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For the week of 11/5 – 11/11

We’re in the midst of the most radically transformative time in human evolution, awakening consciousness at a rapid rate, and in the process, accessing new thoughts that spark possibilities for a whole new world.  The new thoughts deliver us to our highest vision, and that vision is not only in the hearts of humanity, but is also growing deep roots through the Earth.

Transformation occurs in a nanosecond, however the sustainable growth in a new direction takes time to appear above the surface.  Now more than ever, it’s important to strengthen our ability to see beyond the physical and remain intimately connected to the vision that’s birthing through the empty space.  The Scorpio aspect of our consciousness brings us to the metaphysical qualities of transformation, manifestation, death and rebirth, and the journey that is required to cross the threshold of dimensions and access the invisible space of fertile ground, the non-physical embodiment of spirit.


For anyone who has journeyed through a “dark night of the soul”, an intense passage or spiritual crisis through unexpected transition, loss, or grieving, we know that it’s through the periods of darkness that the most profound awakenings and transformations take root in our consciousness.   Our willingness to remain present through discomfort gives access to the invisible realms in the most uncanny ways.  By confronting the edges of mortality and impermanence in our physical reality, we find the divine spirit that lives and breathes through all matter, restoring reverence in all things, revealing the sacredness in all beings.


By exploring the multifaceted layers and dimensions of our existence, and deep diving into the unknown variables that manifest our current reality, we gain insight into the “behind the scenes” workings of spiritual alchemy, and eventually find comfort in the mysterious realm of the unknown.  A journey like this doesn’t bring us back to shore unaltered.  The purpose of such a journey is to bring our spirit back to life enlightened, renewed, and committed to living with purpose, devotion, and meaning.  We die to remember our connection to the spirit world, and to then integrate back holistically, remembering why we came here in the first place, ushering spirit and meaning back into the physical tangible realm.  Many people who have had near death experiences come back to their bodies with full memory in tact, and an open gateway to the invisible realms with ultra sensitive channels of communication awakened.


The current scenarios on our planet could be considered a collective dark night of the soul passage.  If we’re conscious and observant, we know in our bones and in our hearts that this moment is rich and fertile with opportunities for life altering healing, wholing, and unification.  This is the journey that brings humanity face to face with the most profound wake up calls to pay attention, to cherish life, to value all beings as the embodiment of spirit, and to participate in Life.  Transformation doesn’t happen in a comfortable familiar easy chair, it’s though the unexpected moments that catch us by surprise, delivering a new perspective, a new spark of insight, a new way of thinking or being in relationship with what’s been there all along.


We can’t recognize a new possibility from the same scope of vision that we’re used to looking through.  If we’re looking through a windshield that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, there could be residue or debris limiting our most awakened multidimensional vision.  Our habitual tendencies can make us lazy.  We take things for granted, and settle into routines, until we realize we’ve lost something, without knowing why or when.  In the absence, there’s a startling recognition of empty space.  Suddenly, we’re in relationship with the void…the most magical space of infinite potential. That void can be filled with attachment, suffering, and pain…or unconsciously filled up with temporary distractions to soothe or avoid the pain…or we can allow ourselves to be raw, vulnerable, and open to the precious fertile ground of awakening, and allow a new vision to emerge from the void.


It’s human nature to resist loss, to want to close the heart for fear of losing what matters most.  We white knuckle our way through close calls, holding on for dear life to keep the pieces from falling apart.  In an event that brings us to that edge of radical fear of losing something precious (our health, a relationship, a job or security, or even our faith in a sense of purpose and meaning), it’s important to soften and open through the discomfort.  The experience is transformative.  The mind will flip out and do what it can to run fast and far, or numb out and avoid…activating old karmic loops and patterns that have kept us on the hamster wheel of the human condition of attachment and suffering.  Shifting our gaze with compassion, altering the focus to see what we couldn’t see before, we can allow a higher vision to birth through the moments of disorientation or suffering.  There is nothing to fear, nothing to resist, as we courageously confront our fears with an open heart, we find they melt in front of us, revealing the higher truth…that there is no separation between the walls or veils, there is no such thing as separation, death or birth…there’s fluid freedom to navigate and experience oneness with All.  Our experience becomes a fluid dance between dimensions, and if we’re willing to expand beyond just the physical realm, we can open the door to infinite oneness with All, with Love.


Our nervous systems then recalibrate to a deep sense of serenity by knowing that there is always connection through spirit, nothing is ever lost that doesn’t return, recycle, or change shape into a new beginning.  There are many doorways to travel through, and every threshold is fluid, and anything fluid delivers us through the fertility of the void.  What’s important now is to navigate from an open heart, wide awake, like lucid dreaming.  The fluidity of reality requires conscious presence and mindful practice, because everything is sensitive to new creation.  Any fear will manifest in the blink of an eye, just as Love can manifest in a nanosecond.  Moment to moment, we’re choosing our reality, choosing our adventure, and writing our new script.  The best way to move forward is in partnership with Spirit, which requires a mind/heart union and spiritual equality with all beings.   The week ahead is filled with opportunities to choose love over fear, and as we do, we discover our infinite power to create something brand new.


The week begins on Monday 11/5 with a Uranus Pallas great eliminator, Black Moon Eris resource, Ceres resource with the Galactic Center, Soul Star Chakra great eliminator with Quaoar, Black Moon Mars conjunction, and a Venus Ceres conjunction.   Awakening wisdom through the discomfort and agitation, we’re birthed back to our true origin, and the capacity to create by choosing a thought.  We can’t create anything new by operating with the same limiting thoughts and beliefs.  By reconnecting with our spiritual roots of Source, we remember how powerful an original thought is…powerful enough to spark the creation of an entire universe.  When our thoughts come from Love, we can birth a revolution that heals and unifies a nation, our planet, and beyond.


Tuesday 11/6 is election day in the US, as well as a Pallas resource with the Dharmic Node (Soul Star Chakra), a Sun Neptune manifestation, Pallas Quaoar stepping stone, Uranus retrogrades back into Aries, Venus in resource with the Galactic Center, and a Ceres Juno great eliminator.  Wisdom and dharma are themes in our consciousness today, and the manifestation of enlightened clarity.  Wisdom demands higher thinking, and awakens a pioneering force of energy to spark something new, with Love.


On Wednesday 11/7, Venus and Sedna are in a great eliminator, and the New Moon in Scorpio occurs at approximately 2pm ET.  Pluto is conjunct Vesta, the Black Moon retrogrades back to Mars, and Chiron is in a great eliminator with Ceres.  Today is life altering, and our willingness to see the higher vision, regardless of what might be appearing on the surface, is so important.  Scorpio is the sign of Physical Love, the highest manifestation of Divine Love.  The polarity of Scorpio is Taurus, the Tree of Life, and the sacred space within the observer’s mind that holds the potential for new growth to appear.   Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and has just retrograded through Scorpio back into Libra, which is ruled by Sedna, the divine cosmic record keeper.  And Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, the archetype that ushers us through the dimensions and doorways of death and rebirth.  This story line is so significant..


A New Moon is always an opportunity to plant new seeds, aligning our intentions for a new manifestation.  A New Moon in Scorpio plants the intentions for profound transformation through the experience of death and rebirth, and the journey of the phoenix rising from the ashes, resurrected by the alchemy of Love.  Love is the medicine, the cure, the magic ingredient that brings us back to life, restoring our spirit and our faith in humanity.  In order to be reborn in a context of Love, we must surrender our deepest fears of being loved, of being intimately seen, and the historic fears of getting hurt through loss, separation, abandonment, or death.  We’ve conditioned ourselves to fear intimacy because the pain of losing is greater than our desire to Love.  If we are to evolve to a new story, if we are to rewrite the script and allow a new vision to emerge, we must surrender the fear of Loving and being Loved.  We must be willing to open our hearts to an uncertain, unfamiliar possibility, with no guarantees or expectations of any outcomes.


Love actually does exist on this planet, and is already taking root deep within the Earth.  Love has always been here, right in front of our faces.  The only thing stopping us from realizing that vision is our fear of losing it all, or losing ourselves in the process.   In the story of Pluto, Venus, and Ceres, Pluto was in love with Venus and kidnapped her to live with him in the underworld.  Her mother, Ceres, missed her so much, she couldn’t bear life on earth and became angry to the point of withholding the seasons, withholding beauty, color, and vitality until Pluto promised to share Venus.  When we withhold Love or react from anger at the thought of losing what we Love, we deplete life from this planet.  Love is the key to abundance, expansion, aliveness, and collaboration.  When we try to control Love and keep it all to ourselves, we rob the rest of the world of experiencing that divine gift, and ultimately squelch the life out of others.  Love is free, without conditions, attachments, agendas, or limitations.  Love isn’t personal, it’s a consciousness, a current of energy.  We must be willing to allow Love to express with freedom, not with force or control.  These new seeds we’re planting with the New Moon in Scorpio are seeds of Love, planted within the Earth, as a promise for abundance, expansion, new life, beauty, magic, and vitality…that divine Love is awakened in All beings, and that all beings are free to live in Love without attachments or limitations.



Thursday 11/8 is a Jupiter Uranus great eliminator, then Jupiter enters Sagittarius, the Black Moon retrogrades to a resource with Haumea in the Light Bridge, and Pallas is in a bridge with Salacia.  As we choose Love over fear, our social consciousness expands and awakens to seek the truth.  When we look through the lens of the awakened heart, we can see everything clearly, including our responsibility to participate and contribute to the whole.  We can no longer hide our greatness, we can no longer pretend to be invisible or small.  On this journey of awakening, we need all hands on deck, and everyone’s gifts, mastery, and light are required.  All of us have a role, a promise we came to fulfill, a note we came to play.  And it takes every note, in resonance with each other, to birth the new creation of the highest vision.


Friday 11/9 is a Mars Ixion resource, Ixion Haumea resource, Venus Mars manifestation, and a Jupiter Soul Star Chakra manifestation.   We’re physically embodying our soul’s blueprint, activating a larger global blueprint that’s already anchored in Light.  Connecting the dots, our hearts are inspired to take action, and we remember that together we can do more than any individual can do alone.  Our souls carry a promise in this lifetime, not just on an individual level, but we have soul groups with common purposes to collectively manifest, and it’s time to shine.  Our souls are revealing the encoded resonance, the purpose that we came here for, and we’re finding our tribes, coming home to each other, and expanding our Light in groups of symphonies.  We recognize each other by vibration and frequency of Light, and our new work is coming online.


On Saturday 11/10, Venus is in a resource with Ixion, the Black Moon is in an intimacy aspect with Pluto and Vesta, Juno is in a great eliminator with the Galactic Center, along with a Mars Sedna stepping stone, Mercury Orcus stepping stone, Black Moon Sun stepping stone, Mars Juno stepping stone, Venus conjunct Haumea in the Light Bridge, and Mars in a resource with the Galactic Center.   There are so many opportunities to choose today, and most importantly, we must choose to elevate out of our historic footprints in order to step up to a higher calling.  The lights are on, inside and out, and we’re moving forward, hand in hand.  The new Earth requires connection, partnership, and collaboration…shared contribution for a greater cause, with Love.  We came here for this moment, and the inner fire is burning bright like a north star, illuminating brilliant frequencies of Light that’s way too bright to ignore.


And Sunday 11/11 is a Pallas Varuna resource, Juno Sedna conjunction, Uranus Ceres bridge, Sun Pluto resource, and Ceres enters Scorpio.  Wisdom is revealed, and Unity Consciousness calibrates a new cycle with the Cosmic Record Keeper.  The birth canal of Unity is awakened, and we’re being resurrected together, with Love.  Remember, Love is the medicine, the cure, the agent of alchemy.  Love animates our bodies into action and into divine relationship with each other.  This is the new beginning that births a brand new world.  It’s important to stay tuned to Love, and keep our vision calibrated through the lens of the awakened heart.


The practice this week is to choose Love each day.  Pay attention to the times when fear or anxiety get triggered, because it will happen at some point this week.  Notice any time when your heart starts to pull back or shut down, from fear of getting hurt, or an automatic knee jerk reaction to pull away and isolate, disappear, or withhold.  Choose instead to remain open, to remain in the void, and just breathe.   No action required, just feel what it feels like to stand in the newness of empty space, without needing to do anything to fix it, hide it, or make it go away.  We’re stretching our hearts’ capacity to open through the discomfort, because we’re calling forth the fullest volume of Love on the planet right now.  Now is not the time to close down or water down the volume of light that shines through an awakened heart.  All hands on deck, all hearts full of Light…we’re sparking a revolution that turns the tides and restores the frequency of Love on this planet.  Own the Light that you generate, the promise you made to be here now, and let your light shine bright.  Transmute any fear, worry, or doubt into relentless stream of high frequency Light, and let’s power up the voltage, hand in hand.

“In every community, there is work to be done.
In every nation, there are wounds to heal.
In every heart, there is the power to do it.” 
― Marianne Williamson  

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