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For the week of March 1 – 7, 2021

Welcome to a profound week of new beginnings and new harmonics, ultimately setting the stage for creative manifestation from a much higher octave.  We’re in the midst of some beautiful subtle shifts, calibrating the infrastructure of our inner operating system, revealing limitless access to universal wisdom, clarity, and truth.  Whether we choose to honor and integrate that wisdom is completely up to us.  As Mars enters Gemini this week and Mercury activates a new cycle with Jupiter, our brilliant multidimensional channels are expanding.  Now more than ever, it matters that we establish and strengthen our sense of inner equilibrium, from the heart, grounding deep as we prepare to swim through uncharted waters, unleashing new creative possibilities.


It’s important to note that Mercury is still recovering his shadow from the recent retrograde through Aquarius.  Mercury thrives in Aquarius, and whether we realize it yet or not, we’ve recently received some amazing upgrades to our intuitive channels of connectivity, through the awakened frequency of Love and Unity consciousness.  New consciousness is grounding into the cellular structure of our physical body.  This retrograde has updated and reconfigured the old structures of our own channels, preparing us for evolutionary expansion of the highest order.  From now until the upcoming Pisces New Moon on 3/13, we’re uncovering and unveiling those newly recalibrated channels, and witnessing the overall integration and newfound flexibility of our inner operating system.  Most of the shifts are subtle, almost unrecognizable, yet if we tune in and lean in, we can start to sense what’s newly awakening, and the possibilities that arise.


We know that the body is a record keeper, storing muscle memory and vibrational patterning of our recurring thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, and even our deepest wounds and fears.  As we come to wholeness and release our attachments to the embodied traumas and wounds, our cellular bandwidth opens and expands, revealing the powerful receptivity of a whole new octave of multidimensional communication.  The body is an instrument of consciousness, and when aligned with the heart, the body is also a gateway to universal connectivity and oneness.  Both a broadcaster and a receiver, the body has unlimited potential for multidimensional networking, beyond what we could even begin to wrap our heads around.  As we soften our gaze (and our hearts), lightening up our grip on the familiar narratives of karmic suffering from the old wounds and stories, we can begin to tune into the higher octave of wisdom from those same wounds and stories, which delivers us to a brand new beginning and experience of embodiment, on higher ground.


If we haven’t yet allowed ourselves to take the inner journey to wholeness through our lower 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), there may be a lot of density, debris, and untapped potential within our cellular structure and embodied consciousness.  The journey of wholeness takes us to the edge (via deep dive into the innermost core) of all of our experiences to cultivate mastery and self realization of where we’ve been, what we’ve lived through, and the wisdom integrated as we awaken to the truth of who we are.  If we bypass the wholeness of our experiences, if we avoid or deflect, or try to manipulate by plowing through or forcing our way, we miss the richness of available wisdom, maturity, mastery, and awakening.  Through wisdom, we expand and elevate to new ground.  Through conscious embodied wisdom, we become dynamic changemakers and revolutionary pioneers of a brand new world.


Wisdom is the key, and wisdom is a conscious bridge that elevates to higher ground.  If we don’t allow the integration of wisdom, we remain in repetitive cycles and loops, shifting the surface level appearances, but not transcending and resolving the pattern itself.  The transcendence of karma requires the integration of wisdom and the completion of old patterns in order to liberate and free ourselves up for the higher octave of possibility.  Moment to moment, we’re either spiraling towards our karmic tendency, the gravitational pull of past cycles, or we’re spiraling towards our dharmic potential, the higher octave of our existence, above and beyond the framework of limitation we arrived with at birth.  Interestingly enough, we must be willing to go deep in order to elevate up.  Both are necessary, simultaneously….until we release the resistance of duality, collapse the friction, and set ourselves free from the entire spiral sequence, returning to a universal state of oneness.


Karma and Dharma co-exist as a necessary tension rod in the birthchart, expressing the duality of cause and effect, and revealing the path towards evolutionary liberation.  Once we transcend the need for duality all together, the game changes…including our cellular function and our DNA.  As we liberate and awaken from the webbing of karmic entanglements (matrix), we come home to our most enlightened Self, our Cosmic Self, and the oneness of creation and manifestation, Source.  We must first learn the laws of cause and effect, in order to master our experiences, see ourselves in action, and align with the consciousness of our awakened heart.  The awakened heart delivers us to the center of the universe, beyond time and space, where our lower 4 body system recalibrates as a divine instrument of truth, creation, and Love.  From there, our embodiment is a divine channel, and extension and expression of Light.


From karmic record keeper, to wounded hero, to wisdom storyteller, to cosmic gateway of universal Love beyond time/space….our bodies are transforming and transmuting through the evolutionary expansion of multifaceted communications, elevated by wisdom.  This week, Mars enters Gemini, and our bodies awaken to the wisdom and mastery that’s available when our mind/heart union is in tact, calibrating the inner equilibrium to plant our feet on sacred ground, holy ground of our wholeness, and the higher ground of the New Earth.


It truly is a whole new world, and we’re pioneering and discovering a new way of being human, in our skin, as the awakened consciousness of our Cosmic Self.  Wisdom is the key to unlocking our greatest mastery, and revealing the potential that lives and breathes in each of our trillions of cells.


The week begins on Monday 3/1 with only 1 major aspect, a Mars Haumea great eliminator.  Experiencing wholeness while being in the body requires presence, from the heart.  If we can’t feel our feet or find our breath, and yet we think we’re transcending, that’s a neon sign that we’re bypassing.  5D wholeness requires conscious embodiment and conscious presence.  Noticing the times that we leave our bodies, or the ways in which we avoid being fully present, matters.  Today is a day to find our seat, within our skin, as the embodiment of our awakened heart….and practice being present.  When we get agitated or want to distract or leave, that’s our cue to surrender even more, go deep, and observe all that’s unfolding.  If we can’t sit with ourselves, we can’t begin to sit with the expansive unfolding of universal oneness.   As we move into a new month, a “3” vibration of manifestation and creation, swimming through the Pisces Ocean of limitless possibilities, it matters that we practice presence and wholeness.


On Tuesday 3/2, Venus and Quaoar form a resource, followed by a Mercury Vesta great eliminator, Ceres Varuna manifestation, Chiron MakeMake Light Bridge, Black Moon Neptune subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Orcus bridge, Black Moon Juno manifestation, and Mercury Dharmic node manifestation/ Mercury Karmic node resource.  A lot of activity today, most notably the Chiron MakeMake bridge of alignment with divine timing and divine healing/wholing where the wound reveals the mastery.  When we have the courage to be fully present in our most challenging times, our vulnerabilities refine into threads of magic, strength, and Light.  The healing process can’t be rushed or forced, and oftentimes the golden thread of mastery has nothing to do with the original wound.  Any healing crisis is a facilitator and an initiator of evolutionary growth and expansion, if we have the courage to journey through the heart, through the core, from the inside out.  The Black Moon Neptune subtle intimacy aspect is a theme this week, repeating again on Sunday.  Neptune is the capacity for enlightenment, clarity, and truth…or confusion, illusion, and distortion.  As the Black Moon leans in through the lens of intimacy, we’re reminded to lean into our experiences and listen for the subtle unveilings or revelations.  When the obvious message isn’t available in the way we think it should be, we must learn to be patient and remain open.  Clarity and truth is always present, if we can soften our gaze and feel its presence, from the heart.


Wednesday 3/3 is a Venus MakeMake great eliminator, Venus Uranus resource, Pallas Haumea manifestation, and Mars enters Gemini.  The heart moves in diving timing, in resonance with divine law and order.  Today’s heart awakening is right on cue, and unexpected…and activating the true nature of Love as a still point of presence.  There’s a beautiful harmonic of wisdom and wholeness in the air today as Mars moves into Gemini, an air sign of Mental Body Wisdom, and a possible ascension point of mind/heart union that dissolves duality and activates diamond consciousness.  For those who are conscious, this is an amazing calibration of diamond consciousness at the cellular level, and the activation of embodied wisdom and the manifestation of higher Love.


On Thursday 3/4, the Sun forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor, followed by a Black Moon resource with both Jupiter and Mercury, then the Sun Vesta bridge, Neptune Juno stepping  stone, and then a powerful Mercury Jupiter new cycle.  The Mercury Jupiter conjunction is the 3rd of 3, which represents the full blown manifestation of new expansion in our awakened channels of communication.  The inner operating system/infrastructure has been undergoing some incredible upgrades and reboots during the recent Mercury retrograde journey through Aquarius.  Our ability to channel higher vision and communicate through higher dimensions, while remaining grounded in the body, has been fine tuning.  As a result, our cellular channels of intuitive receptivity are also upgrading and fine tuning.  Mercury is the dispositor of Gemini, where Mars is now traveling.  By calibrating our inner channels of communication to the frequency of Love, our holistic system can align with the universal channels of oneness.  Unity communicates thought Love, and all is transparent, crystal clear.  Love requires an open heart, open mind, and open presence of receptivity.  The more we fine tune within, the more amplified and expansive our communications become.


On Friday 3/5, the Black Moon turns direct at 17 Aries, then the Sun intersects the Nodes creating a wisdom intersection, and Vesta forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor.  The Sun in Pisces brings divine Spiritual Wisdom into a still point that unifies the perceived duality of the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras, calibrating an ascension point that delivers higher truth into the illusions and distortions of karmic entanglements.  Once we see clearly from the lens of divine wisdom, the truth is revealed, and we are released from the gravity and recurring cycles of suffering.  The Black Moon changes direction today and begins moving forward, revisiting the aspects from earlier this week.


Saturday 3/6 is a Ceres Salacia new cycle, Black Moon Jupiter resource, Mars Ixion great eliminator, and Black Moon Mercury resource.   Salacia holds the remembrance of our limitless nature, and today we’re delivered through that remembrance, shedding the illusions of any historic limitations or threads of doubt that have blinded us from our selves.  The Black Moon revisits both Mercury and Jupiter, now that the new cycle of expansion through our channels of communication is fully activated.   We have the opportunity to align with our highest purpose and 5D blueprint, by eliminating the threads of doubt, confusion, or limitation.


And Sunday 3/7 is a Venus Orcus bridge, Black Moon Neptune subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Juno manifestation, and Pallas enters Pisces.   The heart is a bridge to our timeless, immortal soul, and a profound reminder of why we’re here in this moment in time.  As the Black Moon revisits the subtle intimacy aspect with Neptune, we are ushered even more deeply into that subtle realm of the heart.  If we lean in and listen, we can hear the sounds of the universal heartbeat through our own.   As Pallas enters Pisces, divine feminine wisdom is recognized as the ocean of unconditional Love, the universal flow that lives and breathes through all hearts, as One.  All of us have access to this divine ocean of wisdom, and when we choose to believe, when we practice faith and trust in the divine timing and unfolding of every moment, we swim in that ocean of wisdom.   The truth is, we come from this ocean of unconditional Love, and we return to this ocean every time we trust in the universal flow of Love.  Learning to ride the waves, navigating the ups and downs and ebbs and flows, we become faith in action, of the highest order.


The practice this week is surrender, trust, and find the inner equilibrium within the heart.  In order to open to the wholeness of any situation, we must practice finding our inner equilibrium.  Bringing our undivided attention within, taking a seat inside the heart, and listening….through every cell of our body.  This practice opens us to see clearly, to access higher wisdom, and ultimately to navigate the waters of uncertainty with faith, peace, and clarity.   We may not always see the big picture right away in bright neon signs, but we can access intimacy, patience, and grace from the inner clarity of our mind/heart union, the sacred ground within.


“Always say “yes” to the present moment.  What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is?  What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now, and always now?  Surrender to what is.  Say “yes” to life – and see how life suddenly stars working for you rather than against you.”  ~ Eckhart Tolle 


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