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For the week of September 28 – October 4, 2020

Get ready for a dynamic week of revelatory awakenings. The Full Moon in Aries on Thursday sparks an unprecedented opportunity for self realization, revealing the power of our thoughts through mirrored reflection, unleashing our infinite power to shift the story and write a new script.  Saturn and Pluto both station direct this week, heralding new ground within our inner authority to transform and manifest a new reality.  It’s up to us, at the most personal level, to initiate the changes we seek in the world…from within.


The beautiful thing about realizing our personal power is the limitless creative potential that comes from that moment of awakening.  The only limitations that exist are the ones we attach to within our own minds.  We gain power and authority each time we transform those limitations by consciously choosing our attitudes, beliefs, and responses from the heart.  We may not be able to control certain conditions and situations, however we can choose the thoughts and actions that come next.


Moment to moment, we’re either reacting or responding to our experiences.  In the process, we’re often judging or assessing what we like or don’t like, usually based on what makes us feel comfortable or uncomfortable, or what triggers past memories of fears or limitations.  The Aries Full Moon reminds us to access new original thoughts from the heart, and the be the source of pioneering energy, initiating new possibilities through creative intention, even before the evidence is available in tangible form.


If we’re constantly reacting and getting triggered by what’s already happened, we’re not free to generate new consciousness.  We’re engaging with what’s already in motion, and investing our mental body energy into those story lines and dramas that are playing out, depleting the available bandwith needed to activate new thoughts.  A certain degree of distraction is healthy, however we must be responsible care-takers of the precious resources available through the power of our awakened minds.

It’s easy to get entangled with our stories, even to the point of identifying ourselves as fixed characters in those storylines.  An unconscious fire can get sparked when a current story line triggers an old wound or trauma, reigniting historic patterns and dialogues within our muscle memory.  We can get caught up in those activations of energy when they speak to the wounded aspect within ourselves.  We may find ourselves reliving old traumas simply by witnessing someone else’s current story.


When situations around us mirror the unconscious patterns of old wounds and traumas, we can get triggered into an activated state of consciousness that feels very real.  In those moments, it’s important to wake up from that repetitive trigger, and hold a space of Love for that wounded part of ourselves, and ground through the heart.


Now is the time to awaken through the triggered response of unconscious trauma (personal or collective) within our own system.  The inflammatory discomfort illuminates the roots of attachment to old threads of consciousness that are still embedded within our bodies, dormant until activated.  Allowing the threads to be illuminated, without reacting to the trigger, we can find peace and comfort in knowing that we are not the trauma, even though remnants of trauma might be present.  Tending to the inflammation, we can create an environment of Love, while maintaining our seat of conscious discipline and mental body power.


When we clear our minds and ground ourselves to discharge any static interference or frenetic inflammation, we can receive current communication from the heart.  When mind and heart unify, we activate as a conscious channel of divine creation, collaborating with the invisible realm, and sparking new possibilities into tangible form.  Regardless of the story or the circumstance around us, that divine channel of creation remains wide open and receptive to new manifestation.   If we distract ourselves by the familiar historic patterns that are activated by circumstances around us, we’ll miss the opportunity to refocus and write a brand new script.


Where the mind is focused, the actions will follow…generating our current results as feedback.  We can use that information to shift and adjust accordingly, recognizing that the shifts always occur from within.  When the mind is unified with the heart, activating the universal lens of higher vision through the oneness of the diamond mind, the body is moved into right action, and our embodied expression reflects that clarity as we initiate the limitless power that is innate in All of us.


The week begins on Monday 9/28 with a Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Juno Quaoar resource, Venus Saturn great eliminator, Venus Mars manifestation, and Sun MakeMake new cycle.  The fact that this dynamic and active week begins with a Sun MakeMake new cycle is extraordinarily beneficial.  The Libra Sun activates the mirrored reflection of divine order and divine timing as we shed light on the unified lens of justice, equality, and Oneness.  This is the beginning of a new chapter that lights the way through the alchemical transformation that is up ahead.  It’s time for justice, and it’s time to see the truth of our actions by recalibrating the mirror to Love.   Love gives us the capacity to see all things clearly, even when it’s uncomfortable…in order to spark dynamic sustainable change.  Change always begins within.


Tuesday 9/29 begins with Saturn’s station, followed by a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Mercury Quaoar resource, Sun Chiron bridge, and Mars Saturn stepping stone.  Saturn’s station marks the forward completion of his journey through Capricorn, and this final movement has powerful implications to the redesign and reconstruction of our social story, and the ways we identify ourselves within that story.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Saturn represents the inner Guru, the Teacher within, reminding us that the ultimate power and authority is within, which means we have the power to shift and rewrite the script by owning our power and trusting the divine power and authority that flows through us.  The Sun Chiron bridge is an active part of the upcoming Full Moon in Aries, and activates the current healing crisis to shine light on the potential for awakening and personal mastery through wholeness.  When we can soften our attachments to the traumas and wounds we’ve experienced, we can illuminate the wholeness of the thread of the story, and find the universal message and wisdom, the light and the shadow.  When we can see the whole picture, from every angle, every perspective, we gain compassion and universal understanding of the patterns at play, and all characters involved.  Only then can we liberate ourselves to see the highest truth, that I am You, and You are Me, there’s no separation.  Justice for one is justice for All.  Love for One is Love for All.  And when we calibrate our mirror to reflect that universal truth, we heal and whole ourselves and the planet.


On Wednesday 9/30, Venus finds resource with Haumea, followed by a Mercury Juno conjunction (1st of 3), Venus Galactic Center manifestation, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Varuna Salacia manifestation, Black Moon South Node (karma) manifestation, and Black Moon North Node (dharma) resource.  Wholeness and unity are the themes today, and the alchemical transformation that occurs when we see ourselves in every situation around us.  Instead of fighting against ourselves and resisting what we don’t agree with, we can remember the infinite nature of Love, and rise above the repetitive suffering into a brand new manifestation.  We can spend lifetimes repeating the same scenarios of conflict and tug-of-war that never ever resolve, or we can transcend the need to struggle, and start creating from a higher lens of consciousness, a New Earth.


Thursday 10/1 launches us into October with a Venus Ixion manifestation, Black Moon Eris communion, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, Black Moon Mars communion, Venus Sedna stepping stone, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, then the Full Moon at 10 Aries at 5:05pm ET, followed by a Mercury Salacia great eliminator, and Mercury Varuna stepping stone.   All of the events today are setting the stage for this powerful lunar activation.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of mental body power, where we access conscious discipline to think from the heart, and choose Love.  The Aries aspect of our consciousness is extremely important, it’s the place where we remember our limitless power through the free will to choose our individual thoughts, and to be intentional with our words and actions as powerful manfiesters.  When we’re unconscious, we manifest from the parts of ourselves that are blindfolded and unawake.  It’s like riding in the passenger seat and not knowing who’s driving, or what state of consciousness is making those important decisions.  This is the ultimate misuse of power in our human story, giving away our power by not paying attention, not waking up, and not choosing to see the price tags of our unconscious actions, and the future implications.


Anytime we get triggered into old muscle memory, the consciousness of that memory becomes the driver of our vehicle.  It’s important that we remain fully awake and present in each moment, instead of reverting back to old activations of triggered responses.  Anytime we get locked into an identity or attachment to the story of past wounds and hurts, we allow that consciousness to make decisions in the current moment, which overlaps the past into the current moment, creating an entrapment to the past.  We’re forever in that story, until we consciously wake up and get present.  Our true power is in the present.


Aries is a fire sign, the spark of creation.  When we allow ourselves to access new thoughts, by shifting and altering the limiting beliefs, we become pioneering leaders of a whole new world.  New thoughts generate new outcomes.  If we remain in the same repetitive loops, slumbered in time from past events, the stories continue to repeat again and again.  Shifting the channel to a higher thread of consciousness changes the conversation, which manifests new results that were previously unavailable.  We must be present and awake to fully harness this power.


On Friday 10/2, the Black Moon forms a light bridge with Haumea, followed by a Mars Chariklo stepping stone, Venus Ceres bridge, Sun Uranus great eliminator, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, then Venus enters Virgo, and the Black Moon forms a resource with Ceres.  The Light Bridge with Haumea gives us an elevated perspective of the wholeness of any situation, unveiling and revealing blindspots so that we can expand and heal.  We are delivered to the fullest capacity of compassion through the heart, in order to soften the edge of illusion and awaken the higher blueprint of our divine purpose.  As Venus moves into Virgo, our hearts become the calibrator of unconditional Love that purifies all of our experiences to the highest frequency of wisdom.  That wisdom is holistically integrated at the personal level, and then birthed back into the universal consciousness for All to access.


Saturday 10/3, the Black Moon enters Taurus, then Pluto forms a great eliminator with Vesta, the Black Moon manifests with Venus, and Chariko stations direct.  Today is a stabilizing day that reminds us of the importance of grounding.  When we’re grounded and centered within the heart, we can see more, which means the potential for alchemy and transformation is high.  We can drop the illusions and distractions, and see the potential for new growth.  We must be grounded and deeply rooted within the heart in order to shapeshift and transform.


And Sunday 10/4 is the 2nd of 3 Mars Eris conjunctions, then a Mercury Chiron great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, and Pluto stations direct.   The Mars Eris conjunction sparks discomfort and inflammation in order to awaken from within.  It’s important that we not get entangled in the stories that activate through our muscle memory during this inflammatory process.  The purpose is to awaken, and then release the inflammation while shedding the skin of attachment and identity with the old stories.  Pluto’s station supports that magnificent shedding process, and if we’re willing to surrender to the discomfort, we can be delivered through the portal of rebirth.  The discomfort is a necessary activation of friction that prompts the release of old skin, revealing the newness from within.


The practice this week is to surrender to the discomfort, and allow the greatest awakenings to occur from within.  When we flinch or react to the moments of discord, we confuse and congest our lens of vision, distracting ourselves with entanglements that don’t move us forward.  Find a neutral seat of equanimity within the stillness of the heart, and ground there.  Let the inhale stretch you open, softening the edges in order to expand…and let the exhale sweep through and slough off any attachments, holding patterns, or congestion.  When a triggered reaction takes hold, find your breath, and stretch open through the contraction.   Look for the newness…new thoughts, new observations, new consciousness.  Remember, new thoughts generate new results.  The old thoughts repeat the familiar patterns.  Let your thoughts arise from Love, and let the heart lead the way.


“If your mind carries a heavy burden of past, you will experience more of the same. The past perpetuates itself through lack of presence. The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future.”
― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment


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