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For the week of August 31 – September 6, 2020

The week ahead delivers important activations and alignments of the highest order…the key is to trust the ebb and flow of the limitless ocean and surrender any attachments to perceived limitations.


When we identify ourselves by our perceived limitations, we form structures and barriers within ourselves prohibiting the flow of abundance and creative potential.  When our thought forms become rigid or fixed, we limit ourselves from the fresh circulation of new ideas, divine inspiration, and visionary imaginings.   When our hearts become rigid or shut down, we limit the flow of Love, the divine nourishment that animates and inspires our actions.  And when our physical bodies become rigid and tight, our range of motion becomes limited, blood flow becomes stagnant or restricted, and our bodies break down and weaken.


It matters that we remain unconditionally open to the universal flow of Love, through every breath, heart beat, and step.  Our willingness to open is reflected in our capacity to receive new inspiration, which is then reflected in our ability to manifest from that stream of awakened consciousness.   The moment we believe that something is impossible, or the moment our minds create a limiting belief, our reality mirrors that belief, and we separate ourselves from the infinite potential that is our true nature.


The power of the mind to formulate our belief system is incredible.  When we experience fear, stress, or trauma, the minds start to believe in the need to protect, to be safe, and to avoid potential conflict.  Similarly, when we experience love, joy, and wellbeing, our minds start to stretch open, believing in the expansive abundance that we’re living in.  If we can use our free will to consciously choose to be open, to strengthen our belief in the infinite possibilities of Love, we begin to create and manifest from a higher realm of magic.

When possibilities are endless and there’s nothing standing in our way, we can start to see the historic imprints of limitation that arise from our own ego minds.  Oftentimes, the ego’s tendency is to fabricate stories and then project onto our current reality, manufacturing evidence that validates the need to stay small in order to avoid getting hurt.  We actually separate ourselves from the very thing our hearts are attracting, based on the projections and stories we spin within our own lower minds.  Our inner belief system sparks the stories we make up in our own heads that then project onto the current moment, and before we know it, we’re engaging with our imaginary fear rather than experiencing the available Love.


As we learn to see into the matrix of illusion that gets created within our own minds, we can surrender the attachments, soften with Love, and stretch ourselves open through the infinite ocean of Love.  We must practice dismantling the fear based illusions that spin through our minds in order to see clearly and recalibrate our selves back to Love.  Learning to hear ourselves clearly as we speak, discerning false illusions from truth is important.  If we listen carefully to the quality of sound coming from our own voice, we can distinguish between the voice of the awakened heart and the voice of the ego.  The music of the heart has an authentic frequency that can be felt as truth, spoken as Love.  That’s the voice we’re learning to tune into, that’s the voice we’re learning to trust.  The voice of the heart is the guiding light – the rudder – as we navigate uncertainty through the ebb and flow of change.


When we’re walking backwards blindfolded, feeling our way through, it helps to have the clarity and wisdom of a trusted guide.  That’s the voice of the awakened heart.  We all have access to that inner guidance.  It can be confusing at times to discern between the voice of the ego, the voice of historic muscle memory, the voice of fantasy attachment and desire, and the voice of enlightened truth from the heart.  Enlightenment doesn’t always feel good, sometimes we see the truth but don’t like what we see, or the truth makes us uncomfortable.  However the enlightened truth from the heart is the guiding light of clarity that requires our full attention.  Equanimity allows us to honor that clarity, even when it’s uncomfortable.


Learning to sit with the truth, in plain sight, with full transparency, is a life altering practice with evolutionary implications.  Human nature is to bend or soften the truth to make things easier to manage, cope, or control.  Make it pretty on the surface so we like what we see.  Enlightenment isn’t always pretty.  In fact, it will devour any attachment to surface level appearances, in order to get to the heart of the matter.  When we can sit with the truth, without flinching, while keeping our mind/heart/body open to Love, we’ve entered the realm of enlightenment.


Both Jesus and Buddha taught this practice as a way of living.   Now more than ever, it’s our practice to becoming an awakened human in the New Earth.  Not searching for perfection, but practicing the art of being open, beyond the circumstances that have historically triggered us into a response of resistance, separation, or control.  If we want to manifest a world of Love, if we want to heal our planet and transcend suffering for all beings, we must commit to a practice of unconditional Love, remaining open in the times when we want to shut down, keeping ourselves present through unity and oneness, and allowing the attachments to soften and clear.  This is not an easy practice, it requires patience, grace, humility, and forgiveness.  The practice of unconditional Love will alter our perception of ourselves, others, and the world…clearing the distortions and illusions, and restoring enlightened vision from Love.


The week begins on Monday 8/31 with a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Chiron great eliminator, Venus Juno stepping stone, and Venus Eris stepping stone.  The Venus Eris stepping stone reminds us that discomfort is an opportunity to stretch the heart open.  Moments of friction or chaos can be initiators of awakening if we allow the rub to polish our diamond.  The heart is a multifaceted prism, and anything that triggers the need to protect is also triggering an opportunity to elevate through Love.  As we fine tune our instruments, we find alignment within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies…calibrated to Love from an open heart.  This is our journey of wholeness.


On Tuesday 9/1, we shift to a “9” vibration of completion and wholeness.  Mercury and Pluto form a manifestation, followed by a Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Venus Chariklo bridge, Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, and Black Moon Juno bridge.  After being disrupted, stretched, or irritated yesterday, the heart finds profound stability today.  As we learn to orient ourselves within the stability of the heart, we let go of the need to attach ourselves to external circumstances or situations.  Everything is changing, our reality is in a state of flux and transformation, and the foundation we’re searching for is within the heart.  The heart is the portal of union with All, the universal bridge to Oneness.


Wednesday 9/2 delivers a Black Moon Eris communion just minutes before the official Full Moon in Pisces at 1:22am ET.  Then a Mercury Eris great eliminator, Venus Saturn bridge, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, Sun Uranus manifestation, Juno Eris Light Bridge, Ceres Varuna great eliminator, Venus South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Mercury Chariklo manifestation, Sun Albion manifestation, Venus Haumea stepping stone, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon North Node resource and Black Moon South Node manifestation.


The Full Moon in Pisces is truly mindblowing and expansive.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents the infinite ocean, the limitless realm of possibilities that contains no boundaries, borders, or barriers.  That limitless ocean is the consciousness of spiritual wisdom and unconditional Love.  Love is the most powerful frequency of energy in our universe, and through Love all possibilities exist.  When we experience a perceived limitation, our reaction to that limitation is what either expands or contracts the next breath.  If we have a belief system that obstacles are opportunities to expand, we will manifest that.  If we have a belief system that obstacles define us, we will repeat the pattern of limitation as we redefine ourselves again and again by our experiences.


Each and every one of us has the power to choose our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs about the experiences we’re navigating and the opportunities that are unfolding – within us and around us.  If we believe that events are happening to us, we will always feel a bit helpless, even victimized by our experiences.  If we believe that we are the infinite universe, unfolding with every breath, we can also believe that we contain every possibility within, which means we lack nothing.  Every experience offers wisdom, and every breath offers divine inspiration for new growth, new expression, and creative potential.  Even a situation that doesn’t go according to plan can still contain the infinite wisdom of the universe that delivers unexpected moments of awakening, expanding and elevating us to new realms of consciousness.  By design, the spontaneous nature of the universe animates and inspires our spiritual journey of enlightenment.  As we learn to surrender, trust, and have faith, we realize that we can navigate the waves with ease, even when the water is challenging.


Neptune is the dispositor of Pisces, and represents the potential for enlightenment.  We come from enlightened state, and it’s our nature to remember that enlightened state as a way of being.  When we stop resisting what is, we can open unconditionally to see it, feel it, and move with it….through the consciousness of Love.  Everything is Love when we bring Love to the situation.  Pisces represents Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness….the awareness of wholeness and oneness through Love.  When we meet every breath with Love, we see the interconnected unity of all things.  When we meet the moment with resistance, judgment, or anger, we create separation, polarization, and inner conflict.


Love is the key, Love is the cure, and Love is the bridge that unifies everything.   Love is a frequency, a state of being, and a dimension of consciousness.  It’s our divine nature to be Love.  It’s not our divine nature to hate, resist, or judge…that’s our ego’s defense that keeps us separate and in fear.  Love requires compassion, forgiveness, and kindness…for ourselves and others.  In order to heal our inner wounds of separation, we must learn to Love ourselves as much as we Love our cherished relationships.  When Love is equal – Love of Self equals Love of All, equals Love of God – we know we’re living in the infinite realm of unconditional Love, as our Christed Self.   From there, anything is possible when we surrender to Love.


On Thursday 9/3, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Haumea, followed by Mercury Saturn manifestation, Venus Galactic Center great eliminator, then Mercury intersects the Moon’s Nodes,  the Sun and Orcus start a new cycle, and Mercury forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center.  The grand power cross of Black Moon, Eris, Haumea, Venus, and Saturn is Huge.  Unveiling the truth that discord and disruption is the awakener of oneness, wholeness, and the new structures that come from Love.  When we learn to build bridges between the hearts of humanity, every experience of conflict is an opportunity to connect and unify with Love.  If our minds believe in the possibility of bridges, and we hold ourselves powerful enough to build those bridges, then we truly become limitless to restore wholeness through conflict.  Remember, wholeness doesn’t mean we all look the same, act the same, or believe the same.  Wholeness is the unedited holistic expression of all of our pieces and parts.  There is beauty in diversity, when we honor the diversity with Love.  When we force others to match our unique identity, we create conformity, which results in resistance and rebellion.  When we allow all voices to express their authentic nature, there is harmony.   We clear karma through our throats, so owning our authentic voice is healing, for ourselves and All.  It’s a necessary step in the evolution of humanity.


Friday 9/4 is a Sun Pallas manifestation, Venus Mars stepping stone, Venus Ixion great eliminator, Mercury Mars great eliminator, Mercury Ixion stepping stone, Uranus Vesta stepping stone, Mercury Venus resource, Juno Chariklo stepping stone, Mars Ixion manifestation, Black Moon Mars communion, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Mercury Sedna manifestation, and Venus Sedna resource.  All of the personal planets are communing with Ixion today, unlocking the divine blueprint through our mind, heart, and body.  As we allow for the great unveiling, we also allow for divine manifestation of the highest order.  We’re awakening to the truth within us, and manifesting new thoughts and actions from that truth.  The opportunities for realignment are incredible, and every powerful shift is a stabilizing force of energy that recalibrates the mirror of Oneness.  As any One awakens, the collective mirror calibrates.


On Saturday 9/5, Vesta and Albion form a stepping stone, Mercury enters Libra, and Pallas stations direct.  Our inner messenger moves from the sign of holistic integration, alignment, and discernment to physical power and the mirrored self.  Once we clear the distortions and limitations from our own minds, we clear the distortions from our mirror of reality too.  The realignment allows us to see the world with new eyes, because our eyes are rooted in the heart with Love.  When our operating system and all communications channels are rooted in Love, the messages come through crystal clear, with the highest frequency of wisdom in tact.


And Sunday 9/6 Venus enters Leo, the Sun forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor, and Saturn forms a stepping stone with Juno.  As the heart moves into Leo, we gain courage and strength to open unconditionally, allowing for intimacy within ourselves, with others, and with the universe.  When the universe can access the wholeness of our heart, we are in the current of Love with All.  And when our hearts are that open to the universal frequencies, we become a magnet and a Light for All.  Living from the heart means we live and give generously from the heart, on behalf of All, in alignment with our authentic nature.  There’s nothing to force, push, or control….our authentic presence is a gift, and we are open to the exchange of intimacy that is available, always.


The practice this week is to open unconditionally, and witness any conversations of limitation that arise through our daily experiences.  When we feel limited, the heart closes.  Practice stretching the heart back open, and believing in the possibilities of Love and expansion.   When we believe in something greater than ourselves, we open.  When we believe in the miracles and the magic of Love, life becomes an adventure.  When we lose faith in Love, our hearts close off, which limits and restricts our lung capacity and our overall vitality.  In order to receive divine inspiration, we must open fully to what we can’t see, and allow that force of energy to move through us.  That breath of life is vital life force energy that manifests as universal LOVE.


“We often think of peace as the absence of war, that if powerful countries would reduce their weapon arsenals, we could have peace. But if we look deeply into the weapons, we see our own minds- our own prejudices, fears and ignorance. Even if we transport all the bombs to the moon, the roots of war and the roots of bombs are still there, in our hearts and minds, and sooner or later we will make new bombs. To work for peace is to uproot war from ourselves and from the hearts of men and women. To prepare for war, to give millions of men and women the opportunity to practice killing day and night in their hearts, is to plant millions of seeds of violence, anger, frustration, and fear that will be passed on for generations to come. ”
― Thich Nhat Hanh, Living Buddha, Living Christ


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