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For the week of May 17 – 23, 2021

The week ahead delivers a gear shift of multifaceted expansion and accelerated activity as the Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini.  We’re heading for the 1st eclipse next week on 5/26, as well as Mercury’s upcoming retrograde journey starting 5/29.  Now more than ever, it’s important to find our center within a unified mind/heart still point.


When the brakes come off and multidimensional doorways begin to open, it can be exhilarating and inspiring to see the multitude of possibilities emerging through thin air.  A much needed breath of fresh air is healthy, and yet if it activates a rapid influx of too many distractions or extremes, it can throw the system off balance, generating a tail spin of inner fragmentation, conflict, and inflammation.  Conscious wisdom is key.


When the mind is centered in the heart, there is stillness, peace, and clarity.  From a still mind, all of those multidimensional doorways can become brilliant channels of connection and communication.  When multiple channels connect to one source point, all of that information can be downloaded and streamlined efficiently into a single point potency of activation, and the clearest response can be broadcasted in a single heartbeat, exponentially.  When the mind is spinning, fragmented, or distracted, those multidimensional channels get confused, distorted, and misaligned.  Even though the vibrational patterns of energy feel exciting, and a rush of exhilaration might inspire movement and activity, the clarity is compromised.


When communications are unclear or distorted, breakdowns occur.  Breakdowns in relationships, personal health/wellbeing, and also in environmental and group cohesion.  Being able to mindfully observe when the channels of communication start to compromise overall clarity and precision requires conscious wisdom and mastery.  Mindfully slowing down, pausing in order to reboot, refine, and expand is important.


Our technology tends to crash and burn when we don’t maintain a healthy practice of powering down, rebooting, and refreshing our devices.  The intentional pause to unplug, shut down, and occasionally upgrade our operating system matters.  Our inner operating system is no different.  In fact, our personal channels of multidimensional multisensory connectivity are way more complex that our computers and cell phones.  Oftentimes we take for granted the sensitivity of our system, and push beyond extremes without recognizing the price tag to our inner filters of clarity and discernment.


When the filters get congested with vibrational distortion, static interference, or historic residue from holding onto unresolved conversations or outdated information, we compromise our capacity to channel and listen clearly.  We may think we’re in tune, and yet the results in our communications might reflect breakdowns, misunderstandings, or disharmony that stagnates the full potential that’s available moment to moment.  We may surrender or resign to un-manifested potential without taking into account the wear and tear on our system from daily over-stimulation or over-use.


Learning to take care of our instrument is increasingly important, especially as we consciously elevate and expand the sensitivity and receptivity of our multidimensional channels of communication.  The more sensitive we become, the more important our relationship with silence and stillness as the necessary hygiene to detox our mental body filters and channels.  If we continue to allow the accelerated influx of stimulation and sensory overload without accommodating the need for pause, unplug, rest, and reboot, we will run our technology (mental body operating system) into the ground and burn out from excess.


Understand right relationship with wholeness, balance, and partnership is important.  The primary template for sustainable partnership and oneness is yin/yang equality and equanimity.  The daily practice for yin/yang equality is the unification of mind and heart.  Mind (yang) and Heart (yin) represent the primary foundation of any relationship and partnership, beginning within ourselves.   Learning to listen, receive, honor, and allow is fundamental.  When we tune out from ourselves, override the heart, or bypass the internal messaging from within our deepest truth or authentic nature, we compromise the integrity and sustainability of our primary yin/yang relationship.   If the ego mind thinks it knows better than the heart, overrides and dominates the available bandwidth of connectivity, we’ll never see ourselves, another, or any situation clearly.  Now is the time to listen, from the lens of the unified mind/heart, to see clearly through the awakened eyes of Love.


As we cultivate a healthy foundation within our own heart space, learning to trust the inner guidance mechanism of the heart, we elevate to a higher dimension of clarity, truth, and wisdom that comes from within.  In order to honor that channel of inner Truth, we must practice silence, spaciousness, and patience.  Our undivided attention becomes the water that nourishes the seeds of Light within ourselves.  When we spend time within our heart space, through stillness and clarity, we can witness the growth of new consciousness, new awareness, and new ideas.  As we maintain healthy boundaries that honor the sacred space within, our inner devotion becomes a fiercely loving container for alchemy to arise.


Clearing out the distractions, carving out time/space to reset and reboot, coming home to the sacred pause and stillness within the heart, we can unify and reconnect our inner foundation of sustainably partnership within.  This fundamental practice (meditation) allows us to see ourselves clearly, patiently listening to the unfolding of truth around us, and releasing the unhealthy attachments to distractions, illusions, and distortions that keep us in the out dated spin cycle of repetitive stories and wounds.


The week begins on Monday 5/17 with a Sun Pluto manifestation, Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, Venus North Node (dharmic) new cycle, Sun Galactic Center great eliminator, Sun Haumea great eliminator,  and Venus Orcus stepping stone.  It’s important to take the time to be present with ourselves, to witness what’s shedding, dissolving, and releasing as we initiate a new cycle of our dharmic potential from the heart.  When we don’t allow for the elimination process to fully occur, it’s easy to get congested and stagnant.  The evolutionary doorway is open, and requires a clean filtration and release to access.


On Tuesday 5/18, Pallas forms a stepping stone with Juno, followed by a Venus Chiron resource, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) communion, Ceres Chariklo stepping stone, and Sun Sedna new cycle.  A greater unveiling and realization of the dharmic doorway is made clear, and will be revisited again on Thursday when the Black Moon retrogrades and repeats her communion aspect.  Wisdom holds an equanimous intersection point between our channels of communication and collective unity consciousness.  A divine birthing canal is open, ushering us through an awakened atmosphere, destabilizing old patterns while revealing a higher lens of vision.  The Sun is completing the final degrees of Taurus, and our deepest presence is required to see the clarity of Truth emerging.


Wednesday 5/19 is a Mercury Juno bridge, then the Black Moon turns retrograde, followed by a Mercury Pallas stepping stone, and Venus Saturn manifestation.  The Messenger completes an T square with Pallas and Juno, as divine wisdom is revealed through the mirrored reflection of our current experiences.  If we’re willing to take a step up, we can choose the elevated lens of higher wisdom that allows us to recognize ourselves and the boundaries we set (or compromise) with every conversation.  When we don’t elevate through equanimity, we can’t see clearly the patterns and stories we’re weaving in and out of.  The truth is, we always have a choice in how we navigate and negotiate boundaries through our communications – with ourselves and each other.


On Thursday 5/20, the Black Moon repeats the communion with the North Node from Tuesday, then Venus forms a bridge with the Great Attractor, the Sun enters Gemini, and the Black Moon form a stepping stone with Vesta.  As the Sun enters Gemini today, we move into higher terrain of the conscious mind.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is an air sign that represents Conscious Wisdom, and the potential of the higher awakened mind, through Diamond Consciousness.  As we transition from Taurus to Gemini, we’re cultivating the powerful presence of the heart, and our capacity to trust and obey the inner navigation system of the heart.  With that foundation of presence rooted in the heart, we now have the opportunity to shed or dissolve the distractions of the lower mind (attachments to fear, doubt, insecurity, judgment) in order to elevate through the highest lens of vision, the multifaceted lens of the heart.  Gemini is a brilliant multidimensional sign of mental body wisdom, that ultimately allows us to remain seated in the center of the heart while accessing all channels, all paths, all possibilities – simultaneously.  When we get scattered, disconnected, or dispersed, it’s important to remember to bring the mind back home to the still point within the center of the heart.  That center point is the center of a multidimensional wheel, maintaining equanimity through all points of contact.   In 5D, Gemini is a quality of consciousness that transcends duality by unifying mind/heart and elevating to a higher octave of equanimity, downloading universal wisdom that ultimately clears the karmic entanglements and repetitive loops of illusions, distortions, and distractions.


Friday 5/21 includes a Sun Jupiter stepping stone and Sun Ixion great eliminator.  With the Sun in Gemini and Jupiter in Pisces, this is an elevated step of higher wisdom that leads to our greatest expansion.  Wisdom reveals the high road, and shared communication of wisdom elevates our social consciousness to new dimensions.  When we make it our purpose to access, share, and download higher wisdom through our collective networks, we expand and thrive together, generating more than any individual could alone.


On Saturday 5/22, there’s a Black Moon Salacia resource, Ceres Quaoar manifestation, then the Black Moon manifests with MakeMake, forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Ceres, and a great eliminator with Quaoar, followed by a Mercury Neptune resource.   Unprecedented revelations of clarity, wisdom, and truth are unearthing in divine timing.  Remember, all things come to the Light eventually, even if there’s temporary confusion at the surface.  As we surrender the need to know, our divine wisdom and patience allows for an organic unfolding, oftentimes when we least expect it.


And on Sunday 5/23, Saturn stations retrograde, followed by a Ceres MakeMake great eliminator, then the Black Moon manifests with Chariklo, forms a resource with Varuna, and communes with the Sun.  Saturn journeys retrograde from today through October 11th, through the sign of Aquarius, which awakens higher consciousness of Divine Love that ultimately forwards us into new territory.  Our willingness to release attachments to outdated labels, identities, systems and structures is key…in order to elevate, upgrade, and find the cutting edge of newness that ushers in a higher vision for humanity.  We must learn to Love ourselves unconditionally, if we ever hope to establish sustainable systems and structures for humanity.  Love is the mechanism that awakens and alters the status quo, shaking up the outdated norms and conditioning, revealing the current limitations, and shining Light on the higher octave of innovation that takes us to higher ground.   This is a monumental journey of epic redesign and transformation, and we’re pioneering it as we go.


The practice this week is to consciously unplug, recharge, and reboot your technology as well as your mental body/operating system at least once a day.  If you’ve never powered down your cell phone at night, or put your laptop into hibernation mode during period of non-use, this is a great time to start.  Notice the quickness, vibrancy, and clarity in the operating system of your devices by taking small incremental pauses.  Find time each day to unplug from the current stimulus, social connectivity, and environmental distractions by powering down, making yourself temporarily unavailable, and recharging/rebooting your personal system.  Take a morning or afternoon one day this week to unplug, walk into nature, and put your bare feet on the earth or lean against a tree in silence.  Leave your cell phone at home, or at least power it off to avoid distractions or interferences.  Consider the silence as a necessary detox for all of your filters, channels, and receivers of communications, and listen for the revelations within.


 “In Silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves.”
― Rumi



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