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For the week of May 31 – June 6, 2021

We’re approaching the midpoint of the wormhole/eclipse passage this week.   Last week’s Sagittarius Full Moon/Eclipse activated a powerful moment of Truth, and Mercury is officially retrograding until June 22.  We’re in the midst of a multifaceted crescendo as the lights come on and the truth comes out.  Our undivided attention and heartfelt presence are the most important ingredients of this transformational portal we’re navigating.


As Mercury retrogrades through his own sign of Gemini, communications and connections are amplified.  If we’re centered and clear, the incoming messages will reflect that.  If we’re spinning or frenetic, our communications will reflect that too.  It’s important to remember, when a planet travels retrograde, we experience an interruption from the normal status quo default settings, in order to tune into Source energy, to recalibrate and receive upgrades in consciousness.  As the Messenger temporarily unplugs from our automatic pilot responses and default patterns, we have an opportunity to find clarity within by attuning with higher wisdom and Truth that’s only available from Source, through the heart.


When we notice patterns within our own system that originate from limiting beliefs or wounded threads of historic programming, it’s important to recognize that we have the power to shift and upgrade to Truth.  The Truth is, we are limitless, beyond belief.  The Truth is, our system thrives on Love, abundance, and generosity.  And the Truth is, our wholeness is divinely beautiful and brilliant, and when we give ourselves permission to let go of any fears and doubts, and fully own our Light, we shine and expand.


When we doubt ourselves, each other, or our situations, we create limited thinking that distorts the possibility we’re currently standing in.  Oftentimes, we don’t even recognize when everything we’ve ever wanted is right in front of us, in plain sight.  The loud communication of inner doubts and insecurities can block the radiant Light of possibility, and if we’re unconscious, we can go lifetimes sleep walking in our own self-induced blind spots of limitation.  The thoughts we think, and the belief system that generates those thoughts, establishes an inner framework – like a “dream catcher” – that receives the available flow of universal potential through our self created matrix of possibility.


We are the architects and designers of that kaleidoscope that determines which possibilities we can recognize, and which ones don’t even make it through our filtered lens of vision.  As we do our inner work to clear out the filters and engineering of our own mind, we can expand our scope of vision to see what’s actually in the available space, waiting to be realized.  It’s mind blowing what we can see when we clear out the debris that’s clouding our own lens of vision.


When we believe in the magic of the universe, and trust in the divine unfolding of each moment, we can be amazed and wowed by the creative flow of multisensory potential that exists all around us.  This orchestration of divine music inspires beauty, spontaneous miracles, and random acts of kindness that connects hearts and souls in uncanny ways.  As we learn to trust that magic, and the divine intuition of the heart, we can be danced into new possibilities and encounters that the mind can’t even make up.  This is the moment of awakening that allows new results to manifest out of thin air, altering the script from our usual storylines and predictable endings.


If we try to control every situation and scenario with the methodical programming of the linear mind, we miss the subtleties and unexpected surprises that can only take shape when the mind is receptive, supple, and awake.   As we practice unifying mind and heart – bringing the meditative observer’s mind into the sacred space of the heart – we begin to tune into a higher channel of intuition, and a higher lens of vision.  The mind reveals the multifaceted brilliance of our presence and attention, when we tune in and listen to the voice that resonates through the heart.  That voice reveals Truth, wisdom, and clarity.  As we follow the ebb and flow of music from the heart, fine tuning our channels for crystal clear receptivity and response, we enter a new dimension.  A whole new world begins to emerge.


The week begins on Monday 5/31 with a Black Moon Juno great eliminator, Mars Pallas manifestation, Sun North Node (dharma) new cycle, and Mercury Eris resource (2nd of 3).  With last week’s eclipse still activated in our consciousness, we spark a new cycle of dharmic potential to elevate beyond the duality of polarized conflict, and enter a higher dimension of clarity and wisdom.  By finding our center, and finding the still point of equanimity in any situation, we can take a quantum leap through a higher lens of vision, seeing clearly through all perspectives, all dimensions.  Today’s Mercury Eris resource is the 2nd of 3, and will be repeated for a final activation on 7/7 as Mercury exits his retrograde shadow.  Any current discomfort, confusion, or friction is facilitating an important awakening from within.   Trust the process with wisdom and patience in order to fully receive what’s coming online.


On Tuesday 6/1, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Orcus.  We’re entering a “6” vibration month of feminine nourishment, compassion, and empathic sensitivity of the heart, and that energetic is highly supportive to our evolutionary journey.  Orcus ushers us from the vast timeless realm beyond the veils, into this precise moment of reality.  There’s a reason why we’re here, in a body, in the exact unfolding of current events.  Our presence matters, oftentimes in ways we’ll never fully realize.  It matters that we nourish and take good care of ourselves as the divine presence and conduit of Love that we are on the planet.   As we take good care of ourselves, our unique contribution grows and thrives.  If we neglect or ignore our personal needs, we can fall into a state of depletion or fragmentation, diminishing the quality and potency of Light we came to circulate.


Wednesday 6/2 is a Sun Chiron resource, then Venus enters Cancer, Mars forms a stepping stone with Eris, the Black Moon turns direct, and Saturn forms a great eliminator with Vesta.  As Venus enters Cancer, the focus is on nourishing, replenishing, and restoring the power of the heart.  When we take good care of our heart, we establish an environment of Love that flourishes, supporting growth and expansion.  Love is the fertilizer, the moisturizer, the inspiration that empowers and strengthens our inner foundation of home, from the inside out.  The heart holds our deepest truth and reveals our highest vision.  That sacred space requires ongoing attention, like any relationship.  If we’ve been ignoring our feelings or bypassing the heart for fear of getting hurt, it’s time to lean in and tend to the flames of our heart’s highest calling, passion, and devotion.  There are important messages waiting for us there.


On Thursday 6/3, there’s a Venus Ixion Light Bridge, followed by a Sun Saturn manifestation, Mercury Pallas stepping stone (2nd of 3), Venus Jupiter manifestation, and Sun Vesta stepping stone.   The heart holds the key to our highest blueprint, and is a gateway to our awakened Self.  Our greatest expansion occurs when the heart is open, and the inner fire of devotion has room to breathe.  Communications may require a conscious elevation of divine wisdom today, and the heart is an important guide in that conversation.


Friday 6/4 activates a Sun Great Attractor bridge.  The Gemini Sun is multifaceted, brilliant, and highly attractive today.  It’s important to be mindful of the thoughts we’re thinking, and the lens of consciousness that’s generating the thoughts.  Our thoughts are like prisms of Light, broadcasting beyond time/space in the blink of an eye.  When we’re unconscious with our thoughts, those light beams can be weapons or loose cannons.  When we’re intentional and present, those light beams can manifest blessings and prayers on behalf of All.   It’s up to us.  We can resolve and clear karmic patterns and wounds with the clarity of our own thoughts and intentions.


On Saturday 6/5, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Juno, followed by a Venus Chariklo great eliminator, Mercury Neptune stepping stone (2nd of 3), Mars Pluto bridge, and Vesta Great Attractor stepping stone.  It’s important to watch our thoughts in times of uncertainty or confusion.  When we can’t see clearly or don’t know the Truth, the mind can fabricate all kinds of thoughts and scenarios, mostly fear-based and full of distortion.  The inner stillness of the heart can help stabilize the mind and clear the filters.  Breathing into the silence through moments of uncertainty, we can allow the mind to relax, returning to focused and clear receptivity.  Eventually, clarity arises and Truth is revealed.  If we can’t see it yet, it’s not time.   Oftentimes, moments of uncertainty can feel like dying to the ego mind.  When we surrender our attachments to “needing to know”, we can allow ourselves to remain peaceful in the fluidity of uncertainty, where all options are available, and all possibilities exist.  That kind of free-floating surrender to the present moment can calibrate our cells and nervous system to a healthy state of equilibrium as the next current moment unfolds.


And Sunday 6/6 is a Ceres Orcus manifestation, Mars Haumea stepping stone, Sun Juno bridge, Mars Galactic Center great eliminator, and Venus Quaoar Light Bridge.  When the mind is clear and at peace, we’re free to respond from the heart.  Right action comes online through the messaging system of the heart.  Today’s Light Bridge connects the heart with the universal mind, above and beyond our personal local lens of consciousness.  When we synch our inner guidance mechanism with universal consciousness, we can respond and take action from a higher octave of clarity and wisdom.


The practice this week is to pause before speaking, pause before responding.  Mercury’s retrograde is offering a beautiful opportunity to interrupt our normal status quo procedure, in order to elevate to a higher lens of consciousness to find new possibilities that alter our actions and refine our interpretations.  If we don’t allow a pause for something new, we continue to repeat the predictable patterns again and again.  There are infinite possibilities available moment to moment, and when we access that magical pause, the universe downloads new consciousness through our channels.


“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
― Mahatma Gandhi



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