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For the week of February 8 – 14, 2021

The week ahead delivers some interesting, spontaneous eruptions of new consciousness that calibrate Love at the highest order through the heart and nervous system of every being.  We know this week is Valentine’s week, commonly referred to as a time for heartfelt expression of Love, however this week in particular is also awakening new possibilities of Love, and how we expand together through this elevated lens of consciousness.


Love as a “personal feeling” is elevating and ascending to Love as a “fixed state of consciousness” and reflection of Unity.  Love informs and inspires our entire operating system, actively expresses through every cell of our being, and can be seen and felt through the atmosphere.   Love is the default setting at the most personal and collective level, and is the key to our forward revolutionary movement and progression as a society.  Love is the universal language, the computer code of the mathematics behind all of creation.  Understanding and integrating Love as a frequency within our inner operating system is essential.


The new social consciousness that was initiated back on 12/21/2020 with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius brought our entire collective awareness to higher ground for unprecedented possibilities to expand and grow…together.  Expansion requires sustainable systems and structures that can support dynamic change and transformation that allow all of us to move forward.  New consciousness requires new agreements, contracts, and ways of operating in order to fully integrate and embody.

Taking the time to slowly digest and reinvent ourselves by reconfiguring our thoughtforms and personal patterns is important.  The fact that Mercury is currently retrograding through Aquarius is instrumental to our own awakening and fine tuning.  This is where we gain access to new ways of thinking, new ways of being, and new flashes of insight that take us to higher ground.


This week’s New Moon in Aquarius, conjunct Pallas, also ignites a potent Aquarian stellium of energy including Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn.   Don’t forget, Mercury and Venus are the yin/yang activations of a powerful ascension point that not only elevates our consciousness, but also provides a quantum leap into higher vision.  There’s so much new consciousness on tap this week, mostly in ways we could never imagine or expect.


Remember, Aquarius is disposed by Uranus, the Great Awakener who takes us by surprise when we least expect it, shaking up the attachments to status quo and ushering in higher consciousness like flashes of lightning through the atmosphere.   That higher consciousness is always Love.  We must be willing to let go of our comfort zone if we truly want to awaken to Love.  We must be willing to let go of our current status quo of our familiar grooves and patterns, in order to see a cutting edge future in technicolor vision that elevates us All, together.


The week begins on Monday 2/8 with a Sun Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Neptune resource, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Sun Mercury conjunction, Venus Albion stepping stone, Mercury Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, then Sedna stations direct, followed by a Pluto Ceres resource.  That’s a lot of activity, most notably unveiling and pulling back the layers so we can see the truth and wake up.  Once we see clearly, we can let go of the illusions and distractions, distilling our atmosphere and clarifying our lens of vision.


On Tuesday 2/9, there’s a Saturn Chiron resource, Sun Pallas new cycle, and Neptune Vesta bridge.  The old definitions, forms, and structures are up for renegotiation and reinvention, based on the consciousness of mastery we’re accessing within.  There’s a new activation of divine feminine wisdom that ushers us into new domains, and as we recognize our inner devotion and purpose, the lights come on, crystal clear.  Purpose and passion combine with enlightened clarity, and suddenly the highest vision is accessible.


Wednesday 2/10 delivers a Mercury North Node manifestation, Mercury South Node resource, Mercury Mars stepping stone at the same time as Black Moon Pluto manifestation, then a Mars South Node (karmic) great eliminator, and Black Moon Ceres resource.  Today is all about the Mind/Body feedback loop, and the transformation that occurs when we awaken to the messages coming from our tangible results and manifestations.  If we’re willing to look at our physical reality with a neutral lens of equanimity and Love, we can see clearly the patterns that have generated the results, and consciously shift.  Once we recognize the karmic patterns and loops we’ve been running for lifetimes, we can eliminate the gravitational pull of repetition and unveil a new possibility.


On Thursday 2/11, Venus and Jupiter conjunct for a new cycle, followed by a Venus Orcus great eliminator, then the Black Moon turns retrograde at 27 Taurus, a Jupiter Orcus great eliminator, the New Moon at 24 Aquarius at the same time as the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Ceres, and then Mercury Juno resource and Sun Eris resource.  Today is off the charts full of electricity, like bolts of lightning dancing through the atmosphere to ground higher Love into our minds and hearts, for the good of All.


The New Moon in Aquarius occurs at 2:06pm ET conjunct Pallas, in a stellium with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn.  Anything we’ve ever wanted to know about Aquarian consciousness is front and center in this new beginning of higher Love.  Imagine flossing electricity through the spinal column and the vagus nerve, reprogramming and recalibrating our vessel of divine communications with downloads of new consciousness that forever alters and fine tunes what’s possible…physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The nervous system becomes an antenna, a broadcast mechanism, that can receive downloads of Light through the atmosphere to upgrade the entire system to cutting edge universal technology and connectivity…all through the frequency of Love.  We are all One, and when our nervous systems collaborate through the same universal programming of One Love, we can elevate to a higher expression and manifestation of Love.


Aquarius is an air sign, represented by the atmosphere.  Invisible, yet capable of igniting lightning bolts of awakened consciousness through thin air.  This is the quality of consciousness that thinks outside the box, shakes up the stagnancies in order to spark a revolution of forward moving, forward thinking…inspired by a higher vision of Love.  Love as a frequency takes us into the realms of new technology, innovative solutions, new systems and structures that support and expand humanitarian causes and issues, on behalf of All.  Aquarius energy is spontaneous, but not without purpose.  Rebellious and gutsy, but not without vision.  Highly conscious, awake, and progressive…ahead of its time, and always of the mind of Unity and Love.


This New Moon is a game changer, although we may not recognize it right away.  Aquarian energy is future oriented, and it can take a while before it shows up in the water.  For the ones who are intuitively connected through higher visionary channels, the lightning sparks will reveal what’s next, then ushered into the social structures and systems that elevate the foundation for All.  Awakening happens in a nanosecond, transformation occurs in the blink of an eye, yet it takes time and space to integrate, follow through, and ground that consciousness into the foundation of our earthly story.  Integration is key, grounding lightning into the earth for tangible functional embodiment.


Uranus is the dispositor of the New Moon, and is currently manifesting with Quaoar, both in earth signs.  We’re waking up to the importance of living from the awakened mind of Oneness, from the heart, with Love….as Love.  Any shake up to our normal patterns or familiar comfort zones are waking us up to the urgency of establishing higher ground and getting present, from the heart.  We must walk our talk and BE the presence of Love in order to usher in the change we envision for humanity.  The time is Now.


Friday 2/12 is a Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Mars Vesta manifestation, and Venus Great Attractor resource.  More transformation unfolding and unveiling, as new actions are fueled by the fire of devotion that lives within the heart.  When our hearts are awakened, on fire, and full of devotion, there’s nothing we can’t manifest.  Remember, the heart is the gateway to the center of the universe, and when our hearts are fueled with purpose and passion on behalf of All, the universe responds, unyieldingly and abundantly.


On Saturday 2/13, the Black Moon forms an exact stepping stone with the Sun, followed by a Mercury Venus conjunction, Ceres Galactic Center stepping stone, Mercury Great Attractor resource, Mars Neptune resource, and Black Moon Pallas stepping stone.  Mercury and Venus (mind and heart) unify to calibrate the primary ascension point that takes us to higher ground and elevated vision.  As we unify our inner yin/yang energy, we calibrate divine partnership with our Cosmic Self that strengthens and amplifies our higher blueprint and soul DNA, available through this embodied expression.  With physical body enlightenment, we have even greater access to universal wisdom, literally at the tips of our fingers and toes.  It’s within us, activated within the circuitry of our operating system, and animated through our cellular activity and manifestation.


And Sunday 2/14 is a Ceres Sedna resource, Mercury Jupiter conjunction (2nd of 3), and Venus Juno resource.  Mercury is still retrograding through Aquarius, and today’s conjunction with Jupiter is the 2nd of 3.  On March 4th, after Mercury has stationed direct, the two will conjunct again for a new cycle that truly expands the capacity of our inner operating system and the overall mechanism for communications.  Love generates expansion, and Love upgrades the systems and structures for sustainable growth.  Love as communication is empowering, enrolling, and visionary in nature.   Love can see all things, because Love has the capacity to open unconditionally to anything, nothing is off limits.


The practice this week is Love.  Love as a state of consciousness, Love as a primary language, code of conduct, and embodied way of being….with Self and All, equally.  Notice when it’s easy, and notice when it requires more presence and conscious attention.  Love manifests as kindness, generosity, and empathy, as well as commitment, integrity, and accountability.  Love also ignites new thoughts, divine inspiration, alchemical transformation, and abundant expansion.  As we refine our understanding of Love, we become altered through by our personal practices.  Self care becomes a sacred holy practice that benefits All.  Meditation is practiced on behalf of all beings.  Our private innermost thoughts become prayers and mantras for humanity.  Love as a universal frequency holds equality and equanimity for All.


“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”  ~Rumi



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