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For the week of October 26 – November 1, 2020

Fasten your seatbelts for another powerful week ahead.  We’re getting used to the unexpected gear shifts, revelations, and wake up calls, and what matters most is our presence in the heart as we hold sacred space for all that’s shifting and reconfiguring.  This week’s Full Moon in Taurus delivers a potent opportunity to plant ourselves deeply within the heart as we witness the highest vision awakening and manifesting, from the inside out.


Love is the frequency and the consciousness to plant ourselves in.  Moment to moment, as we return to Love with every inhale, we access higher ground – the ripe fertile soil for new possibilities to emerge.  Through the lens of Love, our very presence has the power to awaken and facilitate new growth.  When we infuse Love into anything, we unlock the potential for something new to take shape.


Our highest manifestation is relative to our capacity for Love.  And our capacity for Love is the answer, the cure, and the foundation for new growth.  Instead of pushing ourselves to make something bold happen, to fix what we don’t like or change what we don’t agree with, we can simply practice expanding our capacity for Love…stretching through the current status quo of our heart’s conditioning in order to soften the edges and expand into the empty space.  The empty space of uncharted territory is where the magic lives.


Mercury is currently retrograding into Libra this week, seeing through the deepest shadows and unconscious dimensions of our mirrored lens of reality, and Mars is currently retrograding through Aries, recalibrating the true nature of our physicality, and the motivating factors that drive and inspire our actions.  As Venus enters Libra this week, it’s important to choose to live from the heart.  When we unify mind and heart, we access the universal lens of higher vision, which inspires us to take right action, generated by the inner discernment and clarity of the awakened heart.   We’re re-orienting ourselves to the heart.  Getting to the heart of the matter, we’re getting real with ourselves.  We’re dissolving any of the interference, distortion, or illusion that’s ever bypassed the consciousness of the heart.


Learning to trust the heart, we can dive in deep and tune in, unconditionally.   Bringing our undivided attention into the silent stillness of the heart, we learn to listen, surrender, and honor our tue nature.  The truth is, the heart knows the way.  The heart holds the map, the inner navigation system, and the crystalline blueprint of our highest version with clarity and purity.  When we override and overrule the voice of the heart, we make the heart submissive to the lower mind, which diminishes equality, equanimity, and reverence.   When we stand on equal ground within our own inner yin/yang balance, the true power of the heart can be partnered with the power of the mind.


The most powerful properties of our higher mind is the presence of the awakened observer – the discipline to think loving thoughts, and to remain centered, neutral, and still within the heart.  As we do, we activate diamond consciousness of the universal mind, which unlocks and reveals everything.  If we remain in the lower mind, entangled in the ego’s attachments and agendas, we can only see where we’ve been before.  There’s nothing new, nothing expansive, and no evolutionary growth.  Growth occurs when we elevate to a higher dimension of awareness, and see beyond the blindspots of our ego’s attachments, judgments, and preferences, and allow higher vision to manifest from the empty space.


In order to see ourselves clearly in action, in order to recognize our own patterns as they arise, we must access the inner presence to observe with Love.  Remember, the higher lens of vision comes from a unified mind/heart, and from that seat, we can see ourselves with crystalline clarity.  That lens of higher vision gives us the capacity to dissolve old patterns of limitation and expand through the empty space.  Love is the spotlight that dissolves the residue of our past limitations…liberating us to expand, inspiring us to new dimensions.   Love is the key to unlocking new potential and manifesting our highest vision.


The week begins on Monday 10/26 with Mercury Vesta resource, Venus Sedna manifestation, Venus Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Mars communion, and Venus Ceres great eliminator.  The heart shines light on our highest version and crystalline blueprint, the promise and reminder of why we’re here and what matters most.  Any physical discomfort is meant to reveal and awaken our highest vision, so that we can remember what matters most.  When the discomfort of remaining asleep becomes unbearable, we wake up from the inside out and let go of the outdated skin we’ve been living in.  This pivotal moment is the catalyst for new growth.


On Tuesday 10/27, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Pallas, followed by a Sun Salacia great eliminator, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, then Mercury retrogrades back into Libra, Venus enters Libra, followed by a Sun Varuna stepping stone, and the Black Moon manifests with the karmic node and finds resource with the dharmic node.  Just as Mercury retrogrades into Libra, Venus enters Libra.  The mind/heart union enters the sign of the mirrored self, from opposite degrees, moving towards each other.  This is particularly significant, as Mars is retrograding through Aries, calibrating the relationship axis and our world view lens through right alignment of mind/heart/body.  The mind/heart union activates the higher lens of vision, which alters our motivation for action and participation through our lens of perceived reality.  From the highest perspective, we can see the truth clearly, which alleviates distorted actions and reactions, and allows for a brand new story to emerge.  When we dissolve the old knee jerk reactions and reflexes from karmic stories and repetitive loops, we make new choices from a higher lens of perspective, stepping into our dharmic story of evolutionary expansion.


Wednesday 10/28 is a Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Sun Chiron great eliminator, Juno Orcus resource, Mercury Ceres manifestation, and Black Moon Eris communion.  With the Black Moon revisiting the Capricorn stellium that’s dissolving and reconfiguring our foundation and social structures, we have an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and change the story.   We must be willing to awaken from the repetitive loops and norms that we’ve been living in, in order to awaken a new possibility and shed the old skin.  As we shed the skin of our historic wounds, we allow the new skin of our refined mastery to be revealed.


On Thursday 10/29, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Chariklo, followed by a Mercury Ixion resource, Mercury Sedna great eliminator, and Black Moon Saturn stepping stone.  There’s a stabilizing energy present today as we revisit the higher blueprint and crystalline records of our original agreement in this lifetime.  We always have a choice, and when we consciously choose to remember why we’re here and what matters most, we can align our thoughts with our purpose and shift the story accordingly.  We’re not bound by the roles and labels we’ve been living in, and once we honor the original intention, we can reinvent ourselves with refined clarity.


Friday 10/30 is a Vesta Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge with Mercury, Mercury Haumea conjunction, Venus Quaoar stepping stone, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Black Moon Moon communion, Black Moon Ceres resource, and a Mercury Galactic Center resource.  This Light Bridge gives us an amazing perspective to elevate through the lens of wholeness and reveal our hidden blind spots.  We must be willing to embrace all that we see with Love and acceptance in order to elevate and expand our lens of vision.  The more love we allow, the more expansive our vision, as we come home to our infinite wholeness.  Love releases the limitations and obstructions so that we can open unconditionally.  Eventually, we realize we are everything, there’s nothing outside of us, and our cosmic diversity is to be celebrated and honored.  Love brings us home to ourselves, through our infinite expansive oneness.


On Saturday 10/31, the Black Moon enters Taurus, followed by the Full Moon in Taurus, Venus Salacia Light Bridge, Sun Uranus bridge, and Black Moon Quaoar manifestation.  The Full Moon at 9 Taurus occurs at 10:49am ET, and is disposed by Venus.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is where we plant ourselves in the sacred space of the heart, finding solid ground in the foundation of our inner truth.  Regardless of what’s happening around us moment to moment, we always have access to solid ground when we go inward and rest within the heart.  If we’ve been overriding or dishonoring the inner messages of our heart, it’s important now to rebuild trust and safety within ourselves so we can tune in and listen.  The heart holds the roadmap, and the heart is the voice of our innermost navigation system.  When we tune in and listen, and as we learn to trust and obey the messages of the heart, we can awaken to the divine truth that is always accessible from within.


For many of us, it’s time to rebuild trust and restore the relationship with our own heart, so that we can tune in, listen, and trust the voice within.  When the world shakes upside down, when our well made plans start to dissolve and evaporate, we must learn where to go for safety, for a trustworthy messenger to guide us to the highest manifestation of our vision.  The polarity of Taurus and Scorpio reminds us that the sacred space of the heart is the alchemical mixing bowl that turns the wholeness of our experience into pure possibility for manifestation.  In other words, wherever we are, we’re home…whatever is occurring, is perfect….when we’re planted in the heart, Love is the agent of alchemy that unlocks the hidden potential and the highest version of everything.  When we don’t trust that, we look for something outside of us, we try to run fast or fly far towards what we think is safety, without realizing that safety is always within us, not outside.


This Taurus Full Moon is conjunct Uranus, the great awakener.  When we wake up to the heart of the matter, we find our deepest truth, which has the power to change the game and alter our experience of reality forever.   The Black Moon communes with the Moon just hours before the big event, pulling back the veils so that we can see what we need to see, loud and clear.  When we root ourselves deeply into the truth within, we manifest a foundation of higher ground, from the heart.  Those roots will never diminish or fall apart, they are sustainable, solid, and enduring.  What’s built from this sacred space is solid, timeless, and unwavering.  This is the foundation to build upon moving forward…the foundation of the awakened heart.


And Sunday 11/1 is a Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Venus Varuna resource, Mercury Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Varuna stepping stone, Venus Chiron bridge, and Black Moon Venus great eliminator.  As we move into an “11” vibration month, we’re stepping into the vibration of mastery.  As Venus continues to carry the power of the Full Moon within the heart, the Venus Chiron bridge delivers a new foundation of sacred ground for any unresolved wounds to finally lay to rest.  Surrendering the old traumas, hurts, and betrayals to the sacred foundation of higher ground, we can begin anew, with roots of safety, trust, and Love within ourselves.  Often the result of old traumas and hurts, there’s a tendency to not trust self or others, for fear of getting hurt again.  Today is a powerful opportunity to plant ourselves into the heart with Love… metabolizing old wounds, recycling and shapeshifting into new expressions of mastery.  Remember, we have the power to reinvent, to choose a new script, and to shed the old skin.  Our mastery reveals itself through the unveiling of new skin.


The practice this week is to find the still point within the heart, breathe in your undivided attention, and listen.  Tune in to the voice of the heart, and receive.  This week holds the potential for massive healing, reinvention, and transformation…if we can allow it.  The key to everything is within the mind/heart union, and the silent stillness within the empty space.  The same way you would walk through a forest and listen to the silence of nature, practice listening to the silence of your true nature and the truth of your heart.  Journal any messages that arise each day, and practice living from that peaceful presence.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
― Rumi


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