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For the week of November 30 – December 6, 2020

This week literally begins with an epic Light bath from the Gemini Full Moon, similar to a sound bath, showering us All with an important attunement from our higher Awakened Self.  The lunar eclipse offers an opportunity to let go of the historic messaging system that contains the distortions and illusions of perceived duality, in order to ascend to a higher dimension of Oneness, beyond time and space…by unifying our mind with our heart.


For those who are present, this is a moment to remember who we are, above and beyond the stories we’re currently living in.  And in our multidimensional reflection, we can see through any previous fragmentations, calibrating our system back home to the heart.  What a beautiful way to start the week…and what a beautiful gift to behold in this moment in time.  It’s through our Gemini consciousness that we either fragment from ourselves, or unify through the heart, experiencing a quantum leap of conscious wisdom that fine tunes our perception and orientation point of reality.  The truth is, we are not bound to the physical dimension, and yet we must remain present in our body if we want to unify with our awakened Cosmic Self.


The mind has a tendency to run far and fast, sometimes spinning out of control into the past, sometimes blazing light years ahead at warp speed.  There certainly are experiences that can trigger a mental body ejection button for survival through trauma, dislocating the body while the mind flies free.  We’ve learned to play out scenarios in our mind ahead of time to avoid making a mistake or feeling a loss, and oftentimes can hold multiple threads of conversations simultaneously within our head without actually speaking our truth in the physical dimension, out loud.  The mind can be a slippery slope and a distorted projection of movie clips and mirrors that circulate together like a kaleidoscope of broken fragments that shift and change on a dime.   Until we bring the mind into the heart and surrender…that’s when everything shifts.


The mind/heart union is the vital ascension point that activates a quantum leap in consciousness.  When the mind and heart merge, the mind rests into the open space of the heart.  The mind plants into the heart like a tree, with deep roots and wide branches.  That relationship generates stillness, sacred space, trust, and safety…within.   When the mind is rooted within the heart, there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to go.  The mind can only surrender into the opening of the heart, and mindfully observe what’s awakening from within.  That alignment, partnership, and union is the key to awakening and nourishing our root system with Love so that new consciousness can grow.


The truth is, when the mind is still and at peace, we have access to everything, simultaneously.  All roads, all dimensions, and all possibilities unify within the heart.  There’s nothing to figure out, there’s no wrong choice or wrong direction…we can see the wholeness of every situation right before us, from the inside out.  We can travel every road simultaneously without tearing ourselves in two.  The mind/heart union becomes the center of a wheel, and our consciousness can travel infinitely in any direction from that still point at the center.  We access multidimensional connectivity, time travel, and harmonic cohesion through the infinite octaves of universal oneness.


Until we unify mind and heart together, we experience fragmentation, separation, confusion, and disconnect.  If the mind is running faster than the speed of light, leaving the body and the heart behind, we’re not at one with ourselves.  We accrue karma, we congest the throat chakra, and compromise the thyroid.  We lose the ability to speak our truth authentically, because truth requires presence and wholeness.  Health requires presence and wholeness.   Sustainability requires presence and wholeness.  As we unify mind/heart and activate that fundamental ascension point, we give voice to the heart, and allow that voice to take the lead.


No longer hiding behind the brilliant facade of a fragmented mind, we can come home to the heart and watch the true brilliance flourish and manifest into sustainable results and authentic expressions.  The truth is, our multifaceted multidimensional brilliance is breathtaking…and it’s the key to living our highest wisdom as Love in Action.  We must practice cultivating that multidimensional mind by planting it in partnership with the heart…the two go hand in hand.  That relationship of mind/heart IS the template for all sustainable relationships, and the template for sustainable creation.  The mind must have sacred ground to come home to, to rest into, and to plant for support and vital nourishment.  An untethered mind is the source of suffering.


This week’s Gemini Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse is a potent reboot to that fast running mental body, and a reminder to come home to the heart for alignment and activation of higher wisdom, awakened consciousness, and sustainable expansion.  As we bring the mind home to the heart, the mind can shed and release the old fragmentations and fear based trauma patterns that have been running in the background of our available bandwith.  We can travel far and wide from the inner space of our awakened heart.  We can communicate and harmonize beyond the illusion of separation, and we can truly come home to our multidimensional oneness and wholeness through the union of mind/heart.  Dying the mind awakens our 5D Gemini diamond consciousness, which is brilliantly breathtaking.


The week begins on Monday 11/30 with the official Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse at 4:29am ET, followed by a Mercury Pallas resource, Black Moon Varuna stepping stone, Mercury Sedna Light Bridge, Mercury Saturn resource, Pallas Sedna manifestation, Sun Albion great eliminator, and Ceres Quaoar resource.  This entire week shines bright and expands from the activation of the Gemini Full Moon.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is the sign of Conscious Wisdom – the completion of the mind/body connection that clears karmic residue and sheds the weight of our busy lower mind in order to activate higher consciousness through the diamond mind.  Gemini is disposed by Mercury, and our conscious mental body wisdom activates an ascension point of mind/heart union that awakens the core root of our being and allows for multifaceted expression and communication.   We have no idea what we’re capable of (or limited by) until we surrender the addictive patterns of duality within our own mind, and allow the mind to truly open as the multiverse of our being.  The busy mind might get a lot done in the earthly physical dimension, but the busy mind has limitations on it’s own.  As brilliant and successful as we might be, there is always an edge of limitation in duality, which means we’re always held back from our true nature and highest potential.  Until we surrender, bring the busy mind into rest within the heart, and from that state of union and partnership, awaken the diamond mind/ diamond consciousness.


In the mind/body connection, everything originates in the mind.  If the mind is fragmented, scattered, or disconnected, we manifest evidence through the body.  If the mind is operating from a lens of separation consciousness, stuck in patterns of duality, there will be parts of our physical reality that express that conflict (through density and/or inflammation), and suppress our divine nature (and our immune function).  The key to health and wellness is to elevate our operating system to unity and Love, and establish the 5D template of partnership and harmony through our system as a default setting.   We must walk our talk, embody Love, and speak our truth from the heart.  When we do, the mind/body connection becomes a gateway and a portal to our cosmic Self and the unified field…the essence of Love in Action.


For too long, we’ve used the physical body as a means of separation, judgment, and discrimination.  We’ve projected meaning on the size, shape, color, and gender of our bodies, and we’ve used physicality as a means for isolation and condemnation.  We’ve projected the assumptions that if we’re loved, we’re touched or held close, and if we’re not loved, we’re isolated and alone.  The truth is, each and every one of us contains the gateway to unity and oneness through our embodied consciousness.  When our consciousness is Love, we become the embodiment of the heart, as Love in Action…walking, talking, living, breathing.  We become a universal gateway of unification, oneness, and wholeness.  Our lens of consciousness manifests as our embodied experience of reality…beyond physical time and space.  As we elevate and transcend beyond the matrix of duality and polarization, we set ourselves free to embody the higher Awakened Self.  We begin to unlock and reveal the hidden dimensions of Self that have been suppressed or unseen within the matrix of 3D duality.  This revelation is the greatest moment of our awakening.


On Tuesday 12/1, we move into a “12” month vibration of collective completion that leads to manifestation of new beginnings.  Today reveals a Black Moon Uranus communion, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, then Mercury enters Sagittarius, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with the Sun, then a Pallas Haumea stepping stone, and Jupiter Chariklo new cycle.   New revelations abound as the layers peel back even more.  The mental body ruler moves into the sign of the Truth Seeker.  When we speak our truth, we liberate from the karmic debris of gravity and illusion.  When the truth is revealed, we feel lighter, even if it’s uncomfortable to say or hear.  The truth always sets us free, and offers wisdom and clarity to move forward.   We find stability in the Truth, and transparency is the gateway for our greatest expansion.


Wednesday 12/2 is a Venus Orcus resource, Black Moon Orcus manifestation, Black Moon Venus bridge, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Saturn Pallas new cycle, and Venus Vesta resource.  As we realize our infinite capacity to commune beyond the veils, we unlock the potential to manifest new possibilities.  The heart is a timeless connector to the infinite realm.  Love doesn’t expire, and the frequency of Love can be heard and felt beyond time and space.  The universal language and frequency of unity is Love.  Love recognizes Love, whether it’s manifested in physical form, or present in the atmosphere of empty space.  The definitions and labels we assign reveal the wisdom we’ve learned through our hearts’ journey to matter.  What matters manifests.  When something matters, it takes shape.  And when Love is present, it reveals itself.  Not always in the form or structure we imagined, but it does appear.


On Thursday 12/3, the Black Moon is in resource with Neptune, then Vesta forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor, followed by a Black Moon Karmic Node great eliminator.  Today is a clarifying day, much is being revealed and enlightened.  Our fire of devotion amplifies our capacity to see.  When we’re excited and inspired, we open and welcome with curiosity…almost calling forth what we believe to be possible.  If we lose hope or lose faith, our fire of devotion flattens and dampens.  Whatever lights a fire inside of us today has the potential to illuminate and call forth our highest dreams.


Friday 12/4 is a Mercury Salacia manifestation, Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Mercury Ceres stepping stone, Black Moon Juno bridge, Sun Orcus stepping stone, Mercury Chiron manifestation, Mercury Varuna manifestation, and Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone.  Mercury re-ignites the grand fire manifestation from Thanksgiving Day, revealing the truth of our inner awakenings.  As we shed the skin of old muscle memory from old wounds and trauma patterns, we free ourselves up to think new thoughts, recognize new openings, and manifest from our highest lens of mastery.  The greatest death/resurrection occurs when we slough off the past residue of old skin and allow new skin to emerge, radiant and vibrant, as the lens of vision into our soul.  When we carry our past hurts within our skin, the weight can feel like familiar clothes that we can’t take off.


On Saturday 12/5, the Sun forms a new cycle with the Great Attractor, followed by a Venus Neptune manifestation.  If ever there was a day to feel magnetized to attract and call forth new beginnings, or slice through to the heart of old matters to unlock opportunities for new expression, today is that day.  There’s clarity from the heart to move mountains…or see through the illusion of mountains to recognize what’s available right now.  As we release our attachments to old limitations, we allow new possibilities to emerge from thin air.


And Sunday 12/6 is a Venus Mars great eliminator, Mercury Uranus great eliminator, Ceres Varuna great eliminator, Sun Vesta stepping stone, and Mercury MakeMake resource.  There’s a lot of release on tap for today.  Shedding and releasing the drama of illusions as we wake up to the truth, speak the truth, and allow ourselves to be delivered by the highest lens of vision into a whole new world.  When we get excited about what we’re seeing, we find right relationship with our true nature, and begin living in accordance with that nature.


The practice this week is to unify mind and heart, especially when experiencing duality, conflict, or separation.  Remember, the heart is a portal of unity and oneness, beyond time and space.  If you’re noticing a split or a fragmentation within Self, if the mind is spinning in million directions, disconnected from the heart and body, take a deep breath, gently bring your undivided attention into the open empty space of the heart.   Allow your mind to rest into that stillness, finding peace and center.  Then open your mind to observe what’s available, right there in plain sight.  Let the heart be the lens of wholeness, revealing truth and clarity.  The mind is open and receptive, able to witness it all and access higher wisdom.  The mind/heart union is a 5D ascension point, and the foundation of equilibrium for higher vision.


“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It
has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the
crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing
through the facade of pretence. It’s the
complete eradication of everything we
imagined to be true.”
― Adyashanti



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