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For the week of February 22 – 28, 2021

The week ahead delivers a full blown reflection of wholeness and an incredible opportunity for alignment with the heart.  The Virgo Full Moon on Saturday 2/27 is a major calibration that brings us full circle with the shifts and changes that have occurred over the last year and a half in particular.  When we honor the wholeness of ourselves and embrace the wholeness of any situation, there is wisdom, grace, and maturity that allows for elevation and mastery.


Like a fine tuned instrument, we become conduits of higher Love and wisdom when we allow the wholeness of our experiences to refine us, not break us.  The purity of a diamond comes from extreme pressure from the environmental pressures.  Similarly, our inner mastery is refined and polished by the wholeness of each moment we endure and rise from.  Virgo consciousness calibrates precision, purity, and persistence that cultivates the highest octave of mastery from any wound or healing crisis.  The truth is, we are not broken, even when we feel shattered.  Any fracture or wound is simply an opportunity to embrace the wisdom and fine tune our selves holistically.  Our ability to shift, adapt, and adjust while maintaining our inner alignment and integrity from the heart is what unleashes our most refined self.


Mastery is not about perfection…mastery is cultivated through relentless hours (and sometimes lifetimes) of practice.  The experiential practice creates the opportunity for embodiment of wisdom, and every breakdown along the way is an opportunity to elevate and fine tune.  When life is easy, when things are smooth, predictable, and “perfect”, we’re not challenged to rise up through the unexpected moments of uncertainty.  When there are unexpected situations that cause us to shift, flex, and adapt, we access higher wisdom from experience, and that wisdom calibrates us like a divine instrument.  Wisdom is a teacher, wisdom is a healer, and wisdom is a facilitator of growth and evolution.


If we try to maintain status quo, smoothing out our superficial edges to fit the part, meet the expectation, or do it “right”, we might not give ourselves permission to fail, to get messy, to break down or make a mistake.  Who we become in the moments of uncertainty, what we learn in the unexpected mishaps or miscalculated steps, is the secret to mastery that can’t be taught in books or prepared for ahead of time.  This week’s Virgo Full Moon is manifesting with Uranus, the unexpected awakener that shakes us out of our status quo comfort zone, in order to shift our gaze and access new consciousness.  How well we navigate the unexpected, the unusual, the unfamiliar is key.


It’s easy to predict, plan, and prepare for what we know, from what we have experienced thus far.  But when we rely on that for safety and security, as a guarantee, we can go on automatic pilot.  Moment to moment, everything is shifting, recalibrating, adjusting, and responding.  The universe is in a constant state of ebb and flow – and so are we, at the cellular level.  If we want to refine ourselves, we must stay current, present, and awake.  We must learn to ride the waves and adapt to the moment to moment changes as they occur.  Life becomes a facilitator, and our experiences have the capacity to deliver us to our wholeness, to aspects of ourselves we’ve never met before.


If we cling to a plan and insist on our assumptions and guarantees, we might feel fragmented or broken when things fall apart.  Learning how to adapt in the moments of uncertainty is perhaps the most important practice we can take on.  Learning to utilize a “zoom in – zoom out” lens of perception to see the big picture, the wholeness, and all of the space in between, while also tending to the tiniest precision and fine details, is a gift that requires practice and development.


Practicing discernment of right alignment vs personal preference is also key.  Suspending judgment or bias, and tuning into the energetic frequency and alignment vs judging things at face value.  In an orchestra, instruments are either in tune with the whole, or they’re not.  It’s easy to tell when something is off.  Practicing discernment to find the alignment, to fine tune and shift, is important.   If we’re tone deaf or unwilling to pay attention to the wholeness of our reality, moment to moment, we might find ourselves playing out of tune, distorting the harmonic resonance.  When we’re out of tune within ourselves, we can experience health crisis and disease.  Knowing how to shift and adapt, to find the alignment and restore integrity within, matters.  The attunement is always Love.  The tuning fork frequency that recalibrates and restores alignment, harmony, and integrity is always Love.


When Love is activated, that calibration restores every piece and part, through holistic integration . When Love is present, it can be felt physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  If we allow Love in one dimension but not the others, we create imbalance that brings our holistic system out of tune.  If we allow Love mentally but not physically, the wholeness of our system will reflect that fragmentation and imbalance.  If we judge any aspect of ourselves, we may experience resistance and fragmentation that brings our whole system out of tune.


The key to evolution, the key to embodying 5D consciousness, is wholeness.  Through our practice of wholeness, we can calibrate our inner filters to the frequency of Love, allowing for optimal digestion, absorption, and elimination through all of our experiences as we integrate the purest wisdom to carry forward.  If we judge our experiences or ourselves, we can’t fully receive or integrate all that’s available, moment to moment.  This week unveils a huge opportunity to recalibrate ourselves, our cells, and our lens of vision to the highest frequency of Love, elevating to a brand new octave of mastery from the heart.


The week begins on Monday 2/22 with a Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, and Black Moon Uranus communion.   With no major planetary aspects, the focus is on the unveilings of the Black Moon, who unearths and sheds light on all that has been withheld, hidden, or suppressed.   Expect the unexpected today, and embrace whatever comes to light.  There is beauty to behold in the unexpected interruption, and there is more than meets the eye in every situation today.


On Tuesday 2/23, there’s a Venus Galactic Center resource, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Venus Sedna stepping stone, Uranus MakeMake great eliminator, then Vesta intersects the Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras), and the Sun is in resource with Quaoar.  The heart is moving through the final degrees of Aquarius today and tomorrow, moving us forward and calling us forth to higher dimensions of consciousness.  We must be willing to look beyond the normal default settings of what’s important, and tune into what’s awakening now from within.  As we tune into the current conversation at the heart level, we can see what’s shifting, and where our inner devotion is truly aligned.  If we repeat what we’ve always done, just because we’ve always done it, we might miss the new awareness that’s coming online now.  Tuning in to the heart is crucial.


Wednesday 2/24 is a Venus Huamea manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Ceres Ixion stepping stone, Mars Pluto manifestation, and the Black Moon retrogrades into Aries.  The awakened heart lives in harmony through the lens of wholeness.  Whether things are challenging or easy, messy or pretty, there is harmony, which is generative and creative.  Our higher blueprint and purpose is being revealed and ushered, if we’re willing to step up and recognize who we are.  Opportunities within to be awakened and self-realized today, initiating new thoughts, actions, and outcomes.  When we shift our thoughts, we shift our reality.  When we realize who we are and see ourselves clearly, we take action from that awareness and transform old limitations.


On Thursday 2/25 the Black Moon forms a resource with Venus followed by a Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge, then Venus enters Pisces, the Sun forms a great eliminator with MakeMake then finds resource with Uranus, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Orcus, and the Black Moon is in resource with Pallas.  The Light Bridge today offers a brilliant lens of wholeness as the heart moves into Pisces, the infinite ocean of limitless Love.  When the heart is in Love, there are no limits.  When the heart is in Love, all is right with the world and ourselves.  There is innocence, purity, and possibility in Love.  That possibility is the creative fuel for magic, beauty, and abundance.  Living in that kind of limitless Love, we uncover the wholeness of the universe.  It takes courage, faith, and trust to surrender to that kind of Love, unconditionally.  Love restores faith and trust, and Love requires acceptance of all that is…seeing divine beauty, even within the imperfections.


Friday 2/26 is super active – Ceres Chariklo resource, Jupiter Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Astraea manifestation, Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Venus Ixion resource, Jupiter North Node manifestation, Jupiter South Node resource, Mars Pallas stepping stone, Mars Galactic Center great eliminator, and Pallas Galactic Center resource.  A lot of activity today, most notably in our capacity for expansion through the moments of uncertainty.  When we know what we know, we zoom in on that certainty and actually eliminate other threads of possibility from manifesting.  When we open with curiosity to what we don’t yet know, finding the open empty space of unmanifested potential, we can expand through a higher lens of possibility.   What we already know is based on history.  The potential for something new lives within the uncharted territory.  When we carry forth the wisdom from our past, we can elevate and open to what’s new.


On Saturday 2/27, the Full Moon occurs at 9 Virgo at 3:17am ET, followed by a Black Moon Eris communion and Mars Sedna new cycle.   This Full Moon offers an incredible calibration for our entire lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical).  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of Emotional Wisdom, and the capacity to integrate that wisdom through the entire system.  Finding alignment and integrity within, honoring the heart, and allowing the purest heart to birth the purest expression of Love.  Virgo is often referred to as the Divine Mother, the Virgin heart that births Christ Consciousness, which is the Pisces ocean of unconditional Love.  The pure heart births infinite possibilities.  The pure heart is the innocence of the universe, the magic and potential of limitlessness – as pure Love.  That innocence and purity is born from the wisdom and integration of our experiences.  A pure heart doesn’t manifest from the avoidance of hurt.  The purest heart is refined and renewed through the maturity and wisdom of experience.  Virgo represents the resilience, integrity, and mastery of Self, through every experience, and the ability to align with the heart and integrate holistically so that no piece or part is excluded.  Virgo is the sign that calibrates wholeness, recognizing that every piece and part matters and contributes to the whole.  Nothing is separate.  Even the tiniest cell contains and reflects the wholeness of the cosmos, and vice versa.  In 5D, wholeness is the key to healing, and wholeness is the key to unification with the awakened heart and Cosmic Self, which transcends the illusions and limitations of physicality.  When we unify with our awakened Cosmic Self, we become an active embodied instrument in the universal orchestration of oneness.


And Sunday 2/28, Venus forms a great eliminator with Varuna, followed by Pallas Sedna stepping stone, and Mercury Great Attractor resource.  The heart is the key to higher vision, and when we bring our undivided attention into the heart, there’s nothing we can’t see…including unmanifested potential.  We must eliminate any fear, doubt, or judgment in order to access equanimity.  Love is the frequency that calibrates the lens of higher vision, and through Love, we can open to all that’s available, without needing to fix it, change it, or resist it.  In the open expansive nature of Love, there is divine wisdom, ushering us to higher ground.  Today is a day to see what we can see through the lens of Love, as we magnetize and attract new possibilities and abundance.


The practice this week is adaptability through uncertainty.  Practice changing the normal status quo routines in a way that shakes up familiar patterns and allows for newness to come online.  If you normally brush your teeth with your right hand, switch hands this week.  Challenge yourself to take a new route, try something new, take a risk with uncertainty, and let your heart guide the way.  If it resonates with your heart, take a leap.  When we don’t know for sure how things will end up, we tend to play it safe, hold back, and retreat.  This week, take a leap.  Trust, have faith, and let Love move you.  No matter what happens, there will be wisdom, beauty, and expansion.



“We think that the point is to pass the test or overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It’s just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.”
― Pema Chödrön


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