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For the week of September 7 – 13, 2020

Get ready for the transformational journey of a lifetime.  This week delivers the Mars station that launches us fully into a retrograde passage unlike any other, currently being described by many as Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.  We’ve felt this coming for a long time, the passage was initiated by the recent Leo New Moon on August 18th, and this week delivers us through the doorway of awakening.


It’s important to remember the power of intention.  If we set an intention to awaken fully and to shed any attachments to illusions, distractions, or historic patterning from fear or separation, we can free ourselves up to meet every experience with an open heart.  We must give ourselves permission to meet ourselves fully, no matter how the unfolding occurs.  With a commitment to Love, we can open unconditionally to our path, allowing each scenario to unfold, without resisting, avoiding, or hiding.


The summer’s recent wormhole eclipse passage from 5/22 – 7/20 prepared us for this journey by unifying mind and heart as the new foundation and template for navigation, activating the lens of higher vision from the heart, in order to see clearly in all directions, all dimensions.  That higher lens of vision requires non-attachment and non-judgment.   If we shut down in any way, if we get triggered or reactionary, or if we resist the situations that are unfolding, we lose our seat of higher vision.  We actually distort the clarity, and we bend our lens of vision towards our ego instead of remaining centered in universal oneness.


Now that we’ve calibrated the fundamental template of mind/heart union, the active Ascension Point for higher vision, it’s time to put it into action and see what we can see.  As we walk with Love and Grace, with fresh eyes that reveal higher Truth, we begin to see the disillusionment and disenchantment of our distractions and projections, and as we soften the attachments of the ego, we can heal the threads within ourselves that need to be seen, heart, and felt.  We are transforming from the inside out, and as we do, the world is revealing what’s always been right in front of us, we just couldn’t see clearly.

Behind the veils of illusion, distortion, and misunderstanding, we’re learning to soften our framework of attachments, labels, and identities in order to see the Truth.  As we recalibrate our lens of vision to see ourselves and the world with Love, we awaken to the wholeness that we are, and the wholeness of the universe.   Expansion requires Love.  If we resist anything, we generate contraction, inflammation, and confusion.  When we open with Love, we facilitate expansion and spaciousness.  That spaciousness allows us to see more than we ever could imagine before, and the empty space reveals what’s always been right in front of us, all the time.


Distractions can become illusions that keep us from Love.  We invest a lot of time, emotion, and mental energy in the distractions and dramas that divert our attention from the Truth that’s unfolding right in front of us and within us.  Having the courage to remain fully present, while letting go of the knee jerk reactions and gravitational pull towards the cycles of illusion, is extremely important, now more than ever.  Our reactionary triggers can be quite poetic and profound.  While our distractions can certainly produce noble and worthy contributions at times, if that pulls us from our own journey of awakening, we don’t move forward on our own path.  We can spend lifetimes responding to the needs of others while neglecting our own path.


Learning to discern our heart’s calling from a distraction is key.  Sometimes they can both feel similar, and the attachments can spin our mental body projections in one way or the other, skewing our lens of vision.  At the end of the day, the heart knows.  And if we’re willing to surrender and defer to the heart, we will be moved into right action.  We’re learning to feel our way through as we dismantle the obstacles and illusions projected from the lower mind, within our own ego.  Nobody is doing anything to us, we’ve been distracting ourselves for a very long time.  As we de-manifest our own inner wiring system that has kept us separate from our Self, we awaken fully.  There’s nothing “out there” keeping us from awakening.  It’s up to us, it always has been.


The week begins on Monday 9/7 with a Mercury Quaoar stepping stone, Mercury Ceres great eliminator, and the Black Moon enters Taurus.   Our preparation for the Mars station includes opening our minds to what we don’t know, stretching through the beginner’s mind of spaciousness and non-attachment.  When we remember that our nature is limitless, how can we possibly think we know everything there is to know?  We’ve mastered certain threads of our past expressions, yet we have no idea what’s available at the threshold of every new breath.  Allowing our mind to surrender to the deliverance of every new moment, we find stability by trusting – trusting our heart and having faith in the universe.


On Tuesday 9/8, Mercury forms a resource with Varuna, followed by a Venus Quaoar great eliminator, Pallas Vesta great eliminator, and Venus Ceres great eliminator.  Varuna is the all seeing cosmic lens of vision, the eye of God, the one lens of higher vision.  As our inner messenger calibrates with that lens, the heart undergoes the same preparation with Quaoar and Ceres.  We’re preparing for the journey ahead, and the most important themes are to trust our heart, trust the process, and remain open to what we can’t even imagine yet.  The minute we shut down, or the minute we think we know what comes next, we lose our seat of vision and clarity.  An open heart eliminates any fears or doubts as we say yes to the moment, step by step.


Wednesday 9/9 is a huge day… starting with a Juno Haumea new cycle, Mercury Salacia Light Bridge, Black Moon turns retrograde, Mercury MakeMake new cycle, Sun Jupiter manifestation, then Mars stations retrograde at 29 Aries, followed by a Pallas Orcus manifestation.  We are so beautifully supported at the Mars retrograde station by these new cycles and Light Bridge, like magical gifts packed in our backpack for the journey ahead.  A new cycle of oneness through wholeness, a Light Bridge that sends messages from the timeless limitless ocean, reminding us of our infinite potential and true nature.  A new cycle with our inner Messenger and Divine Laws of the Universe, so that we can listen to the higher unfolding of divine timing through the language of oneness and Love.  We’re well prepared for an expansive journey that brings us into alignment with our true nature, through the purest heart that restores timeless wisdom.


On Thursday 9/10, the Black Moon retrogrades into Aries, Venus and Varuna spark a new cycle, followed by an Ixion Galactic Center new cycle as Ixion stations direct, and a Mercury Chiron bridge.  More gifts and new cycles; higher vision awakening from the heart, the activation of our divine blueprint, and messages from the awakened mastery within us.  We are infinitely supported and blessed, as long as we can access the conscious discipline to use the tools we’ve been given, and trust the clarity and wisdom of the heart.  It’s ok to be confused at times, to go slow until we uncover the clarity and wisdom that’s within.  We’re navigating a whole new world, and the journey is our own.


Friday 9/11 is a Venus Salacia manifestation, Ceres Quaoar resource, Juno Galactic Center resource, Venus MakeMake resource, Sun Neptune bridge, Black Moon Mars communion, and Black Moon Ixion manifestation.  The heart reveals the beauty of the limitless universe, timeless and fluid, as we’re birthed into a new paradigm of a whole new world.  As we find our seat within the awakened heart, we can see clearly, and we find ourselves in right alignment with the universal truth of Love.  In that moment of Truth, we’re revealing who we are, awakening to ourselves as we awaken through Love.


On Saturday 9/12, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Juno, followed by a Mercury Uranus great eliminator, Mercury Albion great eliminator, Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, then Jupiter stations direct, followed by a Black Moon South Node (Earth Star) manifestation and Black Moon North Node (Soul Star) resource.  The Black Moon is busy unveiling behind the blind spots of shadows and illusions, giving us access to the higher dimension of wholeness that exists always.  As Jupiter stations, our collective consciousness prepares for a massive expansion.  Expansion can be uncomfortable at first, as we prepare to stretch.  The threads of attachments to what we’ve known, up until now, are about to lose their traction.  Letting go of what we’ve become, we can remember our limitless capacity to expand into the realm of pure potential and infinite possibility.  That’s the magic of fluidity, and the magic of imaginal cells that exist when we release the old structures and embrace the divinity of freedom, expanding into new realms of creative expression.


And Sunday 9/13 is a Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, Black Moon Eris communion, Venus Chiron manifestation, Vesta Great Attractor manifestation, Mercury Pallas stepping stone, Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, and Juno Ixion resource.  The tidal waves of revelation and unveiling begin to stabilize a bit as we experience a massive awakening that brings the heart towards mastery.  How we embrace this journey, matters.  How we embrace ourselves as we’re unfolding and realizing our own divinity, matters.  There’s wisdom in every experience, and every step is an important initiator of alchemical transformation.  No matter where we find ourselves, moment to moment, we can trust that all is well as we ignite our inner fire of devotion, keeping our eyes, heart, and mind wide open with Love.


The practice this week is to set an intention that will inspire, empower, and remind you of your higher calling and true nature as we embark on this amazing journey.   Although we’re all in this together, our paths are individual and unique.  There’s nothing cookie cutter here, and the instruction manual hasn’t been written.  In order to step into the unknown, it’s important to trust the heart, and remember why it matters to awaken fully to our Self.  We’re softening our edges, loosening up our grip on the comfort zone, status quo, and ego attachments…breathing into the open space between the layers and dimensions of our own minds, and coming into a brand new relationship with our own physicality, and the physical dimension.  Our own intentions will inspire us through every step, as we’re delivered to a whole new world.


“The hero journey is inside of you; tear off the veils and open to the mystery of your Self.”  ~ Joseph Campbell


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