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For the week of July 19 – 25, 2021

The week ahead is electric, delivering several important gear shifts and awakenings that ultimately bring us to higher ground, while reigniting the inner fire of devotion from the heart.  When the heart is on fire, there’s passion and purpose.  When the heart is electrified, there’s elevated potency and distilled clarity from that active current.  This week’s Aquarian Full Moon brings the current of electricity to our open heart, and the moments of awakening are off the charts.  What’s awakening is Love, and a higher vision for what’s possible.


The electrical current of life force energy is important for our growth, expansion, and evolution….and it’s necessary for the heart to function.  When the vitality of our current system gets dull, flat, or stagnant, we fall into the gravitational pull of the past, embedded in the status quo, in the familiar patterns of repetition and comfort – even if it’s not so comfortable.  The friction of discomfort can facilitate sparks of awareness, and if we’re willing to pay attention, those sparks can jolt us out of the comfort zone tendencies and into a higher octave of emergence, into the stream of higher consciousness.  If we ignore or bypass the low level discomforts, eventually those impulses get stronger.


The inner awakener – Eris – stations retrograde this week.  She serves as a dynamic messenger from within, alerting us that the inner landscape needs attention.  We’re so often focused “out there” to the wake up calls and global/environmental issues that need our attention, we can easily forget to reconcile that mirrored reflection within ourselves.  The inner fires, floods, and explosions within that can go unnoticed until they can’t.  When we realize the oneness in our mirrored reflection, we can access the power within to choose new thoughts, new patterns, and new ways of being…in our own mind/heart/body and in this collective experience on the planet.  The inner awakener in the sign of Aries – self realization – brings the power back to ourselves to see ourselves clearly, reunite with our limitless potential, and choose a new spark of possibility.  The power to choose is within us.


Moment to moment, we’re either reacting to what we don’t like, judging or opposing the current views or situations that are occurring, fighting against the current, engaging in the tug of war of duality…or we’re sparking a new thought, directing our energy from the heart towards a higher vision, elevating the conversation to a higher lens of consciousness.  When we take responsibility for the infinite power that lives within us, we can orient ourselves through the heart, opening all the doors and windows for conscious creation, ushering and channeling a higher octave of Love.  As we initiate this shift in the current, we actively source something new, altering the mainstream status quo.


It’s important to remember that higher vision comes from the heart.  The heart holds the tuning fork for our holistic integration, and if we’re out of alignment with the heart, there will be symptoms that serve as wake up calls.  If we ignore those symptoms, they amplify.  Not as punishment, but as indicators to pay attention to the feedback loops.  When we override or misdirect our energy outwardly and ignore the inner messaging system at home, we eventually encounter a breakdown that needs to be reconciled within.  Those breakdowns are precious healing opportunities to rewrite the script and recalibrate our wholeness for a brand new alignment, which opens the doors for new potential.


This week is electric, getting our attention to elevate towards what matters most, and calibrating the consciousness to take us to higher ground.  What we see “out there” is a mirrored reflection of what’s speaking loudly inside, so pay attention to both.  When we get too focused inward, we lose touch with humanity and the bigger picture.  When we’re too focused outwardly, we can lose touch with ourselves and what matters most from the heart.  The wholeness and reconciliation of both are necessary in our ultimate growth, expansion, and evolution.  Venus enters Virgo this week, the Sun moves into Leo, and the Full Moon in Aquarius shakes us out of our familiar comfort zone to deliver some amazing gifts of new consciousness…from the visionary lens of our open, awakened heart.  Expect the unexpected, and let the heart reveal the path to higher ground.


The week begins on Monday 7/19 as Vesta enters Libra, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Pluto, followed by a Sun Haumea stepping stone, Venus Haumea resource, Sun Galactic Center great eliminator, Mercury Chiron stepping stone, Venus Galactic Center manifestation, Black Moon Eris resource, Venus Pallas great eliminator, and Sun Pallas manifestation.   With so much activity today, the theme is to allow the mirrored reflection of all that’s occurring “out there” to spark the fire of devotion, from within.  This week is highly charged and fully activated, so honor the awakenings as they occur within, and let the heart open to reveal the big picture from the inside out.


On Tuesday 7/20, Varuna forms a great eliminator with Quaoar, followed by a Black Moon Mars resource, Mercury Great Attractor great eliminator, Mercury Uranus resource, Jupiter Vesta great eliminator, Ceres Haumea great eliminator, and Black Moon Neptune resource.  Much is being cleared from our filters and scope of vision, so allow the distractions and distortions to dissolve.  We’re being attuned to a higher lens, and that requires a release of any misaligned attachments.  There’s a birthing process happening behind the scenes, so trust and have faith that all is being revealed, and our greatest expansion is being prepared.


Wednesday 7/21 is a Venus Sedna stepping stone, then Eris stations retrograde, followed by a Mars Eris manifestation, Sun Sedna resource, Venus Ixion manifestation, then Venus enters Virgo, and Ceres forms a great eliminator with the Galactic Center.  Eris is the inner awakener, and that process can at times be messy, unpredictable, and even uncomfortable.  Instead of trying to pretty up those events, let the friction facilitate a release, and shed the old skin, let the release valve purge, and let go of the need to control the inner awakenings.  What remains is pure, what remains is clarity and truth.  The heart in Virgo brings about purification of the highest order, through the filters of wisdom and integrity.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo represents the Virgin Mother, the purest heart that births Christ Consciousness, the infinite realm of unconditional Love.  As we allow our hearts to awaken and purify, it’s important to trust and honor the whole process, however it unfolds.


On Thursday 7/22 the Sun forms a great eliminator with Ixion, Venus is in a bridge with Jupiter, Mars forms a great eliminator with Pluto, the Sun enters Leo then forms a great eliminator with Jupiter, and Ceres is in resource with Pallas.  As Venus restores purity, alignment, and integrity of the heart, the bridge is activated for our greatest expansion.  This is a benevolent, beautiful, creative gateway opening, inviting the purest of heart to expand and thrive.  There’s magic in the air as the infinite realm reveals the potential for all dreams to come true, when the dreamer is aligned with the heart.  The Sun enters Leo today, his dignified home sign, and that creative magic is amplified by the vital life force energy of the Sun.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the sign of emotional body Love, the calibrating force of energy that shines as bright as the Sun, in generous abundant service to All.  The Sun shines 24/7, not by trying or forcing, but by honoring it’s true nature.  When the heart shines, there’s vitality and Light resonating like the Sun, without trying or forcing, simply by being.  Leo reminds us to access the courage of the Lion to keep our hearts open, unconditionally, so that our greatest offering is free to authentically shine.  This kind of Love offering has the power to alter the planet by awakening and delivering Love of the highest order.  When we close down or pull back, we limit the flow of Love, and dim our Light.  Today is all about expansion, and the magic that occurs when we keep the heart open and practice trust and faith in the limitless possibilities that we can’t yet see.


On Friday 7/23 the Black Moon is in a subtle intimacy aspect with Mercury, followed by a Venus Chariklo great eliminator, Vesta Chariklo manifestation, and the Full Moon at 2 Aquarius at 10:37pm ET.  This full moon event is truly epic and electric, showcasing the unexpected awakenings that occur when it’s time to elevate and evolve.  Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, calibrating divine Love on behalf of All, equally and unconditionally.  Self Love = Humanitarian Love = Spiritual Love = One Love.  Aquarian consciousness awakens us to Higher Love, which takes us to Higher Ground, ushering in a new Earth.  That new Earth is the awakened unification of heaven on earth, where the divinity of One Love becomes embodied and present in this earthly story (and in our cells).  Aquarius has historically been referred to as the water bearer, delivering consciousness from the well to All…although Aquarius is an air sign, representing the atmosphere.  When atmospheric pressure shifts, there can be lightning storms that electrify the atmosphere, infusing Light into the Air, calibrating higher vision, and then grounding that Light into the Earth.  When we get heavy or fixed in our ways, a sudden jolt of lightning can wake us up and elevate us to a higher state of awareness.  Those wake up calls are Love offerings from a higher power.   Aquarian consciousness is often labeled as rebellious, quirky, and eccentric…and yet Aquarian consciousness is what delivers cutting edge innovation, forward thinking progressive ideas and visionary insights, ushering the future into the Now.  That kind of thinking is outside of the box, and oftentimes invisible or unrecognizable to the status quo.  And yet our new lens of social consciousness is beginning to embrace the future oriented vision of divine Love. The recent Saturn/Jupiter conjunction on December 21, 2020 sparked a new 20 year cycle of social consciousness in the sign of Aquarius, at the same degree as this Full Moon.  We’re embarking on an incredible journey of social change, radical awakening, and ultimately, the manifestation of a higher vision through the lens of One Love.

The Full Moon is conjunct Chariklo and manifesting with Vesta and MakeMake, in a bridge with Varuna.  For the courageous visionaries walking the planet with an open heart, going against the grain of the social norm, committed to channeling Love into the root system of our planet, divine timing is striking the match of creation like a bolt of lightning, and a whole new world is coming online.  It’s important to stay focused on what’s awakening, instead of the distractions and illusions of what’s being challenged or interrupted.  Be the source of higher Love, and allow the current to shift.

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Saturday 7/24 is a Sun Chariklo bridge, Mercury Neptune manifestation, and Mars Haumea resource.  After the lightning strikes, there is clarity, pristine vision, and a feeling of universal vastness.  Today is a powerful day to be present with what has just awakened, bring your undivided attention into the quiet empty space of what’s new, and allow it to calibrate into every cell of your being.  This is the pause before the next step.


And Sunday 7/25 is a Mars Galactic Center manifestation, Sun Vesta resource, Mercury Eris stepping stone, Mars Pallas great eliminator, Venus Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Pluto bridge, and Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect.  And today, new actions arise, manifesting change.  There is wisdom, awareness, and acute sensitivity to what matters most, from the heart.  The Mercury Pluto bridge delivers messages from behind the veils, below the surface, as the unconscious becomes conscious, and the subconscious wake up.  Our willingness to hold the space for Light to fully integrate into the shadows is important, especially in the subtle quiet ways that require unwavering presence and grace.  Aquarian energy shifts the collective, and that kind of universal shift requires intimacy, Love, and compassion.  From an unattached  lens of higher vision, we can see where we’re headed , from the heart.   We may not know how, or how long it takes, but the vision is clear, and our hearts are aligned.


The practice this week is gratitude.  Find the opening for unconditional love through gratitude.  Practice gratitude for what feels amazing, and also gratitude for the current challenges and interruptions.  Keep your heart open, unconditionally, and let go of any attachments to judgments, preferences, or assumptions.  Every moment is a gift, and every situation contains a blessing.  If we can’t see it yet, stretch open through the eyes of the heart until it’s revealed.


“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” ~ Rumi


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