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For the week of January 25 – 31, 2021

The week ahead reveals higher meaning from last week’s Mars Uranus new cycle.  The upcoming Full Moon in Leo offers blessings of gratitude, shining light from the awakened heart to see a new vision taking root.  We’re in a brand new world, and yet still overlapping old themes and threads that are seeking a dynamic presence of Love to transform.  Keeping our hearts open, unconditionally, is key.


Moment to moment, our presence is being called forth…in a deeper, more meaningful way than ever before.  That presence is the consciousness of our awakened heart, and it plants into the Earth like a seed of Light, activating the soil with alchemy.  As we practice bowing our heads towards the Earth, with reverence, Love, and humble appreciation, we surrender our ego and offer the purest Light from our hearts.  This is the active presence that has the potential to manifest miracles, new growth, and alchemical transformation.


Whether we like what we see moment to moment or not, it’s our consistent practice that cultivates the sacredness of the altar we kneel before.  That altar is the Earth we stand upon.  That altar is the Earth that holds the hearts of every living being – past, present, and future.  Whether we agree with each other or not, we are All here, in this moment, standing upon the same altar of sacred ground, sharing the same inhale of atmospheric breath.  We know the power of blessing our food before we eat… we can also bless the air we breathe, before we inhale, and bless the ground we step upon, before we take a step.  Our intention matters, our presence matters, and the quality of our consciousness matters.


This Earth belongs to All of us.  And for those with eyes to see from a higher lens of vision from the heart, we have the power to infuse this Earth with blessings of Love that benefit All.  Those blessings must come from an unattached equanimous seat of Love, offered freely for the highest manifestation.  When we attach our personal story or agenda onto a blessing, we limit the potential for manifestation.  True blessings come from an open heart that is in service to the expansion and evolution of All – equally.  Not just for some, not just when conditions are agreeable or favorable, but for All…unconditionally.  The evolution and awakening of humanity benefits the planet, and all beings who live here.


This week’s Full Moon in Leo reflects the newly awakened template of social consciousness – universal Love and Unity for All – which generates expansion through new ways of living and new ways of being.  Our new actions are inspired by the heart, in alignment with our true nature, and in communion with All.  When we calibrate these new frequencies, there’s nothing we can’t manifest.   Love is a frequency of consciousness that illuminates the possibilities that are always present and available…moment to moment.  Like a raindrop infused with Light that reveals rainbows and hidden dimensions, prisms of possibilities emerge in every blink of an eye.  Whether light seems readily available or not, we become generators of Light when our hearts are open.  That’s the greatest service we generate by being present, as Love.


The week begins on Monday 1/25 with a Sun Chiron resource, Venus Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, then the Black Moon retrogrades into Aries and forms a stepping stone with Chariko.  We’re reminded that our past history of wounds is a necessary key to awakening personal mastery, and when our hearts harmonize with our higher purpose and devotion, there’s beauty and inspiration powerful enough to move mountains.  When we remember why we’re here and what matters most, it’s easier to reframe those historic wounds into experiential gold mines of wisdom.  The Black Moon is retrograding back into Aries, the sign of Self Realization, and we gain another opportunity to peel back another layer as we uncover ourselves with dynamic Light.


On Tuesday 1/26, the Black Moon forms a Light Bridge with Haumea, followed by a Sun Uranus stepping stone, then Haumea stations retrograde.  The aspects today (and most of this week) are short but sweet…and extremely potent.  Haumea is the 5D archetype of wholeness, which is a key lens of consciousness for our own ascension process.  When we uncover the wholeness of any situation, we can start to see clearly and elevate to higher ground.  If we refuse to elevate to wholeness, we remain at the superficial layer, barely scratching the surface.  In this crucial moment of awakening, it’s important to continually step up, rise up, and awaken to the bigger picture.  As we ascend, we see more deeply into the wholeness and the multidimensionality of everything, until we can see ourselves and the universe in All.  As Haumea stations retrograde, we take an inward journey at the wholeness within ourselves, which is the key to healing and mastery of ourselves.  This inward journey also is the key to Unity, through wisdom, understanding, and compassion.  As we dive deeper within our own selves, we find the whole of humanity.  And as we begin to truly heal ourselves, we liberate and free humanity.


Wednesday 1/27, Chariklo enters Aquarius, followed by a Venus Eris stepping stone, Sun MakeMake manifestation, Black Moon Mercury resource, Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Ceres Vesta bridge, and Black Moon Venus stepping stone.  Aquarius consciousness is often referred to as the electric atmosphere of unexpected awakening, and Chariklo brings an element of stability to this atmosphere.  In other words, there’s a foundation to stand upon, even though the atmosphere is spontaneous and unexpected.  The veils are thinning and the heart is revealing our greatest inner awakening, as the layers of old vibrational skin are shedding quickly from the inside out.  We are freeing ourselves, and recognizing that we’ve had the power within all along.  As we calibrate divine authority from within, the old storylines of historic disempowerment start to disappear into thin air.  We’re being delivered by faith and trust, and our willingness to believe in a higher dimension of Love.  That ultimate devotion to Love is what matters most.  Love as a state of being, a frequency of consciousness, a way of being, and a divine truth of our universal nature.  When we become Love, we can finally meet ourselves, and awaken to the truth of who we really are.


On Thursday 1/28, Venus and Pluto form a new cycle, then the Full Moon in Leo is exact at 2:16pm ET, followed by a Sun Jupiter new cycle, and Black Moon Eris communion.  Today is another day of short but sweet aspects, yet ripe with abundant implications and ripple effects to last a lifetime, or longer.


The Venus Pluto new cycle reveals the empowerment of the heart to choose partnership with the underworld, behind the veils.  Pluto ushers us beyond the threshold of death and dissolution, where we return to our true nature and access divine alchemy to resurrect.  We’ve historically labeled the dissolution/death/resurrection process as scary and dark, when in fact, it’s the most divinely magical and sacred realm to experience our unyielding Light.  When everything else dissolves and crumbles, all that remains is the Light that resides within our heart, as Love.  Everything else is impermanent, and able to shape shift, redesign, and reinvent.  Love is the constant, which means Love is the most powerful force of energy there is.  In fact, Love is the agent of alchemy that facilitates transformation, new growth, and resurrection.


The Full Moon at 9 Leo is a beautiful reminder that the Light within our own hearts is as powerful as the Sun, shining Light upon the Earth unconditionally, generating Life Force Energy abundantly for All.  Our greatest contribution comes from the heart, yet if our hearts are closed off, guarded, or heavy, we can’t shine our Light.  It takes courage to walk the planet with an open heart, unconditionally, no matter what.  When conditions spontaneously erupt that feel unexpected or uncomfortable, when we’re shaken out of our familiar comfort zone or delivered a tough patch of turbulence, it’s important to keep the heart supple and open, to find the blessing in each moment, and to allow a silver lining to reveal itself.  When we remain open, our light continues to shine, which means we’re open to Love and continuing to take the high road.  This requires consciousness, courage, and faith.  If we shut down every time something unexpected occurs, we give our power away to circumstances instead of generating abundance from an authentic seat of expression.  The sun shines, 24/7, because it’s the authentic nature of the sun to shine, unconditionally.   There might still be rainy days, clouds and storms, but the sun itself is still shining.


As we awaken to our own authentic nature, the part of us that inherently shines no matter what, we discover our greatest contribution, the aspect that is unwavering and unconditional.  As a society, in community, when we each contribute what comes naturally from within, we begin to thrive and expand in new ways, sustainably and authentically…together as One.  This is a big part of the new social consciousness coming online through our Aquarian lens, and the Sun Jupiter new cycle reveals possibilities of our greatest expansion.


The Leo Moon is disposed by the Sun, which is in Aquarius…and Aquarius is disposed by Uranus, which is in Taurus – exactly at the midpoint, and holding the activation of last week’s Mars Uranus new cycle from 1/20.  All 3 of these are Love signs, and together, they manifest a higher vision through the alchemy of transformation.  Anything is possible, always….in the frequency of Love.  As we become accustomed to “expecting the unexpected” we also begin to realize that Love will always appear, sometimes when we least expect it.  As we practice keeping our hearts open unconditionally, we can see that oftentimes Love appears through us, as us.  If we look forward to a world where Love readily appears through the blink of an eye out of thin air, then we must also become accustomed to being the generators of Love, whether it appears outside of us or not.  Love awakens from within.  The magic happens after that.  Imagine Love as the new contagion in the atmosphere, spreading like wildfire across the globe, elevating us All to higher ground.


Friday 1/29, the Black Moon turns direct, still in communion with Eris, followed by a Juno Orcus stepping stone.  The great unveiling this week occurs within, as the lights come on in a way that can’t be denied or ignored.  Our reflection of Unity through the mirror reveals our infinite nature of Love, beyond time and space.  Anytime we elevate to higher ground, we discover new octaves of Love that have always been there, right in front of us.  When we keep ourselves locked up, when we guard ourselves from being hurt or protect ourselves from fear of old wounds resurfacing, we keep ourselves from the very constant that we crave and seek the most.  Love.  Everything we’re searching for is already right in front of us.  We just have to awaken from within, and recalibrate our lens of vision to recognize it.


On Saturday 1/30, Venus manifests with Sedna, and Mercury stations retrograde at 26 Aquarius, just shy of a resource with the Galactic Center.  A harmonious day of higher heart consciousness, and as Mercury stations retrograde, we take an inward dive into Divine Love.  The fact that Mercury is retrograding in Aquarius is a gift…Mercury thrives in Aquarius, and there will no doubt be some high consciousness downloads and breakthroughs to come in these next several weeks.  Mercury stations direct on February 20th, and recovers his shadow on March 13th, with the New Moon in Pisces, which is infinitely expansive and benevolent.  Today’s retrograde entrance leads the way to a fortuitous new cycle.


And Sunday 1/31 is another Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, followed by a Venus Haumea stepping stone, and a repeat Black Moon Mercury resource.  Today’s unveilings feel harmonious and gentle, like reviewing and fine tuning after a freshly exfoliated slough-off.  Nothing harsh today, just an easy day of heartfelt elevation to find the higher perspective and uncover what remains to be seen.  Each time we review and reflect, more will be revealed.  It may not feel so sudden, and yet by the time we see what we need to see, it will be plainly obvious, as if we’ve known it all along.  And the truth is, we have.


The practice this week is to keep your heart open, unconditionally, no matter what.  Notice the times that you want to close down, disconnect, or pull away.  Then ask yourself if Love is present.  To even answer that question, the heart must be open.  To acknowledge and receive Love, the heart must be open.  And if Love isn’t present, you could be the source of it, Now.  Remember, it takes courage to walk the world with an open heart.  The Leo Full Moon calibrates the courage of the lion to keep the heart unconditionally open.


“For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

~ Amanda Gorman   



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