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For the week of February 15 – 21, 2021

The week ahead delivers some powerful gear shifts and revelations that initiate the new possibilities of growth and expansion to come.  With the Sun changing signs and entering Pisces, Mercury stationing direct, and Ceres moving into Aries, there’s a lot of active energy ready to spark and ignite a higher vision from our newly awakened consciousness.  What matters most is our committed presence from the heart, and our willingness to choose Love as the default setting.


Mercury stationed retrograde on January 30th, but entered his retrograde shadow back on January 15th.  This week, on Saturday 2/20, Mercury will station direct at the exact same degree as 1/15.  We are not who we were then, so much has shifted.  We have access to new consciousness, new perspectives, and new ways of thinking.  We’ve been cleaning out the closet of old outdated patterns and inner dialogues so that we can clear space for something new, a revolutionary upgrade that brings us to higher ground, ready for expansion.  This particular retrograde cycle has awakened the importance of Love as a lens of consciousness and context of communication within our own inner operating system.  Love is the necessary attunement for our greatest expansion.


When we come from Love – at the personal, social, and spiritual levels – our operating system activates like an antenna, and we fine tune ourselves as a divine instrument of Love.  Love is the universal language that unifies, expands, and awakens the atmospheric potential to manifest a higher vision, literally out of thin air.


This retrograde cycle has given us all an opportunity to witness ourselves in action, observing the thoughtforms and patterns within us that can trigger us into automatic pilot responses or impulsive loops of repetitive cycles.  We may have already cultivated empowering patterns that elevate, and we may still recognize old habitual patterns that limit and shut down possibilities.  The purpose of this retrograde was to wake up and observe ourselves, through the highest lens of Love, and shift what needs to shift.  The truth is, we are infinitely limitless.



One of the most important shifts is recognizing and interrupting the old dialogues that are rooted in judgment, criticism, unworthiness, lack, or limitation.  In doing so, we clear the atmosphere and elevate to a higher frequency, clearing the air to operate from a new space.  We know that judgment collapses the space.  So does limitation, lack, and separation.  If we want to shift the atmosphere, we must go higher, choose a higher frequency or electrical current…and Love is always the answer.


As we take responsibility for changing our own channel, from the inside out, we can choose an elevated perspective and reinvent our interpretations, beliefs, and assumptions.  When we assume Love, when we believe in the highest vision and possibility for manifestation, our cells and nervous system respond…and simultaneously, the universe also responds.  There’s a harmonic resonance.


The conversation we’re living in makes all the difference in our experience of day to day reality and the available space for possibilities to emerge.  If the current conversation is based on limiting beliefs and outdated assumptions, we will project those limitations onto the new blank slate. We create chaos for ourselves by engaging in unhealthy thoughts that don’t reveal the truth.  The truth is always Love.  The question is, are we willing to see it?


In order to access that higher lens of vision, we must continually unify our mind and heart.  Unity is key.  If we’re living in separation consciousness, we can’t access the highest vision, it will always be out of reach.  If we don’t interrupt and un-attach from the old patterns and dialogues, we’re giving our power away and limiting our potential.  By being fully present with our inner communications and vibrational resonance, we can elevate to higher ground, witnessing and collapsing the repetitive loops and patterns of historic limitation.


We are not our thoughts, however, what we think matters.  Our thoughts produce vibrational patterns that generate emotions and manifest through our cells as embodied expression.  We don’t have to subscribe to every thought that arises, but we do need to be mindful of the thoughts that are broadcasting through our channels, moment to moment.  The thoughts we believe are the ones that matter.  If left unattended, those thoughts manifest.


It matters to mind our thoughts, to take good care of the inner atmosphere we’re living in.  When our inner atmosphere is quiet, clear, and awake, we manifest new innovative ideas and solutions through the blink of an eye…like shooting stars magically appearing through thin air.  We can access visionary qualities to see into the invisible realm of limitless possibility before any evidence even exists.  This visionary gift is accessible to All of us, if we have the mind to keep our inner space open, clear, and unattached…in resonance with the heart.


The week begins on Monday 2/15 with a Black Moon Mars communion, Black Moon Neptune resource, Sun Galactic Center resource, Sun Sedna stepping stone, Mercury Orcus great eliminator, and Black Moon Vesta manifestation.  The Black Moon is active this week, making aspects with all of the personal planets – Mars, Venus, and Mercury.  There’s a lot of personal revelation available this entire week, and if we’re centered in Love, we can make good use of the enlightened clarity.  Our devotion to wholeness opens the channels to see what we need to see, and all is revealed in due time.  The Sun is traveling through the final degrees of Aquarius for the next few days, so expect the unexpected, and remain unconditionally open to all that unfolds.


On Tuesday 2/16, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Venus, followed by a Venus Vesta great eliminator, Pallas Eris resource, Black Moon Juno great eliminator, and Black Moon South Node great eliminator.  The heart holds the truth, and the heart is the center of our personal consciousness that delivers us to the center of unity and cosmic consciousness.  If our hearts are closed, it can be difficult to recognize the higher wisdom that comes from unity and oneness.  When the heart awakens and opens, we return to that universal space of divine wisdom.  Cosmic Consciousness and Universal Oneness requires an unconditionally open heart.  An open heart has full access to divine wisdom.  Any experience that uncovers or awakens the heart is a blessing to behold.


Wednesday 2/17 is a Sun Haumea manifestation, Saturn Uranus stepping stone, and Ceres Haumea great eliminator.  Wholeness is the theme for today, and wholeness is the universal lens we’re awakening to.  5D consciousness requires the lens of wholeness, the ability to open unconditionally to see every piece and part, without judgment, fear, or limitation.  When we expand our lens of consciousness to 5D wholeness, we can zoom in and zoom out to see the micro and the macro reflected equally.  The smallest cell contains and reflects the wholeness of the cosmos.  And the expansive infinite cosmos can be studied within each and every one of our cells.  Wholeness requires a non-attached perspective of equanimity, and when we activate the frequency of unconditional Love, we are instantly delivered to the wholeness of ourselves reflected through the infinite universe.  Nothing is off limits or out of reach.


On Thursday 2/18, the Sun enters Pisces, and Jupiter forms a resource with the Great Attractor.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents Spiritual Wisdom and the infinite ocean of unconditional Love.  We’re transitioning from the spontaneous atmosphere of Divine Love to the limitless ocean of Unconditional Love and Spiritual Wisdom.  It’s important to access trust and faith to navigate the unpredictable waters and learn to ride the waves.  If we think we can control the movement of the ocean, we will exhaust or scatter ourselves and eventually feel overwhelmed.  The best way to navigate the ocean is to float, which requires surrender and trust.  Anytime we surrender and trust, we access divine spiritual wisdom.   In the Pisces infinite ocean, every possibility exists, and we can expand in any direction we choose, if we believe we can.  We can find whatever we’re looking for, if we have the courage to trust and ride the waves instead of trying to control the outcome.  The moment a limiting thought arises, we will see that limitation expand…unless we let go of that limiting thought, and ride the waves until we find what we’re looking for.   Pisces delivers us into the realm of imagination, where every possibility exists, and the power of belief matters.


Friday 2/19 is a Juno Vesta stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Ixion resource, Venus Mars stepping stone, and Saturn MakeMake manifestation.  The infinite ocean is supporting the realization of our higher blueprint and purpose.  When we allow ourselves to believe that anything is possible, then of course our highest blueprint can manifest.  Today’s Venus Mars stepping stone reminds us to take action from the heart, allowing the heart to motivate and inspire any steps we take.   There’s a harmonious manifestation of energy when we defer to the power and authority of the heart, and surrender to divine timing, in accordance with the laws of nature.  In due time, all things reveal themselves.  In due time, all hearts awaken.  And in due time, our greatest potential awakens and manifests.  All we have to do is trust, have faith, and stop trying to control or force the outcome.


On Saturday 2/20, Venus is in resource with Eris, the Black Moon manifests with Orcus, Mercury stations direct, and Ceres enters Aries.  The heart awakens as we remember our infinite timeless nature, and we begin to see through the veils of illusion and separation.  Mercury’s station, just shy of his recent conjunction with Venus and Jupiter, is especially potent and full of electricity.  As Ceres enters Aries, we’re delivered – initiated – into the original spark of our unique expression.  As we’re remembering unity and oneness, it’s equally important to also own what makes us unique, to activate our divine god spark of authenticity that nobody else can embody.  Ceres is crossing the threshold of universal oneness and limitless possibilities into the realm of individual creation and manifestation, from the power of our awakened mind.  We become dynamic pioneers and revolutionary leaders when we ignite our divine god spark and consciously discipline the creative power of our mind/heart union.  Self awareness is the key to mastery….we must know ourselves, and consciously manifest from our most authentic expression.


And Sunday 2/21, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Mercury’s station, followed by a Venus Pallas new cycle, and Sun Varuna great eliminator.   Mercury’s station is continuing to percolate and awaken higher consciousness, like flashes of lightning spontaneously manifesting from thin air.  The heart calibrates a new chapter of divine feminine wisdom, moving us forward into new octaves of Love.  And from Love, we can see clearly…anything and everything.  Love is the frequency that calibrates the universal lens of cosmic vision, the eye of God.  If we want to see through that lens of Love, we must eliminate anything at all that’s not Love.  Eliminating fear, doubt, scarcity, separation, and unworthiness….in order to see through the eye of Love, Wisdom, and Truth.


The practice this week is Self Love.  Write yourself a Love Note, acknowledging what’s unique, diverse, and original about you….exactly the way you are.  Express Love for your current physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body…take the time to explore and relate to the wholeness of you, exactly as you are in this moment.  Every dimension is unique, and every dimension contains divine consciousness beyond form and structure, beyond time and space.  Only through the lens of Love can you see yourself clearly, awakening to divine truth, from the heart.  Everything else is an illusion.


“Love is a flame that burns everything other than itself. It is the destruction of all that is false and the fulfillment of all that is true.” ― Adyashanti



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  1. I recall an earlier quote from Adyashanti which I think was about enlightenment.
    If I remember it correctly, it was jarring and abrasive to me at first, because he described enlightenment as a
    destructive process.
    I notice again the use of the word destruction. Interesting, and I’m not sure I agree with the term as it is so loaded in today’s mass media, and to me represents a dark approach to (the) Light.
    My favorite color has always been black, the saturation of all colors. But my sense of the darkness has always been as alive, positively charged, vs. destructive.
    Just some ramblings here.
    Again, let me say that your weekly posts are the veritable well, the fountain of life and love, transcendent and a constant reminder to keep my frequency high. Thank You,

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