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For the week of February 1 – 7, 2021

Get ready for a week of unexpected twists and turns, revealing some hidden surprises and profound moments of awakening.  Mercury is officially retrograding through the sign of Aquarius, and anything can spontaneously appear through thin air, ultimately elevating our attention towards a higher vision.  Our willingness to be uncomfortable, to stretch out of our own comfort zone and preferred default setting, is key.


It’s important to note that when any planet goes retrograde, we have the opportunity to take a deep dive of introspection through that archetype, coming home to Source as we true ourselves up and ultimately receive new upgrades and insights.  When Mercury journeys retrograde, especially in the sign of Aquarius, our entire inner operating system has a chance to recalibrate and awaken to higher consciousness.  Any disruptions or delays during this time are well worth the discomfort.  Similar to our computer systems and technology, when downloading a new program, we may have to temporarily go offline until the downloads are complete.  However, once the reboot occurs, our system is functioning at an unprecedented frequency, and the old default settings recalibrate and transform.


The fact that Mercury is retrograding through Aquarius right now is extremely important given that our new template for social consciousness was just activated on December 21, 2020 with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 1 Aquarius….the spark of a new revolution that will take place over the next 20 years.  We are moving forward, together, and it matters that our lens of social consciousness elevates to a dimension of unity and oneness, through Love.  As we unify, we strengthen, expand, and elevate.  We flourish and thrive together, when we have the consciousness in tact to operate holistically as One.


If we’re operating from outdated consciousness that still functions through a lens of separation, scarcity, or fear, we will recreate old results even in the midst of a new template of Unity.  In order to truly understand and manifest a vision of Unity and Oneness through Love, we must recalibrate our personal inner operating system to function and thrive from a calibrated frequency of Love.   The holistic practice of Self Love, in which every piece and part is in harmonic resonance with the whole, within our own self, is fundamental.  Calibrating the frequency of Love through our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies so that our entire system is operating consistently and unconditionally with the communications and language system of Love.


In order to calibrate an operating system of Love, we must understand Love as a frequency of energy, not just a temporary feeling or emotion directed towards a person.  Love as a frequency, as a universal language or code, generates outcomes that thrive and expand to new dimensions.  When we operate from this universal context, all of our systems become the active embodiment of Love.  Imagine the immune system operating consistently as the expression of Self Love…unconditionally.  Self Love in Action.  Universal Love in action through the individual’s white blood cells…on behalf of All.  The purpose of the immune system is to elevate the optimal functioning of the individual, to keep the holistic system thriving.  If any part of the system isn’t attuned with Love, there is disharmony, stagnation, and depletion.  This is why it matters that our internal dialogue comes from Love, versus judgment, fear, or insecurity.


How we speak to ourselves matters.  The voice within our own cells is of the upmost importance, and oftentimes that inner voice is unconscious.  We either repeat collective consciousness through the water or we repeat the historic reels of past identifying moments.  If we have a critical voice within (inner critic) that overrides and overpowers the conversation, that frequency of energy can eventually calibrate the entire operating system.  When we interrupt this status quo programming (the unconscious default setting) in order to change the channel and elevate to a higher conversation, we activate new consciousness.  It’s a state change…it alters the state of our consciousness, like a bolt of lightning.


If we want new results, personally and collectively, we must be willing to interrupt the current conversation (especially the disempowering thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs) in order to tune in to new streams of possibility….coming from a vision of Unity, Love, Abundance, and Freedom.  When we align our thoughts, words, and actions with the frequency of Love and a context of Unity, we begin to manifest those results within us and around us.


If we harbor inner thoughts and beliefs that are pessimistic, sarcastic, judgmental, or disempowering, we calibrate that frequency into our inner atmosphere and water, embodying that toxic inner conversation.   Transformation begins with tuning the mind into the heart and allowing that powerful inner voice to awaken and speak clearly.  When we honor the voice of the heart, we create partnership and cohesiveness with our true authentic nature, in synch with the divine nature of the universe.  When we allow the awakened heart to speak, there is peace and wholeness, within and without.  When the heart motivates, informs, and inspires our thoughts, words, and actions, we begin to embody the heart, which means we embody Love.


Love is the universal frequency that unifies, awakens, heals, and expands.  Love brings us together, stronger than we ever were alone, through conscious community.  Love is a force of nature, a language system, and a contextual code of ethics that can be applied to any and all forms of relationships – personal, business, or otherwise.  If we want to awaken the highest vision and bring out the best in people, implement Love as the primary frequency of any operating system, and watch it grow.


The week begins on Monday 2/1 with a Pallas South Node (karmic) resource and North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Mars Orcus manifestation, Sun Orcus great eliminator, Sun Mars stepping stone, then Venus enters Aquarius, activating a new cycle with Chariklo, and the Black Moon forms a Light Bridge with Haumea.  There’s wisdom in our past karmic patterns that can be useful in manifesting something brand new.  When we can see the limitations of our current programming, we can see into the available space for dynamic change.  All of our current physical results and manifestations hold the fluid pulse of possibility that allows us to see where we’ve come from, who we’ve been, and the potential for new growth and expression.  We’re not defined or bound by our actions and results, but they do give us immense perspective, wisdom, and insight that can liberate us to higher ground.  As Venus enters Aquarius, we realize the importance of divine self Love as a spiritual practice, on behalf of ourselves, humanity, and All beings.  Love begins within, and the downloads of higher consciousness awaken through the heart.   The “2” vibrational month of February brings us into partnership, equality, and community…where we see the wisdom in our reflection of “other” and awaken through the heart of Oneness.


On Tuesday 2/2, there’s a Sun Juno resource, Black Moon enters Taurus and forms a stepping stone with Chariklo, then the Sun forms a resource with the Great Attractor, followed by a Black Moon Ixion manifestation.  As the Black Moon returns to Taurus, we can expect another round of unveiling, unearthing, and untethering.  What matters most right now is the unveiling of our higher purpose and blueprint, and that can only be found within the heart.  As we uncover the inner landscape of the heart, we find the roadmap, the keys, and the gateway to the center of the universe, where all new beginnings begin.  There’s nothing stopping us.


Wednesday 2/3 is a Mars Juno great eliminator, Black Moon Venus stepping stone, and Mars Great Attractor great eliminator.  Our perception of the physical dimension is being recalibrated and reoriented.  From separation consciousness in a linear trajectory of “I’m here and you’re there”, we’re now realizing that everything we perceive “out there” is actually mirroring us back to ourselves, through a multidimensional lens of holistic unity.  We are a part of the whole, and the whole is reflecting aspects of ourselves back to us.  When we recognize that we are a part of something bigger, there’s nothing to fight or push against.  Letting go of the struggle to be somewhere other than where we are, we can surrender into a much more profound seat of power…. the presence of an awakened heart.


On Thursday 2/4, the Black Moon manifests with Varuna, followed by a Juno Great Attractor new cycle, Venus Varuna Light Bridge, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, and Venus Salacia resource.  Higher vision is awakening today, and the Venus Varuna Light Bridge offers a beautiful place to stand as we take in the astounding scenery.   The awakened heart is a portal to higher vision, and anytime we unify mind and heart, we gain access to that portal.  From that Light Bridge, we can access new ways of thinking, new possibilities, insights, and perspectives.   We must practice elevating beyond our current default settings in order to see what we couldn’t see from our “normal” perspective.   A birds eye view, from the heart, can unleash the universal lens of cosmic unity.  As we practice activating this higher lens of vision, we’re reminded that this is our true nature, our lens of origin.


Friday 2/5 is a powerful Black Moon Uranus communion, Mercury Eris resource, and Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator.   Today is potent, and off the charts with awakening potential.  Anytime the Black Moon communes with Uranus, expect a radical unearthing that shakes loose the roots that need to be revealed.  The Mercury Eris resource is the 2nd of 3, the midpoint of a new tool in our operating system that allows us to awaken quickly from within, especially in periods of extreme pressure or tension.   The image of a diamond manifesting under extreme pressure comes to mind.  If we can realize in that moment of pressure that diamond consciousness is available, we can quickly elevate and tune in, instead of suffering unnecessarily or resisting the process.  Diamond consciousness comes from dying the lower mind (ego, attachments, judgments, agendas) and awakening the higher mind, which is open, receptive, and able to harness flashes of lightning in an instant.  These lightning flashes occur with divine timing, and can’t be preplanned or forced.  Having the bandwidth to recognize and surrender in the moment is key.


On Saturday 2/6, Venus and Saturn initiate a new cycle, followed by a Pallas Vesta great eliminator, Venus Chiron resource, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Sun North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Sun South Node (karmic) resource, Black Moon Orcus manifestation, and Venus Uranus stepping stone.  There’s a lot of heart consciousness on tap today, and as the heart awakens, we gain the freedom to shed old skin, release old labels and identities, and realize our true nature and divine blueprint.  Sometimes the beginnings of that shift can feel like an identity crisis, but once we surrender and trust, we come home to ourselves in the most powerful path of mastery.  Today’s Venus Chiron resource is incredibly helpful on the path towards an upcoming Venus/Chiron/Sun new cycle of Self Realization that will be powerfully reflected in the Libra Full Moon on 3/28.   When we shed the labels (and skin) of who we’ve been conditioned to be, we can awaken fully to see our true reflection within the heart, and finally see the manifestation of our truth, crystal clear.  Our past experiences give us wisdom, and the truth sets us free.


And Sunday 2/7 delivers a Black Moon Juno great eliminator, Black Moon Mars communion, Venus MakeMake manifestation, Mercury Pallas communion, and Black Moon South Node (karma) great eliminator.  Another huge day of Black Moon unveilings and revelations, at the physical level.  The body is a record keeper, storing every experience, thought, and belief in tiny grooves and patterns within our cellular programming.  As we unearth that patterning of information, we gain the wisdom to see what needs to be seen, to awaken the truth, and shift the conversation.  The Mercury Pallas communion is the 2nd of 3, and serves us well in awakening higher consciousness through the patterns we witness within our own operating system.  As we witness ourselves in action, we can see the patterns and triggers, and can consciously recalibrate and reprogram ourselves with Love.  If we’re not willing to see ourselves, we can’t harness the amazing power of conscious redesign and reinvention.  We must be willing to see ourselves through the lens of the heart for the clearest, unattached and unbiased lens of perspective.


The practice this week is self awareness.  As Mercury is retrograding through Aquarius, it’s important to review and reflect from an awakened lens of consciousness on all that is unearthing.  The art of raking a fine toothed comb through sand, consciously interrupting and clearing the old patterns or stagnancies in order to awaken a new vision.  Imagine combing through your own inner operating system, with Love…seeing what needs to be seen, awakening to all of it, with equanimity and compassion.  Any disempowering patterns, conversations, or conditions can be gently recalibrated and elevated to a higher frequency of Love.  We can’t see what we’re not willing to take a look at…and Love offers the magnifying lens that reveals it all, crystal clear.  As we embrace ourselves with Love, we liberate the old roots of limitation, and find freedom in our authentic expression.


“Remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we’re so deeply interconnected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is the supreme creative act.”
― Ram Dass     


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