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For the week of March 15 – 21, 2021

The week ahead initiates a super-charged gear shift that activates our limitless potential to take action and manifest change.   The Sun and Venus both move into Aries (disposed by Mars) while Mercury enters Pisces…all coming off the heels of that incredible Pisces New Moon this past weekend.  We’re in the midst of a massive creative crescendo that could go in any direction.  Conscious discipline is key.


As we’ve been navigating the Pisces ocean of limitless possibilities, one important reminder is the power of the silent pause, the moment of surrender that allows the emergence of clarity from the fluid waves of universal oneness.   When we can’t yet see what’s next, when we don’t know which path to take or what might unfold, the best option is to trust, surrender, and have faith in the divine orchestration at play.  We don’t know what we don’t know, until the moment clarity emerges…either within or without.  Clarity defines, gives structure and meaning, and provides traction for accelerated forward movement.


The moment of transition from the Pisces to Aries is potent.  The truth is, we are limitless.  We have access to the full abundance of universal wisdom, and the only limitations that have any power over us are the ones we believe or subscribe to from our own minds.  Where our thoughts go, matters.  The quality of our thoughts, and the belief system that generates our thoughts, matters.  When we believe in ourselves, when we believe in the magic of every breath and the supportive blessings of the universe, we generate thoughts that are inspiring, innovative, and forward moving.  When we lose hope, when we lack trust in ourselves or lose faith in the universe, our thoughts become limiting, dense, and uninspiring.


The beautiful gift of free will is that we get to choose which thoughts to invest in.  If we notice disempowering thoughts, we can lovingly choose to elevate the conversation.   If we notice self imposed beliefs in limitations or doubts, we can choose to shift and redesign.   We don’t have to subscribe to every thought we witness, we get to choose which ones we want to lean into and manifest from.  The power of choice requires conscious awareness and discipline.  If we’re unaware of the thoughts we’re generating, we don’t have access to the full mental body power of redesign.  The truth is, we all have the unyielding potential to be conscious creators, pioneering leaders in our own personal story and script.

The intimate connection between Pisces and Aries requires a conscious attunement and remembrance of who we are, our oneness with unity consciousness, and the power of Love.  When we recognize Unity, that we are connected (not separate) from the infinite universe, we can consciously remember that nothing is outside of us.  We are everything, which means there’s nothing off limits, nothing out of reach.  As we practice living into this recognition, we also remember that the universe is Love, and so are we.  Love is the most powerful frequency of energy available in the universe.   The frequency of Love can hold space for anything and everything to manifest, there’s nothing off limits.  Love is the most creative and abundance force of energy there is, and Love is the universal language of the universe.


When we learn to speak the native language of the Universe (Love), we can commune with, collaborate with, and express as One.  When our thoughts arise from Love, from the heart, we’re engaging in that universal dialogue that the universe can respond to, without distortion, limitation, or interference.  It takes conscious discipline to think loving thoughts, to re-route our mental body and our network of communications through the heart.  Human ego instinct is to think from the lower mind, using our precious mental body energy to indulge in conversations of judgment, criticism, attachment, and past wounds from fears and insecurities.  Left unconscious, the mind keeps spinning in these old patterns and loops, reinforcing the old script, perpetuating the same outcomes again and again.


The way to alter the script is to interrupt the old channel of communication – at the source.  Tuning into our private inner conversations, the moment the thoughts arise, and using our mental body power to shift gears when we notice a limiting thought vs an empowering thought.  We do have a choice, we don’t have to buy into the old programming, no matter how familiar it is.  Judgment, fear, and doubt limit our perception of what’s available in each moment.   Our lens of vision gets distorted with lower vibrational thoughts.  Love is the frequency that meets those current thoughts, and gently elevates to a higher octave of possibility, like reframing or re-educating the default setting.


Pisces gives us the wisdom to remember who we are, and to honor the inner discernment of the heart as we fine tune our inner filters and antennas.  The heart doesn’t speak in limitation, the heart reveals possibility.  The heart reveals the truth, the roadmap, the highest vision.  When we let the heart do the talking, our thoughts become heart based, heart full, and abundantly potent.  When our thoughts come from the heart, our thoughts become love notes, prayers, blessings, and sacred poetry that the universe cherishes and reciprocates, matching the frequency with tangible results.  We thrive in this kind of relationship, we expand through old limitations, beyond old fears and doubts, and truly begin to awaken to the divine mastery and inherent beauty that we are.


As we unleash our inner potential, as we meet ourselves clearly though the mirror, we begin to see the world as a beautiful magical space full of divine potential.   As we begin to commune with the invisible realm of unmanifested potential, we unlock the magic of the universe.  Every thought we think sparks a light, strikes a match…like a shooting star to wish upon.  Every thought initiates form and structure through vibrational frequency and patterning, like universal computer code that ultimately manifests into our perception of reality.


If we want to change anything about our current reality, we must pay attention to our own thoughts on the matter.  So often, we rush to point the finger “out there” at what we don’t like, what we can’t understand or aren’t willing to tolerate…without examining our inner thoughts, attachments, and beliefs about the matter.  Our entire world view, our lens of perception, can shift on a dime when we elevate our inner conversation and let the heart do the talking.  As we learn the language of the cosmos, the universal code of oneness, we can commune through Unity, recognizing that the shifts occur within, in order to witness the manifestation of a brand new world.


The week begins on Monday 3/15 as Mercury enters Pisces and the Black Moon turns retrograde, just shy of a resource with Neptune.   Overall, this is a quiet day, and as the Messenger dives into the infinite ocean of Love, we have an opportunity to clarify our inner operating system with the universal wisdom and language of Love.   Pisces can be slippery, and the dispositor (Neptune) can facilitate confusion and fog before glimpses of clarity and the emergence of Light.  Patience is necessary, along with the willingness to lean into the universal silence in order to see clearly what’s right in front of us.  The Black Moon is very silent and almost still this week, staying very close to a resource with Neptune, pausing in deep stillness, deeply present, allowing the organic uncovering of clarity and truth.  This is a time for maturity, patience, and wisdom as we navigate the space in between, the gray areas of undefined potential.


On Tuesday 3/16, there’s a Mars MakeMake manifestation, followed by a Sun Pluto resource, then the Black Moon turns direct, and Mercury is resourceful with Ixion.  Divine timing motivates right action, and when we let the heart guide, we can trust ourselves to facilitate Love in action.  There are potent moments of alchemical transformation today, wisdom sheds the old skin and transmutes old muscle memory as we activate new actions, from the heart.  Presence, patience, and mindfulness are important today, as these new movements are part of a greater unfolding that supports our highest possibility, purpose, and blueprint.   The shifts are subtle, the messages come through quiet moments of stillness, and yet the actions taken are meaningful and profound.


Wednesday 3/17 is a Sun Galactic Center stepping stone, Pallas Varuna great eliminator, Sun Sedna resource, and Mars Chiron resource.   As the Sun moves through the final days of Pisces, activating the fullest mastery of wisdom from the limitless realm, we’re invited to elevate and step up to a higher octave of Source energy.  Mastery elevates, and wisdom reveals a new lens of vision.  Seeing through a crystalline lens of the most accurate attunement , we can see ourselves clearly and embody our mastery in a way we’ve never imagined before.  The old wounds and limitations begin to shape shift into a new cellular patterning of elevated wisdom, within our own skin.


On Thursday 3/18, Mercury and Varuna form a great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Pallas new cycle (3rd of 3 conjunctions), Venus Pluto resource, and Sun Haumea great eliminator.    This Mercury Pallas new cycle is significant, finalizing the 3 part series of communions that activate an awakened lens of wisdom through our inner operating system.  Wisdom is the key to shifting the conversation within, which changes the game completely and unlocks new doors of potential.  Shift our thoughts, change the world.  Elevate our thoughts to the highest octave of divine feminine wisdom, and unleash the power to birth and manifest a whole new world, with Love.  There’s nothing we can’t dream or imagine with a mind calibrated to universal wisdom and Love, and when we believe in that realm of infinite possibilities, we become the visionary dreamers of the New Earth.


Friday 3/19 delivers a Black Moon Neptune resource, Venus Galactic center stepping stone, Venus Sedna resource, Saturn Ceres resource, then the Black Moon turns retrograde again, followed by a Ceres Vesta great eliminator.  Presence and stillness deliver clarity through the lens of the awakened heart.  If we can remain neutral, unattached, and equanimous, we can breathe into the empty space of the heart, nourishing the possibilities that live in that innermost fire of devotion.  Today is an important day to remember that we are authoring the script through every still point of patience we allow.  When we’re quick to react, or fill in the gaps, we oftentimes author past experiences onto a blank slate of new potential.  Patience holds the space open for newness to emerge, like the birthing of awakened potential through the empty space.


On Saturday 3/20, there’s a Venus Haumea great eliminator, then the Sun enters Aries, followed by a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone,  Saturn Vesta great eliminator, and Mercury MakeMake great eliminator.  As the Sun enters Aries, we can feel a dynamic activation of energy.  Aries is a fire sign, representing Conscious Discipline and Mental Body Power.  When we use our personal power to strengthen and discipline the mind to think from the heart, we unleash creative potential that can literally alter the universe, or at least our perception of what’s possible.  The truth is, we are unlimited, and the power of the mind is the most underestimated force of energy in the universe.  An unconscious mind can create everything we say we don’t want…and a conscious mind, disciplined by Love, can unlock and activate the full potential, power, and mastery of the universe.  The most important thing to remember is that we always have a choice of the thoughts we buy into, the information we believe, and the state of consciousness that has authority of our mental body.  We’re either coming from love or fear, possibility or limitation, unity or separation.  And when we become devoted to the refinement and mastery of our own minds, we realize the creative power of every thought.   Today is the Spring Equinox, a potent yin/yang reboot that recalibrates our system to balance and mastery.


And on Sunday 3/21, Mars and Vesta form a stepping stone, Venus enters Aries, followed by a Mercury Uranus resource, Sun Ixion stepping stone, and Mars Saturn manifestation.  As the heart moves into Aries, we can feel a fiery spark of creation that activates our higher purpose, blueprint, truth, and devotion.  The heart becomes the initiator, the leader that inspires new thoughts from an awakened lens of higher consciousness.  Our capacity to elevate and awaken from within can take us into new territory, beyond any historic fears or limitations.


The practice this week is silence, honoring the sacred pause between thoughts, the empty space between breaths, and the space between confusion and clarity.  Notice any knee jerk reactions to try to make meaning prematurely, to fill up the space or fill in the gap with conclusions, projections, or assumptions…and instead, take a few slow deep breaths, find your feet, find your heartbeat, and allow the newness to come online.   This is a week to find presence in the empty space of limitless potential, clear any threads of fear or doubt, and allow the heart to navigate what’s next.



“Our painful experiences aren’t a liability – they’re a gift.  They give us perspective and meaning, an opportunity to find our unique purpose and our strength.”  ~ Edith Eger, The Choice:  Embrace the Possible



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