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For the week of November 23 – 29, 2020

The week ahead delivers us right to the doorstep of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse/Gemini Full Moon on 11/30, just after mindnight in the early morning hours.  Until then, everything that occurs is ushering us through the opening of the heart for maximum awakening and presence.  Within the heart, we connect through the universal pulse of everything, everyone, and the wholeness of nature…including our own true nature, our divine blueprint, and the roadmap of our highest vision.


Whether we’re looking for clarity, looking for peace, looking for Love, or looking for answers….the only place to look is within.  If we engage our mental body activity in any direction other than towards the heart, we’re creating extra time/space, distortions and distractions.  The mind can only conceive of where it’s been before, the historical threads of experience and understanding.  Unless we awaken and activate the observer’s mind, and become present within the opening of the heart.  Then the mind can conceive through presence, witnessing what’s awakening and unfolding now, the newness that’s emerging through our current experiences.


The moment we unify our minds with the consciousness of the heart, we become present.  The lights come on, and we align ourselves with the quiet empty space that contains universal consciousness, the ebb and flow of continuous connectivity from the highest lens of clarity and truth.  From that space, we begin to shed our attachments to any illusions or distortions that the busy lower mind has made up through assumptions, projections, and misguided interpretations.

When we don’t know something, when we can’t see clearly, it’s easy for the mind to wonder (and wander).  It’s important to note that where the mind wanders is through past patterns and past scenarios, because the lower mind can only revisit what it’s experienced before, or project a new scenario through a historic lens.  But in order to see something new emerge from our current scenarios, we must bring the mind to a still point and awaken the observer…bringing ourselves to a space of not knowing.  We must begin to look for what we’ve never seen before, what we don’t know, what we can’t even imagine yet.  That’s how we open ourselves through the current moment, stretching beyond our old limiting beliefs, and into new territory of unexpected revelations and new beginnings.


We’re stretching our minds open to new territory, new thoughts, new ideas, and ultimately a new vision.  If we cling to where we’ve been, we remain fixed and righteous about our past, arguing and defending what was instead of consciously creating something brand new.  It’s time for newness, it’s time for a higher perspective that inspires, uplifts, and awakens our pure magic, potential, and reason for being here.  As we elevate to a higher octave of truth within ourselves, we light up with the universal oneness and possibility, from the heart…aligned with the center of the universe, the Source of Creation.


That entry point is through the heart.  And the communications that come online from that opening are life changing, inspiring, and multidimensionally brilliant.  The upcoming Gemini Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse is an unexpected opportunity to unplug from the old conversations and elevate to a new dimension of consciousness and communication, from the heart.  This week is our journey to that threshold, the journey to the center of our heart.


The week begins on Monday 11/23 with a Venus Ceres manifestation, Pallas Chariklo new cycle, and Sun Ceres stepping stone.   The great midwife is manifesting with the heart and supporting our elevation to higher ground through truth and wisdom.  As we surrender to the heart, we experience deliverance of the highest order…an alchemical transformation.  As we trust the process, we’re ushered through every transition along the way.  The solid ground we seek is within our innermost faith in the unknown, and the divine unfolding of each new experience.


Tuesday 11/24 is a Mercury Neptune manifestation, Venus Quaoar resource, Venus Salacia great eliminator, and Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone.  Our inner operating system is manifesting with the enlightened clarity of universal wisdom.  Before wisdom, before the Light, there’s confusion and congestion.   Once the Light illuminates wisdom, we can see clearly, and our inner messaging system can communicate that Light.  Today the heart is supported by the higher octave of our universal mind, as we clear out any doubts or limitations that have kept us from remembering the truth of who we are.  The truth is, we are limitless, and the more we unveil our hidden potential, the more stable and strong we become in our divine presence.


On Wednesday 11/25, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Pallas, followed by Mercury North Node great eliminator, Venus Varuna stepping stone, Venus Chiron great eliminator, and Sun Salacia manifestation.  Today is another day to uncover higher wisdom, from hindsight 20/20 vision.  When we’re in the experience, we don’t always have access to the bigger picture.  But when we follow through to completion and reflect in hindsight of our actions and results, we can see with enlightened clarity.  It’s important to let go of attachments to what we should have done or could have done differently, and surrender to the wholeness of the experience for the integration of wisdom and compassion.  From there, we can cultivate mastery, and manifest from an elevated seat of potential.  It’s important to remember, we don’t always activate wisdom and mastery by doing it right or being perfect.  Mastery comes from falling and failing, then forgiving ourselves with compassion, and accessing higher wisdom for the next opportunity.   That’s how we grow, expand, and elevate from our experiences.   Without the permission to fall, we can’t understand or integrate the fullest spectrum of available wisdom and maturity.


Thursday 11/26 is a Saturn Sedna manifestation, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Sedna subtle intimacy aspect, and a Grand Fire manifestation with the Sun, Varuna, and Chiron, followed by a Black Moon Haumea Light bridge.  Today is a huge activation of the fire element, through the grand manifestation of the Sun, Varuna, and Chiron and the amazing Light Bridge to witness it all from the highest observer’s perch.  Fire can be multifaceted…activating a new spark of creative potential, inspiring and amplifying vital life force energy, and burning away the old expression down to the ground for resurrection, rebuilding, and reinvention.  We have an opportunity to harness the fire element as a catalyst for a higher vision to manifest, to burn away old patterns of old wounds, and call forth higher wisdom and mastery as the source of all new opportunities and resurrection.  Fire in the form of Love is passion, gratitude, abundance, and generosity that expands effortlessly and radiates unconditionally.

When we allow ourselves to be the generators of Love, we shine bright as the catalyst for healing, new vision, and new beginnings.  As we refine and calibrate ourselves to the highest crystalline version of our soul’s divine nature, the Light we shine has the power to awaken higher consciousness on the planet, no matter where we are or who we’re with.   Moment to moment we have a choice….to react with inflammatory fire to the things we don’t like or don’t agree with, to throw fire on old wounds…or to source and generate unconditional Love as vital nourishment and the spark of new creation.  Love is the agent of alchemy and the transmutation tool of resurrection, and with this much fire energy available today, anything is possible.  When we create vs react, we have limitless power to ignite pure magic.


On Friday 11/27, there’s a Mercury Juno new cycle, Mercury Pluto resource, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Venus Uranus bridge, Mercury Eris great eliminator, and Black Moon enters Taurus.  The Venus Uranus bridge today awakens the heart like a bolt of lightning.  When the heart awakens, we are truly at one with the universe, as Love.  When the heart awakens, we remember our true nature, our blueprint, and our purpose.  And when the heart awakens, we realize that everything in this universe is harmonizing to support the greater awakening of all beings to the realization and embodiment of Love.


Saturday 11/28 is a Pluto Juno resource, Chiron Varuna manifestation, then Neptune stations direct, followed by a Uranus MakeMake great eliminator, Astraea North Node great eliminator, Venus Albion bridge, and Mercury Jupiter resource.  Neptune’s station today, in his own sign of Pisces, unleashes an incredible amount of divine wisdom as we remember our Light consciousness.   The truth is, we are already enlightened, we just have to find the courage to sit and be patient with the unknown and unfamiliar circumstances until that inner Light reveals itself.   The Pisces ocean requires faith and trust to navigate, especially when the waves get unpredictable and uncharted.  As we remember our enlightenment, we’re reminded that Light has the power to shine and permeate through any density, revealing wisdom and truth, always.  There’s nothing separate, nothing off limits, everything is accessible.  If we have the courage to see and listen, all will be revealed.


And Sunday 11/29 delivers a Sun Uranus great eliminator, Sun MakeMake resource, Mercury Chariklo resource, Juno Eris great eliminator, Saturn Haumea stepping stone, Black Moon Ceres resource, Vesta Orcus new cycle, and Black Moon Quaoar manifestation.  The upcoming Lunar Eclipse begins just after midnight ET on 11/30.   The inner truth seeker is awake, eliminating anything at all that isn’t truth.  As we shed the misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and the distractions of unnecessary dramas and illusions, we begin to see with fresh eyes, recognizing the highest truth.  In divine timing, we see the divine order of all things.  Our inner fire of devotion sparks a new cycle with an aspect of ourselves that exists beyond time and space.  We are free to manifest from the limitless potential of our universal timeless Self, and there is nothing limiting our greatest potential.   All we have to do is believe and trust…and be willing to shed any fears our doubts.


The practice this week is Gratitude.  Gratitude for the Light as well as the dark.  Honoring the Light that is born from darkness, honoring the Light that inspires new creation and resurrection, and honoring the richness of the empty void that delivers a full orchestration of new beginnings.  Appreciating the unexpected realizations and revelations that Love is always present, always near, and always within.  Having the courage to be present through All of it, centered in the still point of the heart, opening unconditionally to All that is, in order to celebrate the spontaneous magic that appears within the empty space.  The nature of our universe is ebb and flow, death and rebirth, change and transformation.  Allow yourself to be right where you are in the great cosmic breath, and give thanks for each breath.

I’m grateful for each and everyone of You…thank you All for being my teachers and friends in this collective orchestration of divine Love.  Wishing you All a healthy and nourishing Thanksgiving holiday during this epic time of awakening and transformation.  Much Love, Christine


“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”  ~ Thich Nhat Hanh



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  1. Christine,
    Thank you so much for all that you are and all that you are becoming. I’m very grateful for the blessing of your work and look forward to what is revealed for all of us going forward. You make every day a better experience for me through the sharing of your wisdom. Wishing you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

    BE well,

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