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For the week of March 22 – 28, 2021

The week ahead facilitates a deep dive of subtle inner clarity that activates an awakening of the highest order.  The upcoming Libra Full Moon on Sunday 3/28 offers the full blown reflection of our journey through the mirror.  For those who are willing to receive the feedback with Love and equanimity, this week can flip the switch from old karmic wounds to the elevation of mastery, at the cellular level.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of the mirrored self, reflected by the world around us through every relationship.  The highest realization that “I am You and You are Me.”  As we perceive our mirrored reflections, we can see clearly the projections and attachments to our own unresolved core wounds and karmic history, as well as the deep wisdom of where we’ve been and our journey to wholeness.  Ultimately, we can unify ourselves with our experience of the world around us, reconciling any distortions, finding harmony and peace.


The importance of calibrating our mirror to truth and clarity is huge.  The balanced oneness of yin/yang reveals a crystal clear reflection into our deepest truth, awakened Self, and highest calling of the heart.  Until we activate and embody the yin/yang wholeness that calibrates our system to higher Love, we will notice the distortions and misalignments everywhere we look.


The Aries/Libra axis highlights the power of our thoughts through the mind/body connection and our relationship axis.  The truth is, we are constantly creating our reality with the thoughts we think, the attitudes and beliefs we orient to, and the meanings and interpretations we assign.  While we can’t control or change the situations we find ourselves in moment to moment, we always have a choice, and whether we realize it or not is a significant indication of our current lens of consciousness that we’re living into and manifesting from.

If we believe we don’t have a choice, if we feel limited or disempowered, we give our power away and neglect the most precious seat of manifestation…the power to choose a new thought.  In that precise moment of choosing a new thought, we become the authors of our script, with the full power to redesign and renegotiate anything at all.  That seat of power requires presence in the current moment, with a lens of higher vision attuned to a higher calling…not fixated on the past issues and problems that we can’t change.   The truth is, we can’t change problems from the same lens of consciousness that created the problem.  We must learn to elevate and shift the context of our minds.


When we indulge our mental body attention to what we can’t change, we can experience frustration, resistance, and even resignation.  Emotions like anger, outrage, sadness, and despair can cloud our filters and become dense in the physical body, numbing out our physical sensations or generating an inflammatory response through our system.


We’re either reacting to what’s already set in motion, navigating the results of the past that can’t be altered, trying to push or force a different outcome…or we’re fully present, awake, and attuned to our hearts, pioneering new possibilities that move us forward, from the heart, awakening a higher vision that takes us to new ground.  Having a healthy relationship with results matters.  Surrendered acceptance, the capacity to see the blessing in the wholeness of our life’s scenarios, is a powerful distinction of resilience and mastery.  When we suspend judgment and allow ourselves to find an equanimous seat of compassion within our mind/heart union, we can allow the waves to ebb and flow, ushering in new possibilities, and releasing attachments to the past.


The more awake we are in the equanimous ebb and flow, the greater our capacity to harness the wisdom of where we’ve been, which elevates us to higher ground and lightens up our hearts.  We become enlightened when we trust and have faith in the divine wholeness and holiness of the scenarios that unfold along the path.  No matter what the terrain, no matter what challenge we’re met with, there is faith and trust in the divine unfolding of our hearts along the way, an awakening of the highest order that can only be facilitated by the scenarios that arise on the very path we’re walking.


At any moment we can change our path…but what’s more important is to realize that at any moment, we can change our mind about the path we’re on.  When we elevate to a higher lens of consciousness, and mine for diamonds in the thoughts that arise from the heart, the game changes.  Suddenly the available options begin to change.  We see things from a new light, a different perspective, and clarity emerges.  Like the moment we realize we’re looking through a magnificent kaleidoscope, with the free will to flip the switch and alter the perspective, we can change our experience in a nanosecond.  Life gets exciting the moment we take our seat as the author, designer, and visionary creator.


The truth is, we’re constantly manifesting, 24/7.  We are manifestation machines, but we oftentimes don’t realize what we’re generating within our own minds, unless we set a goal and measure the outcome.  Even when we’re not “trying”, our current state of mind is writing the script for the next chapter, the next frame.  If we’re unaware of the patterns, the innermost algorithms and limiting beliefs that are running the show behind the scenes, we can be confused by what we’re seeing.  Unfortunately, our mental body potential can go unconscious, or lie dormant in the subconscious realms of our cellular body’s muscle memory.


Until we activate and awaken that dormant material from the bandwidth of our cells, and free the space by calibrating to a higher frequency of Love, we may be living in a blind spot of distortion that we can’t recognize.  Most of that dormant material is found in the muscle memory of old core wounds, historic karmic loops and patterns, and even the density of ancestral records that are unresolved or unreconciled.  Until we fully awaken and realize what lies within us, we can’t change the story to fully reflect the highest vision that also lives within us.


This week’s Full Moon in Libra is an incredible opportunity to recalibrate our inner lens of vision and balance the scales within, ultimately reconciling any distortions from the mirror.


The week begins on Monday 3/22 with a Mercury Vesta bridge, Venus Ixion stepping stone, and Charkilo Varuna Light bridge.  Today sets the stage for the upcoming week, calibrating our channels of communication with the inner fire of devotion, getting clear about what messages we’re tuning into and why it matters.  The heart reveals the highest vision and blueprint, and there’s a significant opportunity to step up from the heart into that divine soul calling.  And the activation of an uncommon Light Bridge between Chariklo and Varuna calibrates Aquarian consciousness – divine Love – as a stabilizing force of energy in the atmosphere, awakening the highest lens of universal vision.  This feels electric on so many levels.


On Tuesday 3/23, there’s a Ceres Orcus great eliminator, Sun Varuna manifestation, Sun Chariklo resource, Mercury Mars stepping stone, Venus Varuna manifestation, and Mercury Orcus bridge.   Orcus is the archetype that ushers us from the invisible realm beyond time/space into this moment in time and reminds us why it matters that we’re here, now.  As much as we’re evolving beyond the borders and boundaries of time and space, thinning the veils and seeing into the vastness of the universe, it’s important that we get clear about our significant role in this moment of divine creation, at this moment in time on the planet.  All channels are open for us to receive that divine message from a higher calling, and the heart is ushering us across the threshold into refined clarity.


Wednesday 3/24 is a Mars Orcus stepping stone, Black Moon South Node (karmic) great eliminator, and Black Moon Mercury resource.  Our motivation for action is coming from the infinite realm, supporting in our greatest elevation and evolution.   The Black Moon is extra busy this week after a long pause in silence last week…unearthing the karmic threads that have kept us  entangled in historic situations that have limited our highest potential for growth.  There’s a lot to listen and receive today, messages are being revealed everywhere we look.


On Thursday 3/25, the Black Moon forms subtle intimacy aspects with Mars and Ceres, then Mercury intersects the Moon’s Nodes (karmic and dharmic), followed by a Black Moon Orcus manifestation, Mars Ceres resource, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, Mercury Great Attractor stepping stone, and Sun Salacia new cycle.   The Messenger finds a potent neutral stillpoint between karma and dharma, heaven and earth, awakening the inner observer from a universal lens of wisdom.  There’s much to see from the stories we’ve lived, and there’s even more to see from the infinite realm of unmanifested potential.  The question is, can we allow ourselves to be ushered and birthed into our divine truth, or do we resist and fight for the struggles we’ve been holding onto for so long?  The only way to unleash our full potential is to let go of our grip, surrender and trust.  The Sun Salacia new cycle awakens a divine remembrance of where we come from, and who we know ourselves to be, from our limitless potential of pure creativity.


Friday 3/26 is huge…starting with a Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Sun Venus new cycle, Black Moon Chiron subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Uranus communion, Venus Quaoar stepping stone, Sun Quaoar stepping stone, Mars North Node new cycle, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Pallas Quaoar resource, Ceres North Node (dharma) resource, Ceres South Node (karma) manifestation,  then Black Moon intimacy aspects with the Sun and Venus, and a Venus MakeMake Light Bridge.   There’s a lot of subtle movement below the surface, unearthing and bringing to light what’s ready to be seen, acknowledged, and released.  The Sun Venus new cycle sparks a brand new relationship within ourselves, and the consciousness that comes from the awakened heart.   The heart is a gateway to the center of the universe, and the universal mind.  Anytime we look within the heart for our deepest truth, we meet our highest reflection, as Love, manifesting with the universal orchestration, in divine timing.  That spark of realization from within the heart alters the lens we’re living through, and delivers a whole new octave of wisdom, truth, and clarity.    When we stop trying to fix what we think is broken, we can expand into the full bodied conscious wisdom from our experiences, and that wholeness delivers us to inner mastery, from the heart.


On Saturday 3/27, the Black Moon finds resource with Pallas, followed by a Sun MakeMake light bridge, and the Black Moon manifests with Quaoar and activates a subtle intimacy aspect with Salacia.  One of the most important steps to mastery is surrendering to divine timing and the divine orchestration of the universe.  As we allow our current scenarios to facilitate our greatest awakening, we begin to trust and have faith in the ebb and flow of it all.  The point is not to execute our own plan of action in a flawless precise way, forcing or pushing our agenda into the universe in order to make something happen…the point is to ride the waves as we open to and reveal our true nature, shedding and releasing the distortions and misaligned properties that have been clogging up and confusing our system.  With every surrendered exhale, we’re returned to the infiniteness of our true nature…and from there, anything is possible.


And Sunday 3/28 begins with a Mars Great Attractor bridge, Uranus Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Astraea manifestation, Chiron Vesta great eliminator, Venus Vesta great eliminator, then the Black Moon intersects the Chariklo Varuna light bridge, followed by a Venus Chiron new cycle, and the Full Moon at 9 Libra at 2:49pm ET, punctuated by a Sun Vesta great eliminator.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the spark of creation, and the mental body discipline to think from the heart.  Anytime we unify mind/heart, we activate an ascension point which unleashes the pure power and potential for the universe to manifest, from the highest lens of vision, as Love.  The highest octave of Aries is the pioneering leader, the activist and initiator, the new thought that inspires new actions that change the old scenarios into a whole new game.


The Libra Full Moon is the full blown reflection of our current Aries consciousness, so whatever we’re awakening to or stepping into will be reflected by our situations, relationships, and results around us.   If we have a tendency towards an overdrive of  yang energy (action/ sympathetic nervous system), we may find ourselves in critical situations that call forth or require an equal proportion of yin energy (rest/ recovery/ parasympathetic nervous system) to balance the scale.  Our healing journey to restore wholeness is the very thing that recalibrates the mirror so we can see ourselves clearly and fully access the highest potential that’s available.  Knowing our tendencies, knowing our habitual patterns and honoring our vulnerabilities is important in order to restore our personal power and unleash the possibilities available for us.  The balance that recalibrates the mirror is the highest realization of Oneness.


The Aries/Libra axis is the beginning of the mind/body connection.  Our thoughts manifest as cellular expressions, through the overall health/wellness of our holistic embodiment, and also through the actions we take and the results we manifest.  The mind/body connection is an ongoing feedback loop, a messaging system.  The body doesn’t lie, energy reveals the truth, and when we learn to decode the messages from our current expressions and manifestations, we gain powerful insight on what needs attention, what needs Love, and what needs to shed light so that we can release and let go.  The Aries/Libra axis is referred also known as the relationship axis.  We find ourselves in relationships that either facilitate opportunities to heal our unresolved core wounds, and we also manifest relationships that unlock hidden potential and amplify possibilities to co-create.  We’re either healing, transforming, awakening, or creating….and the key to it all is consciousness.


The beauty of reconciling the Aries/Libra axis is our capacity to awaken to the blindspots within our own inner patterning that holds threads of old wounded consciousness, that keeps us held in repetitive loops, stories, and patterns.  The conjunction of the Sun, Venus, and Chiron in this Libra Full Moon event highlights the opportunity to see our own wounded patterns, and awaken the divine inherent mastery that exists behind every challenge and experience – the wins as well as the losses, the hurts as well as the moments of bliss.  It’s all there, and our relationship with wholeness is what refines and reveals our true nature and innermost Light.  Most importantly, our willingness to see ourselves clearly in the mirror is the key to unleashing our greatest potential to manifest, as a divine spark of creation.


The practice this week is a mirror gaze meditation.  Spend at least 10 minutes a day in front of a full length mirror.  Take a seat, and spend quality time with yourself.  Soften your gaze, suspend any judgment or criticism, and see what you can see.  Deepening your connection, leaning into the intimate connection of self realization…notice the subtleties, see beyond the surface level appearances and projections, unveil the masks and shields, and see yourself clearly…flaws and all, mastery too.  Every gaze in the mirror is an opportunity to surrender, accept, forgive, let go, awaken, transform, and find the authentic Light that is You.  No matter what, meet yourself with Love, and soften your gaze with compassion.  Shed the skin of any attachments to labels or identities based on old wounds or stories, and liberate the inner mastery within.


“Love is the cure,
for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale Love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”
― Rumi


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