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For the week of November 2 – 8, 2020

The week ahead delivers riveting revelations, gear shifts, and new activations of the highest order, although we may not be able to see the full story of all that’s occurring just yet.  Regardless of what appears on the surface, it’s important to take a deep dive into the heart and breathe from there until we can see.  Clarity, truth, and wisdom are always available from that precious seat.  Patience is key.


Mercury stations direct on Election Day, Varuna stations retrograde the following day, and our channels of higher vision could be offline temporarily as we navigate the new gear shifts and recalibrate our lenses and channels.  There’s a period of reorientation and adjustment that we all must go through regarding our perception of reality and events, and we all have the freedom to choose to elevate to higher ground at any moment.  The Black Moon travels from a communion with Uranus on Monday to a near miss intimacy aspect with Eris on Sunday, before turning retrograde and retracing her footsteps.  Every revelation that untangles the fabric of our current reality has the power to stir emotions, amplifying our potential for awakening or confusion.  It’s up to us.  Now more than ever, we must practice finding the inner equilibrium within our own heart, and choosing our next breath.


There aren’t a ton of aspects this week, but what’s constant is the theme of revelatory awakenings and great eliminators.  Every revelation prompts a choice to let go of fear, let go of limitation, let go of unnecessary suffering…or choose to keep holding on for another round.  The layers of the onion will continue to peel, and each new unveiling will evoke another choice.  More often than not, those choice points occur within the quiet inner space of our own mental body assumptions, interpretations, attitudes, and beliefs.   Our lens of perception is created and fine tuned by those thought forms.  Now that Mercury is moving forward, we have a highly interactive integration period for adjustment and fine-tuning.   What do we keep, what do we hold onto, and what have we dissolved and released so that we can finally surrender, elevate, and start a new chapter, a new future.


Until we clear the cobwebs from our unawakened and undisciplined minds, we can’t see the potential for new manifestation.  Until we illuminate the shadows of our own hidden blindspots, we can’t even see what we’re missing.  Once our lens is recalibrated and awakened, our worldview begins to shift.  As we find truth and clarity through the chaos, we are empowered to choose something new.  As always, the choice is within, the empowerment comes from within, and the pivotal shift that changes the story also comes from within.


The moment of awakening occurs in divine timing, like a flower blossoming or a seed erupting underground activating the divine code for new life and new growth.  Until that moment comes, we must be diligent in our conscious practice, rooting ourselves in the heart, choosing Love, choosing the highest lens of vision, and curating the fertile soil within for new growth.  Love is the practice, Love is the cure, Love is the medicine…and Love is the response in Action.  Until we’re moved and inspired into Love based Action, our work is to be the unyielding presence of Love.  Unconditionally.


The presence of Love is fierce, sweet, patient, relentless, deep, profound, compassionate, and unwavering.   Love is a frequency, a calibrated state of consciousness…not a feeling or fleeting emotion.  Every breath of Love cultivates the new foundation that we’re building upon.  Every breath of Love benefits All, unconditionally.   We’re All in this together, and Love is the agent of alchemy that unifies Us back to Oneness.   No matter where we plant ourselves geographically, we’re all residing on this planet, participating in this divine orchestration of awakening.  We have the power to elevate the collective consciousness, from our current seat, within our awakening heart.


Remember, awakening to Love doesn’t mean we all agree or match each other’s opinions and preferences.  If we’re expecting that to happen, it’s time to surrender that attachment.  Love is the consciousness of universal divine law and order, and as we agree to live by the laws of Love, we elevate to a whole new paradigm of social consciousness.   Love is a mechanism, an operating system, a language, and a governing code of ethics.   As we elevate to Love, we can compassionately accept and honor the authentic truth and divine nature of All, in harmony, reverence, and peace.  That’s a beautiful vision to step into.  We must choose it and be it in order to manifest it.


The week begins on Monday 11/2 with a Black Moon Uranus communion, Vesta Salacia great eliminator, Venus MakeMake new cycle, and Pallas North Node (Soul Star Chakra) great eliminator.   The very first aspect of this week is Black Moon and Uranus, which signals an unexpected revelation and uncovering of something significant, almost a delayed reaction to the Full Moon on Saturday 10/31.  Remember, the Black Moon communed with the Moon, and the Full Moon conjoined with Uranus.  That was the lightning bolt, and today heralds the reveal, in true delayed echo fashion.  We didn’t even realize what that big exclamation point was, until now.  The Venus MakeMake new cycle is key, trusting in the divine timing that all will be revealed through the awakened lens of the heart.  We know the practice by now…take some deep breaths, inhale our undivided attention into the opening of the heart, and take a seat with the exhale.  Our presence awakens the heart as a universal gateway, and from there we have access to everything.  The choice today is to elevate through higher universal wisdom, and surrender any fears, doubts, or insecurities.


On Tuesday 11/3, the Black Moon forms an exact Light Bridge with the Sun, then Mercury stations direct at 26 Libra, in a near miss stepping stone with Chariklo, followed by a Black Moon Orcus manifestation, and Venus Uranus great eliminator.  Today is another significant delayed echo from the recent Full Moon.  The Black Moon uncovers what can only be seen from a Scorpio Sun…the darkest veils are illuminated and all is brought to Light.  If we’re willing to take a look, we can see through the veils and cast a bright Light through the darkness.  The veils are extraordinarily thin at this time, and if we’re not afraid of the shadows, we can dive in.  Mercury’s station is in a close stepping stone with Chariklo, providing some stability for the radical gear shift.  The Venus Uranus great eliminator provides a critical choice of Love vs fear.  The heart knows the way, the heart holds the truth.  Let the heart navigate today, no matter what.


Wednesday 11/4 is a Black Moon Juno bridge, Black Moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect, then Varuna stations retrograde, and the Sun forms a resource with Orcus.  As Varuna stations retrograde, the cosmic lens and the Universal Eye of God takes a pivot and points inward.  If we’ve ever had that feeling that all eyes are on us, it’s true.  The most elevated universal lens is shining a spotlight into the most private innermost spaces within, so that we can see ourselves clearly.  Remember, the Eye of God, the lens of Universal Vision, has no judgment, only Love.  It’s time to see ourselves clearly, from the inside out, and as we do, we recognize our collective Unity with All.  In the deepest spaces, beyond our own inner blind spots and veils, we are all the same.  We each reflect and contain the same spark of Light, and our shadows unite us in the earthly story, beyond time and space.  As we see through the veils of separation, beyond the veils of incarnations, we can see the whole story….through the eyes of Love.


On Thursday 11/5, the Black Moon is resourceful with Neptune, then the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), and Mars forms a great eliminator with Juno.   More unveiling, more opportunities for clarity, understanding, and compassion.  Anything confusing that’s been clouding the atmosphere begins to shed Light and clear the air.  When we understand what we’ve been sensing all along, we can finally resolve and lay to rest any projections or misinterpretations.  Understanding fosters harmony, acceptance, and compassion.  When we can’t understand what we’re sensing and feeling, the confusion can spin an alternate reality of inaccurate projections and guesses.   The truth clears the air, wipes the slate clean, recycles the debris, and activates an opening for new potential.  We always have a choice to step into that new potential, or hold onto grudges and resistance.


Friday 11/6 is a Mercury Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Pallas manifestation, Chiron Vesta great eliminator, and Black Moon Jupiter manifestation.  We’re starting to see the new thoughts that arise from the new lens of vision we’ve been cultivating.  New thoughts generate new forms and structures.   The process of reconfiguration and transformation takes patience and persistence…we’re stretching into our greatest mastery and unleashing higher wisdom with every step and breath.  As we surrender through the process, we unveil unprecedented expansion like never before.


On Saturday 11/7, there’s a Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Sun Mars great eliminator, and Mercury Galactic Center resource.  More coming up to the surface as we shed the old skin – the masks we’ve been living in – and liberate our brightest Light.   When our mind is clear, and unified with the heart, there’s nothing we can’t generate, there’s nothing outside of us.  We have access to everything.


And Sunday 11/8 is a Sun Juno new cycle, the Black Moon turns retrograde just shy of a subtle intimacy aspect with Eris, then Mercury and Haumea form a new cycle (the 3rd of 3 conjunctions), Venus is in resource with the Great Attractor, and Mercury forms a great eliminator with Sedna.  Two new cycles get activated today…our highest realization of the awakened vision of Unity, and the capacity to communicate and operate from a lens of wholeness.   These 2 aspects alone are powerful enough to alter the landscape within our own lens of perception as we elevate our worldview to Oneness.   The fact that the Black Moon turns retrograde in a near miss intimacy aspect with Eris is important…it feels very sensitive and intuitive, like the awakening can be felt without needing to address it head on.   As we learn to respect the qualities of energy we’re navigating, we can surrender to the subtle intimacy aspects and let go of the need to hammer everything with confrontation or conflict.  Sometimes less is more, and the subtle reveals much more than a neon sign, especially with matters of the heart.  As the Black Moon turns retrograde, she will revisit and commune with all of these aspects again, oscillating back and forth as she does until we see what we need to see, with the highest integrity of clarity and certainty.


The practice this week is surrender and trust.  Let go of any attachments, agendas, or assumptions…and be in the moment, be present, and trust the process.  There’s a lot coming up for reveal, and there’s also a high probability of confusion and chaos.  Find a comfortable spot within and ride the waves, let it all come in divine timing.  Tend to your own inner knee jerk reactions, and keep calibrating your inner space to Love.  Establish the inner sanctuary you’re committed to living in, nurture your inner landscape so you can thrive during this time, and trust the process.  Rome wasn’t built in a week, and personal mastery isn’t realized in a day.  Roll up your sleeves, breathe in deeply, and continue to surrender to your heart.  Eventually all will be clear, and the inner will start to be reflected in the outer.


“Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”  ~ Albert Einstein


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