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For the week of November 16 – 22, 2020

We’re officially in the Scorpio Wormhole passage, with 2 eclipses coming up ahead before the final deliverance and new beginning on January 12th with the New Moon in Capricorn.  The theme of this passage is alchemy and transformation, of the highest order.  Releasing the gravity of any density we’re still carrying around in the unconsciousness matter of our bodies, in our muscle memory…in order to clear the space, wipe the slate clean, restore our inner alignment and wellness, and elevate to a higher vision.


As long as we continue to live in (and operate from) the collective embodiment of trauma, karmic residue, and past hurts and fears, we will continue to manifest the same stories, again and again.  We must clear our inner space in order to commune with the empty space that holds the key to new potential, new manifestation.  The answer is within, not outside.  And the process of alchemical transformation will facilitate the greatest shedding and dissolution we’ve ever imagined.


The key is to let go when old patterns and layers of density get triggered or activated.  If we invest in the inflammatory response, if we identify ourselves as the historic stories and experiences of suffering, we project that vibrational pattern onto the current moment, which is ripe with new possibility and new beginnings.  When old familiar triggers get activated, it’s important to remain present within ourselves, within the current experience.  We have a choice of where to invest our focus, how to interpret our sensations, and what lens to look through.

If we choose the lens of our wounded consciousness (which is a reactivation of past information) we re-enact the old stories as those familiar patterns get triggered.   The muscle memory activates nervous system sensitivity, and that’s all we can see.  Our projections become our reality and our embodiment, like stepping into character, putting on that old familiar skin.


If we choose the lens of presence from the heart, remaining in our “now” seat of consciousness, we can observe the trigger without becoming the embodiment of that trigger.   We can witness the patterns activating, and see the threads of historic traumas, hurts, and wounds illuminate and reveal themselves.  Witnessing those patterns from a grounded presence of Love provides spaciousness…eventually those threads start to dissolve, releasing the holding patterns, and freeing up the space for a new experience, a new expression.  We have a choice in every moment, and that choice gives us the power to write a new script.  That’s the choice point that liberates us from our past experiences, while integrating the higher wisdom, and opening to what’s available Now.


The only way to truly heal is to shine a light on all that remains hidden or dormant within our holistic system.  We must consciously unclog and dissolve any areas of congestion, distortion, or misaligned energies.  Fortunately for us, Life is delivering and facilitating the experiences we need to activate what’s hidden, so that we can bring it to light.  As we shed Light on anything, we have an opportunity to awaken, observe, hold space, and transmute those threads through alchemical transformation.


The most important requirement for alchemy is presence.  The deeper the presence, the greater the opportunity for transcendence.  This is why meditation is so incredibly powerful, the disciplined practice of mindfulness that clears the air within our minds, untangling and dissolving the impurities from our mind/body connection.  Shedding the gravitational weight of outstanding residue allows us to see clearly into the truth of our alignment, our authentic expression and true nature.  As we purify our own air, water, and earth within, we become purifiers of the environment around us.


Once we realize our authentic alignment, and calibrate the true frequency of our heart, we can fine tune our potential for manifestation as a divine instrument of conscious creation.  If our system is clogged up with debris, congestion, and misaligned frequencies and distractions, our instrument will play out of tune, and our manifestations will reflect that distortion.


Scorpio consciousness is all about manifestation…and the alchemical transformation of what was, in order to clear the space for a higher vision to take shape.  As we clear the debris from our lower 4 body system, and fine tune ourselves to a higher frequency of Love, we prepare to manifest something brand new…a new Earth.  If we remain in the old vibrational patterns that are currently held within the core of the Earth Story, stuck in the vibrational grooves of suffering, disease, disharmony, and inequality, we will perpetuate that experience…again and again…oftentimes, unconsciously and unintentionally.


The time is now to awaken through a higher lens of vision, to let go of the gravitational pull of attachment to our past experiences.  Letting go lightens up our cells and clears the band-with of available space for new messaging, new vibrational patterns.  Lightening up, letting go, surrendering, dissolving….we can shed the old vibrational skin.  As we shed the old skin, we reveal the template of our crystalline frequency, the authentic blueprint of our true nature.


We don’t have to continue carrying the past weight of collective suffering in our cells… it clouds our lens of vision and dampens our vital life force energy.  As we consciously release and let go, the volume of density is transmuted….neutralized, then calibrated to Love…generously offered as Love through the universal breath of Oneness, for the benefit of All.  Wisdom is available from every experience of suffering…and wisdom is the Light that clears the density and elevates our consciousness to a higher lens and a new expression.


As we upload and share our integration of wisdom, we lighten up any unresolved attachments to the karmic density, discharging that sum total of stagnant energy into the Earth for recycling, supporting and nourishing new growth.  The shared exchange of Wisdom and Love leads to sustainability, expansion, and new growth.  Our greatest wounds are the keys to our greatest mastery, and our greatest expansion through collective wisdom….if we’re willing to let go and elevate beyond the original form of expression.


The week begins on Monday 11/16 with a Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Venus Jupiter stepping stone, Venus Eris Light Bridge, Venus Pallas stepping stone, Black Moon Uranus communion, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, and Black Moon Mercury bridge.  The aspects this week are electric and life altering.  The Venus Eris Light Bridge activates and awakens the heart from the inside out, like electric paddles that restore and reboot higher consciousness.  If our hearts are heavy, this will be a wake up call to elevate and rise up through the available wisdom that’s abundantly everywhere.  The Black Moon Uranus communion is another profound wake up call from revelations and unveilings around us.  Remember, life is facilitating the opportunities to notice our triggers, and dissolve the historic threads of attachment to outdated muscle memory of past wounds.  We must actively tend to those triggers with Love, while choosing to remain present, open, and available to the newness that’s unfolding right before us.


Tuesday 11/17 is a Mercury Uranus bridge, Sun Chariklo resource, Black Moon Varuna stepping stone, Jupiter Eris stepping stone, and Venus Chariklo stepping stone.  This Mercury Uranus bridge is the 3rd activation, a repeat from October 7th and October 19th.  Earth shattering communications and awakenings that can’t be ignored, foreshadowed from the previous 2 activations in October.  This is exciting news, if we can allow ourselves to remain present to what’s awakening, and let go of any triggers or inflammatory reactions to the unexpected surprise.  Remember, we are in a dynamic process of transformation, of the highest order.  Wake up calls can be the realization of Love that can’t be ignored, as much as it can be the revelation of density that needs to clear or expire.  There’s a stabilizing energy present when the Truth comes out.


On Wednesday 11/18, the Black Moon manifests with Quaoar, followed by a Mercury Albion bridge, Mercury Vesta resource, and Black Moon Ceres resource.  Today’s Mercury Albion bridge is the Thunder that follows the Lightning.  Sometimes we barely see the flash of lightning, but the confirmation comes when the loud thunder clap echos the message.  If we didn’t fully get the message yesterday, today will deliver the follow through validation.  There is a deliverance of Truth, with Love….if we can remember that Love always delivers the Truth.  It’s time to stretch beyond what we’ve known before in order to access new thoughts, new ideas, and new beliefs.


Thursday 11/19 is huge…starting with a Venus Galactic Center resource, Sun Saturn resource, then Black Moon retrogrades into Aries, followed by a Venus Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, then Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow.  Next is a Sun Sedna Light Bridge, Haumea Sedna great eliminator, Venus Sedna great eliminator, Venus Haumea new cycle, Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Black Moon Venus bridge, and Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge.  As the Black Moon returns to the master degree of Aries, we return to the original degree of Mars’ retrograde station back on September 9th.  There’s an unveiling today related to that degree, that ushers the heart into a new cycle with the big picture of wholeness.  Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow today, so the cobwebs clear from our lens of vision, and our minds can begin to comprehend where we’ve been and what’s new in our awareness.  We have access to a gorgeous Light Bridge with the Sun and Sedna, a shining Light that will reveal and download our highest crystalline records through the entire Scorpio wormhole passage.   From the unexpected revelatory nature of the last few days, today is a day to elevate up and find the Light.  No matter what, attune to the highest road of consciousness you can find, and plant yourself there.  New manifestation comes from this lens of consciousness, and we’re in a quantum leap of rapid acceleration.


On Friday 11/20, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Saturn, followed by a Venus Ixion resource, and Mercury Orcus resource.  Today is a little lighter, a chance to breathe and allow the mind and heart to calibrate with elevated resources beyond the veils.  Remember, where we focus matters.  We can focus on drama, confusion, or chaos…or we can stay attuned to the higher realms to calibrate what’s next, what’s new, and what’s now.  The cutting edge of awakening is occurring now, in the empty space behind the scenes, regardless of what’s playing out in the current earthly story.  So often we focus only on the primary content that’s taking up physical space before us, and we miss the pockets of empty space between the dimensions…that’s where the magic is occurring.


Saturday 11/21 is a Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, then Venus moves into Scorpio, followed by a Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, and the Sun moves into Sagittarius.  Another stabilizing day as we navigate a dynamic gear shift.  Venus moves into Scorpio, into the via combusta, the alchemical fires of transformation.   And the Sun moves into Sagittarius, the truth seeker, and the highest realization of wisdom that transcends physicality and the karmic debris, elevating to higher ground for a brand new experience.  There’s a lot of wisdom to digest this weekend.  It’s important to remember, every experience yields wisdom.  If we can suspend judgment on our current experiences, we can metabolize and integrate the highest activation of universal wisdom that ultimately elevates our cellular embodiment as we lighten up and let go of the rest.


And Sunday 11/22 is a Mercury Mars great eliminator and the Black Moon turns direct, just short of a stepping stone with Jupiter.  Another light day, however the numerology speaks volumes.   11 and 22 are both master numbers, representing alignment, balance, and a solid foundation of integral wisdom that supports our greatest expansion.  Alignment, equality, and mastery matter as we’re calibrating higher vision in this year of 2020.  Where the mind goes, the body follows…and today the body is eliminating any of the outdated misaligned frequencies of energy as the mind calibrates to a higher foundation of vision.  Alchemical transformation through the mind/body connection.


The practice this week is meditation.  Find at least 10-20 minutes a day to sit, in a quiet sacred space.  Find your breath, and allow yourself to clear the air, clear out your nervous system, and bring your undivided attention inward to observe and explore your current sensations and patterns.  When we’re focused outward, engaged in earthly events and dramas, it can be easy to lose touch with the inner landscape.  Carve out time, commit to investing time into your inner landscape, to check in.  Take a seat inside your heart, find alignment with the breath, find alignment with your spine, and find alignment with your highest truth…and gently let go of the rest.


“Stop identifying with the world created by your mind, and a new world will open up before you.”

― Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)



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