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For the week of March 8 – 14, 2021

The week ahead offers a beautiful crescendo of expansion that unleashes infinite possibilities and crystalline clarity through the lens of Love.  The New Moon in Pisces on Saturday initiates a new beginning, and all options are available, nothing is off limits.  The best way to navigate that new beginning is from the heart, allowing the deepest truth to illuminate the clearest path in front of us.  There’s nothing to push, nothing to force, just allow it all to rise up and be revealed.


When swimming in the ocean of limitless possibilities, it’s best to surrender and have faith instead of trying to control the outcomes.  The oceanic movement of every ebb + flow and rise + fall, reveals a larger intuitive movement yielding greater momentum and expansion, unleashing a force of energy behind every possibility that exists.  When water becomes effervescent, full of life, awakened with magic and the possibility of new creation, there is joy and inspiration.  Joy and inspiration are contagious, expansive, and abundant.  Whatever lives in that water becomes amplified and elevated to a higher octave of potential…the revelation and embodiment of Light.  We literally lighten up.


The truth is, we all have access to that limitless ocean of possibility.  It is our birthright, our origin point, the nature of our spirit.  When we practice trust and faith, we can let go of our attachments and assumptions, and let the fullness of surrender reveal the wholeness of every moment, experiencing a greater momentum of creative possibility.  When we judge our experiences, comparing and analyzing whether we think something is good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, a success or a failure, we forget who we are and how to surrender, we stop hard at an outcome and forget about the next inhale, dropping the magic like a wet blanket.  When we focus on past outcomes or results as a method of measurement to our inherent value and worth, we limit ourselves fiercely and oftentimes don’t even follow through to the next moment, which could contain everything we’ve dreamed of.


It’s human nature to look at our results and compare or assess, to assign meaning as a way of motivating us to do better, to try harder, or to change gears and do something different.  But when we become rigid, uptight, fearful, or hungry for perfection and control, we forget how to flow from the heart.  The need to be perfect prohibits the organic messiness and divine activation of creative potential that requires a full spectrum of ebb and flow, rise and fall, in order to unleash our greatest expression of  beauty, beyond what we could ever imagine.  When we try to control ourselves, each other, and every possible outcome in our current scenarios, we sink with weighted exhaustion.  The only way to navigate the infinite ocean is to ride the waves and float.  And the way to harness limitless potential is to allow the waves to carry us as we rise up, fully awake, from the heart.


There are peak moments of exhilaration, when we feel on top of the world and at our best….and then there are moments of rest, sometimes even fall, when we integrate higher wisdom while nourishing and restoring ourselves from within, until rising up brand new for the next wave.  Just like surfing, the big magical waves are amazing, and yet they’re not without risk and they aren’t guaranteed…they require trust, faith, courage, and belief.  There’s a Oneness in surfing, a harmonic of inner equilibrium that resonates with the equilibrium of the water, wind, breath and heart beat.  Divine timing, organic wholeness, and surrendered trust to find the wave, say “yes”, and let it rip.  Finding that sweet spot can last for a few seconds, minutes, or more…and then we start again.  The joy is in the beauty, wisdom, and wholeness of it all.


When we learn to master the ebb and flow of the limitless ocean of Love, we become conscious creators.  If we try to control every outcome and unknown variable, we’ll forever play small, limited by our calculated steps and predictable risks based on past results.  The potential of the Pisces ocean is to release the fears and doubts from insecurities and blind spots, and unleash the magic of possibility, in harmony with the universal oneness of a much larger movement of energy.  Trust the heart to illuminate the deepest calling, purpose, and higher vision that resonates crystal clear from within.  Then allow the universal current to intuitively deliver through divine timing and effortless synchronicities, at one with the cosmic orchestration, inspired by a higher octave of Love.


Pisces is creative, beautiful, and magical…and invisible.  It’s the un-manifested potential that lives and breathes within every heartbeat, in the quiet empty space of every cell.  If we judge or criticize the moment, we can’t fully commune with what’s alive in the invisible space.  There’s a universe full of un-manifested potential, just waiting to be tapped into, ready to be acknowledged, and ripe for manifestation…literally right in the palm of our hands.


When we ease up on ourselves, when we lighten up and let go of the density of criticism, doubt, and negativity, we can start to play in the spiritual realm of Love, where all things are fluid, all things are possible, always.  Love is our true nature, the frequency that unlocks and unleashes our divine blueprint, calling forth the larger universal orchestration to respond and co-create.  The power of belief manifests through our thoughts, words, and actions.  We’re either believing in possibility from the heart, or buying into a limitation from the lower mind.  Now is the time to believe, full throttle, from the heart…then let go and open to the magic.


The week begins on Monday 3/8 with an overnight Black Moon Eris communion, then a Venus Vesta bridge, Mars Chariklo manifestation, Ceres Quaoar stepping stone, Mercury Juno resource, Saturn Albion stepping stone, Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Venus Great Attractor stepping stone, and Black Moon Haumea light bridge.   The Black Moon was fairly quiet and subtle last week, now she’s full blown active, awake, and dynamic.  The Venus Vesta bridge aligns our heart with our innermost devotion, and that bridge is extremely important in this upcoming Pisces New Moon.  We can manifest whatever we want, however the divine resonance from a devoted heart amplifies and calls forth clarity that is unprecedented, and lightning fast.  With all of the accelerated energy this week, thankfully there’s a stabilizing atmosphere that supports these new opportunities for manifestation.   The Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge gives us an elevated perch to observe the larger unfolding at play this week.  So much is in motion, and much of that movement has been behind the scenes, building momentum for quite some time.  Now we start to realize what’s been there all along, and it’s important to keep our lens clear, calibrated to Love.  Negativity distorts our perception and shuts down the possibility that’s right in front of us.


On Tuesday 3/9, there are 5 Black Moon aspects as she re-enters Taurus, followed by a Mars Varuna resource.  So much is coming to the surface, unveiling and expressing, and it’s important to remain grounded within our inner equilibrium, fully present for all of it.  Remember, the body is a gateway for multidimensional communication, and today the lens of higher vision is amplified.  The body is also a feedback loop, mirroring our innermost thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs crystal clear.  As we bring our full undivided attention within, taking a seat within our skin, we can see clearly.  Let the unveiling occur, like ripples and waves of oceanic movement, and stay tuned to the wisdom and insight that emerges within.


Wednesday 3/10 is another busy Black Moon day, including a Black Moon Uranus communion, followed by a Mercury Eris resource, and Sun Neptune new cycle.  Staying tuned to what’s awakening from within, we can start to see a new dimension of clarity and truth.  The Sun Neptune new cycle is a significant part of the upcoming New Moon on Saturday.  Neptune is the dispositor of Pisces, and represents our capacity for enlightenment or confusion, they’re 2 sides of the same coin.  When we focus within and allow the inner awakening of Truth to occur, we can see ourselves clearly, which means we can see the possibilities around us clearly.  If we ignore our own inner truth, if we avoid looking within, we cloud our lens of vision by projecting residue and congestion from what we’re not willing to see within.  Truth restores clarity, enlightening water and clearing the air.  Inner truth calibrates the wisdom to recognize outer truth.


Thursday 3/11 sparks a Black Moon Orcus manifestation, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Ceres MakeMake Light Bridge, Sun Juno stepping stone, and Black Moon South Node great eliminator.  As we find harmony with the fluid nature of our limitless self and the devotion that motivates and fuels our heart’s desire, we’re delivered through the Ceres MakeMake bridge.  Like an epic birthing canal calibrated to divine timing, it’s time to be birthed into our heart’s truth…fully, wholly, and completely.  There’s nothing to fear, just surrender and allow, trust and have faith.


On Friday 3/12, there’s only 1 major aspect, a Pallas Ixion resource.  Divine feminine wisdom is resourceful with our 5D blueprint and higher purpose.  Wisdom elevates us to higher ground, within ourselves.  Wisdom is the key that unlocks our code, and wisdom is the bridge that unites us with our true nature and crystalline template.  Without wisdom, we remain the same, unchanged, cycling in the repetitive current of what we think we know.  Wisdom is fluid, full of Light, transcendent, and timeless.


Saturday 3/13 is huge – Mercury recovers his retrograde shadow from the 1/30 – 2/20 retrograde cycle, followed by the New Moon in Pisces at 5:22am ET, then a Chiron Ceres new cycle, Mercury Galactic Center resource, Black Moon Jupiter resource, Vesta Orcus new cycle, Mercury Sedna stepping stone, and Venus Neptune new cycle.  The aspects of today contain enough energy to move mountains and spark an entire universe of brand new creation.  The fact that Mercury recovers his retrograde shadow exactly now is so significant.   We couldn’t even begin to imagine what’s available here, until now.  The Messenger in Aquarius, spontaneous awakening through flashes of lightning that alter the current and reveal the future.


The New Moon at 24 Pisces is a brand new beginning, from the purest wisdom of the enlightened heart.  A New Moon is always a new beginning, which always feels creative, benevolent, and full of possibility.  However this particular Moon unleashes the magic of the universe, Walt Disney style.  If we can imagine it, if we can believe it, then the possibility exists.   When we dream from an awakened heart, in tune with our deepest truth – not fantasizing from an unconscious state of ego desire or escaping our current reality –  there is magic.  The heart becomes the microphone and the magic wand, and the universe manifests shooting stars every time the heart authentically speaks truth.   Divine creative potential unleashed by the clarity and truth spoken from the heart.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents Divine Spiritual Wisdom, the infinite ocean of Love that is the realm of Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and every possibility that exists in Love.  There’s a divine ebb and flow to the universal orchestration of Oneness.  Every thread of connectivity exists here.  Because Love is unconditional, we can find whatever we’re looking for, even if we insist on hanging onto our fears, doubts, and insecurities…or even our old wounds and the muscle memory of past suffering.  Pisces is disposed by Neptune, the capacity for enlightenment, and if we’re willing to see the Truth, all things will be revealed.  The truth is we are limitless, and that truth is revealed time and time again, anytime we trust and have faith in what we can’t yet see or don’t yet understand.  When we can’t see things clearly, it’s important to stay tuned into the heart, find our inner equilibrium, and ride the waves.  Eventually all things are revealed, all in divine timing.  If we can’t see yet, it’s not time.  Keep trusting, breathe into the heart, and have faith.


And Sunday 3/14 is a Mars Quaoar great eliminator, Mercury Haumea manifestation, and Venus Juno stepping stone.  After so much magical energy yesterday, today is a day to finally let go of the old limitations and doubts, stretch the mind/heart/body wide open to allow new possibilities to come online.  The more we open and expand, the more available space there is for newness to emerge, igniting something new, something never before imagined.  When we believe in possibilities, we open to receive.  When the heart becomes the awakened dreamer, the universe reflects that dream, with tangible steps along the way.  Nothing is out of reach, if the heart is aligned, awakened, and clear.


The practice this week is shedding doubts, negativity, and limitations.  Listen to your inner self talk, and the moment you hear a conversation that sounds limiting, simply let go and change the channel.  Consciously choose your next thought from inspiration, wisdom, and love.  Remind yourself that the next moment is full of un-manifested potential, waiting to take shape.  Keep trusting in divine wisdom and divine timing, stay fluid, and ride the wave.  Possibilities exist in the empty space, so hold space for what you can’t see yet.  Don’t ignore your inner discernment, if there’s a need to step left or pivot, trust the inner navigation system of the heart while remaining open, in Love.  The key is, trust in faith, and let the magic unfold.


“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


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