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For the week of 11/12 – 11/18

Get ready for a life altering week ahead that sparks a mind/heart reunion unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.  Venus stations direct on the same day that Mercury stations retrograde.  The mind/heart calibration creates a spontaneous spirit/matter calibration, which opens the gateway for massive awakening through wholeness and unification.

The heart has been on an inward journey through the deepest unknown layers of our consciousness, and this week arrives at her station, on the Light Bridge.  In this recent passage, swimming through the deepest unknown and unfamiliar waters of the emotional body, the heart is now wide awake, remembering oneness in relationship with all.  Finding our footing on pure Light, our hearts are empowered to lead the way.  Our new skin is the light of the awakened heart.  From head to toe, we are the embodiment of Love in Action, free to move, free to Love, and free to remember the truth of who we really are.


This liberation of the heart is communicating with our physical bodies, as we begin to lighten up, feeling our way through this new skin, and letting go of the old attachments to the old mind/body connections.  Shedding old skin requires letting go of the old ways our minds have conditioned our bodies to respond from limitation, fear, or ego.  For anytime our thoughts have ever limited our reality to smallness, we must shed that skin like the residue of heaviness that’s been confining our experience.  Where the mind goes, the body flows, and thoughts can become heavy when unrefined or unchallenged over time.  The heart is the new voice of authority, and the mind is on a journey of truth seeking, remembering that the truth lives within the heart, not outside of us.


We’re temporarily going offline with our old status quo mind/body programming, just long enough to allow the heart to establish rapport with our cellular communications.  The new languaging system is Love, our internal broadcast frequency is the frequency of Love.  Our new cellular landscape is the molecular structure of Love.  The mind is retreating for the next several weeks to unwind the old attachments to mistruths, to clear karmic entanglements, and to finally expand and restore focus on the brightest Light of Truth.  Once our minds are restored to their original supple condition, that innocent pure “beginners mind” can reboot as the ultimate observer of Truth, through the lens of the awakened heart.


As Venus stations in the Light Bridge, Mercury is backtracking over the fixed star Antares, which reminds us that the brightest light casts the biggest shadow.  Antares can easily bring about conflict of duality, which is the current condition on our planet through this time of awakening.  Our mental body, and our entire operating system, has an opportunity to elevate beyond the attractions and illusions of shadows, in order to remember the truth and expand beyond anything we’ve ever known before.


An undisciplined mind will easily get distracted by the illusions of polarized conflict, tempted to engage in the struggle for power, for fear of losing.  The disciplined mind, calibrated to Love, rooted in the heart, can see the wholeness of all things, wide awake by the purest lens of enlightenment.   The degree of Mercury’s retrograde station is in an intimacy aspect to the degree of last week’s New Moon in Scorpio, which was manifesting with Neptune.  In order to manifest our highest vision, our minds must surrender any attachments to the non-truth of duality.


The key to manifesting our highest vision is to rebirth our minds back to the beginner’s mind, the innocence and purity of Love.  Wide open, attentive, and obedient to the heart.  If the mind believes in conflict, we will experience conflict.  If the mind believes in unity, we will experience unity, even in moments of polarity.  As we navigate the unknown, stretching beyond our current comfort zone, and expanding beyond our status quo, the mind must learn to take a seat in the sacred space of the heart, and observe through that ultra pure lens.


The week begins on Monday 11/12 with no major aspects.  It’s a fairly quiet day, one we’ve not had in quite some time, which means it’s important to pause and reflect with gratitude with an open heart, take good care, and get ready for the week ahead.  Set a powerful intention for the week, make a promise to align the mind with the heart, and do whatever is necessary to start eliminating any distractions or interference.  When we get clear about what matters most, there’s alignment with mind, heart, and core values.  Everything else falls away.


Tuesday 11/13 is a Black Moon Neptune intimacy aspect, a Ceres Quaoar resource, and a Black Moon Mercury resource.  Any limitations in the mind that have ever blocked our capacity for enlightenment are being gently brought to the surface.  We’re delivered to the newly expanded paradigm, stretching out through our expansive belief system, gaining the freedom to choose new thoughts from an uninhibited consciousness.  Any old limiting thinking is being released and surrendered, as our minds prepare to begin a massive overhaul into the new realm of thinking.


On Wednesday 11/14, the Sun and Vesta form a resource, Juno and Ixion are in a great eliminator, and the Black Moon is in a great eliminator with Orcus.  Our inner fire of devotion is being enhanced, activated by Light.  Like fanning the flames of our inner passion that drives us to take action on what mattes most.  Unity Consciousness evokes our inner blueprint and soul’s purpose, and we have a choice point to move forward in alignment, or pretend we don’t see the contribution we came here to make.  If we resist or hold back out of fear of our own greatness, we’ll never know the difference we could make.  Now is the time to trust our inherent mastery, our light and our purpose….and take action when the opportunity arises.  We may not even have any evidence of our greatness yet, or the potential we have to impact or spark a massive shift.  But if we don’t allow ourselves to shine, we’ll never know.  And the planet needs heroes who will rise to the occasion.  If the urge arises, say Yes!


Thursday 11/15 is a Mars Uranus resource, a Ceres Salacia great eliminator, Jupiter Salacia manifestation, Sun Eris great eliminator, Mars enters Pisces, and Juno is in a great eliminator with Haumea.  Our physical bodies are being awakened in a way that sparks new action and new results.  This is outside the box, outside the norm, and we gain access to the intangible realm of possibilities by allowing our bodies to move beyond where we’ve allowed ourselves to go up until now.  There’s a whole new world waiting to take shape, and our expansion beyond social norms, even beyond our own historic programming, is what allows us to awaken something new from within, and manifest magic.  As Mars enters Pisces, we’re literally returned to the infinite realm of Unconditional Love, which is where miracles and innocence are readily available.  When we remember that every possibility occurs simultaneously in the infinite realm, and when we remember our unity with all possibilities and all beings, we can let go of any doubts that we’re enough, and trust.


Friday 11/16 Venus stations direct at 25 Libra, on the Light Bridge, Mercury conjuncts the Great Attractor then turns retrograde at 14 Sagittarius, Mercury and Neptune form a stepping stone, and Vesta forms a stepping stone with Eris.  This day is powerful beyond belief, and calibrates the mind/heart connection for a new beginning of conscious creation with Light.  It’s truly a whole new world, and this Mercury retrograde journey is a massive restoration of our entire operating system with the ultimate truths of the universe.  Imagine upgrading our mental body from relative truth to Ultimate Truth, in partnership with the awakened heart that now holds the consciousness of our lIght body.  There’s a whole new game of creation coming online, and these next several weeks are preparing our inner operating system for the new possibilities to come.


On Saturday 11/17, Mars and Quaoar are in a resource, Pallas forms a new cycle with MakeMake, the Sun is in a bridge with Juno, the Black Moon is in an intimacy aspect with Saturn, and Ceres is in a stepping stone with Varuna.  Our bodies are truly coming online with the new possibilities that arise from a new way of thinking, and our inner wisdom synchs up with the higher laws of the universe, the Law of Love and the Law of One.  Our consciousness is aligned with our universal reflection of oneness, and we uncover anything that has ever limited our experience of oneness.  The idea of separation has kept us fearing intimacy.  As we remember the truth of universal connectedness, we’re delivered to a higher vision that allows us to see beyond separation, and into the hearts of All.


And Sunday 11/18 is a Black Moon Pallas manifestation, a Black Moon MakeMake manifestation, Venus Juno great eliminator, and Black Moon Ceres stepping stone.  We are literally manifesting new beginnings of wisdom from a higher law of Universal Truth, from the heart, beyond any old concepts of separation.  We’re stepping into our most empowered divine feminine aspect of Unity with Love from the Heart.  All things new are birthed from the feminine, and regardless of our gender, we All embody divine feminine wisdom, power, and grace.   Which means, we are All empowered as conscious creators of a whole new world.


The practice this week is to return to a beginner’s mind, and allow the heart to speak through the body.  Remember what it was like to be 5 years old, to be uninhibited, free, and passionate.  The courage to take action from a pure space of Love, motivated by the heart, without any fear, doubt, or insecurity.  Connect with that part of you from early childhood, before you knew the limits of being human, or the fears of loving too much.  Remember the stamina, inspiration, and pure rush of energy that resulted in creativity, connection, and participation.  Allow yourself to connect with your purest essence, from the heart, and embody that Light this week.  Lead from your heart, fully calibrated with wisdom and truth, infinitely free and expansive.


“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.” 
― Carolyn Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit                

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  1. Beautiful, amazing, love love love Christine. Your words are the truth and they resonate deeply in my soul. That’s how I know ♥️

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