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For the week of November 9 – 15, 2020

Fasten your seatbelts for the ride of a lifetime.  This week, we enter the upcoming wormhole eclipse passage, activated by a Scorpio New Moon on Saturday 11/14.  This is a journey of life altering alchemical transformation that transcends our old beliefs about physicality, and activates our highest vision beyond the historic limitations of possibility.


We’re entering the realm of highest manifestation, and anything is possible.  Now more than ever, it matters to trust the process, find the inner equilibrium of the heart, and allow the unfolding to occur.  The heart leads the way, and the body follows into brand new territory, inspired and fueled by Love.


Scorpio is the master of transformation, shapeshifting, and redesign.  Not by force, but by Love.  By recognizing the power of our presence, we can bring the consciousness of Love into any current expression.  When we realize the power of Love as a mechanism for alchemy, we unlock the hidden mysteries of universal oneness, revealing and manifesting the highest vision.


The heart is the alchemical mixing bowl, the safe keeper and guardian of our presence, and the solid ground within that is unwavering, resilient, and steadfast.  When we bring our undivided attention to the heart, the heart awakens and unifies with the heart of the universe, the source of creation.  When we own our divine presence through that universal portal of Oneness, we can calibrate Love through anything and everything…by seeing ourselves in the mirror.  Nothing is outside of us, nothing is separate.  As we learn to see the reflection of One everywhere, we remember the power to shift is always within.


Love is the mechanism that shifts and transforms our current reality by calibrating a higher frequency, and fine tuning the lens of vision to reveal the highest truth.  Love is the tuning fork that alters the resonance of the observer and the container, and anything held within that container is calibrated to the higher frequency…unlocking a new expression, a new version.  Everything is energy, and moving particles of energy vibrate at a certain frequency.  When that frequency is elevated, the particles shift their design, and the pattern changes.  We don’t have to fix anything, the key is to elevate our frequency within, and shift the patterns of moving particles to reveal something new.  That new configuration takes shape in the physical dimension.


When we get triggered into a frequency lower than Love, our vibrational patterns get heavy, dense, and distorted.  We can’t see the highest vision, we can’t see the truth…and our embodiment reflects that.  The moment of interruption to that current status quo allows us to free up the patterns, and elevate through a suspended state, realizing a higher version that’s always been there, just not manifested yet.


Just as a caterpillar always has the potential to become the butterfly, there must be an active period of transmutation to unlock and realize that potential.  Knowing isn’t enough…it must surrender to the process of “unbecoming” the caterpillar, surrendering the attachments and the old skin, in order to “become” the full blown expression and embodiment of the butterfly.  Manifestation expresses in the physical dimension.  Potential lives within the empty space of all things physical, but can’t be realized until it takes shape.


This upcoming wormhole eclipse passage allows us to travel through a wrinkle in time, unlocking our highest version and greatest potential beyond what we’ve known before in our current embodiment.  We truly are shedding old skin, releasing and surrendering the old expressions in order to witness the great unveil…our Awakened Self.


The week begins on Monday 11/9 with a Mercury Ixion resource, Black Moon Pluto manifestation, then Ceres enters Pisces, Venus forms a bridge with Mars, and the Black Moon manifests with Jupiter and Pallas.  As Ceres enters Pisces, we’re delivered through the upcoming transitions with limitless wisdom and Love.  The Venus Mars bridge aligns our physicality (and the cellular record keeper of our embodiment) with the true nature of our heart.  This is a final reboot before Mars stations direct on Friday.  Remember, the heart holds the roadmap, the heart holds the key, and the crystalline records of our true nature and our soul’s contract in this lifetime.  As we allow our physicality to align with the consciousness of the heart, we’re ready to shed the old skin, release attachments to the old stories, and lighten up the density of historic illusions and limiting beliefs.  As we remember the truth of who we are, we’re fee to express and embody as that truth, unveiling our greatest potential and mastery.


On Tuesday 11/10, there’s a Sun Neptune manifestation, followed by an Ixion Haumea resource, Black Moon South Node great eliminator, then Mercury enters Scorpio and manifests with Ceres.  The Scorpio Sun manifesting with Neptune in Pisces can enlighten the darkness of unexplored potential, manifesting new possibilities never before imagined.  As we shine light on anything previously unseen, we give it permission to express and fully manifest into visible form.  Mercury is still recovering his retrograde shadow, transitioning back into Scorpio to bring conscious attention to any unconscious matter waiting to be observed.  Our awakened mind is being delivered and infused with the limitless realm of Love… and Love is the Light that illuminates the shadows of unconscious patterns within our minds.  Once we see anything clearly, we can transform it with Love.  Nothing is out of touch.


Wednesday 11/11, the Black Moon forms a bridge with the Sun, a resource with Neptune, a great eliminator with Venus, and a bridge with Juno, followed by a Venus Neptune great eliminator and a Sun North Node great eliminator.  Today is a busy day for revelatory unveilings, things unearthing and coming to Light.  The heart knows Truth, and supports in eliminating any confusion, chaos, or distractions.   When we navigate the transitions from the heart, we can resonate with Truth and let go of the rest.


On Thursday 11/12, there are 3 new cycles…Jupiter with Pallas, Pluto with Pallas, and Jupiter with Pluto.  This is a huge day of new beginnings that take us to uncharted territory and unleash a whole new octave of potential.  The potential for expansion of new possibilities through wisdom is equally as important as the expansion of heavy price tags from the refusal of wisdom.   Wisdom is key, and we have a choice.  When we integrate the wisdom of our experiences, we develop mastery that supports in our greatest expansion.  When we refuse to follow the wisdom from our own experiences, we hold ourselves back, and limit the potential for new growth.  Our experiences are our greatest teachers, and when life repeats itself in several rounds of opportunities, we can either thrive and elevate to the next octave, or stay the same and ignore the signs.  The personal power and authority to choose is important.  The greatest contribution we can make to each other is the contribution of wisdom, from experience.


Friday 11/13 Venus manifests with the North Node and forms a resource with the South Node, followed by a Neptune Juno manifestation, Mercury Quaoar resource, Uranus Vesta manifestation, Mars Great Attractor manifestation (near miss), and Mars stations direct at 15 Aries, followed by a Black Moon Orcus manifestation.  Today is the Mars station, the conclusion to an important hero’s journey that we’ve all been navigating, from the inside.  Moving forward, we’ll see what remains and witness what’s been shed, dissolved, and transformed.  Moving forward, we’ll meet ourselves and each other for the first time, in new skin.  This Mars retrograde journey has provided unprecedented opportunities to awaken, to realize the truth of who we are, and to see ourselves clearly through the mirror as we recalibrate our lens of creation and discipline our power to choose.  It’s important that we participate in this lifetime, that we choose our intention and consciously create what matters most.


On Saturday 11/14, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Salacia, followed by Sun Pluto resource, Sun Jupiter resource, and the New Moon at 24 Scorpio overnight at 12:07am ET/ 9:07pm PT.   The Scorpio New Moon activates the wormhole passage until the Capricorn New Moon on January 12, 2021.  The entire Scorpio Wormhole passage is disposed by Pluto, and interestingly, the wormhole ends with a New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto.  Pluto ushers us beyond the veils, beyond the illusion of death or completion, to return to our infinite nature and oneness with the magic and potential of the universe.   Oftentimes we only believe in what we can see with our physical eyes in a tangible palpable experience, which limits our perception of universal potential.  The truth is, there is so much more than meets the eye, in every situation, in every encounter.  As we learn to surrender our attachments to the physical dimension, shedding and dissolving the skin of our current reality, we begin to journey into the hidden dimensions and possible realms of manifestation.  Learning to soften our gaze to see into the invisible realm gives us access to a higher lens of vision, which unveils the universal truth.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio represents Physical Love, alchemy and transformation, illustrated by the phoenix who rises above the ashes, the resurrection of a new day, manifesting a new vision.   After the fire, after the fall, there is new life.  Every ending is a doorway to a new beginning, and death is the portal to everlasting life.  We’ve been socially conditioned to operate solely in a physical dimension, identifying ourselves with what we have and what we do, the roles we play and the meaning of our role.  When all is stripped away, when we dissolve the physical attachments and labels and surrender to Love, we are free to transform, beyond what we’ve known, beyond who we’ve been.  When we expand beyond the veil of illusion and separation, we are free to remember our infinite self, the aspect of our consciousness that is always awake and at one with All.  From this space, our highest manifestation is possible.


This Scorpio New Moon is the activation of the upcoming wormhole passage, which is an accelerated quantum leap beyond time and space towards our highest vision and greatest manifestation.  The key is to surrender any and all attachments, to allow the shedding and dissolution to occur.  Like a caterpillar in the cocoon, dissolving and dying unto itself, we have the opportunity to be reimagined, to shape shift into new skin.  Melted down by the frequency of Love, purified through alchemy, we can transcend our current form and structure in order to realize a new version, the highest vision.  Love is the mechanism for radical transformation and metamorphosis.  Love heals, Love wholes, and Love recycles what was into what’s new, in harmony with nature and universal oneness.  After our Mars retrograde journey, this is the journey of deliverance to a new vision, a new manifestation of self and our reality.


And Sunday 11/15 is a Mercury Varuna stepping stone, Mercury Chiron great eliminator, Sun Pallas resource, Sun Eris great eliminator, Venus Pluto stepping stone, and Pallas Eris stepping stone.  Vision, wisdom, and consciousness are the key components to usher us through this wormhole passage.  The consciousness of Love, from the awakened heart, leads the way.  Wisdom from experience fuels right action as we trust the process and let go of the drama.  As we continue to elevate to the highest lens of vision, we can see what we need to see, through our inner navigation system.


The practice this week is to let go and be present.  Be willing to look below the surface, beyond face value, and trust the process.  The best way to travel through a wormhole passage is in the heart.  Through any unexpected twists and turns, practice patience.  Every unexpected event is a facilitator, supporting in the shedding of old thoughts, beliefs, and expressions.  As we practice letting go of attachments, we diffuse our agendas and allow for something new to manifest in the empty space.


“Quoting from Thomas Merton
Dialogues With Silence
The true contemplative is not one who prepares his mind for a particular message that he wants or expects to hear, but is one who remains empty because he knows that he can never expect to anticipate the words that will transform his darkness into light. He does not even anticipate a special kind of transformation. He does not demand light instead of darkness. He waits on the Word of God in silence, and, when he is answered it is not so much by a word that bursts into his silence. It is by his silence itself, suddenly, inexplicably revealing itself to him as a word of great power, full of the voice of God. (17)”
― Stephen Cope, The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker’s Guide to Extraordinary Living  


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