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For the week of 11/26 – 12/2

The week ahead continues to move our attention towards the truth, plain and simple.  When we know where we stand, we feel empowered.  The truth is, we always have everything we need within our awakened heart, and the only place to stand is within that infinite space.  With a neutral observer’s mind planted in our awakened heart, we’re ready and available for anything.

Anytime we navigate transitions of any kind, there can be moments of uncertainty, unfamiliar and uncharted terrain that can trigger insecurities and the need for answers or clarity.  No matter how much certainty we think we gain by looking outside for answers, that certainty isn’t guaranteed security.  True security is found within those moments of uncertainty as we strengthen our faith in the unknown.  We discover that all is well by trusting the divinity of each unfolding moment, and developing personal mastery through the wisdom of our embodied faith.


The “need to know” arises from the distrusting mind…the mind that needs to be in control, needs assurance, needs comfort, or needs validation.  Neediness from the mental body seeks familiarity which goes against the nature of change.  Change of any kind delivers the potential of a quantum leap in consciousness, because change of merges the tangible with the intangible.  Transitions provide the time and space to de-manifest our attachments to what was, as we manifest the new tangible reality of what’s new, through the expansion of consciousness.   Change brings us into relationship with the unseen potential that exists every time we’re willing to let go of what we’ve known.  “Not knowing” allows our minds to surrender enough to see what emerges…shifting gears into the vulnerability and stretchability of the beginner’s mind.  That vulnerability can either evoke fear or curiosity.  Fear will have us cling, which delays the ultimate unfolding….and curiosity will have us open unconditionally to what emerges.


If we’re curiously engaged, we’re able to walk in relationship with the truth.  If we’re clinging or resisting, the truth remains hidden, skewed, or clouded by our projections.  Curiosity is an expression of readiness, willingness, openness:  show me what I don’t already know, or show me what I can’t currently see.   Resistance comes from fear of what we think might be there, projected by the mind.  Remember, this Mercury Retrograde is an opportunity to detox the mind and mental body from the assumptions, projections, and limiting beliefs that have clouded our vision.  During this time of Awakening, it’s more important than ever to clear our minds from what we think we’re seeing or experiencing, no matter how certain we think we are about what’s occurring right in front of us.  The only way to expand is to soften our gaze and soften the edges of what we think we’re right about.


This week, Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio, bringing us from the Truth Seeker to the Highest Vision.  Remember, Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, the multifaceted prism of mental wisdom.  When unified with the heart, we elevate to diamond consciousness, and the mind becomes the multidimensional diamond that slices through illusions, distractions, and attachments.  Through neutrality (equanimity), we can see through any and every situation with stealth clarity and insight.  By our willingness to be in relationship with whatever arises or emerges, from the lens of the awakened heart and diamond consciousness, we gain cosmic vision through every channel of communications.  We become embodied antennas of communication, able to hear through our feet, listen through our skin, see through our hearts, and know through our breath.  This kind of communication takes us above and beyond our 3D capabilities of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels.


This kind of communication is accessible through the purity of Love.  Multidimensional communication is a bridge to unify and understand beyond the current default settings.  Imagine the multifaceted channels of communication available to trees…through the crowns of trees, reaching up and out towards the cosmos, like antennas their vertical spines are conduits of massive downloads of light and pure consciousness, grounded into the earth, circulated through underground networks of cellular communication.   Every being on this planet is connected through the earth star chakra like a root system underground, a network of communication is available, just like trees.


When accessed with Love, we gain connectivity like wifi, underground, where we share a profound feminine connection through the souls of our feet and through our tailbones and root chakra.  It’s important that we learn how to connect with respect and reverence, and that we learn how to communicate with Love through the Earth.  The earth won’t tolerate violations or abuse of power, we must bring our most awakened and compassionate selves into this temple for underground connectivity.   We’re learning a new way to be in community, a new way of connecting underground, from heart to heart, soul to soul.  Our movements can be felt, sensed, and received…without words.  And when we feel that kind of safety, permission, and sacred space, we access a deeper channel of intimacy than ever before.


With so much change, transition, and uncertainty, it’s comforting to know our movements can be felt, heard, and received…underground, through the heart.   It’s comforting to know that we’re held, felt, and known….without being so exposed above ground in the spotlight of our greatest moment of vulnerability.   Close your eyes, find your heartbeat in your feet, and listen underground to feel the movement.  We are literally being danced into alignment by the connectivity through the souls of our feet.  We will always be exactly where we need to be when we listen and move accordingly.  Not by logic, but by grace.


The Earth is a massive heartbeat of Love that is nourishing us all in this epic moment of transformation.  There is communication available underground if we listen by feeling, and allow that sensation to move us into the universal dance of metamorphosis.  The tribal beat that resonates in our legs, hips, and pelvis align our feet with our crowns so we can receive the full blown downloads above and below.  The mind is the observer, the dispatch center of cellular communications through the holistic operating system.   There’s nothing to figure out, nothing “out there” to understand.  It’s time to be danced, time to be moved, and time to let go and trust.   The insight, clarity, and awakenings occur within, from experiential movement as our vulnerabilities and blind spots develop refined wisdom and personal mastery.


The week begins on Monday 11/26 with a Sun Jupiter conjunction, Mercury Mars stepping stone, Venus resource with the Galactic Center, and Mercury MakeMake resource.  Expansion occurs as we elevate through our mind/body connection.  By releasing old patterns of assumptions and projections from our minds, the molecular structure of our physicality shifts.  As the heart leads the way, our minds align with the higher law of Love, revealing infinite potential in our physicality.


On Tuesday 11/27, the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde, Chiron and Vesta are resourceful, Mars and Saturn are resourceful, the Sun resources MakeMake, and Mercury rx conjuncts Jupiter.  We’re becoming conscious of the retrograde shifts that are occurring in our operating system, which sparks devotion to our journey of personal mastery.  We’re recognizing the power of our physicality by continuing to explore our infinite nature, expanding through the neutrality of an open observer’s mind.


Wednesday 11/28 is a Venus Chiron great eliminator.  The heart reveals the choice between victim and personal mastery.  Every challenge, no matter how painful, is an opportunity to meet our greatest reflection in the mirror.  The challenge calls us forth to new dimensions of greatness, from the heart.


On Thursday 11/29, Mercury manifests with Varuna, Saturn resources with Ceres, and Uranus is in a stepping stone with Vesta.  Our personal channels of communication are manifesting with the Cosmic eye of universal vision, through the lens of the awakened heart.  Devotion inspires awakening, which inspires forward movement like never before, no matter how uncomfortable the process is.


Friday 11/30 is a Mercury Salacia manifestation and a Venus Uranus bridge.   The mind’s retrograde journey of truth seeking potential manifests with the illumination of the intangible realm.  Only a surrendered observer’s mind can see what’s right in front of us, waiting to take shape in an instant.  Our hearts receive a massive reboot and recalibration of awakened Light, and we’re ushering in higher consciousness through the heart.


Saturday 12/1 is the first day of December, a 12 month of wholeness and a “3” vibration of manifestation that completes the year as we prepare to launch a brand new cycle.  The Black Moon conjuncts Pluto, Mercury retrogrades into Scorpio, Mercury is in a resource with Vesta, just before Vesta enters Aquarius, and the Black Moon manifests with Juno, followed by a Black Moon stepping stone with Eris.  The ongoing journey of our mental body surrendering to the unknown intangible realm continues as Mercury retrogrades into Scorpion, the sign of transformation and alchemy, where we manifest the highest vision with Love.  Our fire of devotion shifts into the awakened consciousness of Divine Love, revealing the common threads of humanity as we shed our skin of separation from the inside out.

And Sunday is a Mercury Uranus great eliminator, a Black Moon Haumea stepping stone, Venus enters Scorpio, Chiron is manifesting with the North Node, the Sun is in a stepping stone with Mars, and the Black Moon conjuncts the Karmic Node, then forms a resource with Mercury, and a Black Moon stepping stone with Uranus just before midnight.   Through the discomfort, there is massive awakening on tap that takes us to higher dimensions in the blink of an eye.  As we step into our wholeness, we ascend to new levels of mastery, liberating our karmic story and restoring conscious awareness to our physicality.  We’re not bound to anything physical…our physicality is the gateway to our union with Spirit.  Our bodies are the gift of divine resurrection.


The practice this week is to stand barefoot on the Earth (or close your eyes and imagine standing barefoot on the Earth while indoors).  Find your footing, and ground each inhale into your feet, then consciously exhale through the souls of your feet into the Earth to deepen your roots.  Then listen through the souls of your feet, and see if you can feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth, like a drumming sensation through your feet.  Inhale that heartbeat into your own heart, and exhale through the palms of your hands, releasing into the atmosphere.  Feel your body in harmony and alignment with the universal heartbeat of the Earth, calibrating your heart with the heart of the Divine Feminine.  Allow yourself to be danced by the heartbeat of Love.

“In Silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves.” 
― Rumi


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