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For the week of May 10 – 16, 2021

Get ready for a dynamic week ahead, including the New Moon in Taurus on 5/11 that activates the opening of the upcoming eclipse/wormhole passage, as well as Mercury’s entrance to the shadow phase for his upcoming retrograde journey.  An initiation of the highest order, we’re being ushered through the birth canal of the awakened heart.


As we take our seat, grounding our undivided attention into the sacred space within, it’s important to let go and surrender any attachments or expectations, trusting the process with every breath.  The brakes are off as we transcend linear time/space, traveling the multidimensional expansion and communication of our mind/heart union at an accelerated pace.


What matters most is our presence, and the Light we generate from our awakened heart.  When the heart awakens, we speak fluently in the universal language of Love and Oneness – Cosmic Consciousness.  Love is the highest universal response to any inquiry.  Love is the cure, the medicine, the way, and the Light that shines bright, without needing to prove, justify, or rationalize.  Love softens the edges and illuminates Truth from within.  As we become the embodied response of Love, from the heart, we inspire dynamic movement and change from an inner presence of stillness.


If our system is triggered, frenetic, or frenzied, we can actually interfere with or distort the natural coherence of movement and manifestation.  When our response becomes unconditionally loving – starting with the private dialogue to ourselves from within, then overflowing generously through our environment – we become facilitators of alchemical transformation, oftentimes without ever knowing or seeing the full outcome first hand.  The momentum generated by a loving presence can become so vastly expansive, there’s no way to measure the tangible results.


The presence of Love requires a mental body surrender to the higher voice and calling of the heart.  When the ego mind spins from historic conversations of fear, doubt, or separation, the heart holds an unwavering note of sacred silence – the spaciousness within that transcends old patterns, voices, and wounds.  In that spaciousness, the atmosphere of Love grows and expands…birthing a new possibility, illuminating wisdom of the highest order.


Allowing that inner spaciousness to take root, the mind can then stabilize, neutralize, and witness new channels of communications coming online.  Choosing to tune into the conversation of Love over the historical conversations of fear, doubt, or separation, can alter the course of reality to a whole new world.  Making the adjustment within to shift the conversation from the karmic footprint of pain and suffering to the awakened lens of the heart sparks a pivotal transformation that alters the game and reveals new possibilities in the blink of an eye.  The upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage from 5/11 to 7/9 holds the space to facilitate that kind of unprecedented alchemical manifestation…and anything is possible.


The week begins on Monday 5/10 with a Black Moon Pallas resource, Chiron Orcus great eliminator, Mercury Orcus stepping stone, Mercury Chiron resource, and Mars South Node (karmic) great eliminator.  Mercury and Chiron are major players today, bringing the Messenger in close, revealing hidden mastery acquired from the old repetitive loops, patterns, wounds, and stories.  Each time we travel through the eye of the needle – eyes, heart, and mind wide open to Love – we transcend the initial story by integrating the wisdom and mastery vs reinforcing the hurts and traumas.  Clearing the muscle memory of past experiences, we’re free to embody the mastery and wisdom, from the highest octave of Love.  The stories we’ve lived through reveal the epic journey of awakening.  Every step, struggle, and challenge along the way becomes a teacher, and as we honor our path, we refine our being through the experiences we’ve endured.  The point is not to get through to the other side and simply survive unscarred, the point is to unleash our greatest transformation by being fully present to life’s divine unfoldings.  When we can be fully present, as the conscious response of Love, no matter what is occurring, we surrender to the alchemical process that sheds old attachments and imprints while fine tuning a higher octave of our awakened being.


On Tuesday 5/11, there’s a Black Moon Sun communion, Quaoar MakeMake stepping stone, Venus Varuna resource, Ceres Ixion manifestation, then the New Moon at 22 Taurus, followed by a Mars Orcus resource, Mars Chiron stepping stone, Mars Uranus resource, and Sun Juno great eliminator.  A New Moon is always a new beginning, an initiation of sorts that ushers in new possibilities and sparks a brand new cycle.  This particular New Moon activates the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage that ultimately ushers each and every one of us into the potential for quantum leaps and fast track acceleration on the path of awakening, transformation, and ascension.  A New Moon in Taurus highlights the importance of deep presence, sacred space, and an inner trust in the navigation system of the heart.  If we’re looking outside of ourselves for answers, validation, approval, or acceptance, it’s time now to cultivate safety and communion within ourselves.  Finding our center, trusting the inner guidance mechanism of the heart, and obeying those intuitive messages that come online from within.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the aspect of our consciousness that represents Mental Body Love, or the conscious obedience to trust the heart, unconditionally.  That kind of surrender requires intimacy within, and an inner operating system that speaks the language of Love.  If we’re not speaking Love to ourselves, as the primary default setting behind the scenes within our system, it’s hard to recognize and receive clarity and truth.  Trust requires Love, and Love is the mechanism that calibrates our inner operating system to a higher octave of communications, ultimately delivering us to a higher version of ourselves, and the highest version of manifestation of our Vision.


Taurus is disposed by Venus, the heart.  In other words, the heart delivers the messages that the mind is seeking…and that message is always Love.  No matter what question or intention the mind is chewing on, the heart holds the answer, the blueprint, and the highest Truth.  When the mind stops chewing or chasing, when the mind relaxes into the stillness and spaciousness of the heart, there is divine communion.  The meditative mind can hear and receive the divine communion, and the mind/heart union becomes an active channel for higher communications, through the heart of the universe.


Taurus is an earth sign represented by Gaia.  When we spend time in nature, listening from the open receptive channels of our visceral energetics, we commune with the Earth and with ourselves.  Nature reminds us who we are, what matters most, and reorients our lens of consciousness to a higher octave of universal oneness and Love.  Similarly, the heart holds the reflection of our nature, and the template of our highest Truth, purpose, and calling.  When we listen, honor, and obey that messenger of clarity and Truth, we align ourselves with the overall frequency of collective coherence, a dynamic harmonic that facilitates divine manifestation.  When we stop trying to force our agenda by manifesting our attachments, we can partner with the collective harmonics of nature, multidimensionally, and realize a higher octave of manifestation through oneness and Love.


Wednesday 5/12 is a Black Moon Eris subtle intimacy aspect, then Venus Chariklo manifestation, Mercury Saturn manifestation, occultation of Venus by the moon, and Sun Neptune resource.   If we listen closely, from within, we can hear the inner attachments of old patterns softly shedding, dissolving, and clearing as we release old skin, revealing the divine nature of our heart, as our greatest reveal and resurrection.  Any kind of shedding process can feel destabilizing and disorienting at times, however when we trust the process of the heart’s unveiling, we can re-orient ourselves beyond old labels, identities, and agreements.  The heart is being eclipsed by the moon today, revealing divine wisdom and clarity.


On Thursday 5/13, the Black Moon manifests with Pluto, forms a great eliminator with Haumea, and communes with Sedna, followed by a Venus Quaoar great eliminator, the Jupiter enters Pisces, and Venus manifests with MakeMake.  It’s important to remember that Pluto is currently retrograde, and all of us are in some kind of a transformational death/rebirth process.  Our greatest “unveiling” is underway, and that also indicates an opportunity for elevation and expansion.  When we allow the highest manifestation of the heart to come online, we experience a new dimension of potential that has always been within us, waiting to emerge.  As Jupiter enters Pisces, our greatest expansion unleashes through the infinite realm of unconditional Love and limitless possibilities.  The truth is, we are limitless in nature.  What feels limiting is the interpretations from previous experiences that condition what we believe to be possible or not.  When we surrender those old interpretations and allow ourselves to return to a blank slate of possibility, moment to moment, we then witness a powerful rebirthing of our awakened self, and the limitless potential for manifestation.


Friday 5/14, the Black Moon enters Gemini, then forms a stepping stone with Jupiter, followed by a Venus Salacia resource, Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, then Mercury enters his retrograde shadow.  As the Black Moon enters Mercury’s sign of Gemini, the Messenger enters his retrograde shadow…meaning whatever themes or conversations come up from today forward, will be revisited and reviewed during the retrograde journey ahead.  There’s more to the story, and oftentimes our own interpretation of the story can be reframed or reoriented as we elevate to a higher lens of consciousness, from the heart.  The fact that Mercury will be retrograding through almost the entire wormhole passage is profoundly important.   Don’t make assumptions or projections, keep an open mind and open heart, and allow the whole story to unfold, revealing new dimensions of clarity, wisdom, and insight along the way.  The minute we believe something to be true in our minds, we’re limited to that assumption.  If we believe in a limitation or barrier, we’ll never fully experience or realize the dimension of possibility that’s always available.


On Saturday 5/15 the Black Moon forms a resource with Varuna, Mars forms a great eliminator with Saturn, and the Black Moon manifests with Chariklo.  Unveiling the inner atmosphere is helpful to clear the air and fine tune the highest lens of vision.  Unearthing vibrational patterns that clog our filters and limit our scope of vision is important.  That process of reorientation and recalibration provides a stabilizing energetic, giving traction through the dimensions for more harmonized and multifaceted manifestation.


And Sunday 5/16 is a Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Astraea great eliminator, Black Moon MakeMake manifestation, Venus Vesta stepping stone, Ceres Varuna stepping stone, and Mars Great Attractor great eliminator.  The Black Moon is busy today, uncovering the vibrational patterns that block or limit our higher connection to the universal octave of oneness.  As we surrender and allow, we’re birthed through a higher channel of clarity and Truth, in divine timing.  If we’re not open, or if we’re resistant to expansion beyond our current belief system, we’ll only attract what we can relate to, and nothing more.  The key is to open unconditionally – to what we can’t see yet, and what the heart trusts is possible.  Trust and faith require an active step of elevation, finding higher ground to see from a new lens of perspective, stretching beyond the current norms to experience a new version and a higher vision.


The practice this week is presence.  No matter what is occurring moment to moment, take a seat in the heart and open, unconditionally.  Be mindful not to detach, check out, or bypass the current unfolding of truth.  Remember, every moment, every scenario, is facilitating our greatest transformation and unveiling our highest vision.  The new cycle and New Moon this week activate a powerful potential entry point for dynamic change, elevation, and mastery.  When we resist what’s occurring, we limit what’s possible.  When we remain open and present, from the lens of the heart, we can see more through every experience.  There’s an organic redesign that occurs through every moment of expansion and elevation.  When we trust the process and surrender through the heart, we can allow each moment to initiate divine alchemy of the highest order.


“For love to flourish, the light of your presence needs to be strong enough so that you no longer get taken over by the thinker or the pain-body and mistake them for who you are. To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.”
― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment



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