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For the week of October 19 – 25, 2020

Get ready for some radical shapeshifting in the week ahead.  With the Sun moving into Scorpio, and Mercury retrograding through Scorpio, we’re sure to see some alchemical transformation.  Remember the best seat in the house is within the stillness of the heart – awakening the higher lens of universal vision.  From there, we can see the breathtaking metamorphosis that’s occurring and the higher orchestration taking shape.


It’s important to remember that the physical dimension is 99.9% empty space, which leaves a lot of room for shapeshifting and transformation.  Nothing is as it appears on the surface.  And because nothing is stuck or bound by it’s current expression, we have infinite capacity to alter our reality through the thoughts we’re thinking, moment to moment.  When our thoughts arise from the heart, from the lens of Love, anything is possible.  When Love is infused into anything physical, we unlock the potential for radical change, unleashing infinite potential to manifest.


In order to shapeshift anything, we must be in an intimate relationship with the current expression, willing to meet it exactly as it is in order to reveal the wholeness, and in order to see ourselves in that mirrored reflection.  Meeting ourselves and each other, as we are, with an attitude of compassion and acceptance, activates the potential for freedom, elevation, and transformation.  When we resist what we see, judging and making wrong the current expression, we stifle any potential for awakening.  We must learn to commune with the empty space of pure potential that lives and breathes within everything physical.   Taking the time to drop in deep below the surface level appearances, seeing through the facades and masks, and surrendering any knee-jerk reactions, assumptions, and projections so that we can experience unity and oneness.


The softening of compassion and acceptance allows for more to be revealed, without effort.  Softening creates spaciousness to breathe and expand.  In a safe space, a sacred environment, all is revealed…which means all is available for release and redesign.  When there’s nothing to hide, nothing to hold onto, and nothing to force or project, the energy is free to elevate and transcend.  That elevation of energy releases and manifests the highest vision, revealing a higher version of any form or structure.  Instead of trying to “fix” what we don’t like, we can learn to Love what is, as it is…setting it free, releasing the limitations of past expressions and conditions.  In an environment of Love, all beings are free to rise up and elevate, transcending their circumstances and cellular memory, revealing the beauty and potential of a higher vision.


When we bring our undivided attention into any relationship – the relationship with our body, our health, our finances, the environment, community, and cherished loved ones – anything that receives our undivided attention of Love gains the power and freedom to shift, to grow, to manifest as a higher expression.  Love is the agent of alchemy that activates transformation, unlocking hidden potential while transcending old expressions.  No matter how long a particular expression has held it’s pattern, form, and structure, there is always potential for transformation.  Releasing the attachment to what was, the particles of energy are free to take on a new shape, new form, new identity.


Anytime we awaken from the status quo of our normal operating system, we activate a radical state of free potential.  That energy contains the potential for divine creation, and can be used to harness revolutionary ideas, new thoughts, and profound movement that can alter the social landscape forever.  Any crack in the fixed holding patterns can birth incredible momentum for new growth, in ways previously unimaginable.  We’re birthing new potential from thin air, and from the spaciousness that’s expanding within all things physical.


Emptiness is pure potential.  For so long, our social conditioning has feared emptiness while seeking fullness, fulfilment, and materialistic success.  We acquire more and more “things” to fill up the empty space.  We judge emptiness as lack or laziness, and strive to get more, do more, and have more.  And yet the empty space is ripe with possibility.  When we learn to discipline and fine tune the emptiness, we harness an amazing capacity to manifest and precipitate instantly.  If the space within our mind, body, and environment is dense and heavy with too much stuff, we congest our channels of manifestation.


Spaciousness is sacred, wherever we find it.  Within our mind, our thoughts, and our cells.  Realizing the infinite empty space we all have access to, from the inside out, we gain access to universal magic, creative abundance, and the power to manifest.  If we’re willing to let go of our attachments to the current expression – what’s currently taking up space within our minds, bodies, and environment – we can learn to harness the power of alchemy to shape shift and manifest a whole new world, with Love.


By awakening a higher lens of vision, meeting ourselves and each other exactly as we are with acceptance and compassion, and elevating the current conversation to a higher frequency of Love, we become master alchemists and visionary creators.  Anything is possible.


The week begins on Monday 10/19 with a Mars Jupiter stepping stone, Venus Mars great eliminator, Venus Jupiter manifestation, Mercury Juno conjunction (2nd of 3), Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) resource, Black Moon Venus great eliminator, Sun Galactic Center resource, and Mercury Uranus bridge (2nd of 3).  Today is a super potent activation of expansion, inspired by the heart.  When we let go of the density and extra weight, shedding our attachments to extra “stuff”, the heart can expand and reveal a higher vision, and the body can calibrate a higher version in our cellular expression.  When we get attached to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, the body gets heavy, burdened by the extra weight of that energy.  When we eliminate the attachments and shed the energetic weight, we lighten up the empty space within the cells.  That empty space becomes receptive to the higher frequencies coming in.  Today is the 2nd of 3 Mercury Uranus bridges, delivering lightning bolts of communication, messages, and wake up calls.  By clearing out the space within, we can receive loud and clear, grounding that communication for radical awakening.


On Tuesday 10/20, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Jupiter, followed by a Sun Haumea new cycle, Black Moon Mars communion, then Venus intersects the Moon’s Nodes, and the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Pallas.  This new cycle of wholeness is a part of last week’s Libra New Moon crossroad.  When we choose to see beyond the surface level appearances, realizing the wholeness of any situation or event, we uncover and reveal our Self, through the universal mirror of Oneness.  Seeing the wholeness of ourselves is mastery, unlocking higher wisdom that transcends the gravity of our karmic/dharmic journey.  When we can see the wholeness of ourselves, we are no longer bound by the repetitive loops and gravitational pull of old patterns and limiting beliefs.  We’re free.


Wednesday 10/21 is a Sun Ixion resource, Sun Sedna great eliminator, Ceres Ixion resource (near miss), Sun Ceres manifestation, and Venus Pluto manifestation.  There are a lot of higher realizations today through the final degree of the Libra Sun.  Realizing our higher divine blueprint, clearing any confusion or density to reveal the highest crystalline records, and birthing these realizations into physical form.  Remember, the  heart holds the blueprint and the roadmap…and the heart is the alchemical mixing bowl.  If we want to see something manifest and take shape, we must bring our current experience into the sacred space of our own heart, and surrender there with Love.  That exchange unlocks the potential for something new to emerge.  Welcome everything and everyone into the sacred space of the heart, breathe Love into the situation, and watch the magic unfold.  The highest vision comes to Life in a space of Love.


On Thursday 10/22, Vesta enters Virgo, the Sun enters Scorpio, Venus and Eris form a great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Chiron great eliminator.  Vesta represents our inner fire of devotion, the passion that fuels the heart to commit, participate, and take action.  Vesta in Virgo brings that passion into refined alignment, fine tuning to the highest octave of pure intention.  And as the Sun enters Scorpio, we move through the via combusta, the alchemical fire of transmutation.  We must walk through fire in order to shed and release what no longer serves us, in order to reveal the resurrection and renewal of our true nature and awakened vision.  Scorpio is the essence of alchemy, shape shifting, and transformation…through the deepest waters of metaphysical lucidity.   Our connection to the dream state brings us into communion with the parts of our consciousness that travel wide awake beyond the veil of separation.  Not readily available on the surface, Scorpio requires a deep dive into the unknown, the mystery, and the esoteric realms to unlock the magic of manifestation.  Because Mercury is traveling retrograde through Scorpio right now, we have an uncanny opportunity to reflect and review the parts of us that aren’t available on the surface…the hidden dimensions of our own mind.  Remember to embrace everything with Love in order to transcend and transmute any shadows that emerge.


Friday 10/23 is a Sun Vesta resource, Venus Chariklo manifestation, then Black Moon turns direct, followed by a Mercury Varuna stepping stone.  Our newly calibrated fire of devotion fuels the upcoming journey through Scorpio, and amplifies our capacity to dive deep below the surface while metabolizing darkness into Light.  As the Black Moon turns direct, we’re about to repeat the communions that unveil and uncover, peeling the layers of the onion as we continue to dive deep into the core.  As we practice elevating our higher lens of vision, we see more and more.  Remember to embrace everything with Love in order to transcend and transmute any shadows that emerge.


On Saturday 10/24, there’s a Mars Pallas stepping stone, Mercury Salacia great eliminator, Ixion Sedna great eliminator, and Venus Saturn manifestation.  Wisdom is available through any and every experience, if we’re willing to take an elevated perspective to see the wholeness and remember who we are.  Wisdom supports our capacity to rewrite the script, remembering that we’re not defined by our experience, and we’re not limited by our results.  We are so much more than we realize…and it’s time to realize our infinite greatness.


And Sunday 10/25 is a Mercury Quaoar resource, Venus Galactic Center stepping stone, Sun Mercury conjunction, Sun Quaoar resource, and Neptune Pallas resource.  The Sun Mercury conjunction in Scorpio, in resource with Quaoar, calibrates the limitlessness of the universal mind within our own personal operating system.  As we continue to shine light through any historic limitations or distortions, we begin to see clearly through the highest lens of vision that reveals universal Truth and Wisdom.  Taking a seat in the center of our heart, we find that lens of universal vision, and access the wisdom to manifest from higher ground.


The practice this week is to look beyond surface level appearances.  Notice the interpretations, assumptions, and projections that occur within your own mind throughout the day, and pause for a deeper look.  By softening the edge of initial interpretation, find the empty space to expand, and see what you see.  Breathe Love into the scenario, welcome and embrace what is, exactly as it is…and allow your gaze to soften even more from the heart.  Each time you take a moment to pause and expand, practice shedding the attachments of initial conclusions to see what you couldn’t see before.


“Realisation is not acquisition of anything new nor is it a new faculty. It is only removal of all camouflage”
― Ramana Maharshi


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