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For the week of December 28, 2020 – January 3, 2021

The week ahead delivers the transition of a lifetime as we usher in a brand new year and deliver ourselves across a nourishing threshold of divine awakening.  We are not who we were a year ago, that’s for sure.  Everything has changed.  More importantly, the lens through which we’re navigating is different now.  With fresh eyes, the world looks brand new.  With higher vision calibrated from the heart, we recognize that WE are brand new, from the inside out.


Our inner landscape has shifted.  The old reference points and attachments have been dissolved, altering our perception and orientation.  Through the process, we’ve established an inner equilibrium like never before.  A fierce resilience to go deep inside, finding peace in the unknown, safety and comfort inside the presence of our own quiet heart, and solid ground within our capacity to trust in a higher lens of vision.  By recalibrating our lens to 20/20, we’ve attuned to a higher mechanism for clarity and truth, shedding the illusions and distortions that congest our ability to commune with Light.  Finding Light at the end of the tunnel, we’ve actually found ourselves.  Surrendering through the birth canal of transformation, we are delivered…wide awake, in new skin, in a brand new chapter of social consciousness.


It’s important to remember that every transition includes a completion and new beginning.  The threshold in between is a portal of truth, a still point (the void).   Every ending includes a dissolution, a journey through the alchemical fire of transmutation into an anti-gravity threshold of suspended empty space.  From here, we can shed any final debris as we return to pure formless consciousness, birthed into a new chapter, new intention, new foundation.  How well we navigate this threshold matters.


Perhaps the most universally symbolic transition from old to new is the official New Year’s Eve countdown.  Humanity mindfully counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds with focus and precision.  If we all realized that the countdown includes a portal of alchemical transmutation and a threshold of zero gravity to dissolve our wounds, suffering, and attachments, the world would truly be born anew.  This year, we’re in a Scorpio wormhole/eclipse passage disposed by Pluto, bringing us even more intimately aware of the process of death/dying, shedding, dissolving, and the alchemy of transformation/rebirth/resurrection like never before.  It’s fresh in our consciousness, and the gift is acute awareness of the preciousness of Life and the gift of conscious choice to be here, now.  Fully present and awake.



The truth is, there are no guarantees here in the physical dimension.  The nature of life is change, and oftentimes an unexpected rude awakening can alter our reality in the humbling blink of an eye.  When we resist change, we suffer.  Our bodies produce inflammation, resistance, congestion, and disease.  Our minds spin out clinging to attachments of what’s better or worse in comparison to where we are now.  And as a result, the heart grows weary, heavy, and cold.


The cure is presence…deep presence attained by stillness, sitting with what is, and opening unconditionally to feel and bear witness to all of it, with Love.  Equanimity is the art of sitting with what is, being present with all that is unfolding in the moment, feeling and sensing it all, without resisting, clinging, numbing out, avoiding, or detaching.  In a state of deep presence, we witness the multidimensional magic of alchemy and transformation.  In a deep state of Love, we become the agent of alchemy, unlocking the potential for new manifestation.  Our presence is necessary for transcendence.


This year has definitely provided countless opportunities to practice presence, stillness, and equanimity…opportunities to sit with our own mind and heart in our laps, and tend to what’s there.  If we say we want to heal the planet and awaken humanity, we must realize it begins with learning to hold deep sacred space within ourselves, for ourselves.  As we do, we see the world and humanity mirrored inside of us.  In the quiet private moments of uncertainty, learning to find the inner silence, the still point of peace, while unraveling, untethering, and dissolving unto ourselves.  Witnessing our own ego patterns emerge from the depth of old traumas and wounds, while gently holding space for it all to be met with Love, compassion, and grace…like rocking a newborn baby to sleep.  How we would hold an innocent newborn baby is how we must learn to hold ourselves in the vulnerable moments of uncertainty.  In those moments, we create the sacred space for old traumas to dissolve, old attachments can melt, and eventually there is a renewal that restores divine innocence as we shed the skin of our wounds and become the expression of our infinite nature…resurrected and reborn in our purest form.


As we release the attachments to the old skin, the residue that contains our greatest suffering, it’s important to honor the wholeness of our experiences with reverence.  While it might be easy to say “good riddance” while stepping out of a painful year or passage of time, it’s wise to remember that the darkest of days contain the most fertile soil, a profound facilitator of alchemy and transformation.  As we learn to honor the darkness as much as the light, we walk in reverence and equanimity, in resonance with the wholeness of life, the cycles of nature, and the entirety of the universe.  This is how we cultivate mastery, by honoring the wholeness and forgiving the elements of suffering.  What matters most is who we become as we navigate our experiences.  Our experiences refine us, giving dimension, resilience, and brilliance to our nature.


We truly are at a turning point – a new chapter, a new era, and a new dimension of consciousness.  We’re in the Aquarian Age of humanitarian evolution, awakening, and reinvention.  It’s up to us to be the revolutionary leaders of ourselves, from within.  Inspired and motivated by a higher vision of possibility, we must realize that we’re here to awaken what’s not yet tangible.  If we’re waiting to see proof before finding peace, we must realize that we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.  There is no other authority that can give us permission to awaken our divine nature, there is no institution or political system that will give us the keys to activate our higher consciousness.  We must wake up and be responsible for ourselves and stop waiting for permission.  The new possibilities we imagine for our planet will manifest when we believe in ourselves and take action from a lens of higher vision, with Love.


This week delivers a Full Moon like no other….a massive banquet of nourishing Love, comfort, and assurance to restore, refuel, and empower each and every one of us with abundance.  Love is the main course, the vital nutrient for sustainable fuel.  How we navigate this week matters.  How we step across the threshold of 2020 – 2021 matters.  The wisdom that we integrate from where we’ve been will illuminate the path moving forward, and our willingness to find peace with ourselves and each other is key.  There is no return back to “normal”…this is a profound moment of awakening that delivers and ushers the new.  We are standing at the cutting edge of a brand new era, a brand new world.   With fresh eyes, open hearts, and refined wisdom, we welcome 2021.


The week begins on Monday 12/28 with a Uranus Pallas stepping stone, then the Black Moon turns direct at 0 Taurus, followed by a Sun MakeMake stepping stone, and Mercury Orcus manifestation.   The Black Moon starts a journey through Taurus this week that delivers some incredible unveilings and revelations.  There’s a lot of wisdom available in unexpected places.  The key this week is to slow down in order to digest and reflect on all of it.   The wisdom gained from 2020 becomes the solid stepping stones for 2021.  Remember, wisdom is universal which means it’s also fluid in nature.  These stepping stones can take us anywhere, as long as we trust the process and divine timing.


Tuesday 12/29 is the Full Moon at 9 Cancer at 10:29pm ET.  There are no other aspects today, this is the main event, center stage.  In case we’ve been too busy to take proper care of ourselves, the Cancer Full Moon has cleared our schedule and brought our full attention towards the importance of receiving vital nourishment, in all ways.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer is the sign of Emotional Power, from the heart of Mother Earth.  She is at the core of our root system, where we plug in for comfort, love, sustenance, abundance, acceptance, and the heart felt reminder that we matter.  Not only do we matter, we are enough.  She reminds us that there is never a moment when we lose our divinity, our preciousness, or our value.  No matter what, we are worthy of Love.  All of us.  When we feel Love, we feel empowered, and we can fuel ourselves from that empowerment.  It’s from within.  Love is the sustainable fuel that ignites our authentic divine power to move mountains, to be who we came here to be, to grow and flourish in our true nature, exactly as we’re meant to be.  We are loved as we are, and therefore we’re free to fully be who we are.  We find what matters most in our Cancer consciousness, and we’re reminder to take good care of our hearts, because that’s our true home.


The Moon belongs in Cancer, she is the heart of our emotional body, and our ability to respond from the heart.  The Full Moon is manifesting with Ceres, the midwife who delivers us through the transitions and through the changing of the seasons.  This is a very powerful feminine force of energy that reminds us that its ok to trust, surrender, let go, and be supported.  The old outdated stereotypes of the female martyr who has to carry the world on her back and sacrifice herself is no longer an option.  We must learn to nourish ourselves as we take care of each other.  Support comes from equal contribution through the community, not from one carrying the weight of all.  Sustainable fuel – sustainable power – comes from Love which is abundant, unconditional, and expansive.   Love doesn’t create dependency, Love empowers and supports freedom.  When we all stand together, shoulder to shoulder in Love, we are empowered – individually and collectively – and there’s nothing we can’t move through.  There is enough, we are enough, and our efforts are multiplied, harmonized, and elevated.  This is how Mother Earth operates…in community, as One, as Love…sustainable nourishment.



On Wednesday 12/30, there’s a Venus Neptune stepping stone, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, then Vesta intersects the Nodes, and Juno manifests with Salacia.   The heart reveals wisdom and clarity as we choose Love over fear, and the Black Moon unearths opportunities to take new ground in our social consciousness.   Regardless of our past patterns or roles in family dynamics, community, or collective situations, we have a new opportunity to elevate to higher ground and find alignment within ourselves and the group.


Thursday 12/31 is New Year’s Eve – starting with a Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Varuna stepping stone, Venus South Node (karma) new cycle, Mars Galactic Center manifestation, Venus Vesta stepping stone, Pallas MakeMake manifestation, and Black Moon Uranus communion.  The Black Moon is very busy today, pulling back the curtains and revealing what needs to be uncovered or awakened as a final manifestation of 2020.  There’s wisdom in divine timing, and all things are revealed in divine timing.  Today is a new beginning from the heart to dissolve old karmic loops and establish a new pattern, a new framework for higher manifestation of the heart instead of just riding within the grooves of gravitational pull from the past.  It’s time to wake up and get present, newness is available from the heart.


On Friday 1/1, New Year’s Day – there’s a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Mercury Neptune resource, Black Moon Sun manifestation, Juno Varuna manifestation, and Black Moon Ceres resource.   2021 makes it’s grand debut as the unveiler of divine nature, divine timing, and divine law and order.  There is wisdom and clarity on tap, not just for today, but throughout the entire year.  With our newly calibrated vision of 2020, we can now see clearly.  Like getting new glasses and beginning to recognize what couldn’t be seen before.  2021 is a “5” vibration, which is dynamic change and transformation…the change we’re witnessing comes from the new lens we’re looking through.  We can see what we couldn’t even begin to notice before, and as a result, we can’t ignore what’s now in plain sight.  It’s refreshing, and also invoking.  Change is not passive, it requires participation.


Saturday 1/2 is a Black Moon Orcus manifestation, Mercury North Node great eliminator, Mercury Vesta manifestation, Sun Ceres resource, then Mars recovers his retrograde shadow just after noon ET, Varuna forms a great eliminator with Quaoar, followed by a Black Moon Neptune resource.  Today is a major turning point, a significant unveiling of the new Mars consciousness.  Mars entered his retrograde shadow in July 25th, stationed retrograde on September 9th, and then stationed direct on November 13th.  This personal journey has been epic for every one of us, shedding and dissolving the old attachments to ego patterns that have historically motivated our actions (or non-actions).  Mars as an archetype is transforming from the aggressive inflammatory warrior to finding his authentic power in alignment with nature.  Our body belongs to the earth, and is a part of nature.  When we use our free will to overpower, bully, or manipulate anyone – including ourselves – there is inflammation, irritation, and breakdown.  When we use our free will to act from the heart, our true nature, we are in harmony with the elements, in harmony with All.  As we collectively shift from the outdated “my way of the highway” type of authoritarian leadership to finding alignment and harmony with nature, we begin to witness a new archetype of sustainable leadership.  Aggressive, defensive, and bullying tactics are losing their power, and we’re realizing that true power lives in our authentic nature, which creates cohesive unity instead of divisiveness, fear, and war.   This is quite a profound gear shift, and is a significant part of the new social consciousness.


And Sunday 1/3 is a Mars Chariklo stepping stone, Black Moon South Node great eliminator, Sun Orcus manifestation, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Venus Eris manifestation, Black Moon Mercury manifestation, Chiron Juno manifestation, and Black Moon Pluto manifestation.  The Mars Chariklo stepping stones offers a potent stabilizing presence through our newly reclaimed Mars energy.  While there are still outdated expressions of Mars energy playing out in scenarios around us, those scenarios are expressing and coming to completion.  For those who are willing to elevate to higher ground, we can see the newness calibrating into our collective framework of consciousness.  The Venus Eris manifestation harmonizes the wholeness of these disruptive energies through the lens of the heart for creative potential.  When we learn how to properly use the fire element, we can remain present and open during heated scenarios, and harness that active energy into conscious creation with Love.


The practice this week is reflection and nourishment.  Take some time to journal in reflection of 2020, highlighting the major events and wisdom gained.  This year has been an epic facilitator of awakening through the unexpected shifts, opportunities for new growth and awareness, as well as the experiences of loss and letting go.  Find the wisdom in all of it.  Nourish yourself well and allow yourself to feel all of the feelings that have accompanied the year.  Let the Cancer Full Moon hold a comforting candle in the night sky as you gently reflect on where you’ve been, who you’ve become, what you’ve lost or shed, and the new inner landscape of your heart.  Drink the light of the moon and let it nourish your heart.  Place a glass jar of water under the moon, set a crystal in the water or around the glass, and let the water receive the fullest download of Love.  In the morning, drink the water and let it hydrate and replenish your body, heart, mind, and soul.   Take good care of you as you complete 2020 and take the first step into 2021.


“We often think of peace as the absence of war, that if powerful countries would reduce their weapon arsenals, we could have peace. But if we look deeply into the weapons, we see our own minds- our own prejudices, fears and ignorance. Even if we transport all the bombs to the moon, the roots of war and the roots of bombs are still there, in our hearts and minds, and sooner or later we will make new bombs. To work for peace is to uproot war from ourselves and from the hearts of men and women. ”
― Thich Nhat Hanh, Living Buddha, Living Christ


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