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For the week of September 14 – 20, 2020

The week ahead offers a powerful calibration, manifesting a higher crystalline version of our current forms and structures.  When the current structures begin to fade, crack, or crumble, it’s time to reinvent and upgrade.  Foundations are meant to support and withstand the expansion of evolutionary growth.  When we find an edge of limitation, we must go in and recalibrate.  From the roots up, we’re preparing for a brand new world…with Love.


The foundation and alignment of any structure holds the integrity, context, and meaning of our core values and intentions.  It’s important that the integrity of any system is maintained in order to be sustainable.   Systems need attention, adjustment, and upgrades along the way to honor the original intention through the ebb and flow of change.  If we don’t maintain and check in along the way, our systems can become rigid and fixed, or neglected and outdated.


Systems include our personal health, including the immune system, digestive system, skeletal system, respiratory system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and elimination systems.  If any of our systems are ignored or neglected, the body begins to show signs of imbalance and instability.  The consciousness that we’re living in (and operating from) is revealed through the calibrated frequency of our physical body as form and structure.  Our cellular structure can shift and change according to our current state of consciousness.


A calibrated frequency of Love through the lower 4 body system allows for harmonious digestion and circulation of wellbeing, in all dimensions.  How we meet each moment, how we digest the events of our life, the meanings and interpretations we make from the situations we encounter, and our willingness to extract and absorb the wisdom while eliminating and letting go of the rest…it all matters.  If we’re awake and aware, we can continuously upgrade and fine tune our system for optimum health.  We can recognize the opportunities for adjustment, and we can consciously recalibrate our inner alignment and integrity from the purity of our heart.

When we ignore or override the feedback messages that show up – those yellow or red light indicators that let us know when we’re operating on a lower frequency or we’re incongruent with our heart – we eventually manifest louder symptoms.  We can either listen, surrender, and lean into the intimate relationship with our Self…or we can ignore, resist, and insist on continuing ahead in our status quo programming.  When we lean in with curiosity, we can open, expand, and awaken through our wholeness.


We must practice softening the edge of our ego in order to fully listen and tune in to the subtle (and not so subtle) messages that are available moment to moment.  Just as our physical body systems need attention and adaptability, so do all of our current systems, structures, contracts, and agreement that we operate within on a daily basis.  If we get too settled into a groove of familiarity or comfort, we may miss the indicators that it’s time to upgrade, adjust, or invest.  Once we experience significant breakdowns in any system, we start to lose trust.  Eventually, we need to rebuild, reinforce, and restore integrity in a way that can withstand and sustain our evolutionary growth.


Any breakdown in a system, structure, or agreement is revealing the opportunities for expansion.  We can’t always identify the fractures until they’re exposed…and once they’re revealed, we have a choice.  The ego must soften in order to expand.  And we must integrate higher consciousness and wisdom into any new construction.  If we rebuild based solely on what we’ve done in the past, if we keep going back to the original roots, we limit the growth potential.  As we plant new roots, and regenerate the foundation with new life and new wisdom, we can see brand new possibilities emerging that surpass anything we’ve known before.


This week’s New Moon in Virgo is manifesting with Pluto, Saturn, and Sedna…giving us an opportunity to manifest new ground that honors the heart, inspired by the highest crystalline records available in our cosmic consciousness.  This new growth requires transformation and alchemy…the dissolution of what was in order to see something new taking shape.   In the process, we’re reaffirming the alignment and integrity of core values from our heart, adjusting and fine tuning our systems as we awaken and reveal more and more from the inside out.


Virgo consciousness includes purification, refined excellence, and attunement.  Holistic integration of wisdom through our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, revealing divine wholeness as we elevate to new dimensions of consciousness, fine tuning through the heart.  This calibration of wholeness is the entry point to our 5D lens of consciousness, and the merging point with our Cosmic Self, Christed Self, and Buddha Nature.  What an upgrade for our lower 4 body system… and that upgrade also integrates through every facet of our daily life.  As within, so without…from the personal to the collective.  Our most awakened lens of consciousness re-calibrates the foundation, form, and structure of everything in our physical dimension…including our own cellular structure.  That’s a mind-blowing, heart aligning, earth-altering shift!


The week begins on Monday 9/14 with a Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Mars Juno bridge, Mars Ixion manifestation, and Sun Pluto manifestation.  As the Virgo Sun reveals the purest code of alignment from the heart, we begin a cellular reconfiguration that manifests our higher blueprint.   Transformation is in order, as we let go of what we’ve known in order to become the highest version of our Self, the manifestation of our awakened crystalline blueprint.


On Tuesday 9/15, Quaoar stations direct, followed by a Venus Uranus stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Mercury Vesta resource, Venus Albion stepping stone, and Juno Sedna great eliminator.  Quaoar represents the new paradigm, our limitless nature of infinite possibility.  In a world of pure possibility and potential, the heart leads the way.  The universe awakens and reveals opportunities in alignment with the heart, all we have to do is trust, have faith, allow, and receive.  Any obstacle or road block is an opportunity to open, expand, and allow something greater to be revealed.  Patience and devotion are helpful tools that reveal the full spectrum of deliverance, in divine timing.


Wednesday 9/16 is a Black Moon Mercury bridge, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Sun Eris great eliminator, and the Sun intersects the Moon’s Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star chakras).  Today is important to allow our multisensory communication channels to activate, revealing messages from our higher self through our environment.  The world is mirroring our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs….all reflected through our current lens of consciousness.   As we look around, we gain insights on how to calibrate the alignment with our heart to restore alignment with our experience of the world.  As the Virgo Sun calibrates the still point intersecting the karmic and dharmic nodes, we can restore alignment and integrity through the wholeness of our journey, and through the root system of our star lineage and our earth lineage.  There’s so much wisdom to integrate today as we access that still point of timeless wholeness of the entire story of Oneness.


On Thursday 9/17, the Sun manifests with Chariklo, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Jupiter, then the New Moon occurs at 26 Virgo at 6am ET, followed by a Sun Saturn manifestation, Black Moon Venus manifestation, and Black Moon Pallas stepping stone.  The New Moon in Virgo is a new beginning from the purest heart of divine feminine wisdom.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of the Virgin Mother, the purest heart that births Christ Consciousness, which is the limitless ocean of Unconditional Love and Unity.  Virgo also represents wholeness.  The dispositor of Virgo is Chiron, who initiates the journey of self mastery that occurs when we honor the heart, and surrender attachments to anything else.  Healing requires wholeness, and the journey of wholeness brings us into mastery of Self.  Chiron is also known as the Rainbow Bridge that unifies our Lower 4 body system with our Awakened Cosmic Self.


Everything new is birthed from the feminine, and Virgo is that birth canal.  We’re either manifesting from the integrity and purity of our heart, or we’re manifesting from ego, attachment, or misalignment.  When we manifest from Love, we experience the vastness of limitless potential.  Love is a frequency, and that frequency can calibrate and attune every piece and part of our being, as well as calibrate our highest intention into all of our forms, structures, agreements, and foundations.   When we live in alignment with our heart, we manifest a world that resonates with Love, on behalf of All.  In this paradigm, we experience wholeness, oneness, and universal alignment.  Wholeness isn’t sameness, wholeness is the oneness of diversity, all calibrated to the frequency of Love.  The Virgo essence of purification eliminates judgment, attachment, and the false illusions of perfection.  When all that exists is the purest context of Love, everything carries the frequency of Love.  All of the pieces and parts are accepted, allowed, and honored…exactly as they are.


Every moment, every choice, every interaction contains wisdom.  When we surrender any attachments to judgment, we can digest and receive the full wisdom available in every scenario.  That integration of wisdom supports us in discerning the next situation or scenario.  We learn by experience.  We grow and expand through the wisdom revealed in each and every experience.  Love is the frequency that allows us to extract wisdom, and integrate that through our holistic system, like fine tuning our instrument with wisdom.  We upgrade ourselves and our environment every time we fine tune with wisdom, which means we’re constantly shifting, adapting, expanding, and evolving.


Friday 9/18 is an Eris South Node (karma) manifestation, Eris North Node (dharma) resource,  Mercury Neptune great eliminator, and Venus Great Attractor manifestation.  The inner disruptions or discomfort support in awakening and highlighting our evolutionary doorway.  When we can no longer continue in the old outdated patterns and loops, that discomfort illuminates the higher message for awakening and transformation.  Letting go of the past, letting go of the limitations, we’re free to manifest abundantly from the heart, moving into uncharted territory of infinite potential.


On Saturday 9/19, the Sun forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center, then the Sun forms a great eliminator with Mars.  Obstacles are opportunities to elevate, to adjust and recalibrate.   And as we find grace in our ability to adapt and shift, we unlock the potential for massive reconfiguration within the physical dimension.   Nothing physical is locked in stone, in fact, the physical dimension is mostly empty space, and that empty space reveals the infinite potential for alchemy and shape shifting.   The more wisdom we gain, the more liberated we become as the master calibrators and orchestrators of our reality.  As long as we align ourselves with the heart, anything is possible.  That’s the key.


And on Sunday 9/20, Juno enters Scorpio, followed by a Sun Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Chiron communion, and Sun Sedna manifestation.   Today is the final attunement from the Virgo New Moon event this week.  Ixion reveals the 5D blueprint, the original contract and agreement of our soul’s purpose in this lifetime, and Sedna reveals the crystalline records from the cosmos.  Chiron is the rainbow bridge that unifies our wholeness from body to soul to Awakened Cosmic Self.  That’s the calibration today, the activation and alignment with that crystalline code through our entire lower 4 body system, and through the gateway that unifies us with our Awakened Self, beyond time and space.   What a powerful day, a turning point from the ultimate tuning fork.


The practice this week is to listen to your heart, honor the communication without any judgment.  There’s a difference between the heart and feelings.  Feelings can be fleeting, temporary, and inaccurate.  Feelings matter, and it’s important to let them flow without judgment in order to awaken to the wholeness of each moment.  The heart’s voice of discerning wisdom can be tuned into for alignment and integrity.  Take the time to connect with that voice, and feel it through the alignment of your spine, from crown to root.  Feel what it feels like to embody the alignment of the heart.   And feel what it feels like when we don’t honor that alignment, when we ignore or go against the heart.  Remember, we learn by experience, so surrender any judgment as you practice finding that alignment through trial and error.  Learn to feel into it as a navigation tool, moment to moment.


“This being human is a guest house. Every morning is a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor…Welcome and entertain them all. Treat each guest honorably. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”
― Rumi


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