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For the week of December 21 – 27, 2020

Winter Solstice Blessings!  We’re still very much in the wormhole eclipse passage, entering the darkest of days in the northern hemisphere, which holds the ultimate promise of Light.  The darkest night is always the birthing point for a new revelation of Light.  We are collectively at a turning point, a tuning fork, and a portal of truth.  The aspects this week highlight the deliverance of a new chapter, a new possibility, and the full blown expression of our highest vision, manifesting and taking shape.


This newness is unprecedented, uncharted, and innovative.  Revolutionary newness that inspires a movement of awakened consciousness (Love) through our collective and social lens, which means we’re all standing on the cutting edge of a brand new world.  This kind of forward thinking consciousness delivers new solutions, ignites new ideas and powerful opportunities that haven’t even been considered or even fathomed before.  The manifestation of new structures, systems, and organizations in accordance with the laws of sustainability, oneness, and transparency are key.  Although we might not see it all at once, we can feel the gear shift in frequency, starting this week.  A higher vision is awakening, thanks to the newly recalibrated lens of 2020.


The equilibrium of yin and yang is a crucial ascension point that we’ve been working with for quite some time.  The ability to ebb and flow between dark and light is also key, as the nature of creation manifestation relies on it, as does the ability to purge, release, and recycle.  Our nervous system is a perfect example of the ebb and flow of yin and yang.  In times of action, the sympathetic nervous system is fired up, alert, and accessing our yang energy to take action and participate in life.  In times of rest, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over, bringing our entire lower 4 body system into a powered down state so that healing, repair, and rejuvenation can occur through our yin energy.  We can’t function without both, and our ability to find equilibrium in both is paramount…ebbing and flowing through the yin/yang cycles within our own nature.

As we bring ourselves into wholeness and health, finding balance and harmony within our own yin/yang energies, we also calibrate and fine tune with the larger cycles of nature, the solstice and equinox points.  In the darkest of days, we have a beautiful opportunity to calibrate our yin energy, which is restorative, nourishing, and healing.  We go inward, our system slows down, and we find rest within the heart.  We don’t remain in the dark forever, so it’s crucial to celebrate the value of darkness when we find ourselves there.


In darkness, transformation occurs.  We’re able to break down and metabolize old thoughtforms, attachments, and projections.  When we limit our capacity to see with our physical eyes, we access the hidden dimensions and infinite realms of our cosmic vision, our unified wholeness.  Our lens of physical sight is our connection to the physical dimension, which is where we can feel limited.  In darkness, our unconscious assumptions and attachments come up so we can clear the filters and finally see clearly.  Any period of darkness is sacred, and worthy of reverence.  Our human tendency is to prefer light over dark, however the key to our greatest transformation and growth depends on our relationship with darkness, our ability to go inward and reflect on all that’s there, instead of bypassing and distracting by the shiny sparkles that keep us from ourselves.  When we remember that We are the Light, we can travel through periods of light or dark and remain fully awake, centered, and at peace.  The equilibrium we seek is inward.


Once we experience the alchemy that occurs in periods of darkness, we then experience growth spurts as we stretch into the Light and expand.  “Like all vibrant elements of nature, human beings grow in the light and Transform in the Dark”  ~ Wilbert Alix, Trance Dance International.   Our relationship with periods of darkness is what unleashes our full potential, clears out the cobwebs from our unconscious and subconscious mind, and allows us to see the potential for manifestation, beyond limits of time/space.   We actually access new consciousness when we’re not able to see where we’re going.  When we can’t follow routine familiar habits, or see what’s right in front of us, we must go within.  That’s the sacred sweet spot, the homecoming that calibrates our senses to Truth.  From there, it’s a whole new game.


It’s human tendency to wish the dark times will end quickly, to hurry up and pass.  In this Winter Solstice of 2020, let us take a deep breath and relish in the unprecedented opportunities this year has provided for deep introspection, inner communion and sacred solace within our hearts to remember what matters most, and to listen for the sacred drumbeat of the heart.  In the darkest of days, there is a promise of Light – new growth, new beginnings, and a whole new world.  Transformation yields new manifestation, possibilities that weren’t accessible or available before.


The week begins on Monday 12/21, the Winter Solstice, along with the Sun Ixion new cycle, Venus Uranus great eliminator, then the Sun enters Capricorn, followed by the Jupiter Saturn new cycle, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, and Venus MakeMake resource.  The Winter Solstice is always a powerful turning point, and this one ushers in a new cycle of social consciousness.   Jupiter and Saturn are the 2 social consciousness planets, and the fact that they’re conjunct at 0 Aquarius means we’re awakening to the Aquarian consciousness, together.  Aquarian consciousness is Divine Love, the awakening force of energy that shakes up the status quo, elevates our attention to new innovative solutions and cutting edge social change.  It’s a very progressive consciousness that takes us where we’ve never been before, into a brand new vision for humanity and the sustainability of our planet.  Although we may not see the change immediately at the surface, make no mistake about it, the tides are shifting and we’re moving into a higher dimension of consciousness that yields new structures, systems, and solutions for humanity to awaken, grow, and flourish in relationship with each other, the elements, our planet, and beyond.


Tuesday 12/22 is the final Mars Eris conjunction, Pallas Varuna bridge, Black Moon Mercury manifestation, Venus Ceres stepping stone, and Chiron Pallas resource.   Mars and Eris have been communing since July, and this is the final manifestation of a new cycle.  Our physicality – not just our bodies, but also what motivates and drives our actions and behaviors – is reflected in Mars.  This recent Mars retrograde has been a journey of self realization about what’s motivating our actions – fear/ego or Love/the heart.  Surrendering the ego requires a surrender of the stories we’ve lived through, letting go of our attachments to the labels and identities we’ve carried within the fabric of our skin and the within the mechanism of consciousness that we’re embodying.  As we shed the old skin, we awaken to the embodiment of the heart, the embodiment of our higher truth, wisdom, and power.  We allow the heart to be the voice in command of our responsible actions and behaviors moving forward.  Eris is the inner awakener that breaks free from the inside out, like an eruption or explosion out of the tightness and irritation of the old skin, the old patterns and core wounds.  As we liberate our selves from our programming, we clear our inner bandwidth and awaken to the empty space within.  That’s where new possibilities emerge, from new thoughts, new ways of being, and new results.


On Wednesday 12/23, there’s a Mercury Salacia stepping stone, Mars Pluto stepping stone, Mercury Quaoar new cycle, Mercury Varuna great eliminator, and Mercury Chiron stepping stone.  Today is a full on Mercury day, that elevates us to higher ground for new thoughts to take shape.  We know that our thought forms create the structure or filter of limitation that ushers in available outcomes and manifestations.  Our thoughts either limit our outcomes, or spark expansion of limitless potential.  Now is the time to take responsibility for our thoughts, before they manifest into results…and course correct if needed.  The truth is, we are limitless infinite beings, and the only limitations that ever really occur are the ones we subscribe to within our own minds.  Where we invest our mental body energy is where we actually engineer the framework for available outcomes to manifest.  Shift the thoughts, and alter the available space for newness to emerge.  With Mercury in Capricorn now, there’s an importance of self responsibility and accountability for the thoughts we generate and invest in.  True mastery comes alive when we can use our past experiences as a lens of wisdom to enlighten the current moment.


Thursday 12/24 is a very quiet day, no major aspects except a Black Moon Sun manifestation.  An unveiling of new contracts and agreements is taking shape today.  Instead of following normal traditions and automatic pilot ways of operating, today is a day for something new to be revealed, and it’s important to make a commitment to come from Love as you navigate the new terrain and new agreements.  Remember, our social consciousness is shifting radically, so don’t assume the old labels, roles, and identities…allow something new to emerge, and be responsible for yourself, fully present in the still point of your heart.


On Friday 12/25, Chariklo manifests with Sedna, followed by a Sun Salacia stepping stone, Mercury Uranus manifestation, Sun Quaoar new cycle, Mercury MakeMake stepping stone, and Sun Varuna great eliminator.  Unexpected communication can unfold without warning or preparation.  The nature of Uranian messages are unapologetic, non-personal, and can be blunt.  In fact the nature of all clear communication can be that way…clear, concise, and effective.  Uranus is the dispositor of Aquarius, and the recent Saturn Jupiter new cycle, and part of our collective awakening is in the way we communicate. If we resist transparent clarity and authentic, unapologetic truth speaking in our relationships, we will be limited in the possibility for new growth.  We must remember that communication by nature is neutral, it’s not personal.  The more honest, clear, and direct our messages are, the more empowered we become to awaken, elevate, and take new ground.  The Messenger of Love speaks clearly.  When we can see clearly, we know how to navigate.  If our vision is cloudy or inauthentic from unclear communication, we can’t see what’s real or what’s true, we can only make assumptions and projections.   There’s an opening for elevation and clarity today…take it.


Saturday 12/26 is a Venus Orcus stepping stone, Sun Chiron stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, and Venus Great Attractor new cycle.  Lots of choices to elevate to higher ground, it’s important to let go of any fears or doubts, and choose from the heart.  There is divine authority of the heart that won’t lead you in the wrong direction.  Expansion and mastery is available for those with the courage to take a step from higher consciousness, as Love.  Venus is magnified and calibrated by the creative force of new manifestation, so if the heart is calling, say “YES” and trust.


And Sunday 12/27 is a Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, Mercury Ceres resource, then Ixion enters Capricorn, followed by a Sun Uranus manifestation.  As Ixion enters Capricorn, our divine blueprint becomes the tangible intention and illuminated reason for our being here.  When we have a clear context, anything and everything that shows up in the space starts to make sense.  We can use whatever emerges to support and facilitate the higher purpose, which is an activation and manifestation of our highest blueprint.  Today is another day of unexpected awakening, so expect the unexpected, but don’t be surprised if it takes you to higher ground and reveals the truth of why you’re here.  Nothing is random, and today’s “out of the blue” scenarios are intentional and on purpose.  Don’t overanalyze anything, but pay attention to what’s awakening within you.  That’s where the magic is happening.



The practice this week is presence.  Find your feet, find your heart, and allow your heart to move your feet.  Wherever your feet are standing moment to moment, there’s a reason, and an opportunity to open your heart to Love.  No matter what is occurring moment to moment, let yourself be the response of Love, and feel the connectivity from your feet down into the earth, and from feet up into the cosmos.  Nothing is random or coincidental, your placement and participation is on purpose.  Be where you are, breathe from the heart, and allow Love to move freely.  Awakening happens in the blink of an eye, and Love is the facilitator.


“Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you are already that.”
― Rumi


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