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For the week of April 5 – 11, 2021

This week sparks dynamic energy leading up to the New Moon stellium in Aries on Sunday evening.  With daily revelations on tap, sparks are flying and Self Realization is key.  When we wake up and see ourselves clearly, especially within the blind-spots of our ancient wounds, we gain access to new thoughts that strike the match for new actions and manifestations.  This week is a game changer, if we choose it.


If we can’t see ourselves clearly, we can’t harness the power to shift or transcend our current scenarios.  Only by seeing the patterns at play within the framework of our own minds can we see the cause and effect of our actions and reactions, what we’re investing in and participating in, and what we’re willing to let go of.  Once we awaken to the wholeness of it all, we realize the power to alter the story and write a new script.


The key to our wholeness is unconditional Love.  We must continually surrender judgment if we want to see clearly.  Judgment blocks our lens of vision with distortion, but a context of unconditional acceptance, compassion, and Love will uncover and unveil even the most hidden blind spots and unconscious programming.  Self Realization is important if we want to transcend our current wounds and triggers, and that realization includes taking ownership of the thought forms running the show behind the scenes.  That “side show” oftentimes becomes the highlighted “overlay” embedded in any current scenario that arises, and that very overlay is what needs our attention to clear.



We know what we know about the obvious details in our current reality.  Or at least we think we do.  When that lens of vision is skewed by the overlay of distortion or misaligned energy, our channels of communication also get distorted.  We might find ourselves speaking clearly, and yet the message gets lost in translation because the water element of emotions distorts the exchange.  When we can witness the multidimensional conversation – the words and the music of each individual participating – we become aware that there may be lifetimes of entanglements showing up at the table at one simple conversation.  That can be difficult to digest.


This week’s Aries New Moon includes a dynamic stellium of energy, including Salacia, Chiron, Ceres, Venus, and Eris.  When emotions get triggered in any situation, it’s important to notice the knee jerk reaction as well as the conscious response, and the moment of self realization that occurs simultaneously.  The wholeness of any situation has the potential to facilitate inner awakening, if we can consciously discipline ourselves to look within.  Friction becomes the activator to shed old skin and reveal what’s new, just below the surface.


We can only engage with “other” to the extent that we’re willing to engage with our Self.  In other words, if we’re not willing to see the Truth within our Self, we can’t hear the truth from another.  If we aren’t willing to be loving and respectful to ourselves, we can’t recognize love and respect from another.  The Aries/Libra lens of relationship truly is a mirror of cause/effect, starting from within our Self.  We are generating the feedback loop of energy based on our inner wiring system of thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs about ourselves, relationships, and the world.  What we generate, the message we send out, will be returned through a mirrored response, if we’re willing to see ourselves clearly.


If we don’t trust ourselves, we will experience a lack of trust in all of our relationships.   When we learn to trust and have faith in the wholeness of our experiences, we can uncover our blind spots and elevate to a higher lens of Love, which changes the game in all of our relationships.


We can’t change another person.  If our buttons are getting pushed in repetitive loops of certain relationships, we can ask ourselves why we’re choosing to perpetuate that particular pattern.   What’s the value, the payoff, or the desired outcome that we’re finding so rewarding?  When we understand the motivation behind our patterns, we can see clearly the attachments that perpetuate the outcomes.  Until we’re willing to tell the truth to ourselves, we won’t be able to understand why things are the way they are.  If we’re fearful of that kind of honesty and intimacy with ourselves, we might resist taking a deeper look.  But once we do, the result is liberation and freedom.


Aries is the sign of mental body power, the discipline to think from the heart and remember our limitless power to choose our thoughts.  If we’re living in disempowering interpretations and beliefs, it’s important to remember that we always have a choice.  If we find ourselves in repetitive wounded cycles, it’s important to remember that we have a choice.  The moment we alter our interpretation, by elevating to a higher lens of consciousness, we become empowered as the responsible creators of our inner landscape.  We can choose whatever thoughts we want to choose.  We can choose to be a victim, or we can choose to find empowerment and elevate to higher ground for a new story to transpire.


Mental agility and flexibility is key.  When we get fixed in our beliefs, stuck in our interpretations, we can insist that something is true without seeing the wholeness of a situation.  When we cling to and argue for our limitations and disempowering beliefs, we shrink down to a fragment of the available power that lives within us.  When we hear ourselves defending a limitation, for ourselves or anyone else, it’s a great wake up call to pause, take a deep breathe, and expand our thinking to see what else is available.  Limitation generates more limitation.  Scarcity and judgment produce lack.   The cure is expansion, opening beyond the current default setting of our own minds, and accessing something new.  That newness holds the key to a brand new possibility.


We can’t change the current situations or people around us, we can only expand into new possibilities by opening our minds and hearts to a higher lens of consciousness and accessing the bridge to new thoughts.  From that awakened lens, we can see more than before, which means we can access creative potential to pioneer a new road.   This week ushers us to a brand new possibility for unprecedented creativity.  It’s up to us.


The week begins on Monday 4/5 as Quaoar stations retrograde, followed by a Mercury Varuna manifestation, Black Moon Juno manifestation, Black Moon Eris communion, Black Moon Jupiter resource, and Mercury Chariklo resource.  Quaoar represents the universal mind of oneness, the higher octave of Mercury.  In order to transcend our personal limitations, we must learn to access the higher mind through unity and oneness.  Any time we elevate to a higher lens of vision, we gain access to insight, clarity, and wisdom, not just of ourselves, but the wholeness of the situation.  Today’s Black Moon Eris communion is the final visit with the inner awakener to reveal what we need to see, from within.  Sometimes that inner communion is uncomfortable, but ultimately it leads to liberation, freedom, and expansion.


Tuesday 4/6 is a Uranus Pallas resource, Venus Mars resource, and Black Moon Pluto stepping stone.  Awakening wisdom, embodying the heart, and shedding old skin.  As we tune into the inner wisdom and allow the heart to motivate our actions, we step out of the old skin of ego attachments and allow our new skin to reveal.  This is the process of transformation, transmutation, and resurrection we’re all undergoing.  The heart is orchestrating the process, every step of the way.


On Wednesday 4/7, the Black Moon activates a Light Bridge with Haumea, followed by a Sun Ceres new cycle, Mercury Salacia new cycle, Mercury Quaoar stepping stone, then Black moon leaves Aries for the last time and enters Taurus, followed by a Mercury MakeMake Light Bridge, Mercury Vesta great eliminator, and Black Moon Ixion manifestation.  Today’s Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge is a final activation of the inner awakenings that come when we elevate to a lens of wholeness.   When we honor our nature, surrender to the heart, and trust in the clarity made visible from within, we’re birthed to a new possibility, and a new chapter unfolds.  There’s so much newness being revealed right now, and the Black Moon is uncovering everything that needs to be seen as we step into that newness with eyes and heart wide open.  The Messenger aligns with Divine Timing, and the bridge is wide open for universal attunement of the highest order.


Thursday 4/8 is all about the Black Moon, as she forms a stepping stone with Varuna and Chariklo, and manifests with Astraea and Quaoar.  As the Black Moon holds the balance point between Varuna and Chariklo, our presence reveals the highest truth of the heart.  That highest lens of vision comes from the heart, and all things are revealed once the heart awakens.  Nothing is out of reach or out of bounds, as we’re reminded of our true power and limitlessness.


On Friday 4/9, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with MakeMake, then Mercury and Chiron form a new cycle, followed by a Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Mars Neptune stepping stone, Black Moon Uranus communion, Black Moon Chiron subtle intimacy, Venus Juno manifestation, Venus Eris new cycle, Black Moon Pallas resource, Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy, and Saturn manifests with the Dharmic Node while resourcing the Karmic Node.   Today is packed full of activations, subtle and dynamic, and incredibly potent.  Divine timing delivers the wake up calls we need to receive, right on cue as the heart awakens in an undeniable way.  It’s impossible to ignore what’s coming online.  The key is to listen for the revelations of new consciousness, find the wisdom, and say yes to the opportunities to elevate.  Let go of the rest and trust the process.


Saturday 4/10 is a Mercury Orcus great eliminator, Black Moon South Node great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, Mercury North Node resource, Mercury South Node manifestation, Mercury Saturn resource, and Venus Jupiter resource.   Communication is important today, and nothing is as cut and dry as it appears on the surface.  Listen for the words and the music, the hidden and the esoteric as well as the obvious.  There are old threads of karmic entanglements that have the potential to resolve and release if we can be present, clear, and awake in the current conversation.  Listen for the patterns, the overlay on top of the current scenario, and be willing to resolve and complete old patterns while negotiating the current themes from an elevated lens of consciousness.  Expansion is always an option, if the heart is leading the way.


And on Sunday 4/11, Quaoar forms a stepping stone with Salacia, followed by a Mercury Great Attractor manifestation, then the New Moon in Aries at 10:31pm ET, and a Venus Pluto stepping stone.   The New Moon occurs at 23 degrees Aries, as part of a potent stellium including Salacia, Chiron, Ceres, the Sun, Moon, Eris, and Venus.  That’s a lot of fire, and if navigated consciously, that’s a lot of available creative potential to manifest unprecedented new beginnings, from the heart.  When the heart speaks, the universe responds, with passion and clarity.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the fire sign that initiates and activates creative potential.  It’s the sign of Mental Body Power – the Self Awareness of the power we each have as individuals, and the free will to choose our thoughts moment to moment.  We are limitless, and yet we can limit ourselves unecessarily if we’re not aware of our thoughts.  Every thought is a match that sparks the flame of a new creation.  Whether those thoughts are private or broadcasted, the thought generates form and structure that activates a ripple effect of energy through our entire system.  If we’re disciplined with that spark of fire, we become conscious creators.  If we’re unconscious, we become reactionary and reckless.


Aries is the beginning of the Mind/Body connection.  Even though the sign is referred to as Mental Body Power, it’s disposed by Mars, the ruler of the physical body.  There is a very clear and powerful relationship between our thoughts/words/actions and our embodiment.   “The words you speak become the house you live in”  ~ Hafiz.   The conversation we’re living in becomes the reality we’re experiencing through the manifested results around us.  If we want to shift anything in our current reality, we must first recognize the thought patterns that are currently active within us, and take responsibility from there.


It requires conscious discipline to think from the heart, to choose Love and possibility – especially when we’re programmed or conditioned not to.  As we awaken our own personal power to choose, we become responsible for the power that lives within us, and we can actively strengthen that muscle, transcending old patterns and outdated belief systems as we awaken new possibilities of creation, through a higher lens of Love.


The practice this week is to notice your private inner conversations, as well as the communication you’re broadcasting and declaring to others.  Notice when a thread of limitation, judgment, or fear appears.  Tune into that conversation to hear yourself clearly, and ask yourself if that’s the most empowering conversation you could live into.  If not, ask if there’s another thought that would be more empowering.  Ask if there’s another interpretation that would align with the highest truth of who you are.  The more we ask of ourselves, the more we open our minds to access new possibilities, transcending the old habitual patterns and conversations.   If we don’t ask, we won’t find.  Be curious about new available thoughts, and the power you have to choose a different lens of consciousness.   This is a week to be aware, awake, and responsible for what we’re generating within the framework of our own minds.  If anything is possible, what are we choosing and investing in?  How can we elevate and alter the script to a more empowering conversation?


“It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”
― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”


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