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For the week of May 24 – 30, 2021

The week ahead offers an incredible moment of Truth, and an opportunity to reboot our entire operating system from the highest lens of Conscious Wisdom and Love.  The Truth sets us free, and clarity often emerges in the final hour, when we least expect it.  With an upcoming Super Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 5/26, and Mercury’s retrograde station on 5/29 that calibrates an active ascension point in the brilliant sign of Gemini, we’re moving into a magical week of breathtaking possibilities.  The willingness to find our center matters.


The key to our ultimate liberation and transcendence is in the lens of consciousness we’re living from and looking through.  We have a choice.  Anytime we unify mind and heart together, strengthening the partnership of yin/yang within ourselves, we access a multifaceted ascension point that changes the game and elevates our consciousness in a nanosecond.  That ascension point simultaneously reveals the unity of spirit and matter, unlocking our holistic alignment with Truth.


When the mind is separate from the heart, or spinning unnecessarily through the matrix of distractions, fear based assumptions, and unconscious projections, we find ourselves limited within the webbing of distortion.  We can’t see ourselves clearly, we lose our divine orientation point, and our capacity for confusion is escalated.  This kind of confusion or disorientation has the potential to leave us sleep walking (or frenetically spinning), unaware and unconscious.   As we wake up, we realize the power within to recalibrate our holistic system and elevate the lens of consciousness we’re living from.

The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is actually a bridge that reveals the higher truth and divine wisdom of our mind/body connection.  The thoughts we think create vibrational patterns that can be recognized and interpreted through the cellular form and structure of our being.  The body holds the records, and also reveals the higher wisdom of the patterns we’ve been living in, including the misqualified tendencies.


Habitual thoughts, core beliefs, and mental body tendencies carry a great deal of weight in our overall health and wellness, and the outcomes of our tangible results.  If our deepest innermost thoughts and beliefs come from a distorted lens of fear, lack, or unworthiness, our bandwidth of available options in how we perceive and respond to the world around us will be limited.  We develop and reinforce deep gravitational grooves from those limitations, and life becomes a predictable story unless we actively shift the script.  Over time, we wear the skin of our patterns and stories, and our bodies show the cause and effect of our repetitive wear and tear.


As we consciously shed the old outdated threads of our limiting beliefs and attachments, and upgrade our inner operating system to a more empowering octave of higher Love, we experience an expansion in opportunities, and our fundamental belief in the limitless realm of possibilities becomes a healthy default setting that unlocks and reveals new dimensions of connection and collaboration.


What we oftentimes don’t recognize or consider is the energetic weight that our unconscious or unchecked thoughts, emotions, and beliefs carry.  Even though we may be crystal clear in our intentions, the undercurrent of unconscious and subconscious thought patterns, muscle memory, and the vibrational codes of social conditioning and collective consciousness also matters.  If we’re not fully manifesting our highest vision due to the interference of those blind spot undercurrents, it can feel frustrating and confusing.


Because the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is a wisdom bridge of completion that reveals the Truth in our final outcomes, there is divine information and higher wisdom in our willingness to look clearly at our results and see what we can see.  Having a healthy relationship with results is key, and being willing to sift through and reflect in that final hour can be magical.  Once we see clearly the invisible patterns and algorithms that exist in the webbing of any matrix, we’re free to shift the patterns and redesign the game.  If we’re not willing to take a look, or see Truth in the mirror, we can’t access the insight and wisdom needed to shift or alter the story.


The key to unlocking that code is within our mental body lens of conscious wisdom…aka Gemini consciousness.  Our Gemini lens of multifaceted channels gives us the opportunity to transcend the duality of 3D consciousness, and elevate through the 5D bridge of higher consciousness into the infinite universal realms of Oneness.  When we learn to access that multifaceted lens of vision, we can slice through illusions and distortions and expand to a much higher realm of connectivity – which is a game changer for our personal operating system and our overall mind/body connection.  Once we elevate to higher realms of consciousness, the body becomes a gateway for universal connectivity….instead of being the source of perceived separation.


As Mercury stations retrograde on Saturday 5/29 – in his own sign of Gemini, conjunct Venus in an active ascension point, within a powerful wormhole/eclipse passage with accelerated doorways of higher consciousness available – we’re being ushered into a quantum leap of the highest order.  It matters that we pay attention, and it matters that we tune in through the inner orientation point of the heart to listen, allow, and observe.  The heart offers a grounding mechanism for the mental body to find stillness, in order to access a multidimensional channel of communications.  The heart becomes the multifaceted diamond lens once the mind is present and grounded within.  It requires the equal partnership of yin/yang to activate.  If we’re not on equal ground within ourselves in the yin/yang dynamic, we can’t access that gateway.  If we insist on repeating our habitual tendencies to prefer one over the other, to operate out of alignment or out of balance within our selves, we can’t fully access the experiential opening of that gateway.  We can conceptually understand, but in order to holistically integrate, we must also embody.  Our willingness to honor and see the wholeness of ourselves, and any situation, is important.   That requires equanimity, unconditional Love, and a centered still point of mind/heart partnership.


The week begins on Monday 5/24 with a Sun Varuna resource, Venus Juno bridge, Mars Juno great eliminator, and Sun Chariklo manifestation.   The heart recognizes the universal reflection of oneness in everything around us, if we’re willing to see from a higher lens of Love.  While our physical bodies can make us appear separate from each other, the body can also activate a multidimensional gateway of connectivity through the heart, and the universal oneness of breath.


On Tuesday 5/25, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Ixion and a stepping stone with Jupiter, as Ixion and Jupiter form a resource, followed by a Vesta Orcus new cycle as Orcus stations direct, and then the Black Moon retrogrades into Taurus.  We’re all connected, breathing the same air, calibrating to the same heartbeat of Love.


Wednesday 5/26 is the Full Moon in Sagittarius/ Lunar Eclipse at 7:14am ET.  On that same day, the Black Moon communes with Sedna, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Quaoar and manifests with MakeMake.  This particular Full Moon is quite exceptional, not only as a Super Moon, but also a total Lunar Eclipse.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is the sign of physical body wisdom, and the ultimate Truth seeker that reveals wisdom through every completion, if we’re willing to take a look.  Sagittarius has the potential to deliver the highest victory, which is the revelation of clarity that untangles our karmic cycles of repetitive loops and elevates us to a whole new game, on higher ground.  The Truth sets us free.  If we fear the truth, or resist any confrontation of transparency or Light, we subscribe to the density of what remains hidden below the surface.  That stagnancy of weight accumulates more gravity and congestion, and eventually we must learn to let go.


Sagittarius is a fire sign that represents the ceremonial bonfire that consumes and destroys our limiting attachments to form and structure.  When we’re complete with any cycle, we’re asked to let go in order to wipe the slate clean and move forward.  If we cling, resist, or refuse to let go of the past, we can’t fully move into a new possibility or new cycle.  Any illusion of halfway letting go while still carrying the past forward is a heavy weight to bear, and it limits the available options for new possibilities to manifest.


The Full Moon occurs at 6 Sagittarius, in a grand fire manifestation with the South Node (karmic), Varuna, Salacia, and Chiron, forming a Star of David with the opposing grand air sign that includes the Sun, the North Node (dharmic), MakeMake, Saturn, and Chariklo.  An eclipse offers a temporary disconnect, and an opportunity to reboot and recalibrate from new consciousness.  We can wipe the slate clean and release any attachments, misaligned patterns, and residual congestion during this eclipse, if we choose to recognize what we’ve been carrying and where we’re still holding on, consciously or unconsciously.  Once we’re complete with old patterns and cycles – including old labels, roles, identities, agreements, and contracts – it’s a whole new game.  Crossing the threshold of ending and new beginning, we’re in the birthing canal of new consciousness and new possibilities.


On Thursday 5/27, there’s a Venus Pallas stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Venus Neptune stepping stone, Mercury Eris resource, and Sun Salacia resource.  The heart reveals wisdom, truth, and clarity.  Today is a day for enlightened revelations that set us free.  Every time we awaken to a higher realization and choose to let go of the past limitations, we shed the density of old skin and lighten up.  Expansion occurs through our willingness to soften and let go.


Friday 5/28 is a Chiron Vesta great eliminator and Venus Eris resource.  Our inner devotion to embody our mastery while releasing the attachments to our core wounds is accelerated today.   When the discomfort of old skin becomes too much to carry, we can remember to release, forgive, and let go.  That conversion of energy is our personal gift to the world.  Every wound we’ve ever endured has held the potential to refine our greatest mastery.  If we insist on living in the wounded skin, we deny the opportunity to contribute and express the divine mastery within.  Forgiveness is the reset button.


On Saturday 5/29, Mercury and Venus spark a new cycle, just before Mercury stations retrograde.  Today also delivers a Haumea Galactic Center resource, Black Moon Neptune resource, Black Moon Pallas resource, Black Moon Mars resource, then Mercury officially stations retrograde at 25 Gemini, and Uranus forms a manifestation with Vesta.   Today is absolutely magical.  Mercury’s last retrograde station occurred on 1/30 at 25 Aquarius (where Mercury thrives), which prepared us for a massive quantum leap in the higher consciousness of awakened Love.  Now on 5/29, Mercury stations at 25 Gemini (his dignified home sign), taking us into divine mastery through diamond consciousness.  Anytime Mercury (the Messenger) and Venus (the Heart) come together at the same degree, there’s an opportunity for ascension.  The fact that this conjunction initiates the upcoming retrograde journey is breathtaking.  When we surrender the lower mind’s attachments and agendas that come from fear, doubt, lack, or insecurity, we elevate to a higher dimension of consciousness.  The awakened mind/heart activates the diamond mind, which transcends duality by unifying all points, all paths, all hearts – beyond linear time/space.  Our inner Messenger becomes a multifaceted prism, the refined diamond, ultimately becoming a unified channel of universal connectivity.  This is the brilliant multifaceted gift that Gemini brings to humanity, if we’re willing to trust and elevate through the heart. Mercury will commune with the upcoming Gemini New Moon/ Solar Eclipse on June 10th, and then will station direct on June 22, recovering his retrograde shadow by July 7, just days before the Cancer New Moon on July 9th that ends the wormhole/eclipse passage.


And Sunday 5/30 is a Neptune Pallas new cycle, Venus Pluto great eliminator, Venus Haumea manifestation, and Mars Neptune manifestation.   Enlightenment is simply the unveiling of Truth.  When we’re willing to see Truth, it emerges everywhere.  It’s not always easy or comfortable, but it’s clarifying and liberating.  If we’re not willing to see Truth, there’s confusion and distortion.  Sometimes we experience periods of extreme confusion before enlightenment, but once we see Truth, we can’t pretend we don’t know.  There is wisdom in every moment of truth, if we’re willing to honor instead of resist.   The heart holds our deepest truth, and when we align with the heart, our actions are clear.  When we’re confused, or in denial with the deepest truth within our hearts, we can chase our tails through distraction and avoidance.


The practice this week is transparency and Truth, and the celebration of wholeness through completion.  The truth sets us free, and when we hold back or suppress our deepest truth, we actually congest our channels of communication and manifestation.  This is a week to come to completion on anything outstanding that has been creating a heavy weight or stagnancy within ourselves, including old outdated patterns or behaviors, so that we can wipe the slate clean, set ourselves free, and start again, on higher ground.  Whatever has come to completion, be willing to honor it fully, celebrate the wholeness, integrate the wisdom, and then let go.  The Sagittarius Full Moon offers a ceremonial bonfire as an intentional practice to release attachments and liberate the spirit for new beginnings, as a way to live moment to moment.


“The past has no power over the present moment.”
― Eckhart Tolle


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