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For the week of October 12 – 18, 2020

The week ahead highlights and amplifies the current crossroad we’re All traversing.  That moment of truth delivers a profound opportunity to awaken the power within, recalibrate our lens, and choose Higher Love.  Finding inner equilibrium and balance is key to navigating the upcoming transitions, road blocks, and choice points.


When nothing around us looks or feels familiar, it’s easy to get disoriented and distracted.  When cellular memory of old patterns and programming gets activated, it can feel oddly comforting, even if it’s not empowering.  The tendency to cling to past patterns (and even traumas) can be strong.  Outdated threads of attachment become like familiar worn clothing or a security blanket.  Now more than ever, it’s important to let go.  As the old patterns and threads dissolve, we free ourselves up to see clearly through the empty space…and that empty space is ripe creative potential for manifesting new beginnings.  We must be willing to see ourselves clearly in action in order to pivot and shift in the moment.


Remember, our current lens of consciousness is creating the next moment.  We are manifesting the next new chapter as we go, moment to moment.  If we’re disempowered, we’ll manifest from that lens, projecting that consciousness onto a blank slate, writing the ending before the story even begins.  When we’re awake, present, and in our power, we have the potential to pioneer a brand new beginning and a new possibility.   It’s completely up to us.  Which means, the more diligent we are about choosing and calibrating Love, the more powerful we become as conscious creators and revolutionary manifesters.


Each and every one of us has the power to choose our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.  Understanding the fluid inner landscape of our mind is the key to understanding and shapeshifting our physical reality.  If we think we don’t have a say so in the co-creation of events that are unfolding moment to moment, it’s time to wake up and remember the power that inherently lives within us.  If we feel helpless or small in comparison to the global events that are occurring, we must start to see that our inner landscape is equally vast as our perception of the world, the cosmos, the infinite universe.

As within, so without.  As far as we can imagine, as far as we can perceive the world “out there”, we are equally spacious and powerful within.  The power to choose is within.  The power to heal is within.   The power to elevate and transform is within.  The moment we realize this, we begin to harness that infinite power by taking responsibility for ourselves and the lens we’re choosing to live through.  That one defining choice has the power to alter the universe and radically change our life forever.


When we stop trying to change what we don’t like “out there”, and instead redirect our focus inward, we begin to see with new eyes.  When we unify “inner and outer” and take ownership from within, we ignite the creative potential to shift.   We change the world by waking up.  We heal the planet by choosing to live through a lens of wholeness and Love.  We make peace with all beings by accepting and honoring all of the pieces and parts of ourselves, letting go of historical judgments that generate inequality within our own lens of perception.  When our lens recalibrates to Universal Love, there is freedom, liberation, and oneness.  That’s what it means to live in accordance with the laws of nature, the laws of the universe, and the law of One Love.


It’s not just a nice idea or a fairy tale, it’s a powerful visionary context, a calibrated lens, like a structured dream catcher.  We can’t experience unity until we decide that it matters.  And once we decide it matters, we commit to living Unity as a vision for what’s possible.  That vision casts a web, or activates a crystalline template.  It doesn’t necessarily mean we see it manifesting right away, and it doesn’t mean it’s easy or comfortable…it’s a choice that turns the tides and shifts the current.  Regardless of what we’re seeing moment to moment, when we keep living from that vision of what’s possible, eventually the outer reflects the inner.  If it takes a day, a month, a year, or a lifetime.   It’s not just about the final outcome, it’s about the journey of living powerfully every moment…the freedom to choose, and the power to shift.


The week begins on Monday 10/12 with a Jupiter Neptune resource, Black Moon Juno bridge, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, and Mercury Venus resource.  Today offers new flashes of light, higher perspective, and harmonious unveiling.  Our greatest expansion reveals more and more light.  Anytime we transcend old threads of limitations, we awaken and realize our potential.   That potential is ripe with new growth and new possibilities.  All we have to do is trust, step in, and let go of fear and doubt.


On Tuesday 10/13, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Varuna, Venus and Orcus spark a new cycle, the Sun forms a bridge with Mars, Mercury stations retrograde, and the Black Moon manifests with Quaoar.  This is a huge day to uncover our higher lens of vision, embrace the immortality of our heart’s wisdom, and see our current reflection clearly in the mirror.  When we remove the blinders and remember our true nature, we can easily see what’s congruent and what’s out of alignment by looking in the mirror.  Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio, traveling through the deepest shadows of the unconscious mind…for the purpose of awakening, shining the light, and initiating alchemy of the highest order, from the inside out.


Wednesday 10/14 is a Sun North Node manifestation, Sun South Node resource, Vesta Galactic Center manifestation, and Venus Great Attractor stepping stone.  Our hearts hold the roadmap and the blueprint, and our hearts also hold the flame of devotion that motivates and inspires our actions and manifestations.  When we follow the true north guidance of our hearts, there are no limits to our creative potential.  Our ongoing practice is to elevate through the heart, surrender and trust.  The heart is in tune with universal wisdom and truth, and the more we defer to that guidance, the more aligned and refined we become.


On Thursday 10/15, there’s a Vesta Haumea resource, Sun Pluto stepping stone, and Black Moon Ixion manifestation.   As we devote to honoring our wholeness, we shed and purge the barriers that have ever kept us from ourselves.  Transformation occurs when we give ourselves permission to be whole, and surrender the struggle for what we think is missing.  By letting go of the struggle, we breathe into the spaciousness, discovering our highest blueprint…the code that’s been there all along.  We’re the ones we’ve been searching for all along…we just got distracted by thinking we should be something other than who we are.  Wholeness is the key to our greatness.  Realizing that we already are that, it’s time to manifest as that.  There’s truly nothing standing in our way.


Friday 10/16 is a Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge, then the New Moon in Libra, followed by a Venus Pallas manifestation and Sun Eris Light Bridge.  The Libra New Moon is incredibly powerful, in a bridge with Eris/Mars, activating a dynamic stepping stone with Saturn, Chariklo, and Pluto.  No doubt about it, we are All at an important crossroad, and it’s time to take a closer look in the mirror to understand how we arrived here, in order to fully awaken and shift the story, from within.  The mirror reveals it all, crystal clear, if we’re willing to look.


In Cosmic Consciousness, the Aries/Libra polarity is the relationship axis, the lens through which we see the world, and the lens through which we participate and take action in the world.  Aries represents the realization of Self, and the personal power we each have within to choose our thoughts.  The thoughts we think, and most importantly, the thoughts we believe and invest in, become the structured lens of our reality.  If we don’t like what we see, we must take responsibility for the lens we’re choosing to live through.   Libra represents the realization that our physical reality is a mirrored reflection, offering a feedback loop through our relationship with the world, revealing the impact of our thoughts, actions, and results.  The Aries/Libra axis is also the beginning of the Mind/Body connection, and the realization that our thoughts impact our physicality.  “The words you think become the house you live in” ~ Hafiz.  When we can connect the dots and see the patterns, we have full power and authority to choose something different, awakening new possibilities, accessing higher dimensions of creative potential.


The crossroads that we’re All facing reveals a profound opportunity to rewrite the script, to shift the story, and create something new.  The minute we feel helpless, hopeless, or frustrated, we’ve forgotten the power that lives within us.  Libra represents Physical Body Power, and unleashes the freedom to liberate from the old stories by accessing the power of our own mind.  Unity and Equality manifest when we awaken from within and recalibrate the lens of our worldview to Love.  If we continue to blame and deflect, we ignore the most precious resource of power…the power of a disciplined conscious mind.  That’s up to us.  The Libra New Moon is disposed by Sedna, the crystalline librarian/record keeper, who is in a stepping stone with Ceres, the cosmic midwife.  We have great cosmic support to usher in a higher dimension of consciousness, if we choose to receive it.


On Saturday 10/17, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Saturn, followed by a Sun Chariklo stepping stone, Black Moon Sun bridge, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, and Vesta Ixion manifestation.   There’s a lot of Black Moon activity today, so much is unearthing and coming to Light.  There’s a stabilizing energy overall that supports the great unveiling.   Even the most earth shattering announcements can feel solid when the truth is finally recognized.  There’s a difference between chaotic interference and truth, and any uncovering of Truth feels stable, even if it’s uncomfortable to hear.  Truth gives us something to stand on, traction to navigate.   Illusion is slippery, evasive, and tricky.  As we learn to vibrationally feel the difference, we can discern the times when we’re being truthful with ourselves, or avoiding.  As we witness the unveilings “out there”, remember to tune “inward” for what’s being uncovered and brought to light within.


And Sunday 10/18 delivers a Vesta Sedna stepping stone, Black Moon Eris communion, Uranus Juno bridge, Sun Saturn stepping stone, Venus Neptune bridge, Ceres Vesta bridge, then Ceres stations direct at 29 Aquarius, followed by a Mercury Albion bridge and Black Moon Pluto stepping stone.  There’s more shocking surprise on tap for today, and we’re learning how to navigate that terrain by now.  The key is to remain open, present, and aware…while finding our inner balance through the heart.  As we practice living from that balance point within, we can ride the waves, surf the storms, and remain present with the highest octave of universal wisdom.  When we get flustered or triggered by reactionary impulses, we can’t see clearly.  Ceres’ station today helps deliver us through the birth canal, even if we can’t see it clearly yet.  Anything that is occurring is meant to be, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.  If we can trust in each breath, and surrender through each exhale, we’ll be delivered to the next moment.  Sometimes all it takes is faith in the next breath, and eventually we’re on the other side.  This year has certainly taught us how to navigate the waves of discomfort, like moving through contractions in labor.  Eventually, the birth occurs, and newness is revealed.  Centered in the heart, we find peace.


The practice this week is a mirror gaze meditation.  The Libra New Moon invites us to sit with ourselves in the mirror and awaken from within.  Spend 10 minutes a day sitting with yourself in front of a full length mirror.  Let go of any judgment, criticism, or attachment, and simply be present with yourself, gazing softly through a lens of acceptance, compassion, and Love.  In order to see clearly, we must be in a neutral seat of equanimity.  Allow yourself to open with Love through every inhale, embrace what unfolds before you and within you, and surrender softly with gratitude through every exhale.  When we can hold space for ourselves with acceptance and compassion, allowing all to be revealed through the lens of Love, we hold space for All beings to be seen with Love.


“He who sees all beings in his Self and his Self in all beings, he never suffers; because when he sees all creatures within his true Self, then jealousy, grief and hatred vanish.”
― Paramananda, The Upanishads


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