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For the week of August 24 – 30, 2020

The week ahead delivers several powerful pivots, choice points, and moments of truth.  How we navigate the transitions matters.  Especially when we can’t see what’s coming next.  Learning to feel our way through the unexpected pivots requires presence, neutrality, agility, and grace.  The process is humbling, which is a gift.


Every transition is an opportunity to integrate higher consciousness at the cellular level, and every humbled softening supports our refined adaptability.  When we can’t see the obvious, when there’s no linear path from point A to B, or perhaps point B doesn’t even exist yet, all we can do is trust, have faith, and allow the organic unfolding to occur.  It’s not a static pause, we’re not waiting or wasting time…we’re surrendered, allowing, and opening to what’s already emerging from the intangible realms.  There is movement occurring, even within our stillness.  The particles have been activated, the initiation has occurred, and divine creation is happening.


In our preferred comfort zone, we typically want to see the option and try it out safely before we say yes and fully commit.  When the available paths are laid out neatly like clothes to try on, we logically process as the mind projects into the future and see if it fits or not, then judges if we like it or not, or if we think we could do better.  That’s certainly not the available method these days.  We’re walking blindfolded, backwards, sometimes in circles….awakening new channels of communication beyond the obvious.  We can’t even begin to try something on mentally because we’re in scenarios that are unexpected and uncharted.  Higher channels of communication are required, from the navigation system of the heart.


We’re not looking for what’s already manifested, neatly set in stone.  We are the visionaries, calling it forth, from the open space within the heart.  We’re feeling through the empty space for the openings, and allowing possibilities to flow like water to see what fits as it takes shape, and what eliminates as it dissolves back into thin air.


The journey can be challenging because our current embodied skin is also fluid.  As we shed the ego attachments, the inner cellular structure reconfigures.  Dropping the masks and layers of guarded protection, we reveal our new skin – vulnerable, tender, and translucent.  Our new skin is the awakened context of unconditional Love, the embodiment of the heart, our interface with the world around us.   Our embodied heart is also a portal to the center of the infinite universe…nothing is separate, and nothing is out of reach.  Our body is a gateway, once we shed the ego attachments and cellular memory of our old skin.


Every step along the way is an opportunity to either reaffirm the old repetitive loops that have kept us bound to the gravity of our story, or take a leap of faith into a higher lens of vision, seeing beyond the density of where we’ve been in order to recognize what’s literally right in front of us, waiting to take shape.  Our awakened lens can zoom in and zoom out, discerning where we’ve been from what’s always been available in the palm of our hand, even though we can’t tangibly see it or touch it yet.  The truth is, we hold our future in the palm of our hand, within the center of our heartbeat.  We must learn to cultivate faith and trust in the un-manifested vision, equal to the tangible evidence we’ve been conditioned to see as certainty.


Most people decide what’s possible based on what’s been seen or done before.  From this context, proof and evidence carry a lot of weight on the front end before the possibility of an idea or a vision can even take shape.  Living within the safety of certainty, there are limited available options to strive for.  However, the new realm of manifestation is to see with visionary eyes, communing with the potential that’s never been manifested, while calling it forth…without any evidence that it even exists.  Living through the wide open lens of a universal dream catcher that’s calibrated to the stars, harnessing the power of imagination into solid tangible results.  That’s how we harness the power of limitlessness, channeling groundbreaking inventions and earth shattering revelations that have the capacity to change the world.


Seeing what’s coming before it takes shape…merging with the invisible realm and harmonizing with those frequencies of possibilities in a way that grounds into our cells as reality.  Learning to adjust our lens of vision, calibrating to the higher frequencies instead of focusing only on the density of what’s already tangible.  The beautiful gift of Helen Keller was a reminder of the unlimited channels and dimensions available through the heart, that far too often get overlooked when our primary 3D channels are the only ones we rely on or believe in.  When we eliminate our sense of sight and sound, we must feel our way through.  Vulnerability softens our ego agendas, and higher dimensions of receptivity are available from that purity of heart.  The body becomes an intuitive gateway for multidimensional connectivity, both in physical tangible touch and also in the empty space and the vibrational resonance revealed from the void.


We’re learning and developing as we go… walking through the fire, swimming with the sharks, and discovering our wings mid-flight as we leap and soar.  All the while grounding new consciousness within the skin of our newly awakened heart.  What a beautiful, unexpected, unpredictable journey…the gift of being human in the midst of uncertainty.


The week begins on Monday 8/24 with a Vesta MakeMake resource, Vesta Salacia manifestation, Mercury Chiron great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn resource, Black Moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect, Mars Saturn stepping stone, and Black Moon Haumea great eliminator.   Our inner fire of devotion, working with the higher laws of the universe, reveals the remembrance of our true nature.  When we remember the truth of our heart’s authentic nature, the choices of right alignment become easy.  As we redesign our cells in harmony with our heart, the unveiling is our greatest becoming.  We are becoming the wholeness of our divine nature, from the inside out.


On Tuesday 8/25, the Sun manifests with Quaoar, the Black Moon turns direct, and Mercury manifests with Uranus and Albion, followed by a Ceres Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Venus Jupiter bridge, Black Moon Saturn resource, and Mercury Orcus new cycle.  The new paradigm of limitlessness is distilled through our inner filtration systems, purified by the heart, resulting in ultra refined precision in our creation and manifestation.   When we know that anything is possible, it’s important to have a mechanism of discernment to eliminate the excess or unnecessary distractions.  Just because we arrive at a universal buffet table doesn’t mean we need to actually eat everything on the table.  Right alignment from the heart can filter through the available options…fine tuning from the heart while eliminating and releasing the rest with Love.  When we know what resonates with the heart, we can navigate the transitions with integrity and inner alignment.


Wednesday 8/26 is another Black Moon intersection of the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras, followed by a Mercury Pallas manifestation, Salacia MakeMake Light Bridge, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, and Black Moon Sedna resource.  Higher wisdom and divine timing help to reveal our spiritual blueprint.  It’s important to trust and have faith in the process of awakening.  If we try to force it, reach for it, or rush the process, our ego’s agenda can distort our perception of clarity.  Divine timing will reveal the code within our seed, not a moment sooner than we’re ready to embody, become, and embrace.  Trusting the process, we can allow every experience along the way to activate universal wisdom and cosmic truths.  There’s nothing to force, nothing to push, and nothing to make happen.  We already are all that we’re awakening to, all we have to do is surrender and get out of our own way, and witness the great unveiling.


On Thursday 8/27, Saturn forms a stepping stone with Haumea, the Black Moon enters Aries, then Mercury forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor,  and Venus manifests with Neptune.  Wholeness is the key to healing, transformation, and evolution.  When we can accept all that is, exactly as it is, our lens of vision expands and we can see more than we ever imagined.  Love is the key to enlightenment.  Love is the mechanism for compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance….which transmutes and liberates what was into a higher version of enlightened clarity.  It takes guts to live through an enlightened lens of Love.  We must be willing to accept it all, unconditionally, in order to calibrate our lens to Truth.  The moment we resist, refuse, or deny the truth of what is, we distort our lens and close our hearts.  In order to manifest a higher vision from an open heart, we must learn how to live from an open heart, moment to moment.  This requires compassionate self forgiveness in the moments when we close down.  The practice is fluid, and it’s a lifelong journey.


Friday 8/28 includes a Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, Pluto Juno stepping stone, Ceres MakeMake great eliminator, Sun Salacia great eliminator, Sun Ceres Light Bridge, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Mars Galactic Center manifestation, Black Moon Salacia communion, Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, and Black Moon Sun great eliminator.  There are a lot of aspects today, a lot of new action, pivots, and letting go.  What matters most is that we continually elevate through our choice points.  When we have the choice to repeat past patterns or elevate to higher ground from a new lens of consciousness, it’s important to elevate.  We become a new person with each transition and choice point by consciously integrating the universal wisdom that opens new doors.  When our consciousness is consistently elevating, we know that every step is integration that polishes and fine tunes the whole.  Our instrument is being attuned to the higher frequencies of Love, from the heart…and every note we play is divine creation, manifesting in harmony with all hearts.


On Saturday 8/29, the Black Moon manifests with Vesta, followed by a Black Moon Chiron communion, Mercury Jupiter manifestation, then Sedna stations retrograde, and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Orcus.  The Black Moon is relentlessly unveiling our fire of devotion, which ignites passion to our journey of healing and self mastery.  When we recommit to our inner journey of healing and wholeness, we expand holistically in all dimensions, beyond time and space.  Any amount of conscious discipline invested in our inner journey of awakening has monumental impacts and ripple effects beyond what we can even begin to imagine.  The greatest gift we can offer ourselves, each other, our ancestors and the planet is our commitment to self awareness and awakening.  It matters, on so many levels.


And Sunday 8/30 is a Venus Pluto bridge, Mercury Neptune bridge, and Chiron Vesta manifestation.  Bridges unify, elevating the old stories of polarization into a new interpretation of wholeness that manifests healing and inspires new beginnings.  When we stand at odds with a person or an event, the polarized conflict can drive a wedge that destroys relationships.  The key is to build bridges, to unify, from the heart.  It’s important to recognize and see the truth in our differences, in order to communicate clearly from a multidimensional lens of wholeness.   Love doesn’t turn a blind eye, pretending not to see….Love sees the truth in everything, unconditionally, without shutting down, turning away, or collapsing.  It takes courage to be Love, unconditionally.  Love is the alchemical bridge that reveals the wholeness in everything…which illuminates divine magic and mastery everywhere.


The practice this week is to soften your gaze and listen by feeling.  When we can’t see, or when we’re walking in the dark, we walk slowly, feeling our way through.  We listen through our hands, feeling every subtle shift in temperature, movement of air, vibration of sound.  This week, practice listening through the body and from the heart.  When there’s a decision to make that isn’t clear, close your eyes, and start moving slowly.  Find your organic rhythm and flow, and let go of linear attachments and thinking.  Eventually there will be an awareness, an awakening, a moment of truth revealed from within.  When we remove our sense of physical sight, we also remove our attachment to the certainty of time and space, the relationship of solid tangible world.  When we remove these attachments, we begin to move in a more fluid realm of possibility, beyond our mental body structures and limitations.


“For, after all, every one who wishes to gain true knowledge must climb the Hill Difficulty alone, and since there is no royal road to the summit, I must zigzag it in my own way. I slip back many times, I fall, I stand still, I run against the edge of hidden obstacles, I lose my temper and find it again and keep it better, I trudge on, I gain a little, I feel encouraged, I get more eager and climb higher and begin to see the widening horizon. Every struggle is a victory. One more effort and I reach the luminous cloud, the blue depths of the sky, the uplands of my desire.”
― Helen Keller, The Story of My Life


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