wholeness and mastery, fine tuning and elevating our beliefs, interpretations, and perspectives through the intangible realm.  Any previous illusions or fantasies we’ve been clinging to are being released, delivering clarity and perspective of what truly matters most.



Wednesday 12/5 is a Black Moon Mars intimacy aspect, Black Moon Pallas manifestation, Black Moon Sun resource, Black Moon Neptune intimacy, and Sun Neptune stepping stone.  These intimacy aspects are subtle yet powerful, and the relationship between Black Moon and both Mars and Neptune in Pisces brings our awareness to the subtle ways in which our unchecked fantasies can manifest as stagnant physical blockages of energy.  Our bodies hold onto the mental attachments that don’t manifest, so any secret agendas or desires…no matter how innocent or subconscious…take up space in our physicality.  The wisdom revealed by the body can unlock and unleash a huge volume of energy, generating intuitive release where there was once resistant stagnancy.



On Thursday 12/6, Mars and Pallas form a great eliminator, Venus forms a stepping stone with Vesta, the Sun conjuncts the Great Attractor, Ixion and Sedna form a great eliminator, Mercury and Sedna form an exact bridge right before Mercury stations direct at 27 Scorpio, and Venus is in a stepping stone with Varuna.   Continuing from yesterday, our bodies are eliminating the congestion from un-manfiested desires, and our hearts step up to a higher level of inner devotion, recognizing and remembering the truth of our cosmic blueprint.  As we do our work to eliminate and clear the distractions of the lower mind, and the emotions that have entangled us with those distractions, we free up the space for a much higher vibrational attraction, beyond any personal agenda.  Our non-local consciousness, our expansive universal awareness remembers the reasons why we’re here, what matters most, and the context of our participation.  This remembrance restores clarity that will move us forward, from the heart.  As Mercury stations at 27 Scorpio, our higher minds become the alchemical calibration, or the still point for awakened vision.  The alchemical observer has the potential to elevate anything, multidimensionally, by calibrating the consciousness of Divine Love.  The multifaceted prism of our diamond mind has the power to transform anything we’re observing, with Love.  Our greatest power is in our capacity to be present, neutral, and aware.  Wherever we are, we’re calibrating our current reality, with Love, awakening through the mind as the universe reveals hidden potential in every breath.  All we have to do is remain present, in our bodies, and watch the show.



Friday 12/7 is the New Moon in Sagittarius that officially opens the winter eclipse season, followed by a Vesta Varuna stepping stone, Mars Neptune conjunction, and Ceres Orcus resource.  This New Moon is the start of something brand new…the completion that heralds the new beginning.  Every death contains a portal to new life, and how consciously we navigate that portal determines the quality of our experience in the new expression.  We either repeat the same story, over and over again, or we end the cycle, elevate beyond the matrix of patterns and karma, and rise up to a new level of consciousness on a new foundation of truth.  When everything else has been stripped away, when the land is barren, resources are dry, and every last drop has been depleted, that’s when we’re standing on the brink of everything.   When we practice exhaling to completion, finding the edge between everything and nothing, flirting with emptiness that feels like death…that’s the ultimate moment of infinite fluid potential through rebirth and restoration.  What remains in emptiness is what matters most.  Spirit, Love, and the willingness to matter, the willingness to make a difference.  Sagittarius brings us to the merging point between spirit and matter.  When nothing matters, or when everything that used to matter is gone…we return to our intangible roots of pure spirit, the infinite invisible power of Love that knows no shape, no boundary, no limit.  Before any definitions, labels, commitments, or attachments, there is only Love.  This is where we start again…from an awakened consciousness of Divine Love.



On Saturday 12/8, Mars is in a stepping stone with the Great Attractor and Neptune forms a great eliminator with Pallas.  There’s nothing to lose when we realize we are the living embodiment of attraction, in motion, in conscious creation.  Nothing is outside of us.  The only thing to lose are the old limiting doubts and confusions.



And Sunday 12/9 Chiron stations direct at 28 Pisces, Chiron is in a stepping stone with the Galactic Center, Mercury repeats the manifestation with Chiron from Tuesday, and Pallas is in a resource with the Great Attractor.   This is truly a game changer.  All of our old insecurities, wounds, and chronic patterns of suffering have brought us to this moment, by design.   From an elevated perspective of awakened consciousness, our inner alchemical observer is transforming our experiences into mastery…past, present, and future.  Integrating the wisdom of those experiences, we’re taking ownership of the mastery that’s lived within us all along.  Nothing was ever wrong, all was by design, and attracted with intention for our evolution.  We’ve been creating all along, and with equanimity and compassion, we begin to heal those fragmented experiences into divine wholeness.  As we do, we gain infinite wisdom and insight from every situation we’ve ever lived through and endured.  That wisdom is fuel that inspires us moving forward.



The practice this week is to honor the exhale, and follow through to completion.  Notice any tendencies to inhale prematurely, or to anticipate what you think is coming by leaping ahead before the exhale is complete.  It’s important that we develop a healthy relationship with endings and completions.  It’s not time to move foreword while we’re still in an exhale process.  The quality of our attention to the exhale, and our diligence to follow through, yields volumes of potential in the next new chapter.  We’re already manifesting the future as we’re letting go of the past.  In this current moment, there is no separation between old and new…there is only merging, unfolding, and unification.


Practice breathing in for 4 counts, then hold the sensation of fullness for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts, then hold the sensation of emptiness for 4 counts.  And start again.  Find equality and neutrality in each phase of the breath, notice where you have attachments or preferences, notice where your mind goes, where your attention goes.  Practice equanimity in all seasons, all phases, without preference or resistance to any.  All are important, necessary, and life-affirming.  Without an exhale, there’s no available space to receive new life.  Without emptiness, there’s nothing new to take shape.  Be in the fluid practice, and clear your attachments, preparing for a brand new beginning.


“Human evolution has two steps – 
from being somebody to being nobody;
and from being nobody to being everybody.
This knowledge can bring 
sharing and caring throughout the world.” 
― Sri Sri Ravi Shankar        


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  1. Thank you, Christine ♥️♥️♥️ Your weekly guidance is beautiful, inspiring, and hits a home run every single week. There’s a reason for that! I recognize truth when I see it, feel it, taste it. And this is the truth. Thank you for work. You are changing hearts and minds and it is all adding up ♥️

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