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For the week of April 12 – 18, 2021

The week ahead sets the stage for an epic choice point of awakening, a dynamic flip of a switch that alters the game and propels us into higher ground, within ourselves.  The upcoming ascension point activation occurs within the mind/heart union, unearthing possibilities we’ve only imagined up until now.


From last week’s potent Aries New Moon, we’ve all been through an initiation of sorts, calling forth our undivided attention to wake up to the thoughts we’re generating, the motivating force of energy that’s animating our cellular structure and experience of events.  That cellular structure is oftentimes invisible, a blindspot that carries the historic code of karmic entanglements and chronic wounds.  As we see through the invisible space and shatter the imprint of distortion, we clear the space for a higher octave of truth to emerge, resulting in a higher version of embodiment within our skin.


We know the power of the mind/body connection, that the power lies within to shift our thoughts in order to shift the cellular expression of our embodied manifestation.  Taking that to the next level, when we shift and alter the patterning within the invisible matrix of information and communication, we liberate and free the available bandwidth, which elevates our cellular receptivity to new thoughts, new consciousness, and ultimately a new expression of our embodiment.


The imprint of memory that remains in the empty space is just as important as the conscious resonance that is visible in the obvious realms.  As we shed and release past events and attachments, it matters to refresh and recalibrate the empty spaces within, to truly wipe the slate clean and restore clarity of receptivity in the new “now” moment.  What remains in the empty space following a completion, deliverance, death, or ending is Love….along with the echo patterns of any unresolved residue of communication that oftentimes goes unnoticed.   It’s delicate, subtle…and can be overwhelmingly powerful in the hidden blind spot.


Understanding the importance of sacred space, the importance of the containers we step into, the resonance and frequency that’s calibrated into the bones of a structure, matters.  A hollow empty room can still hold the programming and memory of echos of past experiences….with undiscriminating attachments to trauma or bliss.  Being mindful of our spaces, and the resonance held within the structures we move through and inhabit, matters.  Learning how to purify, restore, and recalibrate a container to Love when the frequency feels out of tune, and learning how to discern which containers are integrous and which ones are distorted or fractured is a gift.


There’s a dynamic relationship between our ability to hold and lean into sacred space and our capacity to witness and facilitate radical transformation, alchemy, and divine shapeshifting.  If the resonance of sacred space is fractured or shallow, our relative capacity to transform is compromised.  The Lightworkers who are called to be sacred guardians and space holders of fierce Love and presence are being awakened now like never before.  The volume of sacred space being initiated and activated in any current moment allows for, and even supports an atmosphere that ushers in a radical alchemical spark that allows for divine reconfiguration and metamorphosis.  Until sacred space is established, that revolutionary combustion can’t fully activate and manifest a higher vision.


This current week prepares us for a radical alchemical spark of transformation and transmutation coming up the following week, and the heart is leading the way, teaching us the value of sacred space, and the intimate relationship between our formlessness and the structures/containers we lean into and commune through.  We’re setting the space, calibrating our Selves as space holders and guardians, for the ceremonial awakening and transformation ahead.


The week begins on Monday 4/12 with Juno stationing retrograde, followed by a Venus Galactic Center manifestation, and  Venus Haumea Light Bridge.   The heart is leading the way, ushering us to the Light Bridge of elevated wholeness.  We can see everything crystal clear through the awakened presence of the heart.  Juno’s retrograde station brings our collective attention towards unity through the divine feminine reflection of oneness.   Our hearts are on fire with the potential to manifest a whole new world, through Love and Unity.


On Tuesday 4/13, there’s a Mars Juno bridge, Pallas Orcus bridge, Mars Eris resource, Sun Juno manifestation, Black Moon Neptune resource, then Pallas intersects the Nodes – creating stepping stones with the transiting dharmic and karmic nodes, followed by a Sun Eris new cycle and Sun Mars resource.   The Pallas Orcus bridge is important, activating divine feminine wisdom with our timeless infinite awareness, understanding why it matters that we’re here, now, in this particular moment.  That wisdom bridge intersects the Earth Star/ Soul Star Chakras (karma/dharma) in a way that shines light of divine wisdom and reveals the significant choice point we all have.  We can choose to awaken, elevate, and be the difference maker we came to be, through the higher lens of wisdom, we can see the significance in our presence on the planet at this particular moment in time.  Oftentimes, we awaken through discomfort, so it’s important to elevate our lens of vision in the uncomfortable moments of uncertainty or friction.  If we ignore, bypass, or pretend not to see, we miss the opportunity to step up and take dynamic action, or simply hold the light for a powerful new beginning to emerge.  That new beginning comes from new consciousness, not from the historic lens of past experience.  Wisdom delivers us to higher ground, and that high road is the foundation for new perspective and new beginnings.


Wednesday 4/14 delivers a Sedna Haumea great eliminator, then Orcus intersects the Nodes – creating mirrored affinity stepping stones from Pallas yesterday, then Venus enters Taurus, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Juno, and Mercury sparks a new cycle with Ceres.  Today Orcus calibrates our focus through the intersection of the Nodes, following through from yesterday’s choice point.  As Venus enters Taurus, our presence is requested, and our commitment to sacred space is initiated.  Venus is the dispositor of Taurus, which is the sign of mental body obedience, and the willingness to trust the heart.  Our heart is attuned to the heart of the Earth, Gaia, and when we trust the heart, we establish trust in nature.  When we return to nature, and honor our inner nature, we find resurrection, restoration, and new life can take shape.  If we push against our nature, we compromise the integrity of our own health and wellness, which also compromises the overall health and sustainability of the planet.  There’s a new cycle sparking today with Mercury (the Messenger) and Ceres (the midwife), birthing us into a new chapter.  It’s important to listen to nature, from the heart, and receive that message in order to move forward and realize that new possibility.


On Thursday 4/15, Varuna stations direct, the Sun and Jupiter are in resource, followed by a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, and Venus Ixion manifestation.  As Varuna stations direct, we calibrate clarity of the highest lens of cosmic vision, through the all seeing eye of One.  The potential for expansion is high, as we reveal the steps towards evolutionary growth and forward thinking.  The heart brings harmony to the higher blueprint and crystalline template for our divine signature, allowing us to create what we came to manifest.


Friday 4/16 is a Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Sun Pluto stepping stone, Mercury Juno manifestation, Mercury Eris new cycle, and Sun Galactic Center manifestation.   The Messenger speaks through any moments of frustration, sparking the potential for new creation like friction that amplifies the momentum to blast off.  Our willingness to release old attachments and identities is key, as new possibilities are being revealed.  Trust the process, as sometimes the most epic forward movement is induced by an initiation of temporary discomfort.


On Saturday 4/17 Mars manifests with Jupiter, then the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Haumea and communes with Sedna, followed by a Venus Varuna stepping stone, Mercury Jupiter resource, Sun Haumea Light Bridge, Mercury Mars resource, Mercury Pluto stepping stone, Venus Chariklo stepping stone, Mercury Galactic Center manifestation, and Mars Pluto great eliminator.   As we move into a moment of epic expansion and forward movement, we must keep our lens of higher vision crystal clear, aligned with the heart, and calibrated to trust and faith.  Keeping our eyes and heart wide open, we can trust the momentum and movement that is dancing the heart forward, even if it feels like uncharted territory that’s never been seen or felt before.  The key to our greatest unveiling is the willingness to see what we’ve never seen before, and that requires courage, faith, and trust in the invisible realm as it manifests in physical form.  The balance point of equilibrium is within the heart, that’s where we find stability.


And Sunday 4/18 is a Mercury Haumea Light Bridge, Mars Galactic Center bridge, and Sun Mercury conjunction.   The Messenger activates the Light Bridge of 5D wholeness, elevating our relationship axis and world view to a higher frequency of integral oneness, of the highest order.  Seeing the big picture, from an elevated perspective of universal oneness, we take action in alignment with the universal wisdom of the heart.  The pioneering spark of new creation is integrated through our consciousness and operating system for a potent moment of awakening and Self realization.


The practice this week is to let the heart speak, and trust what comes forth.  Without needing to understand or explain, allow the heart to reveal the deepest truth and the untapped potential of new possibilities that are waiting to manifest.   There’s new consciousness coming forth, new messages coming online, and the heart is holding reverent space for the newness to take root.  Clear out the old attachments, release the historic echo vibrations, and trust in the current activation of new potential.


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”
― Rumi



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  1. You have help me through one of the hardest parts of my life. I lost a daughter in a car accident and the ripples have affected every aspect of our beautiful family. Do you have an incredible gift. Can you help me see the bigger picture and our wounds can. Give us the opportunity to grow and to find that source of love within I am extremely grateful for your gifts. It has given me new freedom and more more expansive Ability to love not only others but also myself. From the bottom of my heart I Thank you.

    1. Im sorry for all the typos. I read my comment and it seems they change my meaning. I tried to say how much you have helped me and how grateful I am to you for sharing your gifts. Sorry and thank you again.

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