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For the week of January 4 – 10, 2021

Welcome to 2021!  As we transition into the “5” vibration of this year, we’re already feeling the accelerated frequency of dynamic change, transformation, and the new potential for growth.  Along with our social consciousness now in Aquarius, we can count on revolutionary sparks to fly when we least expect it.  Our relationship with change is important, being agile and adaptable as we navigate the road ahead is key.


Change, by nature, can trigger a stress response in the body, highlighting our vulnerabilities, sensitivities, and blind spots.  Unexpected change can trigger old wounds and traumas, revealing the opportunities for deep healing and inner caretaking.  As we step into a year that’s designed to initiate dynamic change, it’s important to cultivate a healthy relationship with change and transformation.  And it’s especially important to slow down through the transitions, get present, find our footing, and open to all the new consciousness that is available.


We’re still in the final hours of a Scorpio wormhole passage ending on January 12th/13th.  This incredibly rich and intense passage is disposed by Pluto, the archetype of transformation, alchemy, and death/rebirth.  Not by coincidence, the New Moon in Capricorn that concludes the wormhole initiates a brand new beginning, also conjunct Pluto.  No matter how you look at it, change is here…and that can either be exciting or scary, depending upon which lens you’re looking through.


We’ve all had the opportunity to recalibrate our lens of vision in the year 2020, restoring our inner equilibrium and orientation to what matters most, from the heart.  The number “4” vibration from last year supported us in cultivated a new foundation, a place to stand – fully empowered within ourselves.  As we move forward now, we can see what needs to be seen, we welcome the clarity of Truth like never before.  As truth is revealed, we have a choice of how to respond.  Now that Mars has fully recovered his retrograde shadow, we have an even more important choice to make…do we respond from Love or fear, from new consciousness or old muscle memory, from faithful optimism or from the wounded skin of our past traumas?  Which lens of consciousness is motivating our thoughts, interpretations, actions, and results?   And are we present enough to notice?


In order to evolve, to move into new uncharted dimensions of possibility, we must consciously discipline ourselves to be present, to think from the heart, and listen to the inner conversation that’s motivating and inspiring right action.  If we’re reacting in fear, we’re limiting ourselves and what’s possible…we can only repeat where we’ve been before.  In order to manifest new results, to experience unprecedented outcomes, and to embody our most awakened Self, we must be aware of our inner communications, and the consciousness that’s producing the dialogue we’re living in.


When we recognize we’re engaging in a limiting belief, or projecting old stories onto the present moment, we must realize that we have a choice.  We can choose to change the channel of our inner programming, we can elevate the conversation through a higher lens of vision, and tune into a new thread of consciousness from there.  New consciousness is required to generate new thoughts, to initiate new actions, and experience new possibilities.  Consciousness is the new medicine that can awaken, interrupt, and elevate any frequency pattern that we’re currently living in.  The consciousness of Love is the universal frequency that allows us to see the wholeness in all things, including ourselves.


Through the lens of Awakened Love, we can see clearly what needs to be seen, new awareness is possible.  Without Love, we judge, resist, and ignore what we don’t want to see, there’s no room for expansion, elevation, or growth…we become narrow minded and rigid.  Without Love, there’s avoidance, suppression, and stagnancy that becomes so heavy we can’t even begin to imagine anything else.  The Aquarian Consciousness that is now available in our social lens gives rise to the new future that comes from an atmosphere of Love…where new solutions and innovative ideas can spontaneously manifest from thin air.


As we usher in a new era of social consciousness, it’s important to understand what Love looks like, sounds like, and behaves like…as an atmospheric frequency.  We’ve understood love as an emotion, a feeling, a connection to the heart with compassion, kindness, and empathy.   Love as a force of nature is potent, electric, activating, and awakening.  It can strike fast and deep when you least expect it, causing such a shake up that the old familiar patterns and conditioned grooves are challenged and even compromised.  When Love awakens a higher vision, we’re faced with a choice to surrender and elevate, or resist and cling to what’s familiar and known.  Eventually the option of resistance becomes too uncomfortable.


An atmosphere of awakened Love can usher in dynamic change, sometimes in the blink of an eye.  When Love appears, everything changes, and new possibilities emerge out of thin air.  Love inspires hidden potential to reveal itself, Love transcends fears or doubts, and Love can also bring us to our knees in an unexpected heartbeat of humility and gratitude.  As we imagine a world of Love, we must also consider the dynamic change, the atmospheric shifts that are involved in the manifestation of a higher vision.


It takes fierce courage to live in Love, unconditionally, no matter what.  To remain open, unconditionally, as the response of Love, as the atmospheric calibration of a higher octave of what’s possible – whether we see any evidence or proof around us or not.  Love is a presence, not dependent upon any outcome or agenda.  Oftentimes humans will express Love when things look a certain way, when they’re treated a particular way, or when outcomes match what they want to see.  When things get turbulent or unpredictable, or when old traumas get triggered, it’s easy to collapse and calibrate back to the wounded consciousness, embodying the past instead of staying open to what’s available here and now.  It can happen in a nanosecond.  An old familiar wire gets tripped, the system freaks out, and the nervous system triggers the fight/flight/freeze pattern initiating primal survival mechanisms, and suddenly the body is activated in fear.


Imagine being able to hold a seat of presence, an atmosphere of Love, that becomes the default setting within.  Then when an old traumatic wound gets reactivated, there’s so much Love in the inner atmosphere, that it’s gently soothed and re-educated into a new conversation, through muscle memory activation and re-education.  The old patterns must get activated in order to re-educate and reaffirm new consciousness into the body.  Those unexpected moments of triggers are actually a blessing and an opportunity to consciously bring our undivided attention into our skin and re-educate the muscle memory by shifting the conversation to Love.


Our bodies store the records of every event we’ve ever experienced.  And our bodies also store the records of our inner dialogue, the default programming of our inner operating system and our preferred settings of interpretations and responses.  An acute awareness of our “in-the-moment” experiences can support us immensely in editing our own code, rewriting the script, and upgrading our system to a higher octave of functionality.   Again, consciousness is the new medicine for optimal health.  Consciousness is required to rewrite our inner code.  And nobody else has access to our code like we do…if we know ourselves inside and out.


If we try to change the people around us so that we don’t get triggered by their behavior, we can spend a lot of time and energy getting nowhere but frustrated.  Other people can’t possibly manage or tip toe around our own inner coding so that we don’t get hurt by our own past experiences.  Our responsibility is to turn the spotlight within ourselves, and clean out the cobwebs and misaligned programming that’s running the tapes behind the scenes.  That’s where we realize the power we hold to rewrite our own script, upgrade the code, and elevate the conversation we’re living in….literally inside of our own skin.


This is a necessary part of our inner reconstruction, our transformation and rebirth.  Threading our newly awakened consciousness all the way into our cellular memory by walking our talk, living inside of the skin that reflects a higher frequency of Love, and practicing the conscious discipline to refine the inner mastery of ourselves…through our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions.  Sustainable power is being returned to the individual, right into our own lap.  It’s not up to anyone else but us…and that’s liberating, refreshing, and exciting!


The week begins on Monday 1/4 with a Mars Haumea Light Bridge, Mercury Eris stepping stone, Ceres Orcus bridge, Black Moon Chariklo manifestation, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Mercury Pluto new cycle, and then the Black Moon enters Gemini.   Today’s Light Bridge gives us access to wholeness through the body.  When we take an elevated perspective through our physicality, the body becomes a gateway to higher consciousness.  The Ceres Orcus bridge ushers in the timeless immortality of our soul, which can be felt and witnessed through our physicality when we’re mindful and awake.  The Mercury Pluto new cycle is a new beginning of the resurrected mental body/operating system.  After all that we’ve experienced in 2020, and especially the current completion of the Scorpio wormhole passage, we are brand new, from the inside out.  The Messenger within has access beyond the veils and behind the curtain, and there’s so much to tune into right now.  As the Black Moon enters Gemini, prepare for unveiling of messages and communications, in multiple streams and dimensions.


On Tuesday 1/5, there are no major aspects.  The Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Ixion, and then manifests with Saturn.  With the accelerated activation of change and transformation this year, it’s important to take advantage of any opportunities to slow down.  Breathing into the empty space allows the newness to come online and fully reveal itself.  Our divine blueprint is crystal clear, and if we tune in, we can manifest from that clarity and begin to set forth the new template and structure for what’s coming through.   Remember, the new structures need to be able to support our greatest expansion, sustainably.  Now is the time to pay attention to our current contracts, agreements, roles, and definitions to make sure they’re in alignment with our highest vision and the highest version of our true nature.  If we’re too busy or distracted, we might miss this.


Wednesday 1/6 is a very significant day…starting with a Jupiter Salacia resource, Venus Galactic Center new cycle, Venus Sedna great eliminator, then Mars enters Taurus, and Mercury manifests with Sedna.  As Mars enters Taurus, we begin to ground the new consciousness of our physicality, and plant ourselves into the deep presence of the heart.  The next evolution is to embody our heart, and as we bring our undivided attention into the heart, our cells begin to commune with that frequency of consciousness.  When we embody our heart, we are in tune with our true nature, in every way.  The heart is the gateway to the center of the universe – Source – and when we unify body and heart, we become the embodiment of that gateway, truly at One with Source, motivated and inspired into action from that divine channel of communication.


On Thursday 1/7, the Black Moon forms a resource with Salacia, then turns retrograde, followed by a Mars Ixion manifestation, Mercury Chariklo new cycle, Venus Haumea resource, Mercury Haumea stepping stone, and Ceres Great Attractor stepping stone.  The Mercury Chariklo new cycle is a stabilizing calibration of the new structure within our own mind and operating system.  It’s important that we consciously choose the high road, the elevation to higher ground.  Our thoughts matter, and the stability we create by disciplining our mind towards higher Love matters.  Remember, the body is aligning and unifying with the heart, and we’ve already recognized the importance of the mind/heart union.  As we begin to integrate the wholeness of our entire lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical), the awakened union ushers in a whole new octave of consciousness.  This is where we begin to unleash our greatest creative potential.


Friday 1/8 is a Jupiter Varuna Light Bridge, then Mercury enters Aquarius, Venus enters Capricorn, followed by a Sun Neptune resource, Venus Ixion new cycle, Uranus Juno great eliminator, and Mercury Mars stepping stone.  Another incredibly powerful day…the Light Bridge illuminates the expansive nature of our cosmic lens of vision.  The more we elevate and refine our lens of higher vision, the more limitless and expansive our vision becomes.  As Mercury enters Aquarius, the mental body awakens new innovative threads of ideas, solutions, and possibilities.  Mercury thrives in Aquarius, and this is a time for mental body brilliance, the capacity to think outside the box and awaken cutting edge ideas that can alter our world forever.  Venus in Capricorn gives powerful structure to the heart, and the divine authority to lead the way, and carve a path to travel with intention.  The heart is also in a new cycle with Ixion, so the divine blueprint of our purpose and meaning for being here is activated and in a position of power.  When the heart aligns with a higher purpose, there’s no stopping us.  That kind of alignment inspires fierce commitment and drive that is unstoppable – able to move mountains from the integrity of the heart, not by force.  There’s a natural ease that comes from this kind of commitment, the willingness to go the distance for a purpose that lives within the heart.


On Saturday 1/9, the Black Moon repeats the manifestation with Saturn, followed by a Venus Mars manifestation, Sun North Node great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury manifestation, and Mercury Saturn new cycle.  Another potent day of new beginnings and new manifestations.  Venus and Mars find their harmonic resonance as the body calibrates in tune with the heart.  The body is the instrument, and the heart contains the frequency that brings us into higher resonance with our authentic nature.  There’s magic and beauty on tap today, if we can surrender to the authority of the heart and let go of any ego agendas.  Now is not the time to force or push anything to happen, the key is surrender and allow, find the alignment with nature, and trust in the collaborative partnership and harmony.  There are new negotiations and agreements today, so trust the clarity and brilliance of the awakened Messenger and say what needs to be said….the future structures and foundations will be built upon that clarity.


And Sunday 1/10 is a Black Moon Venus great eliminator, then Eris stations direct, followed by Chariklo Haumea stepping stone, Mercury Salacia resource, Sun Vesta manifestation, and Mercury Varuna Light Bridge.   Interesting that the week began with a Mars Haumea Light Bridge and ends with a Mercury Varuna Light Bridge.  Mind and Body are ushering in some very high frequency consciousness, elevating to 5D as we embody our awakened wholeness and expansive vision.  The Eris station today delivers some necessary friction and disruption, and its important to remember why it matters.  Friction provides the necessary activation and initiation for necessary change.  We don’t awaken or transform when we’re comfortable, complacent, or sedentary in our fixed ways.  There must be a catalyst to get our attention, to show where the irritation is, to inspire a shift from the inside out.  When the skin we’re living in becomes too uncomfortable to continue any longer, we must break free…that moment of irritation or disruption activates a shedding process, and ignites our capacity to move into new territory.  When we can’t hold back another minute, that release or explosion needs to be honored.  There’s truth and freedom in anything that unleashes today.  It may not be about the thing or the scenario itself, but the actual release is necessary.  When we lose our cool, blow our top, or erupt like a volcano, there’s usually something deep within that needs to breathe and needs our urgent attention.  Once we let go, we can’t hold on any longer, and we experience freedom.  The irritant itself is not the issue…whatever awakens within us is the highlighted event.


The practice this week is to find your footing in any new terrain, and go slow in the beginning, in order to go fast in the long run.  If we trample into new ground without tuning into what’s new, we can’t see clearly, and our projected assumptions cloud the space, clogging up any potential for new growth.  Try a barefoot walking meditation outside this week, or a barefoot hike in nature.  Notice how attentive you must be in order to traverse the unexpected shifts and changes in the elements when walking barefoot.  Go slow.  Take a step with the inhale, then take a step with the exhale.  Allow the souls of your feet to listen and commune with the new ground you’re stepping upon.  Find your heartbeat in the souls of your feet, and walk with humble curiosity, exploring from a new perspective, honoring your sensitivities and vulnerabilities, with an open heart.  This is the way to walk as we enter a new chapter and a new dimension of consciousness.


“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – Maya Angelou 


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  1. You did it again Christine-you blew my mind! This report builds so beautifully from last weeks report. I really felt the power of your words relating to what love is. Thank you for your continue “fierce” tenacity in your purpose path, I am most grateful. I woke this Tuesday morning at 2:30 AM and was def on an old track of thoughts and emotions. In being wide awake, I got online to read your report and this was the booster shot I needed to de-rail the old patterns and open anew, so I will now meditate on this!

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