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For the week of March 29 – April 4, 2021

We’re entering a potent week, and sparks are flying as we awaken, from the heart.  From the full blown activation of the recent Libra Full Moon, our scales and mirrors have been recalibrated to Oneness and Love, and we’re able to see clearly what needs to be seen, re-negotiating the boundaries within ourselves.  From this new foundation of awareness, we can move forward, from the heart.


The activation of our greatest core wound (thanks to Chiron) in order to self-realize and embody our greatest mastery, is a game changer.  Oftentimes, we unconsciously activate and embody the scar tissue and muscle memory from our past hurts and wounds.  The operating system of the muscle memory and emotional waters can reinforce old trauma patterns and survival mechanisms once used to stay afloat.  As we breathe light through our awakened heart, we can purify and transmute that memory from our own cells.  Wisdom becomes a powerful filtration mechanism that purifies the wholeness of our experiences, revealing the mastery of our being…like draining the inflammatory congestion out of the wound and breathing new life into the cellular structure to restore clarity.  As we surrender any judgment or criticism to what we’ve lived or where we’ve been, we can allow the wholeness of our experiences to activate our higher blueprint and purpose.


Tuning into Self matters right now.  It’s easy to bypass or override our deepest emotions and core wounds when there are a lot of distractions of other people and situations to take care of.  Sometimes the contribution of selfless service to others can actually fragment our attention away from the inner journey of wholeness, which leaves our potential blueprint for mastery unacknowledged, hiding in plain sight within a perpetual blindspot.  When we can see ourselves clearly through the mirrored lens of any scenario we’re involved in, we can start to see what needs attention within, awakening from the inside out, activating a brand new lens of vision and possibility.


They key to reconciling and recalibrating the mirror is to recognize the Oneness and Unity within the reflection of whatever we’re actively participating in.   If we hold ourselves as separate, invisible, or not important, we’ll have a hard time tending to the inner journey that activates our deepest truth.  Our experiences reveal and reflect the sum total of everything that’s occurring through our inner lens of consciousness.  So if something takes us by surprise, or pulls the carpet out from under us, it’s important to pay attention to what’s awakening within.  Just as the body is a record keeper and a feedback loop, it also is a divine messenger.  When we learn to listen to ourselves from the inside out, and receive the awakenings from the scenarios we witness around us, we can elevate our channels of intimacy and unity through Love.


The journey of awakening and self realization can occur anywhere, anytime.  All that’s required is our own presence and courage to be where we currently are, opening unconditionally to the situations we’re currently living in.  Life is facilitating all that we need to see clearly, to wake up, to heal and whole, reconciling our past, present, and future in this now moment.  All we have to do is listen.  It’s happening now.  The space that we hold for ourselves and each other matters.  The lens we’re looking through matters.


The Aries spark of creation belongs to the mental body, which initiates the mind/body connection and the lens of relationship with our thoughts, actions, and results.  One important dimension that can oftentimes be bypassed or ignored is the emotional body.  Our feelings and sensations store information and memory in the water of our emotional body.  Since the physical body is 70-80% water,  our emotional body has the power to support and amplify our desires and intentions, or it can sabotage and block our intentions from an invisible blind spot below the surface, taking up unconscious space below the radar.


As we awaken the mind and tune into our body for feedback, we must learn to see and honor the expressions of our current water, instead of trying to push mind over matter to get where we want to go or manage and control our experience.  As we elevate our thoughts to a higher octave of universal love, from the heart, we activate that frequency of communication throughout our entire system…establishing sacred space and safety within.


The heart speaks the language of Love.  When our thoughts arise from that frequency, we are programing that consciousness into our cells, which are mostly water.  The conversation we’re living in matters.  And the unconscious conversations that are living in the dormant pockets of unexamined space matter too.  As we shine light into the dark unexamined conversations that live within our current embodiment, we can transmute the memory of pain, trauma, and fear while calibrating the frequency of Love into our cellular structure.


The week begins on Monday 3/29 with a Pallas MakeMake great eliminator, Sun Chiron new cycle, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Ceres Great Attractor manifestation, and Mercury Neptune new cycle.   Still very much in the active energetic from the Libra Full Moon, the Sun Chiron new cycle initiates a healing opportunity that is ready for wholeness.  Our current choice to pass through the eye of the needle, to dive in deep with a new lens of vision, will reveal the higher truth we’ve been waiting to see.  Once we see clearly, we recalibrate the old wounded consciousness to awakened mastery.  If we choose to avoid, deflect, ignore, or bypass, we continue the cycle for another round.  It takes courage to open unconditionally to what we can’t understand or figure out, and in that open state of trust and faith, we begin to see clearly.


On Tuesday 3/30, the Black Moon retrogrades into Aries, followed by a Venus Saturn resource and Venus Orcus great eliminator.   As the Black Moon retrogrades back into Aries, she reveals the patterns within our mental body that need to be unearthed.  Anytime we shift a pattern, we clear the space for new growth, new possibilities, and new manifestation.  Like tilling the soil within our own minds, we have an opportunity to refresh our minds with the consciousness of the heart, letting go of past distractions, illusions, and interpretations.  The meaning we make from our current scenarios is important, and making sure we’re not labeling the current with the past is crucial.  In order to access a clean lens of vision, we must be present, seated in the heart.


Wednesday 3/31 is a Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge, then Mercury Juno stepping stone, Venus North Node (dharmic) resource, Venus South Node (karmic) manifestation, Sun Saturn resource, then Ixion stations retrograde, and the Sun forms a great eliminator with Orcus.  The Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge is dynamic, giving us the elevated perspective to see the whole situation, from a cosmic lens of neutrality and universal oneness.  If we’re too closely wrapped up in our personal attachments at the local story, we can’t see the highest evolutionary picture of what’s really happening and why it matters.  Remember, the access point to higher vision is always through the heart.  The entry point to wholeness is through the heart.  Today, the heart offers dharmic support in our evolutionary journey, while harmonizing with, or making music with the karmic patterns as they loosen up.  As Ixion stations retrograde, we all have access to the deepest blueprint within, the key to our purpose and promise in this lifetime.


On Thursday 4/1 we step into the “4” vibration of a new month, starting with a Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy aspect, then a Venus Great Attractor manifestation, and Pallas Vesta bridge.   That “4” vibration cultivates a powerful foundation of equality and balance within the lower 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), as a contextual lens to live through, and a place to stand within ourselves.  Our hearts are manifesting with the heart of the universe, and there’s nothing off limits when the heart is involved.  Clearing the subtle distortions from our inner filters is important, so that we can clearly understand the messages of the heart.  Today’s Pallas Vesta bridge illuminates the path of wisdom that comes from honoring the deepest calling of the heart.   The heart speaks through devotion, passion, and promise…not from a lens of attachment or agenda, but from a pure awakening that illuminates clarity.  There’s wisdom in the voice of the heart.


Friday 4/2 is a Mercury Pluto resource, Black Moon Eris communion, Black Moon Juno manifestation, Black Moon Jupiter resource, then Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone, Mercury Sedna resource, and Mercury Haumea great eliminator.   Inner awakenings and revelations are huge today as The Messenger takes center stage.  The messages can come in a variety of ways, so it’s important to pay attention, stay present, and keep the heart open.  Sometimes the message comes through a neon sign, in a blunt clear manner.  And sometimes it’s as gentle as a feather dropping from thin air into the palm of the hand.  Mercury is traveling at the final master degree of Pisces today, so trust in the divine universal wisdom of whatever awakens from within.


On Saturday 4/3, Venus and Ceres spark a new cycle, the Sun manifests with the Great Attractor, and Mercury enters Aries.  Sparks are active today as the heart is birthing us into a new beginning, ushering us through some significant transitions into new territory.  As the sun shines bright, we feel inspired to elevate our thinking and focus on what truly matters most, from the highest lens of Love.  As Mercury enters Aries, we activate the mental body discipline to think from the heart, and choose thoughts that inspire new possibilities.  Each and every one of us has the freedom and the power to choose our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs…nobody else has power over what we think about ourselves, our situations, and the world around us.  As we align our thoughts with the heart, we let the heart do the thinking, and that’s where the magic comes online…pure creative potential to collaborate and unify.


And Sunday 4/4 the Black Moon turns direct at 22 Aries, just short of a subtle intimacy aspect with Neptune, then there’s a Jupiter Juno resource, Saturn Orcus great eliminator, Jupiter Eris resource, and Mercury Ixion stepping stone.   The interesting journey of the Black Moon, highlighting what needs attention, preparing us for the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage ahead that starts on May 11th.  If we’re paying attention, we can see the path unfolding at our feet.  Our greatest expansion requires unity, oneness, and the inner responsibility to awaken and self realize.  We are writing the script moment to moment, by reclaiming and resurrecting the pieces and parts of ourselves that we’ve fragmented from, ignored, or denied in the past.  As we reclaim our wholeness, we activate our highest blueprint of mastery, allowing all the parts and pieces to find their right relationship and alignment within ourselves.


The practice this week is self forgiveness and compassion.  If there are any pieces or parts of yourself that have been fragmented, ignored, or judged, now is the time to reclaim, remember, and reintegrate those pieces and parts back to the whole, as Love.  As we rewrite the script and flip the switch from any past wounds into current mastery, we realize that we need all of our pieces and parts in order to thrive.  Similarly, in order for our planet to thrive, we need each other as the awakened wholeness of Love.  It matters that each and every piece and part of the whole awakens and reclaims their divinity, mastery, and uniqueness.  As we do, we begin to collaborate in the divine orchestration of Oneness through Unity and Love.  New possibilities are on the horizon, and it’s all awakening now.


“Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others.” – Pema Chödrön


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