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For the week of April 19 – 25, 2021

This week ushers a line up of powerful aspects that awaken and ground higher consciousness through the heart.  From the recent activations of creative potential, it matters now that we take a seat within the heart, get present, and allow new thoughts to take root.  What comes next is divine alchemy and transformation of the highest order.


Presence is key.  Establishing trust, safety, and sacred space within is the primary focus; learning to trust the voice of the heart as our most awakened and elevated navigation system.  When the mind is spinning, it’s hard to be fully present, which means we can’t access or harness our full power in a sustainable way.  As we bring the mind into the still point of the heart, like plugging in to a docking station within the heart, we experience unity and oneness, and unlock our true nature.


Mind/heart union activates an ascension point of equality through our yin/yang wholeness.  That ascension point reveals a higher lens of vision, initiating a quantum leap that elevates us to higher ground for new manifestation.  This quantum leap is a revolutionary shift in the way we’re manifesting, and the possibilities that emerge from our own awakened presence.  When we live from that presence, our true nature is evident, and we find resonance with the universal nature around us.

This week facilitates a massive gear shift, as all of the personal planets are changing signs.   Last week, Venus led the way into Taurus, and this week, Mercury and the Sun follow suit.  Mars enters Cancer, bringing our physicality into the sign of emotional power, coming home to the heart of nourishment, support, and empowerment.  As Venus, Mercury, and the Sun move towards Uranus and the Black Moon for an incredible stellium, it matters that we plant ourselves in the heart, like a tree planted in sacred ground.  When lightning strikes the Tree of Life, that sustainable consciousness of awakened Love goes viral…through the underground network of communication and also through the atmosphere, ethers, and cosmos.


Taurus consciousness is like the Tree of Life…deeply rooted and stretched towards the cosmos, branching out through generous offerings of all that channels down and in, up and out.  That tree serves as a bridge, unifying heaven and earth, above and below.  It’s through a powerful presence, fierce stillness to hold a seat of Love, like a divine channel or antenna, that the Tree awakens sacred space all around.  Our willingness to go deep through the heart, find our roots, and stretch upward to the Source of Light, is the most important service we can offer right now.  Communing and unifying through a divine channel of Love, we can usher awakened consciousness into the core of the planet, into the hearts of humanity.


The week begins on Monday 4/19 as Mercury enters Taurus, the Black Moon enters Gemini then quickly retrogrades back into Taurus, and the Sun enters Taurus.  Venus manifests with Quaoar and then forms a great eliminator with MakeMake and a manifestation with Vesta.  Mars manifests with Haumea, and Mercury manifests with Ixion.  As the Aries stellium begins grounding into Taurus, the theme is presence of the heart.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the sign of Mental Body Love, or Conscious Obedience, to trust the heart and defer to the inner navigation system within.  With Mercury, the Sun, and Black Moon entering Taurus today, there’s a lot unveiling from that seat of presence.  When we take a seat within our own heart, we can see clearly the higher lens of our purpose, promise, and truth.  If we’re looking outside of ourselves for answers or possibilities, we can spin with distractions.  It’s important to establish and cultivate a strong relationship of trust and safety within, and lean into that guidance as a default setting.


On Tuesday 4/20, Vesta stations direct, and Mercury forms a stepping stone with Varuna.  Vesta is the fire of devotion that lights up the heart with passion, purpose, and promise.  As Vesta stations direct, there is an active still point within, and if we’re willing to listen, our inner Messenger will reveal the higher lens of vision.  Instead of trying to figure out a linear logical path of purpose, it’s important to remember that we carry the flame within our hearts.  When that flame ignites, there’s a message to receive, and action to take.


Wednesday 4/21 is a Mercury Chariklo stepping stone, Sun Ixion manifestation, Black Moon Sedna communion, and Black Moon Haumea great eliminator.   As the Messenger takes a seat within the heart, grounding into the foundation of trust and safety, we experience a stabilizing atmospheric presence that awakens higher channels of vision.   The Black Moon Sedna communion reveals our crystalline records and DNA, while eliminating anything that limits our experience of wholeness, at the soul level.  Today is a day of reverent communion within, that reminds us of who we truly are.


On Thursday 4/22, Mercury manifests with Quaoar, followed by a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Mercury MakeMake great eliminator, Ceres Juno manifestation, Mercury Vesta manifestation, Jupiter Galactic Center resource, Venus Uranus new cycle, Sun Varuna stepping stone, and Venus Albion new cycle.  There’s a lot of activity today, most notably the Venus Uranus new cycle…a massive awakening at the heart level.  Sometimes the journey of awakening comes through an unexpected wake up call that takes us to the center of our own heart, where we realize what matters most in a split second.  As we awaken, we ground that consciousness into the root system of our being, which shifts the soil and alters the Earth.  Like lightning striking a tree, our hearts are illuminated in an instant, and the world will never be the same.  When Love strikes, our world changes.


Friday 4/23 is a Vesta Salacia great eliminator, Pallas Great Attractor stepping stone, Black Moon Eris and Ceres subtle intimacy aspects, then Mars enters Cancer, followed by a Ceres Eris new cycle, Salacia MakeMake Light Bridge.  Then Orcus intersects the Nodes, Venus forms a great eliminator with the karmic node, followed by a Venus Orcus manifestation, Sun Chariklo stepping stone, and Black Moon Neptune resource.  Another day full of activations.  Today, Mars enters Cancer, bringing our physical experience home to the heart for nourishment, support, and empowerment.  The Ceres Eris new cycle is an initiation that delivers us into self realization of the power of our thoughts, and the free will we each have to create something new.  When we realize the power within, we unleash the creative potential to birth a new possibility, anytime we wish.  We are infinitely limitless in our power to choose a new thought, which alters the script, and generates a new outcome.


On Saturday 4/24, Mercury forms a new cycle with Uranus, followed by a Mercury Albion new cycle, Mercury karmic node great eliminator, Mercury Orcus manifestation, and Venus Saturn stepping stone.   The Messenger conjuncts Uranus like a bolt of lightning calibrating our inner operating system with awakened consciousness.   The downloads today are off the charts, and it’s also a day to remember why we came here, why it matters, and what our highest purpose is.  We didn’t come to perpetuate the karmic stories and cycles, we came to be the interruption, to eliminate the old threads and choose something new, from a higher lens of vision and a higher octave of Love.


And Sunday 4/25 is a Mercury Saturn stepping stone, Mercury Venus new cycle, Sun Quaoar manifestation, Mars Ixion Light Bridge, and Mercury Great Attractor great eliminator.  Today is even more potent than yesterday…the Mercury Venus new cycle activates an ascension point through union and equality of yin and yang.  Anytime we calibrate yin/yang wholeness of mind and heart, we simultaneously realize the mirrored wholeness of spirit and matter.  There is divinity in everything around us, if we’re looking through the awakened lens of wholeness.  Our highest blueprint is revealed today, and we are manifesting from the highest dimension of universal mind, stepping across the awakened bridge of Oneness and Unity.  Tomorrow’s Scorpio Full Moon activates the alchemical transformation taking shape, and our unified presence is holding sacred space for what’s to come.


The practice this week is meditation.  If you already have a consistent meditation practice, deepen it in any way you choose.  Be intentional, present, and still…on behalf of All.  Practice unifying mind and heart, accessing the awakened observer within, tuning into the messages of the heart.  There’s nothing else more important than establishing inner sacred space, cultivating trust and safety within the heart, and allowing the inner guidance mechanism of Love to shine bright.  The space we hold for ourselves is the space we hold for humanity, and as we take a seat in the heart, we cultivate a sacred container for alchemy to occur.


“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”  ― Pema Chodron



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