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For the week of December 7 – 13, 2020

We’re in the midpoint week of the wormhole/eclipse passage that began on November 14th and ends on January 13th.   Transformation is the theme as we’re dissolving and shedding the skin of old attachments, patterns, and identities throughout this alchemical portal.  There’s nothing to reach for or try for, it’s happening.  And the beautiful thing is witnessing what remains and what appears within the empty space.


Transcendent to the skin shedding process, we’re awakening.  And the process of awakening is the friction that activates the dissolution of the old framework.  We’ve been slumbering within ourselves, half asleep with a knowing that there’s more, but an out of touch relationship with what that “more” is within us.  There’s no judgment to awakening…in other words, a moment of truth doesn’t devalue what’s been created and lived into up until now.  It’s simply a moment of truth that redefines and sharpens our awareness and focus, so that there’s nothing in the way, nothing hidden, and nothing buried.  All the lights are on, and we’re moving wholeheartedly in harmony with our heart’s consciousness, as the trifold flame of power, Love, and wisdom.


When the heart leads, we’re crystal clear…every thought and step we take is the clear alignment and expression of Love in action.  If we struggle to surrender or trust the clarity of the heart, we see-saw through the lens of duality, dragging our feet and creating excess distractions and tensions that pull on our energy.  The most efficient way to eliminate excess stagnancy and density is to focus the mind within the heart, and let go of the gravitational pull of unnecessary distractions.

Remember, the mind can go in billions of directions, tuning into the full spectrum of possible dialogues and themes.  The best path for a disciplined mind is always Truth, and the elimination of mistruth.  Better yet, the disciplined mind thrives in the frequency of Love, which generates transparency and light.  When we find ourselves indulging in any other frequency of a conversation, it’s best to change the channel and elevate our inner dialogue.  Bringing the mind back to the clarity and wisdom of the heart is always a good idea.  Letting the mind roam free, unattended, through lower vibrational thoughts and conversations can be slippery, not to mention time consuming.


Our best investment this week as we approach the next eclipse on Monday 12/14 is to keep our mind tuned to the heart, and pay attention to what’s awakening within our own skin.  The minute we find ourselves analyzing or assessing another person, or judging scenarios, people, or even ourselves, remember to change the mental body channel and elevate the inner frequency to Love.  We’re in an alchemical process of transformation, resurrection, and redesign, and what matters most is what’s awakening within.  Find inner equilibrium inside the heart and trust the process.


This entire year of 2020 has recalibrated the lens of vision, the lens from which we perceive our reality, which informs, inspires, and motivates our actions and responses, and even manifests in our cellular bodies.   We’re navigating the greatest transition we’ve ever walked, and our undivided attention is required.   Whatever we’re not willing to pay attention to now will resurface in a way we can’t ignore later.  If we think we can bypass the revolutionary shifts that are coming ahead, we need to wake up and get present.


The week begins on Monday 12/7 as Pallas enters Aquarius, followed by a Venus North Node great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, Mercury Albion great eliminator, and Black Moon Salacia resource.  Divine Feminine wisdom heads into Aquarius, paving the way for the upcoming Saturn Jupiter new cycle on December 21st with the awakened consciousness of Universal Love.  Our commitment to higher wisdom eliminates any lower vibrational distractions or limitations.  The heart and mind are purging and eliminating any residue that has ever clogged or prevented the highest revelation of wisdom from within.  As we shed the distractions, we fine tune to a higher frequency, like tuning into a higher channel of communication.


On Tuesday 12/8, the Black Moon turns retrograde at 4 Gemini, followed by a repeat Black Moon Salacia resource and Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, and Juno Chariklo resource.  The Black Moon is oscillating through the higher channels of mental body wisdom, reclaiming our capacity for multifaceted brilliance and multidimensional communications.   Today’s aspects mirror yesterday’s, and it’s important to allow for the elimination of debris as we die off the lower mind and awaken diamond consciousness.   There’s a stabilizing calibration through the mirrored reflection of oneness that allows our operating system to see what we need to see, and find new ground in that awareness.


Wednesday 12/9 is a Chiron Varuna manifestation, Jupiter Sedna manifestation, Quaoar Salacia stepping stone, and Sun Neptune stepping stone.  As we continue to dissolve the threads of wounded consciousness, we clarify a higher lens of personal mastery that sparks the potential for new creation, expansion through our crystalline nature, and unprecedented clarity.  The truth is, we are not defined by our past experiences…however the wisdom from those experiences gives us the opportunity to rise up and elevate beyond any historic limitations.  If we can honor the wholeness of our experiences, we can integrate valuable wisdom, awakening our full potential as we move forward with every breath and step.  It’s important not to repeat the past, but to consciously choose from the illumination of wisdom.


On Thursday 12/10, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Orcus, followed by a Venus Pluto resource, Venus Eris great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas manifestation, Pluto Eris stepping stone, Mercury Great Attractor new cycle, and the Black Moon retrogrades back into Taurus.  The heart is awakening as the alchemical mixing bowl, and through the process of dissolution comes the power of shapeshifting and resurrection.  The fluidity of death/rebirth is key to unlocking the wisdom of the universe, and unleashing the infinite power of conscious creation and manifestation.


Friday 12/11 is a huge Black Moon day…  The Black Moon makes 6 aspects today, in addition to a Sun Mars manifestation, Sun Earth Star Chakra new cycle, and Orcus stations retrograde.  Revelations rise to the surface and the truth emerges.  Today is a powerful day of creative potential that consciously overrides old karmic storylines and repetitive cycles.  We have the power to write a new script, to choose from new consciousness, and to take action from the heart…and as we do, we alter the course of history forever.   Our power lives in this moment.  No matter what, we always have a choice in this moment to elevate our consciousness, seek the truth, and choose the next step from that seat of clarity and wisdom.  If we fall asleep, give away our power, or pretend not to know, we’re ultimately using our power to choose ignorance.  New results are only available when we access new consciousness.


On Saturday 12/12, there’s a Juno Sedna Light Bridge, Mercury Vesta stepping stone, Black Moon Chariklo manifestation, Jupiter Haumea stepping stone, and the Black Moon forms a bridge with Venus and the Moon.  We’re in the midst of a quantum leap towards crystalline consciousness, which unlocks our potential for expansion and wholeness.  The key is our willingness to release the old residue of congestion that clouds our current system.  Our emotional body contains the depth of old hurts, losses, and traumas…and the sticky shadows that go along with those experiences.  As we illuminate and unearth the wholeness of our consciousness, we can shed light through the darkness and unearth the attachments that have held those emotions locked into stagnancy or suppression.  It’s time to let go, clear the water, and release ourselves from the pain of suffering.  As our water element calibrates to a crystalline frequency, our emotional body becomes enlightened with clarity, literally lightening up and expressing as Light.  This release frees up any stuck energy or residue, and clears our inner bandwidth for new manifestation.


And Sunday 12/13 delivers a Venus Chariklo resource, Mercury Neptune stepping stone, and Venus Sedna Light Bridge.  The following day is the Solar Eclipse/ New Moon.  This is the final clearing day before the big solar eclipse on 12/14, and the heart is aligned with the cosmic record keeper of wisdom.  It’s time to integrate the full blown wisdom of our experiences, consciously choose to elevate, and let go of the rest.  As we do, we find ourselves standing on sacred ground, ready for a brand new story, a brand new world.


The practice this week is mental body discipline.  Find a tealight candle, and sit for 10 minutes, gazing at the light of the candle.  Focus your full undivided attention on that flame, and let go of any distractions.  Practice strengthening your ability to focus, while eliminating any unnecessary thoughts or lower frequency disturbances.  Dissolve the lower mind and activate the higher mind.  Anytime you notice your attention drifting, simply wake up and call yourself back to the flame.

Imagine trimming the excess debris from your mental body bandwidth this week, strengthening the conscious mind’s ability to recognize truth, wisdom, and clarity…operating from the heart.   Notice the quality of your mental body this week.  Let go of any lower vibrational patterns of inner dialogue by changing the channel, elevate the frequency to Love.


 “If you want to know your past life, look into your present condition; if you want to know your future life, look at your present actions.”
― Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying



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