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For the week of October 5 – 11, 2020

The week ahead delivers important wake up calls of the highest order.  If we’re prone to hitting the snooze button unconsciously, or flat out ignoring or refusing, the process could be uncomfortable.  The follow up messages will continue, as many as necessary, until we get it…loud and clear.  How long that takes, and the prices tags we incur as a result, are completely up to us.


When lightning strikes, it gets our attention… and when it strikes close to home, it matters.  There’s so much electrical energy in the atmosphere, inflamed by emotional charges that can create confusion and distortion at times.  The best way to discern the messages is to maintain inner equilibrium and balance with the mind/heart, and tune in from there.


When chaos combusts through the atmosphere, there can be mixed signals, misinformation, illusions and distractions.  Any piece of information received from that highly charged state is susceptible to distortion.  When the atmosphere gets frenetic and frenzied, and it’s difficult to see the truth, it’s crucial to ground into the earth, to discharge the excess and distill the inner channels for optimum clarity.   Learning to feel into the indicators of our own personal system is key.  Sensing when the nervous system gets triggered or tagged into a fight/flight response, we can quickly diffuse the excess energy, listen for the underlying message, and navigate accordingly from a position of balance.

With Mars and Chiron retrograding through Aries, our focus must remain on ourselves, from within, in order to fully receive the wake up calls and revelations that are available.  This is a time for Self Realization, Self Awareness….not finger pointing, projections, or rescue syndrome missions that distract or deter our focus.  The unexpected chaos that triggers us “out there” is a divine messenger directing us to look within, and pay attention, as if our lives matter.  As we practice Self Love, from the highest lens of wholeness, we learn to make peace within ourselves, moment to moment.  The world will eventually reflect that state of oneness and peace as we make it a priority to practice to build the foundation within.  We’re pioneering it now, creating it as we go.  Every thought, word, and action matters…and right now, we must be accountable to ourselves.


In every moment we have a choice – feed into the inflammatory chaos of conflict, or be the source of peace.  When we choose peace, we initiate a journey of wholeness that requires self awareness, compassion, and the willingness to confront our shadows and attachments in order to soften the edges, dissolve old patterns and beliefs, and write a new story.  If we think our state of peace is up to another person, we will continue to avoid and delay the process of awakening.   True power is within, and true sustainable power is the choice of Peace…again and again, as a living practice.


Choosing Peace when everything is rosy is not difficult.  The challenge is when our triggers get activated, emotions are charged, and every fiber of our being is enflamed with the reactionary reflex to come unglued.  When we witness injustice, abuse of power, or irresponsible behavior that endangers others or violates innocence, we can easily get triggered into a state of rage.  While anger is a motivator for change, we must learn how to keep our seat of power within the emotional volatility, in order to channel that energy into a conscious forward movement that makes a difference.


When our inner fire of passion gets activated and our hearts awaken, we’re motivated to take right action, sparking a conscious movement, on behalf of All.  If our passion isn’t grounded, our actions can get distorted and misaligned, fizzling out after a few peak outbursts, or potentially causing unintended outcomes.  We must be responsible with our energy, responsible with ourselves as conduits and instruments of consciousness.  Our daily practices to ground and meditate are key.


Active fire energy that isn’t grounded or balanced is a potential for disaster.  However, activated fire energy that lights up an awakened instrument/being is the potential for creative magic and dynamic leadership.  Leadership from the heart has the power to transcend old limitations of duality while accessing a higher vision.  That’s what’s being ignited within us.  We can’t get discouraged by what we’re witnessing on the planet right now, we must step into the fire and allow it to awaken us, from the inside out.  Fire is the alchemical agent of change.  Fire activates and initiates.  We can’t be afraid of the fire, but we do need to respect the element, humble our ego, and be mindful of the wake up calls that are emerging.


We’re being refined from the inside out, smoothing out our edges of attachments and blindspots, shedding the ego’s skin, and emerging as the embodiment of the awakened heart.  This journey is not for the weak…this is truly the hero’s journey.  It requires courage, grace, and resiliency to go against the grain of our conditioned knee jerk responses in order to dissolve the illusions within ourselves, and witness the release of what we’re not, and the unfolding of who we are.


The week begins on Monday 10/5 with a Venus Quaoar manifestation, Juno Salacia great eliminator, Black Moon Juno bridge, Black Moon Varuna stepping stone, Juno Varuna stepping stone, Mars Vesta manifestation, and Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator.  The heart is expanding to manifest limitless potential, beyond our outdated structures and attachments.  That expansion reminds us of who we truly are, while shedding away the illusions and blockages from within our personal lens of vision and self reflection.  When we can’t see ourselves clearly, we make up limitations within our mind.  When we realize those limitations aren’t really true, we surrender and expand into our true nature.  Our inner fire of passion and devotion gets triggered through discomfort this week, so it’s important to remain open from the heart, and allow the initiations to occur without prejudging or assessing what it all means.


On Tuesday 10/6, a Venus Salacia great eliminator and Sun Great Attractor resource.  A fairly quiet day, yet potent.  Our divine remembrance of the truth of who we are is unleashed through the heart, and in that realization, we also remember our limitless power to create.  There’s nothing we can’t manifest when we come from the purity of our heart, on behalf of All.  When we forget our power, we limit our potential to manifest.  It’s that simple.  Our nature is limitless and infinite.


Wednesday 10/7, Vesta manifests with Eris, followed by a Venus Juno resource, Sun Pallas stepping stone, Black Moon Mercury Bridge, Black Moon Uranus communion, and Mercury Uranus bridge.  Our inner fire of passion gets ignited by discomfort, and we have a choice to elevate with wisdom to higher ground.  Today is a HUGE day for unexpected messages, revelations, and out of the blue communications.   While we may know what hit us, we know there’s a wake up call at play, and it’s important to pay attention.  The Black Moon unveils, reveals and uncovers messages.  The Black Moon communion with Uranus can deliver the most unexpected revelation, the one thing we never saw coming.  Mercury’s bridge with Uranus is the direct communication like a lightning bolt, right into the earth.  Prepare for the unexpected, and don’t be shocked when it comes.  Remember, it’s not about the event, it’s not about the messenger…it’s about the wake up call.  Tune in for that.  Nobody else can tell you what your personal wake up call is.  That’s an inside job.  Listen, get present, and surrender any desire to get entangled in distractions or inflammatory reactions.  Today’s message matters.


On Thursday 10/8, Venus and Chiron form a great eliminator, followed by a Vesta Chariklo great eliminator, and Mercury Albion bridge.  Today’s theme is letting go.  Release any non-essential threads of attachment, purify and simply from the heart, and nourish your inner stability from that space of non-attachment.  There are more messages coming in, echoing from yesterday, like the thunder clap that follows lightning.  Sometimes we don’t get it on the first hit, but as we wake up to pay attention, the second echo can be more easily digestible.  Don’t make any assumptions, just remain present, and let go of the projections that the mind makes up in the empty space of not knowing.


Friday 10/9 is a Mars Pluto stepping stone, then the Black Moon turns retrograde and repeats the bridge with Mercury.  Mars and Pluto bring our physicality and the results of our actions into plain sight.  Every moment is an opportunity to complete an old pattern and start again on a blank slate, if we’re conscious and aware.  If we continue repeating old patterns and cycles, our results are easy to predict.  As the Black Moon retrogrades, she repeats the bridge with Mercury, delivering the message again, loud and clear.  Each time we revisit that bridge, the message gets stronger, more direct, and more real.  Because Mercury is in his retrograde shadow, these bridges will be repeated often over the next several weeks.  What we pretend to ignore now will revisit and replay, louder and louder.  And we can absolutely trust that whatever seems vague or confusing will be fine tuned and clarified over time.  We can’t miss what’s ours to receive.


On Saturday 10/10, Saturn and Vesta form a great eliminator, followed by a Mars South Node (karmic) manifestation, Mars North Node (dharma) resource, Chiron Juno great eliminator, Venus Uranus manifestation, Haumea Galactic Center resource, and Black Moon Venus manifestation.  We have an opportunity to honor the passion that’s igniting from the heart, and sometimes that choice requires us to eliminate the practical mind that tells us we can’t.  When we question “who am I to do that?” it’s a neon sign that it’s time to eliminate our fears and doubts, and let the heart lead the way.  When we take action that interrupts the old karmic limitations, we find support and resourcefulness that fuels our intentions and delivers new possibilities.  The heart is awakening, and when we honor the heart and trust it to lead the way, we literally ignite revolutionary energy that takes us All to new ground.  Our hearts’ awakening affects the planet, and our actions matter, to everyone.


And Sunday 10/11 activates the exact Chiron MakeMake Light Bridge, another Black Moon Uranus communion, Sun Jupiter stepping stone, Venus Albion manifestation, and Sun Neptune great eliminator.  Our greatest awakening, healing, and wholing occur in divine timing, in harmony with divine law and order.  Sometimes the process looks messy, and we might begin to lose hope…but the process does deliver us to wholeness, and through our wholeness, we transcend duality and the suffering of separation.  Today is another huge revelatory day that has the potential to clear the air and restore clarity of the highest order.  It’s up to us.  Fear and doubt create distortion and chaos.  A lens of wholeness reveals everything, crystal clear.


The practice this week is meditation.  Sit for at least 20 minutes each day, with your vertical spine grounded into the earth.  Sit upright, and imagine your tailbone rooted into the earth like roots of a tree.  Open through the crown, and feel the circulation of Light coming into your spine and grounding into the core of the earth.  Then breath in and out through your nose, feeling the physical sensation of breath moving across your upper lip, into your nostrils, then moving back out.  Bring all of your undivided attention to that threshold at the tip of your nose, and witness breath coming in, breath going out….as if you were watching ocean waves coming up to the shore and then releasing back to sea.  Sit with yourself for 20 minutes.  No agenda, other than being present.  Practicing presence as you ground with every breath.


“Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes.”  ~ Ramana Maharishi  


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