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For the week of January 11 – 17, 2021

This week delivers the final conclusion of the Scorpio wormhole/eclipse passage that began on November 14th, and we’re crossing yet another important threshold of a significant ending/new beginning.  Expect the unexpected as we experience some sudden shifts and pivots along the way.  Like a plane coming in for a bumpy landing, it’s important to find our seats and buckle up.  It’s been an intense and unpredictable ride!


This week’s Capricorn New Moon is the completion of that passage, and a new beginning of the next chapter…more change.  In order to establish new ground, we must be willing to let go of the current ground we’re standing on.  We can’t get to 2nd base if we cling to 1st.  Every conscious leap into the unknown requires faith and trust, and access to a higher vision.  Otherwise, we’re just spinning in circles and chasing our tails, repeating the past all over again.  We’ve been there, done that, and this is an opportunity to truly initiate our greatest reinvention, the resurrection that transcends where we’ve been for lifetimes.


We’re returning to our true nature, and in the process, learning to honor and take care of nature…our environment, each other, and the higher laws and principles that serve to protect.  This shift in consciousness doesn’t just happen overnight, there are moments of awakening that shake us to the core, allowing us to loosen up our attachments to what we think we’re seeing, and shine light through the blind spots of our limited perceptions.  Dynamic change and transformation require consistency, diligence, and practice.  Over time, we begin to see the higher vision manifesting and taking shape, but in the beginning, it starts with our commitment to be the change, whether we can see it or not.


As we become the visionary leaders, the facilitators of transformation, and the alchemists of new possibilities, we recognize more and more that faith and trust are fundamental qualities of consciousness to embody.  If we lose hope when we see unfathomable events happening in the world around us, we can easily lose our footing and spiral into fear based doubts and insecurities.  We must not be reactionary to the events that are occurring around us.   That doesn’t mean we don’t care, and it doesn’t mean we don’t respond.  Any response from an awakened lens of consciousness has the power to shift the dynamic and initiate change, in the moment.  A triggered reaction from a wounded lens of consciousness has the power to repeat the wound, and amplify it.


Our choice (and our responsibility) is to remain awake, as conscious leaders, and continue shining the light through a higher lens of vision.  A bright shining light will illuminate everything…the shadows and the wisdom, the blind spots and the Truth.  Light doesn’t avoid or bypass reality, it simply permeates through and reveals the multidimensionality of everything in full technicolor vision.   When we find ourselves getting attached to one perspective, we must soften our gaze and continue to expand our lens of vision to see the wholeness of everything.  Wholeness reveals truth, and wholeness is the key to healing.


As the Scorpio wormhole passage winds down to completion, we initiate the beginning of the end of our outdated structures, agreements, contracts, and definitions.  Anything that we’ve outgrown needs to be recycled and reinvented in order to support and sustain the maximum growth and transformation coming up ahead.  As we shed the old stories of wounded consciousness that have been living in our skin, we liberate from within, revealing a different version of ourselves, which requires a renegotiation of our social contracts and agreements.  In other words, if we’ve held back or played small in any way, now we must own our power and renegotiate the contracts of our relationships, setting healthy boundaries for sustainable growth.  We are not who we were, and moving forward, we must redefine the structures that support and define us.


This week also initiates a powerful upcoming Mercury retrograde journey and new cycle with Pallas.  Mercury enters his shadow this Friday 1/15, stations retrograde on 1/30, then stations direct on 2/20, and recovers his shadow on 3/13, right before the New Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter.   Mercury retrograding in Aquarius ushers in new consciousness of the highest order, which results in new innovative solutions, out of the box ideas, and a new vision that forwards humanitarian evolution.  We’re headed into a massive expansion of higher wisdom, but first, we must allow the new consciousness to take root within our inner operating system.


Mercury has a retrograde cycle 3 times a year, for 21 days….and during that time, our inner operating system takes a pause from our regular programming, in order to go inward and receive updates and new calibrations.   It matters that we allow this process to organically unfold, it serves us well in the long run.  Just like our computers need time to process new updates and to assimilate massive downloads, so do we.


Bottom line, we’re in the midst of radical transformation that requires a letting go of the old familiar patterns, the limitations of status quo programming, in order to expand into new territory and experience new consciousness manifesting through every step, breath, and thought.  The more we learn to let go, surrendering to the inner equilibrium of peace and stillness, the more clearly we can navigate the transitions as they occur.  Situations may not always be easy, but we can find the flow of ease and harmony within.


The week begins on Monday 1/11 with a Mercury Jupiter new cycle, Mercury Chiron resource, Jupiter Chiron resource, Venus Salacia stepping stone, and Venus Varuna great eliminator.  Get ready for a massive expansion of our inner operating system that stretches beyond any historic limiting thoughts or beliefs.  Remember, the only limitations that exist are the ones we subscribe to within our own mind.  As we shed the skin of old wounds and release the vibrational imprint of any fears or insecurities, we gain the mastery and brilliance to expand into new territory and shine.  As we remember our true nature, our limitless capacity through Love, we can elevate to a higher lens of vision where new possibilities emerge.


On Tuesday 1/12, Venus starts a new cycle with Quaoar, followed by a Mercury Uranus stepping stone, Juno MakeMake resource, Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, Venus Chiron stepping stone, and the Black Moon retrogrades back into Taurus.   The heart syncs up with the universal mind, taking our yin/yang ascension point to a higher octave of awakening.  The truth is, our heart is the gateway to universal consciousness, and when the awakened heart merges with the universal mind, we experience the wholeness of the universe, from within.  This consciousness sparks quantum leaps that instantly heal, restore, and reclaim our divine nature and blueprint.


Wednesday 1/13 is the New Moon at 24 Capricorn – just after midnight ET, followed by a Mercury MakeMake manifestation, Sun Eris stepping stone, Mercury Juno resource, Mars Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Mercury Albion stepping stone, Venus Uranus manifestation, and Black Moon Sedna communion.   The New Moon in Capricorn is a powerful new beginning that also heralds the ending of what can no longer continue.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn represents Divine Power and Authority, the higher laws of the universe, and the reconciliation of our relationship with power.  We all have free will, however Divine Will is the law of the universe.   There are certain laws of nature that man can’t override without consequence.


Interesting that this particular New Moon delivers us from the 2 month long eclipse passage that initiated in mid November.  That Scorpio passage was ruled by Pluto, the archetype of death/rebirth, transformation, and alchemy.  We’ve all been through a very alchemical journey, dissolving what has expired (whether we realized it or not), and experiencing the thinning of the veils between our physical dimension and the “other side” of pure infinite potential.  By releasing our attachments to old expressions, we can metabolize that energy and unlock the hidden potential for new manifestation of a higher vision.  If we cling and hold on, we stagnate ourselves…and eventually there is a shedding process whether we like it or not.  The nature of our universe is change, and every new beginning reveals an opportunity for new forms, structures, agreements, and contracts.   That’s what Capricorn delivers.


The Capricorn New Moon is disposed by Saturn, who is now officially in Aquarius, bringing our social consciousness into a brand new era along with Jupiter.  It’s time to build the new framework for the future evolution of humanity…but first, we need to be crystal clear about where we’ve been, what works, and what doesn’t work.  We can’t bring old limitations into the new chapter, it will only repeat past results.  It’s time for something new, and that consciousness is currently being awakened on the planet.  This truly is a the beginning of the end of what we’ve known, as we awaken and resurrect into the new expression.  Anything new must be sustainable, and it must support our greatest expansion.


On Thursday 1/14, Uranus stations direct, followed by a Sun Pluto new cycle, Venus MakeMake stepping stone, Black Moon Sun manifestation, and Black Moon Pluto manifestation.  The Uranus station is a significant exclamation point, especially coming off the heels of a New Moon in Capricorn.  We must wake up to the blind spots within our foundation in order to see what needs to be seen.  As uncomfortable as that sounds, it’s necessary, and can be quite liberating if we can embrace the wake up call with open arms.  We know it’s time for change, and yet we may not know what exactly needs to shift…until the flash of lightning shows us.  That moment of awakening can be sudden, but it’s never by accident.  The more awake we are right now, the more consciously we can navigate the transitions ahead.  When we let the heart lead the way, we can trust the steps we’re taking.


Friday 1/15, Mercury enters his retrograde shadow at 11 Aquarius, followed by a Venus Albion manifestation, Mars Varuna stepping stone, and Black Moon Vesta manifestation.  This upcoming Mercury Retrograde cycle is epic, and will lead to some very high frequency downloads of consciousness.  Mercury turns retrograde on January 30, then stations direct on February 20, and recovers his shadow on March 13.  All of this happens within Aquarian consciousness, which is where Mercury really thrives.  If we can get out of our own way, we’re in for some radical upgrades in our thinking, as well as channeled messages and higher vision.  Any communication that occurs during this time will be revisited, so be patient.  Each time a scenario is revisited, there will be new consciousness awakened.


On Saturday 1/16, Pallas and Orcus form a great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Pallas communion (1st of 3), then the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with the South (karmic) node, and a resource with Neptune.   The Mercury Pallas communion is a theme in the upcoming retrograde journey.  Pallas reveals divine feminine wisdom, which is relevant and necessary in our new chapter of social consciousness.  Wisdom is timeless and universal, and can be shared and applied to various dimensions and themes.  Wisdom is gained at the personal level, then shared collectively through community, elevating the whole.  The way of the feminine is community, shared exchange of resources, and wisdom is the highest valued resource there is.  It benefits all, without exception.  Wisdom is a form of medicine that heals our collective wounds and elevates us to higher ground.  Wisdom shared with Love is the key to collective transcendence.


And Sunday 1/17 is a Black Moon Ceres resource, Mars Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Great Attractor resource, Sun Sedna manifestation, Jupiter Uranus stepping stone, and Black Moon Mercury stepping stone.  We have an opportunity to act and respond from higher thinking today, and it’s important to not get caught up in impulsive triggers and reactions.  Remember, higher consciousness comes from the heart, and takes us to higher ground.  Primal triggers take us into the past muscle memory where we repeat old patterns of fears and insecurities.  Today is a day to expand through new consciousness, to wake up mid-stride and elevate instead of spiral down.   We are manifesting from the highest template of crystalline consciousness, and new options are available if we’re willing to open.


The practice this week is patience and grace.  Patience allows us to breathe deeply and stretch through the space between our thoughts and emotions, in order to access new consciousness or see through a higher lens.  If we lose patience and push forward on our agenda, we might miss the rich fertile soil of newness that holds the template for a higher vision to reveal itself and take shape.  Remember, this week delivers us from the Scorpio wormhole passage, into the New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto….change and transformation is still the theme, everywhere we look.  We can’t rush change, and we can’t pretend we don’t see it coming.  Grace softens the edges and reminds us to surrender with acceptance while honoring the divine flow of all that is occurring.


“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.”
― Paulo Coelho


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