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For the week of January 18 – 24, 2021

The week ahead delivers an intensifying crescendo into a profound new beginning, sending ripple effects through our consciousness and our planet for the next several months.  New beginnings through moments of awakening spark revolutionary change.  Although we may not see the impact of that change right away, the ripple effects are activated like sound waves from a gong.  The lens we’re living through matters, now more than ever.


This week’s Mars Uranus new cycle holds the potential for a massive awakening (beyond the ordinary wake up call) that ultimately restores our relationship with the divine nature of humanity, the nature of our planet, and the laws of nature that govern us All.  When we use power and force to override nature, we can be rudely interrupted and deeply humbled when the restorative alignment and reconciliation process occurs.   It’s not always instant, oftentimes there are warning signs and ripple effects of atmospheric shifts coming, quite noticeable as they crescendo and come to a head…initiating change.  Our willingness to be present, to be awake, and to embody our true nature is of the upmost importance.


Mars has recently traveled through an epic retrograde journey through his own sign of Aries, beginning with the shadow phase on July 25th 2020, and concluding on January 2, 2021.  For a very long time in our culture, Mars represented the masculine archetype of the warrior, the aggressor, initiating conflict, war, and power struggles.  We’ve held a long standing collective identity of Mars as the ruler of the masculine, and culturally we’ve been taught that men are meant to fight, and that power comes from active force.  With this recent retrograde cycle, and the elevation to 5D consciousness, we’re realizing and awakening to the authentic role of Mars as the co-ruler of the feminine, the white dot in the black half of the yin/yang symbol.  Because Mars connects us to our bodies and the Earth, Mars reminds us to embody our nature (the heart), and to honor our bodies in harmony with the collective environment.  We access true strength and power when we live in accordance with nature.


When we awaken to our true nature, when we self-realize, we can embody that god spark of Light and Be who we came here to Be.  If we try to override our true nature and the messaging system of the heart, we engage in a power struggle against the laws of nature, and the divine intelligence of Source.  If we use our free will to force ourselves to go against our nature, to break away from our divine essence, we generate imbalance and disharmony.  When we use our free will to align with nature, our thoughts and actions are motivated by the heart, and we engage in cohesive resonance with our environment and the laws of nature.


The key is knowing ourselves…and wholing ourselves through the awakened lens of Love.  If we can’t see ourselves clearly, if we don’t know who we are at the core of our divine essence, we can spin and fragment without even realizing it.  The journey of self awareness and realization is the most significant journey one can embark on.  It’s the key to health and wellness, as well as healthy sustainable relationships and conscious community.


When we dishonor, judge, or resist our divine nature, or the inherent nature of others, we generate friction and inflammation in the atmosphere of oneness.  It takes courage and humility to see into the heart of another being, to find what’s pure, to find the god spark of Light that exists in every one of us…especially if it’s not readily available on the surface.


When we can honor that god spark of Light within each and every one of us, we activate the beginning of a whole new world, a higher octave of humanity is revealed, and the divine blueprint of our collective orchestration is initiated.  If we insist on seeing humanity through a lens of judgment, disdain, hate, or arrogance, we cannot see the divinity that lives within ourselves, as Love.  It is our responsibility to be mindful of our own lens, and practice conscious discipline in our own private inner thoughts and actions.


We can only know another as we know ourselves, and we can only recognize in another what we have experienced or related to within ourselves.  Current behavior is not always in alignment with divine essence.  It’s important that we practice seeing beyond the actions and behaviors of humanity in order to commune with the ever present Light within.  If we continue reacting, judging, and fighting against the actions that we don’t like, we will never see the God that is present everywhere, always.  As we calibrate our vision to see Light, even when it’s dark outside, we can commune, call forth, and welcome home more and more illumination.  What we focus on grows,  What we invest in matures and manifests.  It matters that we mindfully tend to our inner actions and reactions….that’s the one place we all have 100% power, freedom, and permission to create.


There are some dynamic and even explosive energies this week, and it’s important to remember that energy by nature is neutral.  The meaning we make, and the lasting ripples of impact that inspire change, are up to us.  We’re in a “5” year, which by design is delivering dynamic change and transformation.   If we fear change, or if we infuse necessary change with reactionary judgment, blame, or arrogance, we delay and distort the manifestation.  Love is the frequency to calibrate our thoughts, words, and actions.  When we come from Love, we align with the infinite potential of the universe….and when we embody our true nature, we amplify that potential on behalf of All.


The week begins on Monday 1/18 with a Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Sun Haumea stepping stone, Black Moon Orcus manifestation, Black Moon Venus manifestation, and Venus Orcus manifestation.  Today is Martin Luther King day, and it’s important to remember that every vision and dream for the unity and oneness of humanity requires change from where we are today.   When we allow ourselves to see the wholeness of humanity and ourselves, when we allow ourselves to unconditionally Love as the default setting, we access higher realms of possibility.  Perhaps the greatest change we can initiate on behalf of our Dream for humanity is changing our own inner lens of consciousness, elevating to a higher frequency of Love.  Love is the frequency of unity, oneness, and possibility.  Love allows us to see every piece and part, every individual and group, with clarity, compassion, grace, and wisdom.  When we can see the wholeness of humanity with Love, we can begin to understand unity and oneness.


Tuesday 1/19 is a Sun Chariklo new cycle, then Vesta stations retrograde, the Sun enters Aquarius, then Pallas forms a resource with the Great Attractor, and Albion stations direct.   There is a stabilizing force of energy today as passions run high.  As the Sun enters Aquarius, there’s a potent activation of electricity in the atmosphere.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius represents Divine Love, universal Love, and the frequency of Love that is a measurable state of consciousness in our collective atmosphere.  The atmosphere of Love is highly electric, spontaneous, and outside the box.  It shakes up the status quo in the blink of an eye, usually unexpectedly and unapologetically.  We are in the Aquarian Age now, and as our social consciousness is beginning to resonate with a higher frequency of consciousness, there are revolutionary movements that can take shape out of thin air.  Aquarian consciousness delivers innovative thoughts, new ideas, and cutting edge solutions that forward humanity and deliver a higher vision of what’s possible.  Albion’s station today is the echo of Uranus’ station last week, a ripple effect of the wake up call that’s getting our attention, right on cue.


On Wednesday 1/20, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Juno just after 10am, then Mars and Uranus form a new cycle at 3:38pm ET, within minutes of Mercury’s manifestation with the North Node (dharmic) and resource with the South Node (karmic).   Today is Inauguration Day in the US, an historic transition of power, and the blaring highlight is the Mars Uranus new cycle, off the heels of a void moon.  There will be instant live communications, as the whole world is watching a dramatic shift in power, for a country who holds a global seat of power.  It’s important that we realize the karmic and dharmic expressions of power and authority so that we can transcend the limitations and awaken to the higher octave of divine power.  This global event holds sacred meaning for every individual watching, and depending upon the lens we’re all looking through, there can be a radical awakening of new consciousness as we plant ourselves in the awakened presence of Love.  Uranus – the Great Awakener – is the dispositor of Aquarius, and this new cycle in Taurus is a new cycle for the Earth. Moving forward, our presence matters.  How we root ourselves into the Earth matters.  No matter what country we live in, no matter what we believe or how we choose to express, our hearts root into the heart of the earth, and the souls of our feet commune with the Earth every day.  If we think we are separate, if we think we don’t matter, if we think our thoughts don’t make a different, we’re wrong.  We’re about to realize just how powerful the presence of one awakened heart can be, and the actions that arise from a heart that beats in resonance with the laws of nature.


Thursday 1/21, the Moon communes with Uranus, Mars, and the Black Moon, highlighting the intersection of the upcoming Leo Full Moon on 1/28.  Then Ceres and Neptune activate a new cycle.  We’re able to reflect much more deeply on the events from yesterday as the Moon sheds light and sparks an intuitive preview of what’s to come next week.  The degree of the Mars/Uranus new cycle is in a perfect stepping stone/ intersection with the upcoming Full Moon on 1/28, which reminds us to see the blessing in all things, and find gratitude with an open heart.  An intersection is a choice point, and we have access to that choice now.  No matter what, choose Love.  It takes courage to walk the planet with an open heart… to choose to open unconditionally, again and again.  When the heart is open, we are delivered to clarity and truth.  When the heart is closed, there is confusion and distortion, we can only see what we believe we’re right about.


On Friday 1/22, there’s a Varuna Salacia manifestation, Jupiter MakeMake manifestation, Ceres intersects the Nodes, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Jupiter and a great eliminator with MakeMake and then communes with Mars, followed by a Mercury Vesta great eliminator, Saturn Varuna Light Bridge, Mars MakeMake great eliminator, Saturn Salacia resource, and Black Moon Uranus communion.  Today is extremely active, and most notable is the Ceres intersection of the Nodes.  We’re delivered to another significant choice point.  Repeat the past cycles and patterns of karmic limitation, or find the wisdom and elevate to a dharmic path of liberation.  Remember, we’re in a “5” vibration year, and change implies “doing things different”, jumping off the karmic roller coaster, and elevating to higher ground for a new possibility.  We can’t continue to cycle through old consciousness and expect new outcomes.  We must wake up and elevate to higher ground in order to expand.  The Light Bridge today gives access to a much higher lens of vision, and our power lies in the ability to choose that lens.  Those who can see from an elevated perspective hold the greatest seat of power.  Not by force, but by awakening to universal oneness and wholeness and choosing to live from that lens of perspective.


Saturday 1/23 is a Mars Jupiter stepping stone, Venus Neptune resource, Venus North Node great eliminator, Sun Varuna Light Bridge, Sun Salacia resource, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, and Sun Saturn new cycle.  The Sun amplifies the Light Bridge, and generates light codes of awakening that calibrate a higher lens of social consciousness.  The highest vision for humanity, the Dream of Unity, manifests through an Aquarian Lens of Awakened Love.  It may not take shape overnight, but the vision is calibrated, and the template is active in our consciousness.


And Sunday 1/24, the Black Moon intersects the Sun/Saturn Light bridge with Varuna, followed by a Venus Ceres resource, Mercury Eris resource, and Mars Albion new cycle.  As Mars communes with Albion for a new cycle, we experience the echo of Wednesday’s Mars Uranus new cycle.  Lightning and Thunder.  Sometimes we don’t fully realize the lightning when it strikes, but the thunder offers validation and provides a necessary exclamation point to the event.  Without a doubt, this is a week to remember, and a profound time to Wake Up.


The practice this week is to expect the unexpected.  When the atmosphere gets awakened by electricity, find your inner equilibrium within the heart.  Let go of any attachments, find a neutral still point of Love, and allow the week to unfold.  There’s no way to navigate this week without a profound eye opening revelation or two, possibly even a life altering wake up call.  Don’t look for it or try to make something happen, let it unfold.  Remember, when lightning strikes, it comes fast, without warning.  Let yourself be surprised, but make sure your heart remains open with Love, always.


“Sometimes, Grace throws you and your ‘world’ into  the washing machine, full spin, so that the fearful and controlling tendency  is compelled to offer itself to the Totality—to the will and dance of the Cosmos.”
― Mooji


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