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For the week of 11/19 – 11/25

This week ahead delivers the full blown wisdom that’s available when the mind surrenders to the heart.  There’s so much occurring right now, and the best place to be is in the still point of the heart – neutral and unattached, while generating the unconditional response of Love.  From this divine partnership of mind and heart, the conscious creation of a new vision is possible.

Last week’s change in direction with the heart moving forward and the mind retreating inward was a major catalyst for new possibilities.  As we calibrate the new template of divine partnership within our own mind/heart, we also recalibrate all of our relationships.  Moving forward, relationships must be on equal ground, meaning equal weight and distribution of power, contribution, and responsibility for collective growth and expansion.  The context of relationship is shifting to right alignment with the soul’s purpose and the manifestation of the highest vision.  Relationships are opportunities to create, and when we give the same quality of energy that we receive, it’s mutually beneficial for all.  Win/Win is the context of relationships now, and if no one is winning, the collective isn’t thriving.  It’s our personal responsibility to own our power and shine our light in all relationships, and to not be afraid to use our voices when that power is out of alignment.


The conditions are ripe for massive expansion of social consciousness as Mercury, the Messenger, is retrograding through the sign of Sagittarius, the Truth Seeker, about to conjunct Jupiter two more times.  We expand our consciousness transpersonally through relationships.  The composite experience, similar to an astrological aspect, activates sacred geometry that generates collective consciousness.  The quality of our relationships, and the quality of consciousness we bring to the table in those relationships, matters.  If we dampen our vibration or diminish our light in order to accommodate status quo social norms, we’re contributing to the slumber of humanity.  Moving forward, the heart leads, uncensored, crystal clear, and transparent.  The heart speaks truth, not gossip, sarcasm, or criticism.  Again, with Mercury retrograding, it’s important to allow the heart’s message to come online, loud and clear, without overriding from the mind.


We may not fully realize what the heart is revealing, which is why it’s even more important to hold sacred space for our selves and others until that voice comes fully online.  For any time we’ve held back, buffered, or tip toed around the heart of the matter, for fear of rocking the boat, causing a disruption, or being out of line, this new wave of communication may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first.  It’s important to remember, the heart doesn’t plan ahead or script an agenda.  The heart moves with freedom, liberated by truth.  Venus is still in the sign of Libra, moving forward in relationship with the mirror.  Any time we clear the air by clearing our chest, it’s equally important for us to hear our own words, as for the person we’re speaking to.


As a compassionate listener, it’s important to hold sacred space for anyone with the courage to reveal their truth, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it might be.  Collectively, we’ve been holding onto so much weight in emotional residue from lifetimes of suppression, and now that the floodgates are open, we must learn how to listen and hold space as well as speak up.


Listening from the heart, we open with compassion, neutrality, non-judgment, and equanimity.  It’s important to honor the universal release that’s taking place, rather than defend and justify out of personal resistance.  We don’t need to argue our point of view in order to hold space for another to be heard.  Another person’s truth isn’t relative to ours.  Remember, we’re in a process of clearing out the release valves from lifetimes of suppressed energy.  Neutrality is key for resolution, and neutrality generates safety and respect.


Neutrality doesn’t mean passivity, and it doesn’t imply powerlessness.  Mercury is the new archetype of the Masculine, and neutrality is the most powerful place to operate from.  Conscious neutrality resonates at the frequency of Love.  Equanimity requires a neutral presence, while generating a sustainable response of Love.  In order to generate Love unconditionally, we must be centered in the still point of the heart, open to everything, without reacting.  From that seat of wisdom, all things are made clear, and we gain access to the highest realms of universal truth.  When we are attached, triggered, defensive, or biased, we lose our center, and therefore lose our ability to communicate with neutrality.  Relationships can’t thrive or endure for long in that context.


Anyone who can master the art of observing through equanimity and communicating from neutrality can lead the collective by unifying.  Moving forward, the union of mind/heart is the template of mastery for our global leaders to unify relationships and inspire social change.  The key to our evolution is in our ability to be in relationship with each other, through diversity and disagreement.   Alignment is possible, even in the midst of disagreement, as long as there is a common vision, and a willingness to be equally responsible for our actions, growth, and collective expansion.


We’re all in this together, and the upcoming wave of leaders must be willing to lead by example, as Love.  Leading isn’t about “doing”, it’s about consciousness and alignment.   Mastery comes from the disciplined choice to lead, from whatever role you find yourself in, simply by taking ownership, being responsible for your own inner alignment, and speaking clearly from the heart in all relationships.  As we elevate our own vibration, we elevate the quality of our relationships and community, which impacts the planet.  We have the capacity to practice as leaders of world peace simply by being present and responsible for the current relationships in our inner circle and community.


The week begins on Monday 11/19 with a Sun Sedna bridge, a Black Moon Varuna bridge, Black Moon Jupiter resource, Black Moon Mars intimacy, Black Moon Quaoar intimacy, and Mars Jupiter stepping stone.  Remember, bridges are opposite points that unify through relationship.  Today, our awakened consciousness unifies with the ultimate cosmic record keeper, and the suppressed aspects of our feminine energy becomes visible through the cosmic all seeing eye of universal Love.  Any suppressed energy is held “separate”, but once it’s seen, it’s liberated out of hiding, and free to express, diffuse, or transmute.  Now is the time to reveal and express, at the personal and social level, in order to elevate our quality of connection as we expand in consciousness.  We can’t remain connected in expansion if we’re withholding our truth.  There ultimately is a disconnect or an ending to the structure that can no longer sustain itself under the necessary friction of expansion.  All things must come to the light as we move forward.


On Tuesday 11/20, the Black Moon is in a stepping stone with Uranus, Mars and Varuna are in a great eliminator, then a Sun Chiron manifestation, Black Moon South Node conjunction, Black Moon Sun resource, Juno Vesta manifestation, Saturn Pallas stepping stone, Jupiter Varuna manifestation,  Black Moon Sedna manifestation, and Sun N Node manifestation.  More being revealed, and the more unexpected the revelations, the more elevated our response gets to be.  With clarity and truth, we can navigate anything.  We are divinely guided in our movements as we continue to gravitate towards right alignment.  Letting go of our attachments, judgments, and limitations, we cultivate wisdom.  There’s an increasing devotion for unity and connection, as we see ourselves in everyone around us, and practice forgiveness, compassion, and grace.  There’s nothing “out there” that we can’t relate to in some way.  How we operate in relationship to these unexpected events reveals our current state of consciousness.  Remember to keep the mind centered in the still point of the heart, and allow the stories to unfold.


Wednesday 11/21 is a Black Moon Haumea stepping stone, Black Moon Venus stepping stone, Black Moon Vesta conjunction, Sun Uranus great eliminator, and Black Moon Juno manifestation.  Another day of suppressed energy coming to the surface as we navigate the stepping stones, moment to moment, connecting the dots as the whole picture comes to light.  Moment to moment, we have the choice to react from fear or elevate through Love.  As we soften our gaze, we can see the universal meaning in everything.  Nothing is at it appears on the surface.  Sometimes the most unexpected or dramatic release resets the balance point and creates equality from a fresh perspective.  At the end of the day, when we know where we stand, the path is clear moving forward.  Clarity is always a gift.


Thursday 11/22 is Thanksgiving in the US, beginning early with a Black Moon Eris stepping stone, then the Sun enters Sagittarius, Mercury rx is in a stepping stone with Orcus, and and Venus conjuncts Haumea for a new cycle.  On the universal day of Gratitude, remember that every shake up or inner discord reveals an awakening that ultimately supports in unification.  We can’t fear the breakdowns….every breakdown contains a precious opportunity to reaffirm and move forward on solid ground.  The Sun enters Sagittarius, which is the sign of Physical Wisdom, the Truth Seeker, and the Highest Victory.  Sagittarius is the consciousness to see the truth by releasing any attachments to illusions or drama, and ultimately ending the karmic wheel of the matrix, elevating to a whole new game.  Imagine shining light on the truth for Thanksgiving, allowing the space for old assumptions, projections, and grievances to be aired out, cleared, and resolved, so that moving forward, we’re in alignment with what matters most, and not operating on top of unfinished business and heavy dense air.  It’s important to clear the air instead of stuffing it down, so that our hearts can feel at home and at peace.


On Friday 11/23, the Full Moon occurs at 1 Gemini, then Vesta and Haumea are in a stepping stone, the Sun and Salacia are manifesting, Venus and Vesta are in a stepping stone, and Venus resources with Ixion.  The Full Moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is retrograding through Sagittarius, the sign of the Truth Seeker.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is the sign of Mental Wisdom, or Conscious Wisdom, which occurs when the mind surrenders to the heart.  Diamond Consciousness occurs when we “die the mind” and unify with the heart.  Thinking with the heart, loving unconditionally with the mind.  The mind then becomes the center of the wheel, still and grounded, and able to open multidimensionally.  From this highest observer’s perch, we can see the truth and wisdom in all things, and unify with neutrality.  Mercury is the ruler of our mental body, our communications, and our operating system.  Imagine being consistently neutral through our thoughts, our inner cellular communication, and nervous system, so that our response is unconditionally Love.  The Gemini Sagittarius bridge is the completion of the Mind/Body connection, which allows us to clear our karma and elevate to a new dimension of consciousness.  We must allow the old threads of consciousness to be transmuted by Love, in order to complete the game, and elevate to a blank slate.  If we use our minds to force, overpower, manipulate, or resist, we create more karma and continue in our current state of consciousness for another cycle.  This Full Moon is a HUGE opportunity for resolution and transcendence, as we refine our neutrality and surrender to the invisible realm of our soul’s blueprint, held within the heart.  New possibilities are available everywhere we look.


Saturday 11/24 is a Black Moon Pluto conjunction, Mars MakeMake great eliminator, Mercury rx Pallas resource, Vesta Sedna manifestation, Sun Varuna manifestation, and Neptune stations direct.  Transformation of the highest order is available today, through our physical relationships, and our motivation to take action in those relationships.   As we align with higher laws – the law of love and oneness – we elevate the game for ourselves and others.   Win/Win is the name of the game.   Every time we choose the high road, we gain wisdom, and our devotion manifests through the remembrance and clarity of a higher vision.  Neptune’s station calibrates massive light through our consciousness as divine wisdom.


And on Sunday 11/25, Mars is manifesting with Ceres and Venus is in a great eliminator with Sedna.  We’re ushering in new divine wisdom through our physical bodies, especially after Neptune’s station yesterday.   Mars is in Pisces, so our capacity to embody that wisdom is incredibly potent.  The embodiment of Unconditional Love, the embodiment of Christ Consciousness, and the embodiment of faith in action to walk on water as we trust in Love and remember the light of our most awakened consciousness.


The practice this week is to clear the air and give voice to your heart in relationships.  If there are any relationships that harbor grudges, unspoken feelings, or buried assumptions, this is the week to set yourself free and empower the relationship to grow and expand.  We can’t collectively expand if there are stuffed feelings and hidden emotions.  The mantra “the truth shall set you free” is one to live by and practice this week.  Practice being the communicator, and also practice listening from neutrality as others may be expressing their feelings and emotions in return.  What matters most is that we lighten up this week, let go of the mistruths and heavy energy, so that we can manifest the highest vision in that empty space.  Our willingness to let go of the old attachments, and empower our hearts to speak with equality and freedom, will help elevate, transcend, and create new possibilities.


There’s so much to be grateful for, especially in this intense time of radical change, awakening, and transformation.   Remember, discomfort is an indicator for growth and expansion…so allow yourself to stretch, from the heart, and say what you need to say to change the story moving forward.   World peace and global healing begin within, through the embodied practice of every day relationships.


“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” 
― Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life


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  1. Christine, I’m spreading the love and sharing these words with as many people as I can ♥️ Thank you from my heart and soul, as always ♥️ Feeling it big time. And embodying these words in every step.

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