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For the week of December 14 – 20, 2020

Get ready for a life altering week ahead, starting with the Solar Eclipse/ New Moon in Sagittarius/Ophiuchus, shining the spotlight through our fully Awakened Self.  For those who are willing to take a quantum leap into a new dimension of consciousness, this is the time.  This week guarantees the deliverance of truth like no other… from the heart.


Truth is the key to liberation and freedom.  The Truth sets us free, and any communication of awakened truth activates the shedding of old skin, leading to the ultimate release from karmic debris and gravitational entanglements.  The moment we let go, a new reality can manifest.  And because we’re in a wormhole passage, that  new reality can literally manifest in the blink of an eye.


As we practice speaking freely from the awakened heart, we clear our throat from old karmic patterns and debris, liberating and amplifying our inner vitality.  The power to ignite possibilities that manifest through thin air is accelerated when we’re clear, when any gravity of suppression shatters and dissolves and we can’t hold back or deny what lives and breathes and expands freely from the heart.  It’s that moment of truth, the revelation of the heart, that speaks clearly through the ethers in a way that can’t be ignored.


When we hold back, bite down, or swallow down our deepest truth, we do damage to our bodies as well as our hearts.  We send a message to the heart that we don’t trust or believe in the truth that lives within, and that line of communication begins to dull down and eventually fade.   When we go against ourselves, censoring our authentic expression in order to accommodate the status quo of comfort or convenience, we negate and deny the vital life force energy that flows through our heart and circulatory system.  The heart knows, and the heart leads us to our awakened Self and our crystalline blueprint.  If we want to uncover our wholeness and awaken to the mastery within, we must be willing to shed our skin, unleash our Light, and live in alignment with our heart.  There is no other way.


The highest manifestation of our heart’s desires comes through the awakening of Love.  Love is a frequency, a force of nature, a consciousness…a way of being that requires an open heart.  When our hearts close, when we override or censor the voice within, we separate and disconnect from that frequency.  As successful as we may be in the material tangible realm, if the heart isn’t open, we can’t find meaning, and our manifestations become dull and flat.  The heart is a doorway to truth, the portal of wisdom that unifies our wholeness with the limitless magic of the universe.  The communication that lives and breathes through the heart is music…the language of the universe.  There’s nothing dull or flat in the animated music of universal orchestration.  There’s joy, brilliance, color, texture, and movement.   There’s life, passion, and the heart felt exchange of intimacy and beauty…even when it’s messy, unpredictable, and unexpected.


As we honor and allow the music of the heart to express freely, we find ourselves in a new dimension of reality, beyond historic limitations and patterns, opening doors to new potential that could never be seen otherwise.  We shatter our own inner structure of status quo, the inner matrix of beliefs based on the safety of what we think is possible, or the fear that restricts our most authentic embodiment of truth.  Imagine what would be possible if you unleashed your heart’s inner voice and trusted 100%, without delay or doubt.  Imagine the power of manifestation and creation that would accelerate, without stagnancies or distortions.  The clarity that arises from an awakened heart is potent, unmistakable, and unapologetic.  That kind of energy is honored, recognized, and respected as an activating force of energy that calls forth possibilities, not limitations.


For all the times we’ve been told to play it safe, to not rock the boat or take a risk, now is the time to unleash and speak, from the most authentic voice of truth.  When authenticity speaks, the universe listens.  There is no need to wait for perfection, authenticity has a flavor and a texture of her own, that is felt beyond the actual words, and beyond time and space.  The heart is the instrument that holds the key to universal creation, and as we surrender the ego attachments to what we believe is possible, we restore trust in the limitless nature of dreams and possibilities.  As we speak, the throat clears karmic residue and debris from lifetimes of suppression and censoring, regardless of the linear outcome in the moment.


When we live from the heart, we take action inspired from a place of truth and wisdom, not ego.  The story changes, and we realize the power we have within us to rewrite the script, according to Love.  Love always wins, and Love is the only frequency of energy that is sustainable, limitless, and everlasting.  As we return to Love, and come home to the heart, we experience a radical gear shift in our inner navigation system, that aligns with our highest potential, our awakened self, and the crystalline blueprint of our soul’s contract for this lifetime.


That soul contract is meant to manifest, and as we remember our commitment, we also remember the abundant support that ebbs and flows within us, through us, and around us.  We are not alone, we are connected…and Truth runs through our veins like light codes of sacred contracts and agreements.  We can’t ignore our truth once we awaken fully, and because it’s already within us, we have no choice but to manifest that divine code.  It is our essence, our being, and our Light.


The week begins on Monday 12/14 with a Black Moon Pluto manifestation, a Mercury eclipse by the Moon, Mercury South Node new cycle, Venus Juno new cycle, a total solar eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius, followed by a Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Venus Jupiter resource, Sun Eris manifestation, Uranus Ceres resource, and Mercury Mars manifestation.  The official New Moon occurs at 24 Sagittarius at 11:17am ET.  Because this is a multidimensional Sagittarian/Ophiuchan event, the dispositors are Jupiter and Eris.  A new moon is always a new beginning, and an eclipse allows for a profound unplug and reboot of consciousness as a significant part of that new cycle.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius represents the Truth Seeker, and the highest victory that comes when we liberate ourselves from the old attachments and expressions in order to return to our limitless nature, beyond time and space, beyond form and structure.  As we give ourselves permission to surrender the old skin, muscle memory, and embodiment of past experiences and patterns, we become renewed and awakened by the truth that is within us, navigating through the higher lens of vision from the heart.


The truth is, we are not bound by anything here in this physical dimension.  The heart remembers our true nature, and the heart holds the records of our awakened cosmic self, the part of our consciousness that is fluid, formless, and infinite…always at One with Source.  We gain permission to shape shift and transform through the alchemy of awakening when we speak our truth and let go of the historic attachments.  Sagittarius is the final completion, the final hour of wisdom through hindsight and wholeness, and the moment of truth that reconciles with the heart and spirit what can’t be denied or ignored.  If we try to ignore our truth, if we pretend to be asleep and play ignorant, we repeat the cycle with the amplification of suppression that eventually will need to be released and set free.  In other words, we don’t get off easy with our refusal to reveal the truth to ourselves, our bodies won’t let us.  All karma is cleared through the body, through the throat chakra.  Our voice matters, our truth matters, and eventually the truth is always revealed.


When the heart speaks, magic awakens, and the universe manifests through that magic, with free-flowing abundance.  Sagittarius is disposed by Jupiter, which is expansion, benevolent abundance, and creative beauty.  It is our birthright to live in this expansive state of creation and participation with the universal magic that is available to All.  The heart holds the key, through the open empty space within.  There’s nothing off limits, nothing out of bounds, as long as we surrender the ego and trust the heart.


On Tuesday 12/15 there’s a Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, Venus Saturn resource, then Venus enters Sagittarius, Chiron stations direct, and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with the South Node.  As the heart enters Sagittarius, expect expansion and creative expression.  There’s no way to hold back or deny a heart that’s overflowing and expanding.  As Chiron stations direct, we’re truly in a moment of Self Realization and Personal Mastery.  The shedding of old wounded consciousness and muscle memory has activated the potential to step into our greatest mastery and wisdom.  Every experience we’ve ever lived through – every loss, hurt, and challenge – has made us who we are today.  We’ve lived through a multidimensional spectrum of experiences, and like diamonds, we’ve been polished and awakened through the experience of it all.  It’s time to live from the mastery, and release the attachment to the story and identity of our wounds.  The wounds hold us back in fear, the mastery sets us free to move on.


Wednesday 12/16 is a Black Moon Neptune resource, Mercury Eris manifestation, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, then Salacia stations direct, and Jupiter is resourceful with Juno.  Today is a very creative harmonious day awakening the inner voice of truth and the fire of devotion to unleash the passion and possibility that lives in the heart.  As we expand and awaken, we become contagious beacons of creativity, amplifying the reflection of unity through full participation.


On Thursday 12/17, Saturn enters Aquarius, Ceres forms a great eliminator with MakeMake, and the Black Moon manifests with Orcus.  Saturn is moving towards the upcoming new cycle with Jupiter at 0 Aquarius on 12/21, calibrating a new template of social consciousness for the Aquarian Age.  We’re heading towards an awakened consciousness of universal Love, and there will be new structures, agreements, contracts, and alignments that form as a result.  Anything that’s not rooted in Love will be rooted out, eliminated.  Love is the only way we can move forward on this planet, through unity and oneness, on behalf of All.


Friday 12/18 is a Venus Pallas resource, Sun Galactic Center new cycle, then Juno enters Sagittarius, followed by a Venus Salacia manifestation, and Mercury Galactic Center new cycle.  The wisdom of the heart is encouraging a new beginning of awakening and truth.  We’re all in this together, and the more we unify through transparency, the more powerful our communication becomes.  When we use our words to hide, suppress, ignore, and refuse, our words become weapons and trust is eroded.  When we speak from the clarity of transparency, we evoke a relationship of trust, safety, compassion, and respect that ultimately contributes to the sustainability and forward expansion of All.


On Saturday 12/19 is extremely active…the Sun forms a great eliminator with Sedna, followed by a Saturn Juno resource, Venus Varuna manifestation, Jupiter enters Aquarius, then Mercury and Sedna form a great eliminator, Venus manifests with Chiron, followed by a Black Moon Ceres resource, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Pallas Salacia resource, Sun Haumea resource, Mercury Haumea resource, Sun Mercury new cycle, and Black Moon Uranus communion.  With all of this active energy today, it’s important to remember the heart is leading the way, and the heart is the key to our greatest expansion, mastery, and healing, and the heart reveals the wholeness of our limitless potential.  So much is awakening and revealing, we must maintain our inner equilibrium in order to see the highest wisdom of all of it.  Let go of any knee jerk reactions…simply open, receive, and allow all that’s in current circulation, and filter it all through the lens of Love.


And Sunday 12/20 is a Vesta Neptune bridge, Black Moon Venus great eliminator, Mercury Ixion new cycle, and Mercury moves into Capricorn.  The fire of devotion is burning away any confusion or congestion, revealing clarity.  As we release the distractions, what remains is Truth.  The higher blueprint is illuminated as our inner messenger shifts into Capricorn, the seat of divine power and authority.


The practice this week is to speak and live freely, from the heart.  Let go of any agendas or attachments to the outcome, and simply say what you need to say, from the heart, in order to clear your chest, clear your throat, and reveal the divine clarity and brilliance that lives inside.  Whether you’re communicating Love, healing a past wound, or speaking up for yourself in a dynamic that requires clarity and attention, let the heart lead and let go of any fears, worries, or insecurities.  Remember, Chiron is stationing direct this week, so let go of the past muscle memory of any wounded consciousness, and choose to operate from the awakened mastery within.  This week is a game changer for opening new doors, letting go of the past, and manifesting magic.  Trust your heart, and let go.


“The heart is 
The thousand-stringed instrument
That can only be tuned with

~ Hafiz



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