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For the week of July 12 – 18, 2021

Welcome back to the Weekly Navigation report after taking 4 weeks off to recalibrate and reboot.


We’ve been officially delivered with the Cancer New Moon last week on 7/9, and now we’re experiencing the sensitivity of being in new skin, as the embodied presence of our awakened heart emerges.  The recent Mercury Retrograde journey has calibrated a new orientation point through our inner operating system.  Traveling through the eye of the needle, we’re holistically integrating an active ascension point, and experiencing quantum leaps through the heart.  We’re learning a new way of being human, a new way of living and walking on this planet with each other, in harmony with our environment and the elements.


The heart is the gateway to unity and oneness, and the heart delivers us to the center of the universe, at one with the Source of creation and manifestation, and our awakened cosmic consciousness.  As we align and calibrate our channels of connectivity and communication through the consciousness of the heart, we begin to take new action, being danced by the universal frequencies of Love.  Our thoughts, words, and actions become motivated and inspired by the heart, unleashing new potential and opening new doors of possibilities.


This week, Venus and Mars come together for a new cycle.  Historically, we’ve held Mars as the masculine warrior, the aggressor, and the primal archetype of anger and war.  In 5D consciousness, we experience the higher evolution of Mars, the archetype of physical embodiment (earth element = harmonious with nature and Gaia) that represents our true nature, revealing our active role and purpose on this planet.  When we go against our nature, we experience symptoms that indicate the need to restore alignment and integrity with our heart and our connection to spirit.  When we honor our divinity, we begin to see the divine expression in all cycles of nature, through diversity and inclusion, and our physicality becomes an active expression of the god spark within.


The word “Namaste” becomes an active walking practice of living in a physical body, honoring and recognizing the Light within All Beings as the divine reflection of sacredness.  Our job is not to change what we don’t like in other people, our job is to learn to see and honor the divinity within, to nourish and support the optimal growth of Light, on behalf of All.  As that Light grounds and takes root on the planet, we experience sustainable Love, like a grid system holding space for the planet to heal.


Light grounds into the Earth through the physical dimension.  Our physical bodies are a gateway to receive and ground Light, to embody higher consciousness, actively becoming Love in Action.   Our bodies are the final manifestation of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, and as we align with Love, we embody the heart…which allows us to embody the center of creation and the Source of Unity.  Completion occurs in the physical dimension, once we release the attachment to form and structure, revealing the divinity within all things.


It’s important to remember, the higher Laws of Nature can also be fierce, unwavering, and unconditionally committed to honoring the boundaries and values of respect, reverence, and compassion.  When we don’t treat ourselves and each other with reverence, when we lose respect for our environment and resources, we experience breakdowns and symptoms of disharmony.  Not as punishment, simply as an message or indicator to wake up and rebalance.  It’s up to us to restore harmony and wellbeing within ourselves, as the primary default setting that recalibrates our outer world to reflect our inner peace.  If we’re at war with ourselves for any reason, if argue for our limitations or judge our shortcomings, we’ll never experience a world of peace.


The upcoming new cycle of Venus and Mars in Leo is in a subtle intimacy aspect with the recent New Moon in Cancer.  Cancer invites us to come home to ourselves, mother ourselves well, and live through the heart of compassion, acceptance, and fierce Love.  There’s power in learning to receive nourishment, support, and vital nutrients that promote our growth and expansion.  If we’ve lived our lives in survival mode, coming from scarcity, depletion, or malnutrition, now is the time to restructure our roots and re-educate our deepest muscle memory to fully receive abundance, to enhance our capacity for reciprocity and sharing through intentional partnership and community.  When we honor ourselves and each other, tending to the Light that lives within, we can nourish and amplify exponentially the divine sparks of beauty and mastery that are being awakened, remembered, and called forth now.  There’s power in shared resources, there’s power in community, and there’s sustainable power in Love.


The week begins on Monday 7/12 with a Black Moon MakeMake manifestation, Black Moon Salacia resource, Mercury Jupiter manifestation, Black Moon Juno bridge, and Black Moon North Node (dharmic) communion.  A lot of Black Moon activity today, unveiling and shedding light in divine timing.  Remember, the Black Moon Lilith oscillates, recovering her tracks to go deeper by revisiting, reviewing, and remembering, again and again.  Eventually, we see what’s been there all along, and it feels as familiar as our own heart beat of truth.  The Messenger expands our consciousness today by communicating through a higher octave of spiritual wisdom.  As we communicate through the invisible realms, we see so much more than just black and white of physical matter.  Trust in the messages coming online from spirit today, and trust the heart to reveal higher wisdom and truth.


On Tuesday 7/13, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Orcus, then manifests with Saturn, followed by a Mercury Chariklo great eliminator, Venus Mars new cycle, Saturn Orcus great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron resource, Pallas Vesta bridge, and Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect.  Today’s Venus Mars new cycle is a gift to behold.  In 5D, Venus and Mars together are the co-rulers of the Feminine (Yin).  Mars is the masculine dot within the feminine half of the yin/yang symbol.  Mars gives form, structure, and action to the heart of the feminine.  When the two are in harmony, in partnership, there is a divine unleashing of creative potential.  When the two are at odds, or fighting against nature, there is disharmony and breakdown.  True partnership begins within, and the potential for peace is always available.  The new cycle of partnership occurs in the sign of Leo, in a subtle intimacy aspect with last week’s New Moon in Cancer.  Leo is related to the 2nd chakra, which is where we experience intimacy, exchange, and creative potential to manifest our highest vision.  When we force our agenda, force our will, or get attached to outcomes and results instead of being in relationship with the current moment, we can generate frustration and friction, fighting against the moment instead of surrendering to the infinite possibility.  When we close down our hearts, or shut down from our vision, we become inaccessible to the universal flow of possibility.   Staying open, unconditionally, requires courage.  Take actions from an open heart, instead of reacting unconsciously from fear, limitation, or scarcity.   We have the potential to rewrite history and rewrite our story, based on the actions taken today.


On Wednesday 7/14, Pallas stations retrograde, Uranus forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor, and Mercury forms a Light Bridge with Quaoar.  Pallas takes us on an inward journey of divine wisdom, and it’s important to remember that wisdom comes from experience.  Experiences that shake us out of our unconscious slumbered blind spots are incredible facilitators of awakening that alter our state of mind and elevate us to higher ground.   Today’s Light Bridge provides a quantum leap in our mental body connection to the higher ground of the universal mind, the operating system that holds infinite possibilities through the limitless realm, the unified field of oneness.  We all have access to that higher operating system, when we’re empowered to believe.


Thursday 7/15 includes a Black Moon Mars resource, Sun Neptune manifestation, Black Moon Venus resource, then Chiron stations retrograde, Mercury forms a stepping stone with MakeMake, and the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Neptune.   Today’s Chiron station is significant, in the sign of Aries which is where we Self Realize and awaken the power of our own minds.  Moment to moment, we can choose to believe in our limitless potential, our awakened mastery, or our historic wounds and limitations.  Whatever we believe is what we experience.  The power lies in our capacity to choose our beliefs, and to be empowered by what we’re choosing.  We are not defined by our past experiences, although there is vast wisdom to be gained through any choice we’ve ever made throughout our lives.  When we suspend judgment, we can see the wholeness of our choices, beliefs, and outcomes, and awaken mastery from within.  When we resist or judge, we cloud our lens of vision, limiting our view of ourselves and restricting our capacity to expand.  When we surrender and welcome the lens of wholeness, we can see the big picture, that every wound and challenge has supported in the development and recognition of our greatest gifts.  We awaken through daily personal practice.  And as we see ourselves clearly, we begin to see the world with fresh eyes.


On Friday 7/16, there’s a Venus Neptune great eliminator, Ixion retrogrades into Sagittarius, followed by a Black Moon Eris resource, Mercury Salacia stepping stone, Black Moon Ceres subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, Vesta Sedna manifestation, Sun Eris stepping stone, and Pluto Ceres manifestation.  The heart holds the capacity for enlightened clarity, if we can eliminate the distortions and distractions that cloud our vision.  When we give our power away to unnecessary distractions or external stimulus, we can’t hear clearly from within.  Sometimes the messages are subtle, requiring us to lean in.  Sometimes we require uncomfortable wake up calls to remind us to tune in and listen to ourselves, to recalibrate and reorient to the voice within.  The heart holds our compass and reveals the path, if we’re willing to listen and go deep.  As we surrender, we are ushered through any necessary transitions.  By letting go of the distractions, we can fully experience the alchemy of purification and transformation that’s available now.


Saturday 7/17 delivers a Mercury Juno great eliminator, Venus Eris manifestation, Mercury South Node (karmic) great eliminator, then the Black Moon turns retrograde (nearly manifesting with Haumea), and the Sun forms a bridge with Pluto.  The Sun Pluto bridge is a warm invitation towards profound alchemy that delivers us to our greatest rebirth and resurrection.  The heart evokes our undivided attention as we trust the process and surrender to the higher vision that’s being awakened within.  Every butterfly emerges from a cocoon that once held space for dissolution and de-manifestation of the original form and structure, in order to experience freedom and liberation, expressing in a brand new way.  As we undergo our own personal metamorphosis, it matters that we trust the process and allow the layers to shed and release.  The new creation comes from an awakened state of Love, and a blank slate of infinite possibility.


And on Sunday 7/18, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Pluto, followed by a Venus Pluto great eliminator, Sun Ceres resource, Mercury Saturn great eliminator, Mars Neptune great eliminator, Black Moon Ceres subtle intimacy, Black Moon Venus resource, Venus Ceres stepping stone, Mercury Orcus resource, and Vesta Ixion stepping stone.   There are a lot of great eliminators occurring today, and that shedding process clears the bandwidth of our cellular structure to open to a higher vision, for a brand new expression.  Wiping the slate clean allows us to elevate to a higher dimension as we start again, coming home to our true nature, our divine purpose, and the inner fire that lights up our soul’s expression.  Stay tuned to the Light within, and allow everything else to release, dissolve, and recalibrate.  That Light is the tuning fork for what’s next, and we’re being called forth to that higher octave.  It’s within each and every one of us, there’s nothing to search for or figure out.  It’s time to let go, trust, and fly.


The practice this week is to take action from an open heart.   Don’t feed into the knee jerk reactions, limiting beliefs, or historic residue that might be flushing up in order to dissolve.   Stay tuned to the inner clarity and truth of Light that’s emerging.  As we direct our undivided attention towards that, it has the opportunity to grow, to flourish, to thrive.  See what happens when you support and nourish what is inherently true within you, from the heart, and access the strength and courage to remain open and present.  The only sustainable truth is Love.  Be Love in Action, and discover your true nature and the power of your presence.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only Light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate: only Love can do that.”
~ Martin Luther King Jr.


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  1. Do you find the current conditions to be particularly challenging or did you just need a break?

  2. Welcome back, Christine! Hope you feel rested and refreshed. Thank you for sharing these beautiful insights

  3. Yea. So grateful for your expansion – opening into a new fractal realm and channeling this brilliant flow so others may see. Timely and integratabtle as the diamonds fall like dominos opening the path within and so doing onward.
    As always grateful. Love you. Lisa

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