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For the week of September 21 – 27, 2020

Take a deep breath and stretch wide open with Love to fully embrace all that’s ahead this week.  We’re at the Equinox still point, an equalizing calibration of light and dark reminding us to Be the Light as we explore the shadow…shining warmly and gently through any experience of shadow as we stretch into wholeness with compassion, acceptance, and Love.


In order to be a generator of Light, we must be empowered in our current situation, moment to moment.  Even as our own inner shadows might emerge and reveal, a higher commitment and devotion to remembering and embodying our true nature is key.  As we illuminate our wholeness, it’s important to embrace and welcome the ego as it appears, with Love…otherwise we create inflammatory resistance within, activating an inner matrix of emotional residue like cobwebs of super glue that are hard to untangle.


As long as we’re here in physical form, transcending the experience of duality, we must remember that any source of Light casts an illusion of shadow in 3D time/space.  The shadow isn’t to be feared, it’s an inner teacher, reminding us to stay centered, neutral, and clear within our mind/heart.  Anytime we bring ourselves into union with yin/yang equality, we activate a balance point that transcends duality.  When we lose our center, or spin in excess one way or the other, we fall into the gravitational pull of distortion and illusion, like a rapid flat spin that takes intense focus and willpower to overcome.  Those gravitational spins can be disorienting and disempowering, knocking us off of our seat of power until we embrace the spin, open to Love, and recalibrate our equilibrium from within.


In intense times such as now, the opportunities to lose equilibrium are high.  Which also means the opportunities to practice and strengthen our core alignment are crucial.  We will get caught off guard, knocked off our seat….and when we do, it’s important to recognize the indicators, release attachments to the gravitational spin, and reclaim the suspended state of equanimity.  If we resist any aspect of ourselves or others, we contribute to the weighted entanglement of gravity, feeding into the density of karmic accrual.  When we surrender and release, while staying present, open, and aware, we rise up to higher levels of consciousness, and calibrate that awareness into our system as a new foundation, the activation of our new form and structure.


This week, the Sun moves into Libra, Mercury enters his retrograde shadow just before activating a super powerful bridge with Mars/Eris and Haumea, and then Mercury moves into Scorpio.  There’s a lot to be realized about the Mind/Body connection through the mirrored lens of wholeness.  As Mars and Chiron are both retrograding through Aries, the sign of Self Realization, our awakened consciousness is that of the Mirrored Self, which means everything around us and within us is providing insight, reflection, and feedback to support in our greatest awakening.  That’s a lot of information to take in, as our inner Messenger enters the sign of Scorpio, accessing the hidden realm of our unconscious shadows.


Journeying through the hidden mystery of Self, we must shine bright through the darkness, infusing Love into everything we encounter in an alchemical experience of transformation and transcendence of the highest order.  There’s nothing outside of us.  Anything that has the power to distract us from the inner journey contains the potential for alchemy, which opens the doorway to Self liberation.  Collapsing and dissolving the distractions with Love, we recycle and metabolize unto ourselves, making good use of all that we encounter.  Everything is fuel, everything is Light, when met with Love.  If we flinch, react, or fight back, we’re simply fighting against ourselves.  As we learn to Love ourselves, shadows and all, we’re delivered to a new dimension of wholeness that sustains any historic fear of separation or darkness.


The week begins on Monday 9/21 with a Mercury Pluto stepping stone, Jupiter Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, Black Moon Salacia communion, Mars Galactic Center manifestation, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, and Venus Jupiter great eliminator.   The Black Moon aspects will be repeated and revisited this week as she oscillates back and forth, activating the powerful Light Bridge of higher law and order, reminding us of the limitless ocean that we All are, and the highest lens of vision we All have access to.  It’s time to step up our highest devotion to self discovery and awakening.  Transformation is in order, and the heart is guiding the way.


Tuesday 9/22 is the official Autumn Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere, Spring Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere.  Mercury manifests with the North Node (dharma) and is resourceful with the South Node (karma), Venus and Vesta spark a new cycle, Mercury forms a bridge with Eris, and Ceres manifests with Juno.  Then the Sun enters Libra, followed by a Mercury Chariklo stepping stone, and Sun Ceres great eliminator.   The Equinox is an acknowledged equalizer point of unification that calibrates wholeness and balance of yin and yang.  No matter which half of the Earth we’re living in, the Equinox is a balance point of equality of light and dark, and an indication of change as we move towards the extremes of Winter or Summer.  In the experiences of extremes, it’s important to maintain inner equilibrium within our own yin/yang energy in order to ride the waves of ups and downs, highs and lows.  Learning to embrace the darkness as much as the Light, we strengthen our unconditional authentic nature to the awakened Light, no matter what.  When darkness is near, we remember why it matters that we’re here.  When Light abounds, we celebrate our reflection and abundantly recharge.  As the Sun enters Libra, our consciousness transitions to an air sign of equality – as within, so without.  The world becomes our mirror, either reminding us to shine, or inviting us to Love.  As we recognize the world as our mirror, we gain power to realize that everything is within us, including the power to shift.  Our current state of consciousness, attitude, and focus of mind have the power to alter our reality by shifting the lens we’re looking through.  If we don’t like what we see, we can choose to feel empowered by the feedback, as we wake up and take responsibility for what we’re generating.  If we insist that we’re separate from anything “out there”, we’ll continually feel powerless in the face of obstacles or circumstances, falling into the gravity of conflict and suffering.  The choice is ours, always.


On Wednesday 9/23, there’s a Mercury Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, Venus Neptune great eliminator, Mars Haumea Light Bridge, then Mercury enters his upcoming retrograde shadow, and the Black Moon turns direct.   There’s a massive bridge activating this week with Mars/Eris and Mercury/Haumea, which awakens our lens of wholeness through the mind/body connection.   There’s a lot to realize in that relationship, and the more we soften to surrender any rigid thoughts or ideas, the more we can expand into new territory, uncovering new breakthroughs.  Mercury enters his retrograde shadow today, which means everything moving forward will be revisited and reviewed.  Mercury will station retrograde on October 13th, stationing direct on November 3rd, Election Day.  No coincidence, we have a lot to uncover and awaken to within that period of time.


Thursday 9/24 is a Mercury Mars bridge, Mercury Haumea conjunction (1st of 3), Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, and Mercury Galactic Center resource.  Today is the exact activation of the Mind/Body bridge, through the relationship axis of Aries/Libra, which represents our world view, from the perspective of Self through the mirror.  Mars in Aries reminds us that our thoughts, interpretations, and beliefs manifest our reality, and how we’re perceiving the events around us can impact the actions we take, or the automatic pilot reactions that get fired up within us.  When we’re unconscious or if we’re triggered by emotional residue of historic programming, our actions might seem automatic.  When we create the spaciousness between our thoughts, we can access universal wisdom to see through the threads of programming, and we can actually stretch through the fabric of our inner matrix in order to access new available options.  That pause of spaciousness is enough to alter the course of our actions and initiate a brand new possibility.  New consciousness is needed in order to manifest new outcomes, and that new consciousness arises from the empty space.


On Friday 9/25, Neptune forms a great eliminator with Vesta, followed by Sun Quaoar stepping stone, Mercury Ixion resource, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Black Moon Salacia communion, and Mercury Sedna great eliminator.  Our inner devotion to access new consciousness empowers us to step up and stretch through the empty space, beyond the muscle memory of what we’ve known before.  The Black Moon revisits the universal lens of higher vision, and the divine remembrance of the limitless ocean that we All have access to.  As we pause for a moment, we can access the highest crystalline records of cosmic consciousness, and surrender any attachments to old limitations, distortions, or distractions.


Saturday 9/26 is a Venus Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, and Black Moon Chiron communion.  The Venus Pluto great eliminator initiates the alchemical metabolism of the heart that transmutes shadows with Love.  When shadows come to Light, we liberate ourselves from the unconscious entrapments.  When everything is out in the open, we can embrace it all with Love, and transform old patterns into freedom.  This is the power of our healing/wholing journey.  Old wounds and perceived limitations become enlightened – brought to the Light – revealing the mastery within the wholeness of everything.  Who we become through the healing journey of wholeness is powerful beyond measure.


And on Sunday 9/27, Ceres retrogrades into Aquarius, followed by a Mercury Ceres manifestation, then Mercury enters Scorpio, Venus manifests with the South Node, Venus finds resource with the North Node, followed by a Sun Varuna resource and Venus Eris manifestation.   We’re delivered to an opportunity for radical awakening, just as The Messenger enters the deep mysterious waters of Scorpio.  Our nervous system can get triggered when deep diving into the unknown, so it’s important to practice our equilibrium of yin/yang balance.  The heart manifests with the karmic node, and is resourceful with the dharmic node…a complete flip flop from Mercury’s aspects earlier this week.   The reversal of yin/yang to karma/dharma activates a powerful vortex that supports our deep dive.   As we navigate the hidden shadows, our hearts awaken and reveal the newness within.  Mind and heart, hand in hand, activate the higher lens of universal vision.


The practice this week is to find the still point of equality, the neutral pause that allows new revelations and new consciousness to appear in the space between old patterns and threads.  It only takes 30 seconds to breathe in, expand, pause, exhale, release to emptiness, and pause.  In that period of time, new consciousness can be accessed, and a new course of action can follow.  When we continue to move without pausing, our automatic pilot responses take over, which can entangle us even more deeply in the gravitational entanglement of moment to moment experiences.  The neutral pause creates the spaciousness to expand, go deep, choose a higher lens of consciousness, and generate a new outcome.

“So often in life, things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great, good fortune.” ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg


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