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For the week of April 26 – May 2, 2021

The week ahead ushers a profound metamorphosis that ultimately reveals the highest manifestation of the highest vision.  In order to manifest something new, we must be willing to see through new eyes, and hold space for new imaginings, beyond what we’ve ever known before.  This week’s Scorpio Full Moon, followed by Pluto’s station retrograde, unveil the transformation that occurs when we let go and trust the dissolution process that eventually reveals something brand new.  This week ushers in a “5” vibration month of a “5” vibration year, and the themes of dynamic change and radical transformation are amplified to the highest order.


Any birthing process is messy…and so is the overall process of death and rebirth, aka transformation.  Stepping into a brand new possibility requires the shedding of any attachments to what was or what could have been.  That release activates an alchemical process that dissolves the old expression, much like a caterpillar dissolving and breaking down inside a cocoon, liquifying into imaginal cells before re-emerging as a beautiful butterfly.  Those imaginal cells contain the infinite magic and potential of the universe.  Imaginal cells are also found within the empty spaces of our own cellular matter, which means every cell of our being contains the pure limitless potential of the vast universe.


We ARE the awakened living potential of a higher vision taking shape.  We contain limitless potential within our cells, and our hearts are co-creating with that universal potential through divine manifestation, moment by moment.  If our mind is at odds with the heart, we can override or bypass the divine intelligence that is animating behind the veils.  When that happens, we can actually limit ourselves, fiercely.   When the mind unifies with the heart, we blend the potency of our awakened mind with the vibrancy and fire of the heart to birth a higher vision, even if the logical mind can’t see or understand it yet.  When the mind can’t see physical evidence or reason, we must find faith in trust.

Something incredible happens when we remove our sense of physical sight and go into the darkness, the unknown territory.  Oftentimes we label darkness as scary or forbidden, but in reality, darkness is simply the unconscious, or unmanifested…waiting to be seen and revealed.  It’s the dark matter that holds the rich fertile soil of awakening, which sparks profound transformation, alchemy, and new growth.  If we find it uncomfortable to navigate the unknown, we may fear the dark.  It’s important to remember that our higher navigation system, and all of our higher sensory channels, get amplified and fine tuned in the dark.  Scorpio brings us into the deep waters of the hidden dimensions, through the un-manifested and the unconscious.


When we can’t see through our physical channels of vision, we must reorient to an inner navigation system that requires higher channels of connectivity.  Through that higher lens of vision, we dissolve the barriers and limitations of the 3D time/space conditions.  In that moment of transcendence, we merge dimensions, timelines, and realities into the current now experience.  We’re free to navigate beyond the veils and cross through the structures that hold power in the 3D matrix of time/space.  When we can see beyond veils and move beyond boundaries, we are free to explore and navigate through the wholeness of our being, at the cosmic level.


Dissolving the barriers of physical conditions and perceived limitations, we can then elevate to new possibilities, accessing new ways of being, and transforming old limitations into liberating magic.  Similar to closing our eyes and imagining a vision for a new world, we merge with the realm of limitless potential.  From a space where anything is possible, we’re free to express in a brand new way, not bound by historic situations or conditions.  As we surrender to the highest navigation system of the heart, learning to trust and have faith in what we can’t see, touch, or feel, we access the creative magic of manifestation.


The difference between having a temporary fantasy adventure vs manifesting new realities into physical form depends on our ability to ground and be present, in relationship with the physical dimension.  We can be excellent dreamers, powerful visionaries, and imaginative creators….and yet the power of sustainable manifestation involves an awakened relationship with physical reality.   Remembering that the physical dimension is 99.9% empty space, and nothing is fixed or set in stone…and yet, to unlock the hidden potential for shapeshifting, we must be willing to meet our current reality with Love, no matter what we find.  Feelings of fear, doubt, or insecurity can disconnect our higher channels and limit our capacity for relationship and manifestation.


If we resist what we find, we can’t be in relationship with the potential it carries.  Only by taking a seat within the heart and staying planted in our center of mind/heart equilibrium can we access the higher lens of vision and the physical presence that communes with the empty space within all things, calling forth a new expression that reveals Love.


The elements of presence, safety, trust, and Love are the primary nutrients that facilitate alchemy of the highest order.  If we try to change what we don’t like, or force our will onto situations that don’t appear the way we’d like, we actually accrue karma and density, and we limit ourselves in the process.  When we trust that we are enough, and surrender through a higher consciousness of Love, we can commune with anything, even if it evokes old shadows or wounds at the surface level.  Trust and Love are powerful enough to transcend any historic limitations or expressions, if we’re patient enough to allow it to unfold, dissolve, and transform.


Learning to trust the process  (and most importantly, the Heart) is crucial.  When we lose sight in the physical dimension, or if the exterior lights go out and we can’t see clearly, the answer is always within the heart.  Taking a seat, establishing trust and safety within, cures the foundation and allows for new dimensions to be revealed.   This week activates the alchemical mixing bowl of the heart as the sacred ground that harvests new growth, of the highest order.


The week begins on Monday 4/26 with a Venus Great Attractor great eliminator, Sun MakeMake great eliminator, Uranus Albion new cycle, Mercury Pallas resource, Jupiter Haumea manifestation, Sun Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Mercury communion, Venus Pallas resource, and then the Full Moon in Scorpio at 11:31pm ET.   The highlighted feature today is the Full Moon at 8 Scorpio, reflecting the Taurus stellium of Uranus/Albion along with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio represents the ultimate manifestation of the highest vision.  Scorpio is a water sign that represents the essence of a crater lake…still and calm at the surface, yet profoundly deep and mysterious below the surface.  It takes courage, presence, and Love to dive into the deep waters of the unconscious/subconscious realms, while shining the brightest Light to see from an awakened perspective.  Scorpio represents the hidden dimensions, the esoteric, and even the shadow realms that are held deep below the surface level appearance.  When we have the courage to meet anything we find with Love, that presence of Love shines the brightest Light that illuminates darkness and activates the potential for manifestation.


Scorpio also represents the process of death and dying, along with the metamorphosis that occurs through any transformation, resurrection, or rebirth.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, or a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, there is mystical spiritual alchemy in the deepest dimensions within all things physical.  When we loving let go of our attachments to form/structure and time/space, we begin to travel beyond the veils and experience this hidden dimension of shapeshifting potential.  Scorpio is disposed by Pluto, who ushers us through the veils to experience what lives beyond the surface appearances of this physical dimension.  There is so much more than meets the eye, and when we commune with that invisible space of spiritual potential, we unlock the hidden magic of manifestation and creation.


Through the 3rd eye chakra, we access a higher vision.  When our navigation system transcends the physical dimension, we can easily commune with the un-manifested potential that lives in the invisible realm, harnessing and birthing it into tangible physical reality.  When we realize the physical dimension is truly fluid, we become awakened manifestors and master shapeshifters of our reality.  As long as we’re coming from the heart, from an awakened lens of Love, anything is possible, always.


Scorpio and Pluto are associated with the Dark Night of the Soul, the ultimate journey of spiritual alchemy, soul retrieval, and divine awakening.  Through the dissolution of our attachments, we discover what remains….Love.  If we fear the darkness, or resist what we can’t see with our physical senses, we limit ourselves from experiencing the full potential of our wholeness.  When we learn to see/touch/feel through the lens of the heart, we transcend physical limitations and barriers, opening fully to commune beyond the veils, with Love, as Love.   The truth is we are infinitely connected, and every single cell of our physical body contains the entirety of the limitless universe.  The heart is a portal that ushers us to the center of the universe, where we become the embodiment of cosmic consciousness and universal potential.  This Scorpio Full Moon is manifesting with Mars, our physicality, reminding us that the body is a divine instrument and a multidimensional gateway for manifestation, connectivity, and Oneness.



On Tuesday 4/27, the Black Moon communes with Venus and forms a resource with Pallas, then Pluto stations retrograde.   Layers are dissolving as the lens of the heart reveals clarity and Truth, and wisdom flows through the heart like vital nourishment.  Pluto (the dispositor of last night’s Scorpio Full Moon) stations retrograde today, prompting a deep dive journey of alchemical transformation through October 6th  (the date of the Libra New Moon conjunct Mars and Mercury).  Remember, it takes courage, trust, and faith to navigate the unknown spaces within the unconscious territory within.  Only by shining a light through the lens of Love can we awaken the darkness and transform.  New growth and manifestation of the highest order are possible as a result.


Wednesday 4/28 is a Black Moon Saturn stepping stone.  Today is unusually quiet, inviting us into the sacred silence within.  The stepping stone is an opportunity to reclaim the power within to shift our perspective and elevate to a new lens of consciousness.  It matters that we realize our power as the author of our own narrative.  Part of our transformational journey requires ownership of the stories we’ve been living in, and the power to shift and see something new.  The moment our perspective changes, our current experience can reveal something new.


On Thursday 4/29, there’s a Jupiter Sedna stepping stone, followed by a Black Moon Orcus manifestation, Black Moon South Node great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron subtle intimacy, Black Moon Uranus communion, Chiron Uranus subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Sun communion, and Mercury Neptune resource.  There’s a lot unveiling this entire week as threads of attachment dissolve and Truth is made clear.  Sometimes that unveiling is subtle, and sometimes it’s as bold as a neon sign flashing loudly.  Either way, it’s up to us to be present, pay attention, and receive the messages that come.


Friday 4/30 is a Pluto Ceres stepping stone, Mars Chariklo great eliminator, Mercury Juno great eliminator, Sun Uranus new cycle, Ceres Galactic Center manifestation, and Black Moon Vesta manifestation.  Today’s Sun Uranus new cycle is a bold wake up call to get present, pay attention, and trust the inner messaging system of the heart.  If we can’t hear clearly, it’s important to release any distractions, clear our inner environment, and find inner equilibrium through the heart.  The new cycle is a part of the recent Scorpio Full Moon, and whatever wake up calls we receive today are important themes for the entire Pluto retrograde journey ahead.  The fire of devotion within our hearts are palpable as we experience an undeniable momentum and motivation from within.  In stillness, there is movement, and that inner movement is powerful enough to spark massive transformation.


On Saturday 5/1, the Black Moon takes center stage.  First, the Sun forms a great eliminator with the karmic South Node, then the Black Moon takes over, manifesting with Astraea, subtle intimacy with Salacia, great eliminator with MakeMake, manifesting with Quaoar, and forming a resource with Mars.  Clearing any entanglements of past karmic patterns, we’re free to step fully into some super conscious activations that feel like divine timing and divine unveiling.  It’s time to remember who we are, and restore the essence and the power of the divine feminine, through our thoughts and actions.  Regardless of gender, we All have feminine and masculine qualities of consciousness within our wholeness.  The elevated and awakened divine feminine is coming online as a strong force of nature that takes us to higher ground.  We All carry this force of nature within us, and it’s the key to elevating through higher intuitive channels of conscious creation and manifestation.


And Sunday 5/2 is huge, 13 aspects!   Staring with a Ceres Haumea Light Bridge, Mercury Pluto manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator, Mercury Haumea great eliminator, and Venus Neptune resource…followed by a Mercury Sedna new cycle, Mars Quaoar Light Bridge, Venus Juno great eliminator, Mercury Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Saturn stepping stone, Mars MakeMake stepping stone, and then Mercury enters Gemini.   There’s so much activity and movement occurring today, and most of it involves a 5D lens of consciousness, which means we must elevate beyond linear logical time/space thinking, and unify mind/heart.  These Light Bridges offer an incredible perspective of wholeness, as well as an embodied reflection of the higher universal mind.  We know that our thoughts manifest through our body, however when we align our thoughts with the awakened One Mind, from a lens of Diamond Consciousness, our physicality takes on a whole new expression and reveals new features.  Our entire lower 4 body system is being activated today, at the personal level.  As Mercury enters his own sign of Gemini, the Messenger delivers, in a multifaceted prismatic fashion.   This week has been intense, and now the downloads start to emerge.


The practice this week is to see through the lens of the heart, not just the physical lens of superficial appearances.  Don’t assume anything based on surface level appearances, including your own perception of historic personal limitations.  Remember, the physical dimension is 99.9% empty space.  Close your eyes and commune with that empty space to find the hidden dimensions of potential, as well as the unconscious threads of communication waiting to be revealed, awakened, and transmuted.  If we resist or fear what we don’t understand or can’t see, we limit ourselves to the physical dimension.  In order to transcend and expand, we must cultivate a powerful inner navigation system that can perceive below the surface and beyond the veils.  Practice deep diving below the surface.  Practice patience to loosen up any threads of attachment, and see beyond what you think you know.


“Like all vibrant elements of nature, human beings grow in the Light but transform in the Dark.”  ~ Wilbert Alix



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